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So... Who's your mommy, Vivio?

"Ever since then, I have had two mothers. Well, this is a little bit unusual, but both of them are my precious mothers."

The two may be lovers, who have now become a family through adoption, a helpful donor, or through the wonders of magic or science. The two may be close siblings (but not that close) or the best of friends, with one of them wishing to help out their single parent buddy. The two may be in that very fine line between the previous two examples, giving much Ship Tease and Ho Yay to the delight of their fans.

Whatever the reason, it's all the same: A family unit that cheerfully ignores the traditional view of a family requiring a father and mother, by having two (or more!) parental figures of the same gender. Nevertheless, one of these characters may be referred to by the opposite gender parental term; sometimes in jest, sometimes to fit with the standard family unit. In fiction, Cast Speciation will usually result in the two parents fitting into a father and a mother role anyway.

Usually the child will be the same gender as their parents. If done poorly and strictly, it can touch the Unfortunate Implication that a child can't be raised properly without a parent of the same sex, or that lesbians are misandrists and gays are misogynists.

The name of this trope came from Heather Has Two Mommies, a children's book by Lesléa Newman and Diana Souza that drew the ire of many conservative groups for its proposed use in the New York school system to portray a lesbian family as normal, wholesome, and happy.

Taken to its literal extreme, this trope results in Homosexual Reproduction. Compare All Lesbians Want Kids.

Examples of Has Two Mommies include:


  • Finnish TV ad for a teleoperator had a little school boy asking tough questions of his dad. One of them was a sincerely delivered "why does Jani have two dads - and I have only one?" Awww.

Anime and Manga

  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has Vivio with Nanoha and Fate (pictured above). Vivio calling them both "Mama" for the first time was accompanied by the sound of the Nanoha/Fate shippers going Squee. The Has Two Mommies trope is later Lampshaded by a minor character.

  "Ah I see, so she's their daughter... wait a second here..."

    • The third Megami Sound Stage suggested that Fate is being sent on deep space missions to distance herself from being considered Vivio's mama. This ultimately proved futile since Vivio still sees Fate as her mama four years later in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid, and Vivio notes in the "Second Mother's Day" one shot that despite her frequent (and often, unexpected) absences, she sees her as her second mother and gives her gifts for Father's day.
    • Fate once tells Vivio that she has two mothers herself, albeit in a different sense, mentioning Precia as her biological mother and Lindy as her adoptive one.
    • And before all of that, we have Reinforce Zwei, who Hayate created based off of data from the original Reinforce and herself.
  • After the events of Sailor Moon S, Hotaru becomes the adopted daughter of Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama, and is watched over by Setsuna-mama as well.
  • Pretty much by series definition, the parents of the characters in Vandread. Ezra, one of the female side characters, was pregnant with the child of Rebecca, another female crew member, via technological gene-mixing. Males from Tarraku are made in ex-utero factories and raised in orphanages, and so get no parents at all.
    • The higher class Tarraku men can choose who to reproduce with, and Bart obviously knows of at least one parent, so the "no parents" bit seems to be confined to the third class citizens.
  • Ojamajo Doremi's second and third seasons center around four/five 10/11 year old girls (Doremi, Aiko, Momoko, Hazuki and Onpu) and a 5/6 year old girl (Poppu) taking care of the baby Hana-chan.
  • The main character of the CLAMP manga Man of Many Faces has two mothers who were twin sisters, which he called Mommy A and Mommy B. He also had a father who's mostly a Disappeared Dad except one time he disguised himself as Santa to see his son on Christmas Eve.
  • In Kyo Kara Maoh Greta ends up with two adopted daddies, Yuri and Wolfram.
  • Two of the women in Iono the Fanatics have a child together through the power of science in the epilogue.
  • The Arume in Blue Drop have two female parents by definition, since that race only consists of women. They also only interbreed with earth women, so their hybrid offspring has two mothers as well.
  • One episode of Pokémon featured a Nurse Joy reflecting back on her childhood. In the positions of encouraging her in her ambitions, we see not a mother and father...but a pair of Nurse Joys. Just one more headscratcher in the mystery that is the Joy/Jenny collective.
  • Almost there in Pet Shop of Horrors: Regardless of Leon being Chris's brother, he's a parental figure... and so is Count D.
  • The behind-the-dust-cover Omake to The Day of Revolution features a child referred to only as 'Junior,' who was raised by Megumi and Makoto. Various origins for the kid are proposed in order of increasing unlikelihood.
  • Not a straight example (har) but Fay D. Flourite of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle likes to think of himself and Kurogane (Dad) as parental figures to Syaoran and Sakura.
  • In a similar vein, Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club sees himself as a father figure to the rest of the club (and especially Haruhi). With Kyouya, apparently, being the mother...
  • Cibo and Sana-Kan from Blame. In a very literal sense, considering the child is composed of genes from both of them, with Cibo as the mother, and Sana-Kan as the father. Somehow.
  • In Spider-Man-J (a manga version of Spider-Man apparently unrelated to Spider-Man: The Manga) Sho Amano's parents aren't dead, just in the US. His aunt, Mami Amano, nonetheless insists she's his mother, much to his annoyance.
  • Bikky of FAKE is adopted by Ryo, who goes on to date Dee. There's no sign that Dee adopts him as well, but they all do eventually move in together.
  • Motoko Gettou in Change 123 has three fathers, and it is each of their training that lead to... her Split Personality problem.
  • One more from CLAMP, though it was more of a joke: an omake of Legal Drug was an alternate universe in which Kakei explained to his son Kazahaya that he was remarrying to Saiga (Rikuo's father), and asked Kazahaya to call him "Mommy" from now on, "to avoid confusion". Kazahaya's brain protested.
  • Alexi in Shinkuu Yuusetsu was raised by his two daddy figures; the biological father and his (non-sexual) male partner. He eventually gets to meet his mother, but opts to go back home to be with his own partner and father(s).
  • This is implied at the end of Wild Rose with Kiri, Mikhail and Camille.
  • In Happy Yarou Wedding, Shouta, a five year old with a Missing Mom, is delighted to have "Yuuhi-mama" become part of the family when he and Todou get together. Yuuhi is less than keen on the name.
  • In Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, after Mikazuki's death in battle, Atra raises their son Akatsuki... alongside none other than Princess Kudelia. Word of God implies that the girls are legally married; it's unclear whether it's due to romance or to raise Akatsuki better, though Atra did imply in the series itself that she liked both Mikazuki and Kudelia...

Comic Books

  • In The Authority, Apollo and Midnighter are a gay couple who adopted superpowered baby girl Jenny Quantum, who refers to them as 'Daddy Midnighter' and 'Daddy Apollo'... except for once when she called Apollo 'Happy Daddy'.
  • Rafael from Dykes to Watch Out For is sometimes addressed as "Heather" by his classmates. His mothers, Clarice and Toni, do not approve of his violent responses to this.
  • Strangers in Paradise ends with Francine and Katchoo raising their respective offspring together.
  • In Janes In Love we find out that Brain Jane has two dads (who we have every reason to believe are a couple).
  • Mystique and Destiny are like this with Rogue in X-Men.
  • Wonder Woman had an entire island of mommies seeing as the Amazons are pretty much a One-Gender Race.
  • In The Sandman, Foxglove and Hazel raise a son together (biologically Hazel's via an unwise encounter).
  • Post-Crisis Superboy's biological parents are Superman... and Lex Luthor, made through cloning. Socially speaking, he's pretty much raised by Superman and Supes's adoptive parents; Luthor is, with a few exceptions, very much the deadbeat dad.
  • In Bamse, Lille Skutt's brother lives together with another male rabbit. They recently (informally) adopted a foundling.
  • In Runaways, Klara Prast is pretty much Happily Adopted by the husbands Josh and Paul.



  • Three Men And A Baby, the illegitimate child of one of the three bachelors arrives at their doorstep, and their parental instincts take over. (No Ho Yay involved here.)
  • The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love is about two lesbians, one of which lives together with her aunt and the latter's lesbian friend.
  • Could be said to partly be the case in Junior, a comedy where a man (Arnold Schwarzenegger) becomes pregnant. Although he winds up in a relationship with the woman who (unknowingly) provided the egg, at one point the other male scientist who pioneered the technique (Danny Devito) comments "It's my baby, too."
  • The Birdcage shows the end state; a boy raised by two gay men, two very gay men who run and star at a drag club, is a sane, stable, heterosexual adult as the film opens. One of the men is his biological father; he was conceived during a one night, "see what those straight guys are always going on about" affair.
    • Val (the young man in question) explains it perfectly "I'm the only guy in my fraternity who doesn't come from a broken home!"
  • In Practical Magic (both the film and the book) Gillian and Sally Owens are orphans who are raised by their aunts.
  • The Wedding Banquet ends with Wai-tung, Simon and Wei-wei all raising the baby together.
  • Recent Swedish comedy Patrik, Age 1.5 has a gay couple wanting to adopt a little boy and accidentally ending up with a teenager.
  • Merlin in the miniseries Merlin has two literal mothers, Mab and the woman who gave birth to him, and Ambrosia, the woman who raised him.
  • The Kids Are All Right is entirely about one of these families.
  • Used humorously at the end of Best in Show.
  • In the Icelandic film 101 Reykjavík a middle-aged lesbian couple decide they want a baby together and will use a sperm donor. Then one of the women has a drunken one-night stand with her girlfriend's son and gets pregnant. The son is dismayed, but feels he can't tell his mother he's the baby's father. The women end up raising the baby together with the son as part of their household.
  • In This Film Is Not Yet Rated one of the private investigators turns out to be a lesbian mother.
    • One of the interviewed film-makers is a lesbian mother as well — something she rather snarkily makes note of in light of the claims of the Motion Picture Association of America's frequent claims that its ratings board was staffed by 'average' parents, suggesting that their definition of 'average' probably didn't include people like her.


  • Jenny Lives With Eric And Martin had a similar theme to Heather and caused outrage from the Daily Mail in 1980s Britain.
  • Daddys Roommate also has a similar theme.
  • Swindapa and Marion, the interracial lesbian couple in Island in The Sea of Time, adopt an abandoned baby girl, and name her Heather. They know about the book, they just have an odd sense of humor.
  • Claudia in Interview with the Vampire has both Lestat and Louis for vampire dads.
  • In David Eddings's Elenium stories, Sparhawk's squire dies, leaving behind a wife and several sons. His squire also has an illegitimate son with another woman, and after his death, the women move in together and raise the children. The children simply call them their mothers. There is no sexual relationship implied between the women.
  • In Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, Idgie and Ruth lived together and raised Ruth's son together. The Film of the Book implied they were in love but not lovers. The book implied everything it could without saying it.
  • Cyrus Finch (CyFi) in Unwind has two dads.
  • In the Daughters (of an unusually coloured time of day) books, this is true for just about all the secondary characters, being that they're a bunch of lesbians who've gone off and colonized a distant planet. In fact, the only cast members who have a mentioned father are the Unity, and he's not mentioned after the prologue. The author really was that gay.
  • In King & King & Family, the sequel to King & King (a Dutch book that caused a lawsuit because some ass didn't like that "romantic attraction between two men is being presented to my seven-year-old as wonderful, and good and the way things should be"), the newlywed kings "find a lonely orphaned girl, whom they adopt and raise as a princess".
  • Obed in The Bible had Ruth and Naomi, as well as a daddy, Boaz.
  • Classical Swedish picture book Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender (with sequels) has the aunts in question adopting two little orphan children.
  • Mordred from The Dark Tower sort of fits this trope. He has two dads (Roland and the Crimson King) and two moms (Susannah and the succubus Mia) plus a semen carrier/impregnator extra parent in one of the 6 elemental demons. It fits here because he inherits most of his traits from his fathers, who he calls his White Daddy and Red Daddy.
  • Halting States by Charles Stross casually refers early on to Sergeant Sue Smith's wife and their son, Davey.
  • A fair few in the Star Trek Novel Verse. In the Star Trek Enterprise Relaunch, Trip Tucker's brother and his husband have adopted a son together. In Star Trek: The Lost Era: The Buried Age, among the supporting characters, there are two female scientists who are married and raising children. In the same series, in the novel Serpents Among the Ruins, one character is shown to have two male parents, and a Romulan with an (adult) son mentions a mate of the same sex. There are probably others I'm overlooking.
    • Plus of course, four-sexed Andorians (with two sexes looking default "male" and two default "female" have both two mommies and two daddys by default, though that's cheating of course.
  • The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides includes a character named Trip Fontaine, a popular boy being raised by his father and his father's boyfriend, Donald.
  • In Wen Spencer's Ukiah Oregon series (Alien Taste, Tainted Trail, Bitter Waters, Dog Warrior) the main character, Ukiah Oregon, is a former feral child raised by a lesbian couple.
  • The children's book And Tango Makes Three is all about two male penguins at the Central Park Zoo in New York who take care of an egg, and then raise the resulting baby penguin, that another penguin couple cannot.
  • The Left Behind Antichrist villain Nicolae Carpathia had two biological fathers who were both gay, and was raised mostly by his mother and Viv Ivins until Nicolae and Viv had the mother disposed of. Later on in his life, Nicolae had his two fathers disposed of as well. And in the Dramatic Audio presentation of Glorious Appearing, Viv Ivins gets killed by a giant hailstone.
  • Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult is about a lesbian couple trying to use frozen embryos to have a child.
  • Since women are not allowed on the planet Athos, every non-immigrant has two Daddies. Reproduction is handled by taking a sperm sample from the biological father and combining it with an ovum extracted from carefully preserved tissue cultures. The resulting fetus is then developed to term in a uterine replicator.
  • In the Captain Future books and other adaptations, Roger and Elaine Newton were murdered when their son Curt (who'd grow into the titular character) was an infant. The boy was raised into adulthood by two sentient creations of the Newtons (the robot Grag and the Artificial Human Otho) and their colleague Dr. Simon Wright (now a Brain In a Jar)

Live Action TV

  • My Two Dads, a sitcom about two guys going after the same woman, who found themselves taking care of her daughter after she dies.
  • Friends has Ross's former wife, Carol, and her partner Susan. Ross's son, Ben, splits his time between his dad and moms.
    • In one episode, Ben refers to Chandler as "Daddy."

 Ross: No no--one daddy, two mommies.

  • Full House. It's right there in the opening paragraph of its page.
  • Mohinder and Matt raising Molly in Heroes. It was...weird, and the shippers loved it.
    • And Claire's biological mom moved in with her and her adoptive family.
      • At the start of Volume Four, Claire had restored contact with the Petrelli family, resulting in Nathan Petrelli becoming her second father. Both here and in Volume Three, Claire had the unenviable distinction of having three parents involved in her life.
    • Only temporary, but how about Hiro and Ando looking after Baby Matt Parkman?
  • The Tracey Ullman Show had a recurring skit with a teenage girl and gay dads.
  • Two and A Half Men: Jake lives with his mother during the week, and with his father and paternal uncle on the weekends.
  • Romey and Lisa in the original Queer as Folk, and Lindsay and Melanie in the US version.
    • The US version also had Ben and Michael adopting Hunter, an HIV-positive teen hustler.
  • Less Than Perfect's Owen Pronsky was raised by his two lesbian moms.
  • Kate And Allie, which had two divorced women living together with the combined three children from their marriages. It is implied that there is no Ho Yay going on
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch was practically raised by her two motherly aunts (they're sisters).
    • And to help us make the comparison easier, Zelda introduces herself and Hilda as "Sabrina's aunts" at a parent-teacher meeting, then very quickly points out that they're "Sisters! Not an alternative couple!" Since they've been around for centuries, it's safe to assume they've been Mistaken for Gay at some point or another.
    • Both have brought boyfriends home, including their fight over Mr. Craft, probably helps to clarify this.
  • As was Chuck from Pushing Daisies, although one of them actually is her mother.
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures: Luke has Sarah Jane and Mrs Wormwood.
  • In the Doctor Who episode "The Shakespeare Code", Lilith has Bloodtide and Doomfinger, and it's probably literal.
  • There was a lot of controversy a few years ago about a segment on the Australian kids show Play School that featured a girl that had "Two mummies". Various sources say that either they were indeed a lesbian couple, or that it was actually the girl's step-mother, with the biological mother on a custody visit.
  • Olivia and Natalia on Guiding Light. Started out as a platonic version of this, but has lately become something more.
  • The Henrickson kids on Big Love have three mommies, who often seem more emotionally involved with each other than with their mutual husband; some of the other polygamist families are even more complicated.
  • Cassandra Fraiser of Stargate SG-1, being rescued from a devastated homeworld and then co-parented by Sam Carter and Janet Fraiser, who wind up becoming best friends as a result.
  • Rachel Berry on Glee has two gay dads, and it is unknown which of the two is her actual father as they mixed their sperm together and used a turkey baster to impregnate her surrogate mother.
  • One episode of Amen had sisters Amelia and Cassietta deciding to co-adopt a baby, ending up with a situation like the one in Patrik, Age 1.5 above. The episode ended with their son deciding to join the military.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After the events of season 5, kid sis Dawn is raised by lesbian witches Willow and Tara for a good portion of season 6. Though one could make the argument that the entire Scooby Gang (including Spike, if in a Disreputable Uncle kind of way) helped, it's quite clear that Dawn sees Willow and Tara as surrogate parents - there's a reason she became their Shipper on Deck. She was close to them during season 5 for that matter, and stayed overnight at their apartment on several occasions.
    • It is also, however, quite clear that she has formed some kind of bond with Spike, as he actually has allowed her to hang out at his crypt now and then and has, at least once, told her stories about his past exploits (as in, murdering entire families), and has been trusted with watching over her a few times.
    • In the canonical "Season 8" comic series she actually tells Buffy that she sees Willow as her mother-figure, prompting some angst from Buffy. (Tara, by this point, has died).
    • Strengthening the Willow and Tara argument, the latter meets with Dawn after she's left Willow in a scene very remniscent of a divorced parent trying to keep contact with her child.

 Tara: Good god, that's a lot of shake. I mean, I know, part of our big movie and milkshake fun day, but... good god, that's a lot of shake!

Dawn: (laughs) Helps to wash down the Raisinettes.

Tara: Promise me that you will eat something green tonight. Leafy green, not... gummi green. The movie was fun.

Dawn: Yeah. It was ironic when all those cute inner-city kids taught their coach a valuable lesson.

Tara: You know that I will always be there for you, right... There, there was actually more of a lead-in when I practiced that at home.

Dawn: ...I know.

Tara: It's just... I wanted you to know that... my moving out had nothing to do with you, and I, I will never stop loving you.

Dawn: I know... Do you think you'll ever get back together?

Tara: I wish I knew.

Dawn: But you still love her.

Tara: Very much. I just... sometimes... other things get in the way.

  • Coop in Nurse Jackie has two mommies in the overtly lesbian sense.
  • In Sugar Rush (TV) Kim's next door neighbour Tom has two dads and is constantly concerned that people will think he is also gay.
  • Modern Family has gay couple Cam and Mitchell adopting Baby Lily in the first episode.
  • In the sixth season premiere of How I Met Your Mother, Cindy (a girl Ted struck out with on their first date) is dating another woman. In a flash-forward the couple are seen posing for a photo with their daughter.

 "So no, that girl wasn't your mother. She ended up being someone else's mother. They both did."

  • Franky Fitzgerald in the Third Generation of Skins kids has two ex-army dads, who already appear to be the only parents in the entire series who take an interest in their kids.
  • Malcolm in the Middle briefly references a 'cousin Nancy' who has two fathers.

  Reese: Two dads as your parents? That house has to be a dude's paradise!

  • Hal from Being Human was raised by six whores in a brothel, he didn't know which one was his actual mother, but loved them all anyway.


  • In the Australian play Pinball, a lesbian mother and her lover are battling for custody of her child. The mother's own family side against her and support the father in court.
  • In The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Logainne has two daddies.
  • In the George Bernard Shaw play Misalliance, The Ace attributes his vast knowledge to the fact that he had three fathers — his biological father, his father's "pet philosopher" who lived in their house, and a priest with whom his mother was having an affair.
  • Marie, in the comic Opera La Fille du Régiment was raised by an entire brigade of career soldiers, who found her abandoned on the battlefield. Hilarity Ensues when her long lost mother discovers her hundreds of dads.
  • Brian Friel's Dancing at Lughnasa practically revolves around Michael's family structure; his mother and four aunts raise him between them, his uncle hangs around and is generally odd and his father turns up, messes everything up and leaves.

Video Games


 Girl: I'm an emotionally abused orphan! Can't I get in on any of these groups hugs?

'Uncle': No, you stupid bitch!

  • Ganondorf, the Big Bad of Zelda, was raised by the Gerudo witch sisters Koume and Kotake, better known as the Twinrova sisters.
    • Since the Gerudo are all female, except for Ganondorf, they likely consider having two mothers to be normal.
  • In Harvest Moon Cute, or better yet "Sprite Station For Girl" since the "wedding" feature is absent from the non-Japanese versions, if you choose the Best Friend choice over marriage to any of the 11 bachelors, you eventually end up with a child who has two mommies.
  • In Pokémon, you can obtain Pokémon eggs by breeding any male and female Pokémon that are in the same egg group. The exception is Ditto, which can breed with nearly any Pokémon by transforming into it. Even if the other Pokémon's species only has one sex.
    • Also, due to glitches, two Pokémon of the same gender can have eggs.
    • And for the terms of the Everstone exploit (equipping the mother Poke with an Everstone causes its nature to carry to the young), Ditto is considered the mother. Even if the other Poke is female.
  • In Persona 4, the main protagonist lives for a year with his uncle and his younger female cousin. From there onwards, it gets confusing when you ask yourself who's raising who.
  • Belial and Nebiros have adopted Alice as their surrogate daughter in Shin Megami Tensei. Mess with her and you will feel their wrath.
  • Possible in The Sims series, through various means.
  • Possible and quite common with the asari in Mass Effect. They breed through melding of nervous systems, and are capable of doing it with any species or gender. Though their society frowns upon having two asari parents ("pureblood" is a racial slur among them), but it's not as uncommon as they would like to pretend, and females of other species are fair game, in any case.
    • In particular, the character Liara T'Soni has had two asari mothers, though she never knew the one who "fathered" her, for the lack of better term (there are strong hints in Mass Effect 2 that it was Matriarch Aethyta). Her other mother was Matriarch Benezia, who turns evil and is killed by Shepard's crew (possibly including Liara) in the first game.
      • Defied in the third game when you can actually meet Liara's father. After Shepard briefly calls her Liara's "other mother," she actually gets annoyed and says that she's her father, not another mother; to the asari, "mother" specifically refers to the one who physically carries the child to term. [1]

 "I'm sorry, it's just that if you had been human, you would both be concidered the mother, no matter who gave birth to her."

"Well I'm not human, am I? Anthropocentric bag of dicks."

  • If you end up with Helena in Cute Knight Kingdom you may also receive a mysterious doorstop baby (with the same origin as the PC).
  • Samus in the Metroid series had two daddies when the Chozo adopted her.
  • The Golden Sun series actually has a few unconventional examples of families. In the beginning of Golden Sun Dark Dawn, Isaac and Garet are have raised their respective sons Matthew and Tyrell together. No moms are in sight-- Matthew's (Jenna) is indicated to be alive and well in a different city, but Tyrell's isn't even mentioned. As you go through the game it seems that there's no enmity between Matthew's parents, which leads some to conclude that she's living away for her safety (well, when your husband is living near what was an active volcano from which the Biggest Bad could return from at any time...). Garet not so much.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but Magical Diary's Jacob has at least two dads. Considering the setting, it's entirely possible that they're both his biological parents but that's not known so far.
  • Mortal Kombat 11 has Mileena and Tanya adopting a little girl and raising her together in the first woman's ending.

Web Comics

  • In Abe Kroenen, Abe suggests that they might one day adopt and raise a child. Kroenen points out the many ways in which this would be a very bad idea.
    • "It would be like My Two Dads but instead of 'Dads' it is 'horrible monsters'. And instead of 'Two' it is horrible."
  • Winter from Girly has two biological female parents as described but not explained here.
  • Terinu is... complicated. It's quite possible to argue that he has four "moms". His biological mother (implied as dead in a flashback), Melika, the vulpine woman who raised him from ages three to nine and whom he has the closest relationship with, Mavra Chan the Ax Crazy Space Pirate who raised him to her personal assassin from nine to fifteen, and finally Leeza, who not only has actual legal guardianship of him, she's also his Master, since he's mentally imprinted to obey her every order. Currently only Leeza and Melika are likely to work together to raise him however.
  • Berlinetta of Other Peoples Business has two daddies.
  • Pluto from Star Guys has two mothers. Apprently making Pluto was "a long and expensive process".
  • Touhou Nekokayou has Marisa and Alice's two daughters, Shanghai Margatroid and Carroll Kirisame (complete with Heather Has Two Mommies reference). The former was "born" after Alice and Marisa finally figured out how to create an independent doll and applied it to Alice's Shanghai doll. That "birth" takes place in CSA's ending. The latter, meanwhile, was the result of magical Homosexual Reproduction, the exact details of which remain a secret.
  • Drowtales brings us Kalki, Snadhya'rune's daughter. Her father is Mel'arnach, the protagonist Ariel's biological mother, meaning that she literally has two mommies thanks to Jaal'darya science.
    • There are several other examples in Drow society since Everyone Is Bi, and it's implied that Ariel's sister Lael'aelle was raised by her mother Quain'tana and the Ill'haress of the Sullisin'rune, Ash'waren.
  • The son of Kronar, son of man, in Oglaf.
  • While they did not consult each other on their pregnancies, the two leads from Moon Over June gave birth on the same day and are effectively raising their daughters together. There is room to dispute whether this is a good thing
  • The adopted children of Vaarsuvius and Inkyrius from Order of the Stick have two parents whose genders are both officially listed as "ambiguous". Does that count?
  • Leanne from the Furry Comic Rasvaar has two mothers: one her biological mother, and the other her 'mad' (a portmanteau of mum and dad).
  • Secondary character Yvette in Precocious. As explained by Chrispy Eva is her biological mother and Candy's brother was the sperm donor.
  • As revealed in the final arc of And Shine Heaven Now, the boy that will grow up to be Vampire Hunter D, genetically, is the son of Integra Hellsing and Seras Victoria. Note, however, D doesn't know this, and believes Alucard is his father. Oh, and by the way, only Integra and Seras know how this happened and neither are telling.

Web Original

  • Agents Trojanhorse and Paddlebrains of the PPC are both women (technically - Pads is a redhaired chainsmoking female copy of Sirius Black. Don't ask). They have three adopted children; two sons from mpreg fanfics, and a daughter who is a Triceratops. It Makes Sense in Context. Many of the other adopted kids in the PPC would also fit.
  • The mothersday PSA from Red vs. Blue: "You only have one mother. Unless you are from a progressive home like Donut." How serious this can be taken is debatable due to the out-of-canon nature of the PSAs.

Western Animation

  • In American Dad, gay couple Greg and Terry have a surrogate daughter, Liberty (Libby) Belle. Stan's wife Francine was the surrogate mother, which Stan was very unhappy about, until the end of the episode when he realizes gay couples can have children and be just as happy, and gives her the name Liberty.
  • Darkwing Duck has another non-homosexual two-daddy family.
  • Time Squad has inept, overly macho Time Cop Buck Tuddrussell and his vitriolic, ambiguously Camp Gay robot buddy The Larry 3000 taking in an orphaned history buff who was living in an Orphanage of Fear with an evil nun. It didn't start out as a Has Two Daddies situation until Sigmund Freud analyzed Tuddrussell and Larry as a dysfunctional couple whose fighting will mentally and emotionally scar Otto for life on the third episode ("The Island of Dr. Freud"). From then on, the writers did everything they could to imply that the living arrangement could be construed as a "Has Two Daddies" situation.
  • Race Bannon of Jonny Quest won Cartoon Network's poll for "Best Cartoon Mom".
  • You can't mention Benton and Race without mentioning Brock and Rusty of The Venture Brothers (though neither of them come anywhere close to good parent material).
  • JFK's adoptive parents in Clone High were a gay couple. He usually calls them "gay dads", but only in one episode, when he was doubting his sexuality, thanks to Wholesome Crossdresser Joan, he decides to join them in watching Will and Grace. He describes them as being like "My Two Dads, only gayer".
  • In Transformers Animated: Isaac Sumdac is captured by Megatron and his company is taken over by Porter C. Powell. Powell then kicks Sari out, so she ends up living with the Autobots, effectively having five robot daddies (though Prowl, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead are more like older brothers and Ratchet is more of a grandpa).
    • Biologically speaking, this is entirely possible also. Being that she's at least half cybertronian, depending on who makes protoforms, and how many, she may have two biological daddies as well, counting Isaac.
  • One episode of Pinky and The Brain featured the eponymous duo raising a child created from their combined DNA thanks to a malfunction in Brain's cloning machine.
    • Another episode had them in Kansas stumbling upon an alien spacecraft containing a baby with mysterious powers. Intrigued by the baby's abilities, Brain tried to raise him with Pinky; obviously it didn't work out. In the end, Pinky and the Brain put him back in the ship so that a childless couple could find him...
  • An infamously controversial episode of the combination animated/live-action PBS series Postcards From Buster (an Arthur spinoff) had Buster visiting with a live-action real girl, who said she had "two moms." No more was said about her parents but the more conservative faction of The Powers That Be decided that was promoting the gay agenda, the episode was yanked, and used as an example of why all PBS funding should be immediately rescinded.
    • Another explanation offered was that her parents were divorced and her birth mother was visiting her.
    • And it wasn't like this was James Dobson raising a shit fit. No, the Secretary of Education was behind this clusterfuck, and even tried to get all funding pulled for Postcards From Buster.
  • Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me has, well, take a wild guess.
  • In one episode of Making Fiends, Charlotte adopts a bunch of baby explosive chicks with a very reluctant Vendetta. Charlotte refers to herself as the father, and Vendetta as the mother.

 Charlotte: Since you're already the mommy, I'll be the daddy! We can spend a~ll our time together, like one big happy family~!

Vendetta: WHAT!?

  • On SpongeBob SquarePants, SpongeBob and Patrick adopt a baby scallop. Patrick wants to be the mommy, but opts for daddy after SpongeBob points out he never wears a shirt (Patrick agrees that if he were the mom "this would be kinda shocking"). At the end, the scallop "flies" away, but Patrick suggests "Let's have another".
  • The Oblongs has an Uncanny Valley Girl who could pass as a Hill person (missing jaw and mono-boob aside) who has two normal-looking dads.
  • Mojo Jojo, Arch Enemy of the Powerpuff Girls, created the Rowdyruff Boys in an attempt to destroy said girls. Instead, it was the boys who got destroyed. Years later, the Ultimate Evil, Him, resurrected the boys and improved upon them. This came to a head in the episode "Custody Battle", where Mojo discovers that the Rowdyruffs were brought back, tries to take back his place as their father (the day happens to be Father's Day, by the way), and he and Him end up trying to out-evil each other. The boys have enough of this and announce that they only care about destroying the Powerpuff Girls, causing Mojo and Him to embrace and exclaim, "I'm so proud of them!"
    • Jojo in fact served as a father to the girls themselves as he kicked open the flask of chemical X that created them (and made Jojo intelligent). Later, his chronologically-altered attempt to erase the girls's existence failed, ensuring two elements of primacy.
  • In Gargoyles, Thailog, the evil clone of Goliath, has three fathers. His biological father, Goliath, his "maker", Dr. Sevarius, and the man who brought him up, Xanatos.
    • Also keep in mind, gargoyles raise their young communally. A gargoyle that has been raised traditionally by gargoyles standards has many mothers and many fathers.
  • One episode of The Ren and Stimpy Show had Ren participating in a social movement called "Fake Dad", basing on the idea of a man (dog?) with no offspring caring for an orphan for a weekend. Ren even says the line "Now that we're one happy family, let's spend some quality time together!" himself, putting Stimpy in the place of the mommy/second daddy.
    • Also, the episode "Stimpy's Pregnant" of Adult Party Cartoon. The biological impossibilty of Ren impregnating Stimpy is never mentioned or discussed (the line "You said you'd use protection!" spoken by Ren could even indicate that in-universe, this is a regular occurence). Right before the delivery, Ren says "Any minute now, we'll be mommy and daddy". It turns out Stimpy was not actually pregnant, just constipated. But neither of the "parents" find out about this - the excrement is treated like a child, though obviously, there's no trace of it in later episodes).
  • The episode of South Park "Follow That Egg", where Stan and Kyle, and Wendy and Bebe, have to take care of an egg to prove Mrs. Garrison's point that gay couples can't raise children. At one point Wendy calls Kyle saying "I want to see my egg" to which he replies "it's not your egg anymore, Wendy".
  • In She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Bow is raised by the Retired Badass George and his husband Lance.
  • On Ridley Jones, Ismat, one of the main characters, is revealed to be the daughter of two mummy dads

Real Life

  • The concept of homosexual couples raising children is nothing new. Usually the child will either be adopted, or related to one of the parents through various means of artificial reproduction and/or surrogacy.
    • Additionally, a bisexual (or latent gay) parent who produces children in a heterosexual relationship may later separate from their partner and form a same-sex relationship afterwards. If the child is still dependent at this time and custody is granted primarily to the bisexual parent, it is likely that the child will have two same-sex parents from this new relationship. In some countries the non-biological parent may also be permitted to co-adopt the child, giving both parents equal custody rights and legally designating both partners as the child's parents and legal guardians.
  • Several examples of penguins.
    • Taken to an extreme with seagulls; some populations only have lesbian couples, most of the female birds only mating once or twice in their entire lifetime with males in order to lay fertile eggs.
  • Lionesses in a pride all raise cubs as an egalitarian community; every lioness treats each cub as a mother would.
  • The famous female Crow Chief, Woman Chief (born Pine Leaf of the Gros Ventre and abducted by a Crow raiding party as a child), got children with one of her four wives through surrogate fatherhood. According to their culture, the first one who sleeps with a woman who gets pregnant is officially the father. Using this, Woman Chief went through the preliminary motions and got a male volunteer to take over for the rest.
  • Louise Jarvis, the subject of the BBC documentary My Mums Used To Be Men, has two male-to-female transsexual mothers.
  • Gangsta Rapper Fifty Cent had a lesbian mother who had a relationship with another woman.
  • Villages and small communities with children probably fit in this category. Instead of it just being the parents job of providing and caring for a child, it is also the job of the rest of the village to help care for them.
  • Owing to complicated political maneuvering, the young Guangxu Emperor had "mother" Ci'an and "father" Cixi. Both women had been wives of a previous emperor and were combining their Dowager Empress powers to rule together.
  • Several openly gay celebrities have recently had children:
    • Neil Patrick Harris has adopted twins with his partner, making him one of the two daddies in question.
    • Rufus Wainwright and his partner also had a girl, with Leonard Cohen's daughter Lorca serving as the surrogate.
    • Elton John has also had a son with his husband via surrogate. This caused some controversy when a supermarket used the "family shield" to "protect young shoppers" from seeing Elton, his husband and their baby on a magazine cover. The supermarket eventually removed the shield after receiving complaints.
    • The Puerto Rican singer Enrique "Ricky" Martin and his husband, the Swedish artist Jwan Yousef, have four kids, all born through surrogate moms.