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There's only one way to find outFIIIGHT!

Ear cataracts?

The United Kingdom's answer to Mystery Science Theater 3000 and/or The Soup. The series run from 2001 to 2012. Comedian Harry Hill goes through television programmes that had been shown that week, often Soap Operas or one-shot documentaries, and lampoons them — for weak acting, bad writing, or general WTF-factor. It's a highly Affectionate Parody, though, with lots of silly facial expressions, cuddly Radio 4 innuendo and episode-long Running Gags. Once an Episode, two characters, concepts or something which Hill finds particularly notable would have a slapstick fight on stage.

It's a silly program, but surprisingly intelligent, and genuinely funny. In many ways, it's what snarky web review shows would be if they had a budget and access to the real actors and sets from TV shows — Hill uses the latter to insert himself into scenes from this week's TV and sometimes even interact with the characters.

Contains examples of:


 Harry: "You shouldn't have gone on holiday!"

  • Overly Long Gag: Ear cataracts?, as mentioned above and many others like watching an old extra walk across a room.
    • This is also used to point out something from another show that wasn't a gag, but still remained Overly Long, such as the prizes in The Gadget Show's phone in competition.
    • Amanda Laaaaaaaaamb! Amanda Laaaaaaaaamb! Everybody loves Amanda Laaaaaaaaamb!
  • Parrot Exposition: The famous "cataracts" and "ear cataracts" sketches. It was about Val from Emmerdale finding out she has cataracts and all of the characters who are there at the reveal repeat the word "cataracts?" over and over again. Later she's accused by a man for getting upset over a misunderstanding and she asks if her ears have cataracts as well. Both times Harry asks "[ear] cataracts?" and telephones somebody which starts a chain of characters or presenters repeating the word(s).
  • Precision F-Strike: Dropped on the 2004 series when God strikes Jeremy Bowen for doubting Noah's Ark, saying "Don't fuck with me, Bowen!". This was when the show was still in the Darker and Edgier late-night slot, compared to the latter Lighter and Softer Saturday night prime-time slot it's probably better known to be shown at.
  • Real Men Cook: Averted. A Running Gag is Harry being unimpressed or even offended by TV chefs' insistence on trying to evangelise cooking to the masses, and he often makes jokes based on him living entirely off microwaved ready meals.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: The "TV Burp Poetry Corner" segment, which picks out lines from soaps and dramas which (presumably inadvertently) rhyme.
  • The Stinger — since the 2009 series, an out of context clip from a random show is played before the Avalon Television logo.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks — a running gag on TV Burp following Hole In The Wall changing presenter from Dale Winton to Anton Du Beke.
  • This Is Unforgivable!

 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: There we have a Full English Breakfast Salad...

Harry: That is a crime against God!

  • This Trope Is Bleep: A wildlife presenter looking for king penguins was changed, with the addition of a few well-placed censor bleeps, into a wildlife presenter looking for "***king penguins!"
  • Ventriloquism: A common gag is for him to interpret the voiceover on nature programmes as being the animals speaking.
  • What The Hell, Harry?: Harry is quite adept at the Comedic Sociopathy. His treatment of The Knitted Character has raised quite a few eyebrows.
  • Who's on First?: The story on a chimp called "Ai", which turns into a whole sketch about the sister Yu, the brother Mi and so on.