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She can habeas my corpus any day.


Oh, Claire Kincaid, you can prosecute me any day.

She wears three-inch heels, favors form-fitting suits with low-cut tops and hemlines well above the knee, has a sexy voice, and can impress many a man or woman. She also charges six hundred dollars an hour and doesn't care who her clients are, just as long as they pay. No, she's not a prostitute; she's a lawyer. (Same difference, right? But we kid, we kid.)

This is basically about sexy lawyers, judges, etc. While such portrayals usually constitute blatant Fan Service, they're occasionally justified in-universe as lawyers using their sex appeal to woo clients or sway juries.

Hello Attorney often tries cases involving suspects captured by a Fair Cop.

Similar to Hello, Nurse!, Hospital Hottie and Hot Scientist. Compare Hot Librarian (especially in visual appearance).

Examples of Hello, Attorney! include:

Anime and Manga

  • Eri Kisaki/Eva Kadan from Detective Conan. Bonus for having a teenage daughter who is just as pretty as she is.
    • Her rival, Reiko Kujou, is just as hot.
  • Teru Mikami from Death Note is a male example. Unlike most examples, while he is good looking, he's also very, VERY unhinged. (Of course, this is Death Note we're talking about, so this is pretty much a given.)
  • Kotoko Fujioka aka Haruhi's Missing Mom from Ouran.


  • So what if she's 6'7" and can bench a battleship, few deny that Jennifer Walters fits in here.
    • To many, the fact that she's 6'7" and can bench a battleship... actually makes her hotter.
  • Matthew "Matt" Murdock is a male example.
  • The X-Men's lawyer, Evangeline "Vange" Whedon, is a Goth chick who bares her midriff more often than not.
  • Captain America's girlfriend in the 80s Bernie Rosenthal.


  • Elle, Vivian, and several other characters, in Legally Blonde.
  • Sally Carrera in Cars. She is a Porsche, after all.
  • Rachel Dawes from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Both versions (Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal). Harvey Dent (Aaron Echkart) as well.
  • Elizabeth Banks' character in Role Models.
  • As already mentioned, Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. Played by Ben Affleck.
  • Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore, in Laws of Attraction.
  • Jessica Biel's character in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.
  • The Harrison Ford thriller Presumed Innocent has his prosecutor character accused of the murder of his fellow attorney (and mistress), played by a smoking-hot Greta Scacchi.
  • The Chinese lawyer Shen Yuelin in Red Corner, played by the gorgeous Bai Ling.
  • Amoral Attorney version: Sofie Fatale (Julie Dreyfus) from Kill Bill was O-Ren's best friend and lawyer. She loses an arm (and maybe both) as a result of The Bride's revenge
  • Penelope Ann Miller in Other People's Money.

Live Action TV

  • THE ENTIRE DAMN CAST of Ally McBeal. Except maybe Richard Fish. Maybe.
    • In one episode, it is eventually revealed that this is actually an advertised selling point for the law firm.
    • This trope seems to be a favorite of David E. Kelley's. The Practice and Boston Legal have no shortage of easy-on-the eyes characters. (Neither do any of his non-legal shows, for that matter.)
  • Judge John Deed
  • Eli Stone
  • Law and Order: Pretty much every single post-Robinette ADA, including a few of the men (and for some, Robinette himself). Claire Kincaid and Abbie Carmichael in particular. It's been Lampshaded; in Claire's first episode, she asks Jack about sexual relationships with his female ADAs. He says he only had three such relationships in 24 years, including an ex-wife. At the end of the episode, she says she checked, and he's only had three female assistants. He insists he was being honest.
    • Jamie Ross arguably tops the lot- she's played by a former Bond Girl!
    • Annie Parisse's first appearance on L&O was as a stripper named Jasmine. They brought her back to play ADA Alexandra Borgia.
    • Not to mention the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ADAs, most notably Alex Cabot and Casey Novak.
    • In addition to Alex herself, all her ADAs on the short-lived spinoff Conviction were pretty telegenic.
    • She only appeared in a couple of episodes, but Patricia Kent on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
    • Law and Order Trial By Jury had bureau chief Tracey Kibre (played by the delectable Bebe Neuwirth) and ADA Kelly Gaffney.
    • Law & Order: UK seems to be following in this trend as well with the casting of Freema Agyeman.
    • Also Lampshaded by Alana De La Garza's ADA Connie Rubirosa in the Season 18 Episode "Tango" and the Season 20 Episode "Reality Bites", where EADA Michael Cutter takes advantage of a juror and a reality TV producer's interest in her to advance the People's case in both episodes.
  • Jenna Elfman's title character on Courting Alex.
  • Grace Van Owen, on LA Law.
  • Maggie Lizer, the faux-blind lawyer played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Arrested Development.
  • Mac, the Ms. Fanservice from JAG. Harm was the male version.
    • This got a nod on the show itself, with they land a big public case, and a late night TV host says something to the effect of "Colonel Mackenzie? More like Major Babe."
  • Asst. State's Attorney Rhonda Pearlman, anyone? Just me?
    • Not just you, although most of the drool on the TV Set probably came from Cedric Daniels, who is forced to leave the Baltimore PD and become an attorney in the finale.
  • Dr. Lightman's ex-wife from Lie to Me, who says she left him partly because when she was just wearing a thong, he was looking at her eyebrows. She's played by Jennifer "Flashdance" Beals.
  • Julianna Margulies' title character (pictured above) in the short-lived Canterbury's Law.
    • Also, her title character in The Good Wife, as well as the entire rest of the firm.
    • Also Neena Broderick, the character she played as the Girl of the Week in two episodes of Scrubs.
  • Judge Amy Gray, of Judging Amy, and her aide.
  • Christine Sullivan of Night Court.
  • Michael Palin and Eric Idle in a sketch on Monty Python's Flying Circus. You know the one.
  • Lilah Morgan of Angel. Lindsey McDonald from the same show is a male example.
  • Sideways Ilana on Lost.
  • Kim Delaney's defense-attorney protagonist on the short-lived Philly.
  • Marsha Darden (played by Cristine Rose) on The Jamie Foxx Show (the episode "I've Fallen and I Won't Get Up").
  • Beth Davenport in The Rockford Files.
  • Joyce Davenport in Hill Street Blues.
  • Liz Traynor in The Good Guys.
  • The new CBS series The Defenders has stripper-turned-lawyer Lisa Tyler.
  • Sela Ward as Gregory House's now-married ex-girlfriend on House.
  • Sherry Stringfield, Sharon Lawrence, and, especially, Gabrcelle Beauvais-Nilon on NYPD Blue.
  • Alex Cahill on Walker, Texas Ranger.
  • Justin, Lauren and Kate (former attorney, now mediator) all qualify from Fairly Legal.
  • All the main cast of Raising the Bar, but Michelle and Bobbi in particular.
  • Sexual harassment lawyer Mary Tate on Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip.
  • While not really lawyers, Tara and Hardison on Leverage both portray them as part of cons. Tara is even referred to as a hot librarian when the team sees her for the first time.
  • French series Engrenages has two of them — male and female versions. The male one is dark-haired firm-chinned prosecutor Pierre Clément. The female one is busty and slender redhead Joséphine Karlsson, who also displays a deep lack of morals.
  • Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey.
  • Constance from Life.
  • One episode of Castle featured a lawyer who had given up law to become a dominatrix.

Western Animation

Video Games

  • Much of the main cast of the Ace Attorney series, Mia Fey in particular.
    • Except the Judge and his brother. Definitely not the Judge or his brother.
    • Diego Armando, huff huff huff. And also as Godot
    • And Klavier Gavin, even if he's a prosecutor. Hell, he was the poster boy for Memetic Sex God in this wiki!
    • And Miles Edgeworth, who's up there with Gavin and Diego in the "Even the Guys Want Him" department.
    • And for the kinkier in the crowd, there's Franziska von Karma.
    • And hell, let's give the guy a break — Phoenix Wright himself has his charms.
  • A female character in Neverwinter Nights 2 with high Charisma and high ranks in conversation skills can achieve this during your trial for mass murder during the second chapter of the main campaign.
  • If your daughter in Princess Maker 2 has enough Intelligence, Morals and Faith among other stuff, she can become a judge.
  • In Katawa Shoujo, Lilly's sister Akira is a Bifauxnen version.
  • Elara Dorne in Star Wars: The Old Republic has shades of this; she may not be an attorney per se, but she can navigate the bureaucracy of the Republic military like no other.

Web Comics


Real Life

  • It's probably worth mentioning (everyone else did) that Scott Brown, the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts, posed naked in Cosmo while in law school.
  • There are entire blogs to men and women of the judicial bench and ranking their hotness Some say its unprofessional. Others say they were jealous they didn't rank higher.
  • Victoria Zdrok. Playboy Playmate, Penthouse Pet, selected as one of the 10 sexiest women of 2002 by Celebrity Sleuth Magazine and a New York Attorney
  • Apprentic Contenders Muna Heaven, Steffani Schaeffer and Kristine Lefebvre (who paid her way through law school by modelling)
  • Nancy Dell'Ollio
  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks
  • Project Runway contestant Star Ilzhoefer
  • Catherine Crier
  • Judge Maria Lopez
  • Jacqui Frazier
  • The Amazing Race 5 contestant Mirna Hindoyan
  • Candace Smith. Miss Ohio USA 2003 and one of "Barkers Beauties" on The Price Is Right
  • The deceased Barbara Olson