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Henshin Heroes is a tokusatsu based RPG where you can use a canon character from a tokusatsu series or craft an entirely new character from scratch. The RPG takes place in a world inhabited by Kamen Riders, Power Rangers, Sentai's, Magical Girls, Makai Knights, Ultramen and any other tokusatsu hero you can think of.

This world isn't just inhabited by Heroes though, there are villains too like the ruthless Smart Brain corporation has recently risen up and started an underground war with the ancient organization known as the Hellfire Club. Opposing them both is the Wild Corp. an organization of Kamen Rider's led by Zack DeRagon, aka Kamen Rider Gattack who fight against injustice wherever it can be found.

Other groups include The Hellfire Club, who wish to take control of Britain with their army of various undead, Section an American funded group of Kamen Riders and The Dekarangers who have a rivalry with Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

A plot finally began to develop and was split into different seasons or story arcs. The first arc Humanity's Screams focused on Smart Brain as the main antagonists and beginning the foreshadowing of various future plots, ending with Section destroying Smart Brain.

The second arc known as The World's Heroes begins various singular plots around the world, focusing partially on Smart Brain attempting to restore itself, the beginning of Ren and Arthur's partnership, and the arrival of the forces of Heaven and Hell.

The third arc Everybody's Fight focuses on many factions fighting for control, and new forces rising up as a result. Many fights followed, beginning to shape the world for the next arc, World of Darkeness, in which Japan and Europe fall to different apocalypse situations, and everyone is thrown into combat.

The current arc is The Conflicting Souls of Light and Dark in which Azrael, the Angel of Death, is creating the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and attempting to bring on the downfall of humanity.

Now has a characters' page that needs some love. As well as a Facebook Group and a Twitter Page

Tropes included in it are ...


  The Medal names in italics are their Japanese names used in the series; yes, some are directly English. These are also the pure forms as used by OOO and 000.

  1. Slightly offset by it's Perception Filter