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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Harry Potter Peggy Sue fanfic, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

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Nightmares of Future Past by Starkan (a.k.a. Viridian)

  • Now has its own trope page.
  • Recommended by User:Much Good Little Time, User:Yo Adrian, Chuckg, Elenor, Psalm of Fire, White Hat, Clendy82, User:Riti Troll, User:Looney Toons, User:Seraviel, WarriorDrgnMage, SilverGryphon8
  • Synopsis: Harry Potter does a Peggy Sue — by sending his memories into the past to his younger self. All of them.
  • Comments: The twists and rapid Adaptation Decay that occur due to his meddling (and the annoying force of Fate apparently working to keep events more-or-less close to canon through the ending of book 6) make for one very gripping read.
    • Seconded by User:Yo Adrian: Very, very good fic, compellingly written, and the characters are very true to their canon selves, surprisingly. Ginny, especially, is wonderfully done. It's hard to come up with detailed recommendations regarding this fic's good points, because there's just so many of them.
    • Thirded by Chuckg: This is a truly exceptional work, written by an author who understands subtlety and balance. Peggy Sue Harry is neither a God Mode Sue nor cursed to know that Failure Is the Only Option. So few Peggy Sue fics can avoid both pitfalls so skilfully.
    • Can you fourth-ed something I wonder? Elenor would like to support this fic at any rate.
    • Psalm of Fire: I also throw in my full recommendation. This is a compelling piece of work. On top of what the others have said I say his effort into portraying the psychological aftereffects due to what the future Harry has gone through are excellent and authentic throughout the work. But it's also a well achieved balance, as Harry's pseudo form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder does not suck the joy out of reading or bog down the story.
    • White Hat: I highly recommend this, the plot is solid, the characterizations are excellent, the writing style flows in such a way that its hard to stop reading. Definitely something I recommend.
    • Clendy82: Probably one of the best fanfics I have read so far. If you're familiar with the author's work on Team 8, then you know what to expect. The only complaint I have is a complaint common to almost every Peggy Sue fanfic known to man: The main character just acts too damn mature for any intelligent adult not to notice. The author covers it quite well, with other characters attributing it to his rough childhood and Harry's cover story of reading many books on topics he should have no knowledge of, but when Dumbledore buys into it, you know somebody's been issuing the entire supporting cast...I won't say Idiot Balls. More like Idiot Marbles. Instances like Harry (age 11) walking into Gringott's, making an appointment with the executor of his estate, and arranging for Vernon Dursley and family to endure financial setbacks The Count of Monte Cristo would have been proud of, not to mention discussing possible assassination with a straight face tend to send up a red flag. The story avoids this pitfall better than most; perhaps better than any, but I don't think it's possible to avoid it completely. Despite this one pet peeve, the story is top-notch, with the new timeline being altered in ways that elicit at least one case of Fridge Brilliance per chapter. My personal favorite being after Peter Pettigrew's capture before the start of second term. In the original timeline, Ron and Hermione get into arguments over Hermione's cat, Crookshanks, constantly being on the hunt for Ron's rat. However, now that said rat was revealed to be...well...a rat, Ron is in the market for a new pet. Preferably one specifically crossbred for intelligence and the ability to detect malicious intent... Brilliant. Highly recommended.
    • Eighted (if I counted right) by PhoenixFTW. Amazing plot, and awesome character development. I could fill a whole page with how brilliant the story is. But I'll use just 2 lines. Seriously, this guy is awesome.
    • The only reason Harry is able to get away with his maturity is by being careful in who he displays it to. Peripheral characters like Gringotts Goblins and Dobby, he can tell them pretty much anything. Other characters he has to be careful, poking and prodding them subtly. As for Dumbledore, he is forced to adopt a bitter semi-antagonistic relationship with, solely so that Dumbledore won't be able to investigate without fear of pushing Harry away irrevocably.
    • User:Riti Troll: I love this story, but it seems like Viridian's having trouble with coming up with the next chapter. Guess it's because he's changed it so much.
    • WarriorDrgnMage: If you choose one Harry Potter Fanfic to read, I recommend this one. In addition to the things that my fellow tropers have said, I would like to add how much good NoFP Harry has done for Luna and Neville. There are others that Harry has helped but these two are the ones he has helped the most. To balance this out Harry has made somethings much worse. Namely his treatment and actions towards Professor Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. For further balancing, we have Harry's relationship with Dumbledore and McGonagall. Harry's relationship with the former is... best, particularly in Harry's second year. Instead of being close to the Headmaster, Harry's 'staff mentor' seems to be McGonagall. This idea seems to be based mainly on Harry's conviction that her stern facade is just a front as well as the fond memory of McGonagall facing Umbridge down in defense of Harry becoming an Auror in OotP.
    • Pyrix: While I would recommend this Snape seems a tad out of character in his anger, being almost over the top, such as threatening to snap Hermione's mudblood wand.
      • Some of this is because the fic was started just after HBP came out, but even so, some of Snape's actions border on Flanderization or just plain Character Bashing.
      • SilverGryphon8: Almost better than the books themselves, from my view. Brilliant work, but really slow on the updating front because the author is juggling a couple other series and a real-life writing gig.

Backward With Purpose by Deadwoodpecker

  • Recommended by User:Shay Guy, Jack Butler, Lavanya Six, Clendy82, Amdijefri, User:Seraviel, User:Sheaman 3773, Keshia
  • Synopsis: Harry, Ron, and Ginny all go back as the last survivors of the war, but find that things aren't quite as they remember them. It turns out that there's another time traveler running around, who by the end of the story has made over half a dozen trips. Note: Moves the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism several notches towards cynicism (though not nearly as far as Nightmares Of Future Past or DAYD), and is thus much more violent than the original.
  • Comments: May be the only Harry Potter Peggy Sue that's actually better than Nightmares of Futures Past. Deathly Hallows-compliant. Well-planned out, and reads very much like Rowling's style, save for the occasional profanity and the willingness to include sexual content and references. And those don't really get in the way of the story at all.
    • The sequel is now complete, and a third story has been begun. If this is to be classified as a Fan Verse, I vote for calling it the "Alwaysverse," after the Arc Words "always and always."
    • Jack Butler: This troper was the primary editor/beta-reader for this story, and I've got to tell you, the hoops the author jumped through to get it all right... you would honestly not believe the differences between first draft and the final product.
    • Lavanya Six: All the above said is right on, but let me just add that this fic was the first one to ever make me like the character of Ginny and believe in the Harry/Ginny ship. Also, Deadwoodpecker's ability to plot is insane.
    • Clendy82: Very well written and definitely comparable to Nightmare of Future's Past. There are just a couple of things keeping it from being truly great. The premise of the Peggy Sue is used much too potently. In NoFP, future!Harry merges with his past self, creating an almagram of both their personalities and skills. But here, the future personalities completely take over. Leaving aside the issue of, well, basically killing off their younger selves, it puts a complete roadblock on any further character development on their part. It's incredibly jarring to the suspension fo disbelief to picture an eleven-year-old Harry speaking with forty years of experience, out-knowledge-ing Dumbledore and Snape at their own game, and so forth. In addition, the story falls into a trap common to many Peggy Sue fics, and that is to have the protagonists become much more pro-active, with the antagonists becoming reactive. Despite the fact that Death Eaters are dropping left and right, the yearly storylines proceed mostly on schedule with little adaptation. I really hate sounding like I'm bashing this story, because I'm not. It's quite well written and there are hints and peeks of a great overarching storyline; it's just that when you see the potential lying there in plain sight, that the aforementioned flaws become that much more apparent. Highly recommended.
    • Amdijefri: A brilliant twist on the Peggy Sue — I don't know if it's original to this fic, but it was new to me. Completely obvious in retrospect. I should have spotted the existence of a Merlin much sooner.
    • Psalm of Fire: The fic is swiftly paced in many places, making me feel as if I'm just reading the highlight reel, and ponderous in others where Harry spends his time stressing over the same issues. It does strike a happy medium semi-regularly though.
      • The writing itself is peppered with over-explanations ("That's ridiculous, you're driving me crazy," he said, annoyed) and adverbs. Grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spacing, all are very good.
      • The Dialog is good, and almost entirely in-character.
      • Frequent flashbacks to horrible times are hard to read — like the awful cough medicine you're supposed to take because it's good for you so that you might appreciate the story more. I've been conditioned to cringe every time I see italics.
      • But my mind breaks at the way he treats causality. So let me get this straight, your great plan was to let the glance=kill basilisk run around the school with all the people you've loved and come back to save? And you think that every person this basilisk encounters is going to be just as lucky as last time and only ever see the filtered/reflected image of the eyes? And you're willing to risk their deaths, their deaths, when there are alternatives? I would call it lazy writing but the author is not lazy. Harry went along with this decision, nay, only contested it for Ginny's sake as if she were the only one at risk. At that point my suspension of disbelief shattered into many little pieces on the floor. It just seems so... heartless, unintentional though it may be.
      • Also, if we're going to compare this to Nightmares of Future Past it is important to mention that S'TarKan writes on a very emotional level, ladling it up thickly for one scene or another. BwaP strives to incorporate emotion and does, but the individual moments I've encountered (up to chapter 9) have never had as much build/preparation or payoff. Don't level such expectations against this fic, lest you forget to enjoy it.
      • Perhaps the author wasn't creating a bunch of "take that"s at NoFP. But if you don't like Harry's approach in NoFP, this more inclusion oriented approach may be for you.
      • Conclusion: I recommend you read it, but also that you keep your expectations reserved. A lot more love and effort went into this than much of what you will find, and for that I must give full props to the author though I remain reserved on the fic. Good work, DWP.

Backwards Compatible by Ruskbyte

  • Recommended by User:Looney Toons, User:Dor, User:Shadow AI, User:Seraviel
  • Synopsis: Harry comes back from the summer after Sirius' death with a new attitude, a lot more information, a talent for mixing technology and magic — and a strange accessory: a mysterious device he calls "Father" which never leaves his side, appears to be sentient... and possesses power beyond anything ever seen by the Wizarding World.
  • Comments: Gives the standard Harry Potter Peggy Sue implementation an interesting, nasty little twist. Unfortunately, just when things start getting really interesting, it stops cold — it hasn't been updated since 2005.

Harry Potter and the Wastelands of Time and its sequel "Harry Potter and the Heartlands of Time" by joe6991

  • Recommended by User:Shadow AI, User:Looney Toons, User:Maybe Yes Maybe No, Fiddlesoup, User:Sheaman 3773, User:USA Bobcat
  • Synopsis: A Time-Travel Fic in which Harry is stuck in a Groundhog Day Loop that spans several decades and in which he has lost all the people he has loved to Voldemort dozens of times over, and is trying once again to stop Voldemort before he ruins the world. Only this time around, things aren't going exactly as he remembers them... Complete, and the sequel is on its eleventh chapter.
  • Comments:
    • User:Looney Toons: Seconded; but part of what makes this fic interesting is Harry finding himself — for the first time in longer than he can remember — unable to predict what is going to happen next, as some unknown force has taken it upon itself to interfere with his endless looping through time.
    • User:Maybe Yes Maybe No: Thirded; This is a time travel story taken to the absolute possible maximum. The fight scenes are awesome, the pairing with Fleur is sexy, and the humour is top draw. Probably the best lager in the world.
    • User:USA Bobcat: Fourthed; This is hilarious, awesome, and mindracking insane all at once. Harry is human, reacts with horror to sights that are sentimental to him, and loves his quotes and songs. His response to a Ancient Daemon?

 Harry: "I done told you once, you sonofabitch, I'm the best that's ever been!"


Oh God Not Again! by Sarah1281

  • Now with its own trope page.
  • Recommended by User:Unclouded TJ, User:Shadow AI, User:Darkaros, MKGR, SunnyNights, Fenro, SteakAddictsAnonymous, Mazz, Hedgi, Serenity rose, User:Telcontar
  • Synopsis: So maybe everything didn't work out perfectly for Harry. Still, most of his friends survived, he'd gotten married, and was about to become a father. If only he'd have stayed away from the Veil, he wouldn't have had to go back and do everything again.
  • Comments:
    • Also recommended. The story starts off as a satire with a tongue in cheek view of the story, but it quickly drops down to parody as Harry does increasingly... "awesome" things. This doesn't make it less funny, but you can tell that the author's putting less emphasis on storyline at this point. This might have more to do with Year Three's complete lack of plot and Harry bypassing every obstacle he faces with ease, but it's an interesting take.
    • Fourthed! A good break from the angsty, detestable super-Harry of most of these, instead introducing a hilarious, wholly ridiculous super-Harry that is much less punchable. The author is well-versed in Peggy Sue fics (she has a bunch of them) and avoids many of the pitfalls (especially those that make the protagonist annoying as hell).
    • Fifthed. You know you've done something right when Lockhart becomes a likable character.

Reunion by Rorschach's Blot

  • Recommended by Chuckg, User:Looney Toons, User:Unclouded TJ, User:Seraviel
  • Synopsis: A parody of Peggy Sue fics, starring Harry, Hermione, Luna, and Susan Bones as the returnees. They're on a mission to take the timeline and tie it into a pretzel. In-progress.
  • Pairings: Harry/Hermione/Luna/Susan, Sirius/Professor Sinistra
  • Comments: Comedy in the same vein as 'Make A Wish', which makes sense as it's the same author. Features Harry as a crazed gunman assassin and Dobby the Cleaner. A hilarious romp through all the various fanfic cliches, blowing them up hither and yon.
    • User:Looney Toons: Seconded. The Blot's writing is not as primitive in this story — he's learning as he goes — so it's a little easier to enjoy. And it still has that strong current of over-the-top-WTF going on. Unlike Make A Wish, though, he's still too early in the story for us to see if there's an overarching direction to the plot, or if it's just chaos for the sake of chaos.

Back Again, Harry? by JediButtercup

  • Recommended by User:Evil Midnight Lurker, User:Shay Guy, User:Agent 0042, Fenro
  • Synopsis: A most unusual Peggy Sue fic, one that refuses the usual powerups and exceptional maturity in favor of sending Harry back from his visit to Kings Cross Station in Deathly Hallows to a certain night spent staring into the Mirror of Erised.
  • Comments: Extremely well thought out and executed. Unfortunately it hasn't updated in over a year, having not yet made it to the end of Philosopher's Stone... but the author plans to resume writing sometime around October 2009. Why, look what month it is! ...And J.B. was only a couple of weeks off, it's updated. :)

Altered Destinies by DobbyElfLord

  • Recommended by White Hat, User:Unclouded TJ, Aromli
  • Synopsis: Harry has defeated Voldemort, but it was a costly victory. Aberforth Dumbledore presents a plan to go back and kill the infant Riddle, but Harry will have to stay there 10 years. Can Harry alter the wizarding world's destiny? WWII and Grindelwald.
  • Comments: Very good time travel fic. Harry goes back in time to kill an infant Voldemort but faces complications. Lots of interesting things happen along the way. There are a fair amount of minor typos a decent editor would have fixed and it suffers from the Written-Before-Deathly-Hallows Syndrome, so even before Harry's arrival it's an AU. But if you can accept those things, I think you'll really enjoy it. Now completed, with a sequel — Balanced Destinies — in progress.

His Own Man by Crunchysunrises

  • Recommended by User:Looney Toons, User:Unclouded TJ
  • Synopsis: At the spectral King's Cross station in Deathly Hallows, Harry makes a different choice; disgusted by Dumbledore's machinations, he sends himself back in time to just before his first year. A fiercely independent Harry with complete foreknowledge of the next seven years then dives head-first into the Wizarding World, seeking to disrupt both Voldemort and Dumbledore's plans. However, his efforts to reshape the future may just make things worse when his actions cause the events of Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban to all take place simultaneously during his first year.
  • Comments: A different approach to the classic Harry Potter Peggy Sue, well-written and cleverly playing with and subverting many of the usual conventions of the subgenre. Deathly Hallows-compliant (at least up until Harry's "death"), which means he understands Snape and Malfoy far better, and which in turn means different relationships with each. Features a very pragmatic (yet oddly sympathetic and even vulnerable) Harry who doesn't feel obligated to preserve even the Golden Trio intact if it means his goals will be reached that much faster. 21 chapters as of the end of 2009 and still going strong; highly recommended.
    • I'm sorry, I really don't want to sound rude but, I would never recommend this, it is horribly OOC, Harry basically says "Screw this." and goes back. He is portrayed as somewhat of a brat and arrogant, Narcissa basically says "I'm your cousin" out of nowhere, and I really would not recommend this to anyone.

A Mother In Law's Love by Perspicacity

  • Recommended by AbelInversion
  • Synopsis: Distraught over Ginny's death in the final battle, Harry gambles desperately and travels back in time to set things right. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned. A twist on the classic Soul Bond tale. A cross between Peggy Sue and crackfic, this farce of a time-travel novella features a hapless Harry, for whom nothing seems to go as planned. Even his Soul Bond, the one fixture in his life, is messed up in the time travel--it latches onto Molly by mistake. Hilarity Ensues. Complete.
  • Comments: A story ripe with Tropes, it's yet another approach to the classic Harry Potter Peggy Sue. It's perhaps the only time-travel story where Harry chooses to go back to the end of Book 6. The author has penned a clever, hilarious romp with several turns of plot that the reader won't see coming. The author seems addicted to Innocent Innuendo, but it's done as well as you'll find anywhere. Also employs frequent instances of Double Entendre, and Naked People Are Funny. The protagonist's unwavering, unrequited love for Ginny is balanced by the Universe's insistence that this Just Not Be So. Told in first-person POV, it takes a chapter or so to get going. Once it does, the audacity and ridiculousness don't let up. Highly recommended.
    • Funny as hell, well written, and it takes the HP story in an interesting direction. You have to read the Auror Interview to believe it, you’ll pretty much wet myself.
    • Arguably not a tragedy in the classical sense, so much as employing occasional Reality Ensues. If humor is "truth with pain," then this comedy doesn't shy from the latter to humanize the characters.

Delenda Est and its sequel, Para Bellum by Lord Silvere

  • Recommended by Darkholm, User:Unclouded TJ, boonerunner, Fenro
  • Status: Delenda Est: Complete; Para Bellum: ongoing
  • Synopsis: Harry is a prisoner, and Bellatrix has fallen from grace. The accidental activation of Bella's treasured heirloom results in another chance for Harry. It also gives him the opportunity to make the acquaintance of the young and enigmatic Bellatrix Black. Marauders-Era.
  • Comments: An altogether excellent story. I haven't seen a spelling or grammar error yet while reading it. The characterizations and dialogue are both believable and enthralling. Harry does not automatically become Dumbledore's favorite new person and he isn't handed the DADA position. In fact the closest thing he has to allies are the current heads of the Malfoy and Black families. Bellatrix is not wearing leather pants and Harry has to restrain himself from attacking/insulting her several times. Harry is also very tight-lipped about the future/his past and couldn't give a rat's ass about preserving the time stream.
    • Darkholm: Did I mention there was no bashing and Harry doesn't follow the Marauders around like a lost puppy? Those parts have me really excited.
    • The (mostly friendly) banter between Harry and Not Yet Evil!Bellatrix is witty and entertaining. The story also explores the friction between the future death eaters and their parents to show how Voldemort's rise to power (as a charismatic demagogue) might have occurred.

The Moment It Began By Sindie

  • Recommended by FatRat, jarell88, User:Tender Lumpling, Fenro, Ripheus
  • Pairing(s): Snape/Lily
  • Synopsis: The life of Severus Snape fell apart on that one day in his fifth year. During his death in Deathly hallows, Dumbledore offers him the chance to go back in time to to that fateful day and relive it, giving him the chance to redo that fatal mistake that drove Lily away.
  • Comments: A Peggy Sue fic with a unique twist for two reasons. Firstly, Severus is the one being sent back in time, not Harry. Secondly, this fic focuses not on using his foreknowledge to win the war, but instead to fix the wreck of his life with his future knowledge. Most of it does not come into play at all until the later parts of the story, at least, except that he is extremely mistrustful of Dumbledore, with good reason. This is a Snape/Lily centric fic, it has some heartbreakingly sad moments Eileen Snape's death and it explores very well what would have happened had Severus chosen his friendship with Lily over those of the nastier Slytherins, and remained good friends throughout their lives in Hogwarts.
    • This story has a sequel now, The Moment it Ended.
    • The author seems to have nothing to do but go on and on, and the story really seems to slog after the first wedding. And then Tobias Snape kills Voldemort with a handgun. Oh. My. God.
  • Spooner Wilkins: Loved this fic but was seriously stumped by that one pervasive bump Did no one else react to the fact that muggle civilians, I don't care how central to the plot, have access to firearms? This all takes place in the late 70's in the UK of all places, not even the british police had guns on patrol then unless I'm mistaken.
    • Well, there is virtually no chance that Tobias Snape owned that weapon legally, no... but even in 70s England there was a black market for weapons. And we already know he was a disreputable sort.
    • What really sells this fic for me is the massive amount of Character Development; not just from Severus and Lily, but from the Marauders as well. Except for Peter Pettigrew, but he has an excuse. There are too many Snape-centric fics out there that are too willing to portray the Marauders as irredeemable instead of the extremely immature teenagers they actually were, so to come across a Snapefic that treats them as human beings is a breath of fresh air.
  • Great story, but definite YMMV on the Tobias Snape killing Voldemort thing. Aside from that, quite well-written, though a few of the Lily and Snape scenes feel repetitive, and Lily is slightly too tolerant of Snape's melancholy at times. The best part about it is that the author is one of the few fanfic writers to have a sensible take on literally every character (although Dumbledore is somewhat more manipulative than in canon, he's basically portrayed as a good guy), INCLUDING the Marauders. The plot is exceptionally well-structured, everybody's in character and has motivations that follow logically from there, and the author doesn't whine ad nauseum about canon events s/he dislikes. For those reasons alone, easily worth reading.

Hold Me While I'm Here by Nitte Iz

  • Recommended by Shinji117
  • Synopsis: Harry 'Patterson' is an exchange student who arrives in Hogwarts at the start of the Marauder's sixth year in Hogwarts.
  • Comments: Very very well done. Not much time is wasted about HOW Harry timetravelled, unlike other fics where the author spends three chapters preparing Harry. Also, the author is very good at switching the mood of the fic between bloody hiarious and deadly serious. Harry and the Marauders are all fully-fleshed characters, Harry is not stupidly powerful and when he does show some of his strength there ARE consequences. His reaction to the Death-Eater recruitment program must be SEEN to be believed, his thoughts about James and Lily are rather moving, the pranks are inspired and his realisation that the Marauders have fully accepted him by admitting to be animagi is so perfectly done that it's difficult to describe.

From the Flame to the Spark by Nightboy

  • Recommended by User:Ephemeral Night
  • Has a page now.
  • Pairings: Ginny/Harry
  • Synopsis: A twist on the Peggy Sue genre that features Ginny as the time traveler instead of Harry, after Harry dies at the end of DH instead of just pretending to die as in canon. Once Ginny arrives in the past, she doesn't even try to preserve anything of the old timeline, going to any lengths to make sure Voldemort can never kill Harry. Things are made more complicated by fragments of the future coming back in Ginny's wake, resulting in some tangential oddities.
  • Comments: Not very far along, so far, but already completely deviated from canon. Ginny doesn't mess around and subtlety isn't her favorite thing ever. determinator!Ginny.
    • Ginny is, without acting strange, such a good friend to Harry that he's noticeably more emotionally healthy. Her extreme proactiveness results in completely nullifying CoS's main conflict without taking the drama or suspense out of the story.

The Dark Lord's Equal by Lens of Sanity

  • Recommended by AllBlueSkies, Xeno
  • Synopsis: Things had been pretty sweet for the first quarter of a century following Voldemort’s defeat, but from there things started to go downhill fast. Now Harry has finally agreed to go back and stop the wars from ever happening. He wakes up during the Ministry Battle and begins changing history for the better.
  • Comments: This is a twisted Time-Travel Fic that basically takes everything that happened in canon -including the Epilogue- and goes; what is a simple explanation for all the plot holes. The sarcastic slightly insane comments Harry makes throughout are funny, and how he deals with the Wizengamot is hilarious. Lots of magic, some drama and romance with the Hermione pairing, excellent fight scenes, and it fits annoyingly snugly within the canon universe. All the while rolling every one shot plot bunny possible into such an amazing read. Complete and Highly recommended.

Sisyphus by esama

  • Recommended by PDown, Fenro, Mazz
  • Synopsis: After being killed by Voldemort in the climactic battle of the series, Harry finds himself learning that he is a wizard again. He things that he's going to live out a typical Peggy Sue plot, but whenever he dies, he once again is sent back to the same time and place. And furthermore, after the first time, he can't ever seem to get as far again...
  • Comments: This is quite simply the best fanfiction I have ever had the pleasure to read. It finally made me respect the Peggy Sue plot (albeit by deconstructing it and switching it to a more Groundhog Peggy Sue thing) but overall I loved it. It invoked the since of combined fear and sympathy that make me love fiction emotionally

A Switched Chance by LunaStorm

  • Recommended by Mazz
  • Synopsis: In which Hermione attempts a time-travelling ritual without due preparation and Harry happily goes along for the ride, and both have to cope with living their best friend's life.
  • Comments: It's based on one of esama's drabbles from Toil and Trouble.

He's Not Normal by Uncle Stojil

  • Recommended by SteaksAddictsAnonymous, User:Unclouded TJ, Mazz
  • Synopsis: Harry Potter goes back in time and has to start everything again. Do you think he will be careful not to screw the timeline up? No, he doesn't even think about it! A story featuring a loony Harry and a Magical World that seems willing to adapt to him. "summary from" (Basically, in which Harry goes back in time and kind -of trolls everybody.)
  • Comments: Silly, lighthearted and fun to read. Quite refreshing. (cross posted? from crack fic, as it also qualifies for Peggy Sue.) CRACK fic, so judge it as one.
    • User:Unclouded TJ: A very good story however keep in mind it hasn't been updated since May of 2010.

Time, Mr. Potter? by Tw15ted

  • Recommended by User:Magic Kirby
  • Synopsis: Five years after Voldemort's victory over the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter is a man on the run. But what happens when he is thrown into his twelve-year old body in a freak accident? Non-DH compliant. Complete.
  • Comments: A pretty decent Peggy Sue fic, a few cliches and the last ten or so chapters after Harry dies prevent it from being outstanding.

Time Warp by Kittenn1011

  • Recommended by Mazz
  • Synopsis: Harry Potter wakes up one morning in the body of his ten-year-old self. This time around, he declares, no way anyone's going to die! -And it's gonna be totally awesome- "People shouldn't meddle with time, Potter." Little did they know...
  • Comments: A very ambitious story, where both Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy find themselves trapped in a loop spanning their Hogwarts years.

Stormseeker: Borrowed Destiny by Keolah

  • Recommended by Jeckari
  • Synopsis: On the run from powerful dark wizards, Lexen Chelseer finds himself thrust into an unfamiliar world - and a new identity. Can Lexen hope to fill the shoes of Harry Potter, who secretly died at the age of 5?

Harry Potter:Game of the Year Edition by Casey W

  • Recommended by User:Dont Kill Bugs
  • Synopsis: Harry Potter dies in the graveyard of Little Hangleton. GAME OVER. Start new game?
  • Comments: Any fan of Persona4 fanfiction may recognize Casey W as the author of the very well-done Face Every Shadow. With that sort of track record, this story is shaping up to be quite good. It toys with the standard Peggy Sue concept by treating it as a video game, with points being added or deducted based on Harry's actions in life, and even alternate characters Harry can select, such as Dragonborn Harry and Harry Weasley.

Getting the Hang of Thursdays by Hayseed

  • Recommended by User:I Like Crows, Mazz
  • Synopsis: A good day goes bad and then gets far worse than Severus could ever have imagined. Again and again and again. Inspired by the WIKTT Time-Loop Challenge.
  • Pairing(s): Snape/Hermione
  • Comments: Written before Half-blood Prince and taking place in the trio's seventh year, this does Peggy Sue a bit differently. Firstly, it takes several loops before Snape realizes what's going on, and even then he seemly can't do anything to stop Hermione from dying at 2:34 pm. Secondly, she starts to remember what's happening... but that doesn't make things easier for either of them. The further I got into the fic, the more my sense of dread built up, especially in chapter 17 when things started to simply vanish. It's definitely one of the chillier fics I've ever read. Technically you can stop after chapter 21, but if you want the full experience you have to read the last chapter. As for the ship I'm personally not a fan, but it's not the primely focus and it kinda makes sense in context.
  • I'm just going to paste a review from DLP, because frankly it sums up everything I'd want to say.
    • "The story is bland, the concept is dated and unimaginative, and the dialogue is stilted and annoying (Even in the event of her death, Snape would have still called her Granger.) The "An accident in Potions class causes (Insert crazy effect) between (Insert Harry, Hermione, Ron, or Neville) and (Insert Snape, Malfoy, Zabini, Nott, or Parkinson) " was boring in 2003 and hasn't improved with age. It's a plot device used out of sheer laziness on the part of the author and doesn't contain a single ounce of originality. "Hmm, how will I ever get likeable character and unlikeable character together? OOOH, I've got it! An accident in Potions! Squee! I'm so clever." This story wreaks of unoriginality, has the plot of an old Bill Murray movie, and in general has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever."

Fate's Favourite by The Fictionist

  • Recommended by Namikaze Artemis
  • Status: Completed (over 350 000 words)
  • Synopsis: You always get the stories where Harry goes back into Tom Riddle's time, then either stays or gets sent back. End of, unless he tries to make Voldemort good. But what if thing's went differently? What if, just once? someone followed a time traveller back?
  • Pairings: None
  • Comments: There's also a Russian translation, Czech translation and an Italian translation.

Jamie Evans and Fate's Bitch by The Mad Mad Reviewer

  • Recommended by: User:The Road, User:Unclouded TJ, User:The Forgotten One
  • Synopsis: "Harry Potter stepped back in time with enough plans to deal with just about everything fate could throw at him. He forgot one problem: He's fate's chewtoy."
  • Pairing(s): H/To
  • Comments: Essentially the best execution of the Harry Goes Back in Time, but Something immediately goes Horribly Wrong plot that I've read to date. Really, though, It's professional grade work.
    • User:Unclouded TJ: Note that it does have some Dumbledore bashing but it's more a Well-Intentioned Extremist slant on him than his usual cliche villainy.
    • User:The Forgotten One: Starts with cliche "goes back in time because everything I know I love is dead" with an interesting twist upon his return. It's dark and morbid at times, but overall interesting considering some of the moments in the story with obvious character bashing,overpowering, and a few questionable events.