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The nine skinless bodies abruptly stopped dancing and simultaneously fell to the ground in a heap as Acheri floated over to Precision.

Naomi looked up to see what seemed to be a ghost and a demon looking down at her. Acheri spoke. "Its name is Acheri. It is and will be speaking for me, for though I understand your language I cannot physically produce it. It is one of my associates."

"We are prisoners as you are; we want what you want, so what do you say? It's up to you, you can join us or, my associates and I will eat you while you still breathe."
Hell's Children — Chapter: 20 Eati……… meeting new people.

Deep within the bowels of a mysterious and macabre place, not far removed from hell, something has gone horribly awry and in the mounting chaos the most unlikely of friendships will be formed, as the deadly trio collectively known as The Damned, fight to survive the facility and all of its nightmarish obstacles, while elsewhere in this very same facility there is a man sentenced to a fate worse then death, who struggles to keep his sanity intact, as the very fabric of reality is warped around him. Meanwhile Dr. Skiner, the master and founder of this facility diligently struggles to find a way to contain the escaping terrors while following all that transpires from the solitary of his private terminal.

Hell's Children, by Andrew Boland, is best described as a Lovecraftian descent into madness + Gorn + The Power of Friendship.

Examples of Hells Children include: