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Many fictional worlds show a hero working his way to fight and stop some great evil. Sometimes their princes or knights fighting to save a damsel in distress, maybe they're mercenaries fighting evil for a paycheck? or a regular person relying strictly on his wits and luck? Either way, they were defined as heroes on their respective stories.

But what if being a hero alone is to be considered a job?

Hero Academy refers to a organization, or part of an organization, that trains people to develope the skills and knowledge, usually both (or either) combat-related or otherwise, needed to be able to do heroic deeds, unlike Super-Hero School, it usually trains regular people with little to no superpowers and teaches their students the skills they need rather than picking out students that already have extraordinary abilities, though they may pick out individuals that they believe show potential. A subtrope of Extranormal Institute: one thing a Hero Academy has in common with Super-Hero School and Wizarding School that may separate it from Military School or Military Academy is that they function as a society as much as a training program.

Examples of Hero Academy include:

Anime and Manga

  • Tiger and Bunny, being a show about corporate superheroes, has one of this. Not all students have gifts that are suitable for hero-ing, however.
  • Palaestra in Saint Seiya Omega, which makes the training of Saints more formalized than in the original series where training is done on master-disciple basis.


  • The Stone Prince in Enchanted Forest Chronicles went to one of these.
  • Game World: The Hero School used to train adventurers and knights, now it trains politicians and accountants (aka, the people who actually run the world nowadays).
  • The Collegium in the Heralds of Valdemar series, at least for Herald-trainees. Students in other disciplines train there too, but for Heralds this is where they learn to master their Gifts (magical or psychic powers) and is the one place they can really call home.

Video games

  • Fable shows an academy called the Hero's Guild, as in the Fable Universe, Heroes gifted human beings that carry potential of carrying amazing combat skills with Melee, Ranged, and Magic abilities. fully-trained Heroes in the Fable universe usually show extremely impressive skills in the area of combat they specialize.

Western Animation

  • In Codename: Kids Next Door, when kids want to become Kids Next Door Operatives, they have to sign up for the KND Cadet Academy for training and studying on being a KND Operative. What separates it from a Military Academy is that, though KND is modeled as a military organization, as explained on the description above, it's as much of a society as it is a military group, which cause it to fit more into the Hero Academy trope.