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Genius: I'm Herman's intellect. Without me he couldn't hold his job, pay his rent or tie his shoe laces.

Angel: I'm Herman's sensitivity. Without me he wouldn't feel tenderness, honesty, or love... the good things in life.

Wimp: I'm Herman's anxiety and I keep him out of trouble and believe me, there's trouble everywhere.

Animal: I'm Herman's lust. Without me he'd miss out on all the good stuff. You know, fun, food, babes.

Narrator: Sometimes they agree... Ummm, usually they don't. But the struggle is going on inside all of us and it's all going on inside... Herman's Head.


Originally broadcast on Fox (1991-1994), this half-hour Sitcom would have been just an ordinary office-based comedy except for its use of one of the most imaginative devices ever tried on broadcast television: the viewers were allowed to see the inner workings of the title character's mind. The inside of Herman Brooks' head was presented as an attic in which dwelt four characters who represented the conflicting forces which drove his personality and his life: Angel (his Sensitivity), Animal (his Lust), Wimp (his Anxiety) and Genius (his Intellect).

Outside of the "attic", Herman is a young writer working as a fact-checker for a Manhattan magazine, with a typical assortment of supporting characters: His boss Mr. Bracken, a walking encyclopedia; Louise, a meek-but-sweet plain-jane (played by Yeardley Smith, best known as the voice of Lisa Simpson); and Heddy, a man-hungry social-climbing beauty for whom Herman intermittently longs. Playing counterpoint to the office crew is his best friend Jay (Hank Azaria, also better known for his many roles on The Simpsons), a part-time Lothario whose success at writing drives Herman to match him.

Each episode mated a typical sitcom situation with the unique perspective on Herman's choices and motivations afforded by the "inside" scenes. The conflicts, alliances and negotiations between the four "insiders" made for just as much comedy as the events in the "outside" world -- and sometimes more, as in the episode where the constantly-warring Angel and Animal discovered a woman they both agreed on.

Sadly, Fox canceled this show after its third season; it had the potential to be a classic, but is today mostly forgotten.

This show provides examples of: