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  • Ar Tonelico 2: Melody of Metafalica - Luca and Cloche wind up this way, particularly in the Jacqli and Cocona endings.
  • Mass Effect has Garrus Vakarian and male Shepard.
  • Sam & Max: Freelance Police - actually lampshaded in the adventure game Abe Lincoln Must Die!, where according to Sybil's "compatibility test", their soul mates are each other. In another game, Chariots of the Dogs, a woman develops a crush on Max, and when Sam objects (because the woman in question is Bosco's mother, and that would cause a Time Paradox), she seems to assume he's gay, and "wants to keep [Max] all for himself".
    • When Sam and Max were separated in Culture Shock, Sam actually started to hallucinate from withdrawal.
    • When in What's new Belzeebub? Sam tells Max Demon Peppers claims to now be his new best friend, Max rips out Demon Peppers kidneys
    • But probably the most iconic example is in They Stole Max's Brain! when Sam, believing Max actually is dead, goes in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, stylized as a film Noir hard-boiled detective mystery, using Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique in every suspect to figure out, well, who stole Max's Brain. He even threatens friends at Gun Point for obtain information! He gets a lot better when he know Max has a fix though.
    • This is highlighted tear-jerkingly well in "The City That Dares Not Sleep" when Max does die. Instead of going on a rampage, however, Sam simply... loses hope. As the credits roll, we see Sam walking dejectedly through the streets of New York. Luckily, a Max from a universe where Sam dies appears. The two seem to agree to use the other as a Replacement Goldfish. The two then go out to stop more crime.
    • If you think the video games are Ho Yay suggestive, check out the animated series, & it was for kids.
  • Liu Kang and Kung Lao as well as Jade and Kitana in Mortal Kombat.
    • There's also Sub-Zero (the younger brother from 2 onward) and fellow Lin Kuei Smoke. According to Deception, there's also Sub-Zero and Kenshi, as well as Ermac and Kenshi.
  • Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan seem to fit this pretty well, and Sully also acts as the mentor type figure for Nate.
  • Gumshoe thinks he has one of these going on with Edgeworth in Ace Attorney. Unfortunately Edgeworth considers him to be a useless weight at all but the very best of times.
    • Phoenix and Maya do have one of these going on, despite their sexual compatibility and what Pearly would have you think.
  • X & Zero in the Mega Man X games, who were originally created to kill each other. By X5, the Ho Yay was waist-deep. It doesn't help that Zero looks like a girl.
    • The Battle Network series give us Lan and MegaMan.EXE and Geo and Omega, though it's somewhat padded by them having other friends as well.
      • Then again, in Lan's and MegaMan.EXE's case, they've been pulling each others' asses outta frying pans for as long as the series has run. MegaMan is Lan's dead older twin brother Hub, resurrected as a digitized Replacement Goldfish by their father. So their bond is pretty justified.
  • Sanger Zonvolt and Elzam Branstein in Super Robot Wars. The jokes only get worse when Elzam gets a Humongous Mecha that transforms into a horse to be ridden by Sanger's mech.
  • Xenosaga: Shion and Mary Magdalene.
  • If you really feel that you absolutely have to, you could treat Snake and Otacon in Metal Gear Solid as Heterosexual Life Partners. But you would still know, that you are just lying to yourself.
  • Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago from the Gears of War franchise, to the point where Dom will break into an abandoned prison filled with subterranean mutants in order to free Marcus. And sure, Dom's got a long-lost wife, but she conveniently dies during the second game.
    • During a podcast from before Gears 2 was released, the staff of Giant Bomb commented that they wanted to see the game end with a passionate kiss between Dom and Marcus, if for no other reason than to annoy the legions of foul mouthed 12-year-olds who play Gears on Xbox Live.
  • Luis Lopez and Gay Tony from Grand Theft Auto DLC "The Ballad of Gay Tony". Now, admittedly, Gay Tony is, well, Gay. But that doesn't stop Luis and Tony from having a close, yet strictly platonic friendship. Luis the muscle and Tony the plan maker (Even if he's not a very good plan maker) They compliment each other's character development well. Both characters need each other. Tony helps Luis get back on his feet and teaches him business sense and Luis keeps Tony safe and his head on straight once he begins to descend into a drug bing. Friends that close are rare to find
  • Because they are the most famous Uber pairing in the game, the Medic and the Heavy from Team Fortress 2 can be described as hetero life partners. (The Slash Fic writers would disagree, but there you go.)

 The Heavy: I love this doctor!

    • While every class has variations of "Thanks, doctor!" and "Follow me, doctor!", the Heavy seems the most enthusiastic. In addition, he has several lines boasting about the fact that "his" doctor is still alive. The Medic's lines are more generic ("Ve did it, camarade!"), but the fact that many Medic players follow Heavies almost exlusively would seem to confirm the hetero-life-partner relationship, if only in Fanon.
    • The BLU Soldier and RED Demoman had one of these going on before the Administrator broke them up.
    • And the close companionships continue.
  • Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts. Sora reacts with such heartfelt gladness over Riku's return in the second game that it overshadowed his reunion with his nominal love interest Kairi. It was obvious enough that one webcomic artist did a parody of the scene[1]
    • Roxas and Axel, depending on your interpretation.
    • Saix and Axel were shown to have had this dynamic from their time as a somebodies (Isa and Lea) up to them joining Organization XIII. It's too bad that their friendship suffered when Saix became too caught up in being Xemnas' Dragon...
    • Another possible example: Zexion and Lexaeus, as seen in Chain of Memories. They're intellectual equals and often conduct civil, sophisticated conversation in each others' presence. The latter even goes as far as to silence Vexen when he becomes too condescending towards Zexion over his rank. Lexaeus' Secret Report in Days even says that Zexion's the only one he can trust, and Lexaeus is shown asking for Zexion's forgiveness when an "Ansem"-possessed Riku kills him.
  • Reno and Rude of Final Fantasy VII and its spin-offs fit the bill.
    • Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley could also fit--Angeal ditches the organization he's worked for for who knows how long for Genesis, so they must be some damn good friends at least.
  • Yuna and Rikku in Final Fantasy X could be said to be this, seeing as they formed the Gullwings together after the first game.
    • One could also make an argument for Jecht/Braska/Auron as well. So much so, in fact, that when Jecht becomes Sin, Auron essentially acts as a godfather for Tidus and is the one person shown to be able to speak to Sin, which sets the plot in motion.
  • Even though they don't last a life time, the King of Red Lions of The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker, Ezlo from The Legend of Zelda the Minish Cap and Linebeck from The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass could easily fit as Link's partners.
  • Well, more this one involves than two perhaps, as Star Wolf is a trio of male mercenaries who have shared their lives together, being Wolf, Leon and Panther. Also, it is hinted that Wolf and Leon have been together longer, going way before the events of Star Fox 64...though well...Leon seems to be enjoying his partner for sadomasochism.
  • Sonic and Tails.
    • The Team Chaotix members, especially Vector and Espio. Considering that this couple is also arguably the most popular homosexual couple amongst the minor characters (that is, outside of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow and Eggman), this definitely overlaps into Ho Yay territory, for the fans.
    • Sonic the Comic had Tekno and Amy. Most Likely.
  • Shinon and Gatrie from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. Played for laughs, as Gatrie is forever Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places, and Shinon regularly points out that the girls are either only interested whatever little money he may have or wholly unattanaible.

 Gatrie: "Don't mock me, Shinon! This is serious. I feel it. It's destiny! That girl and I are fated to be together!"

Shinon: "You're chasing after a laguz now? Gatrie, I swear you'd hit on a tree if I dressed it in a skirt. Tell me I'm wrong!"

  • Most Fire Emblems have a pairing like this. Sword of Flame, for example, has Kent and Sain. The pairing of two Cavaliers, such as this one, is especially common, as we also have Forde and Kyle in Sacred Stones and Lance and Allen in Binding Blade. Binding Blade has a non-Cavalier example, too, with the Fighter pair, Ward and Lott (probably the better example from Binding Blade, actually).
    • Also, Ike and Ranulf, though Ike's heterosexuality may be debatable. Then again, Ike generally ignores flirtation of any sort; whether he's Asexual or a Celibate Hero is still up for discussion.
      • Ike and Soren fit this trope very well. It's obvious that Soren is very attached to Ike (and crosses the line into Ho Yay quite often) since Ike was his first and according to Soren, his only friend. Ike respects Soren deeply and is more than willing to let Soren cry on his shoulder when he starts breaking down about his past. They end up leaving on a journey together in Radiant Dawn if they have an A-support. Both get rather upset when the other dies or is injured in battle, although Soren more so.

 Soren: "Ike? Ike! This can't...It can't...What am I...If you're not here, what am I to do?"

  • Fire Emblem Awakening has Chrom and a Male Avatar, just like Chrom and a Female Avatar that he doesn't marry become Platonic Life Partners
  • World of Warcraft has Asric and Jadaar, two perpetually bickering ex-cops who have moved from Shattrath City, to the Cantrips and Crows tavern under Dalaran, to their current post at the Argent Tournament grounds since their first introduction. Speculation abounds about them.
    • There's also Thassarian and Koltira, two death knights who were close friends even when they served under the Lich King. And Varian and Bolvar, who were "like brothers"; Bolvar is even something of a father figure to Varian's son and helped raise him.
    • Tarenar Sunstrike and Gidwin Goldbraids from the Cataclysm expansion. Also known as "The Paladin Pals". While they bicker... quite a lot, their friendship is so strong it survived the fact that Tarenar is a Horde aligned Blood Elf and Gidwin is a Dwarf and part of the Alliance and when Gidwin's impatience gets the better of him and he winds up risking becoming a Death Knight Tarenar drops everything to go rescue him.
    • Anren Shadowseeker and Tholo Whitehoof in the Firelands content. After one quest Tholo even says, "Anren and I might no longer face the terrifying risk of being separated from one another." D'aww!
  • The main character and Yosuke in Persona 4 definitely have shades of this if you develop Yosuke's social link. In point of fact, a Fan Nickname for Yosuke is Brosuke.

 Yosuke: There's still nothing here, but I have family and friends...and you.

  • Touka and Karura after the final boss fight in Utawarerumono. Unfortunately for any yuri fanboys out there, they're confirmed to still be hetero, as their mutual berserk button is disrespecting their relationship with Hakuoro.
  • Ryu and Ken from the Street Fighter franchise. Guile and Charlie may count too.
  • Jak and Daxter fit this trope to a tee, including the unwarranted Shipping. Never mind Daxter's form.
  • Ratchet and Clank are also this. In fact, the "life" part is very literal, having been together for nearly the same amount of time that Clank has been conscious. Also within the series are Qwark/Skrunch, Rusty Pete/Captain Slag (although, being pirates, they may not be heterosexual life partners), and Cronk/Zephyr.
  • Captains Price and MacTavish have fitten into this one in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series.
  • Rios and Salem in Army of Two.
  • A female player character and Dawn Star in Jade Empire.
  • Possibilities abound in Neverwinter Nights; any henchman can serve as this if you are the same gender, though Nathyrra/female player and Valen/male player are the best examples.
    • Various fan-made expansions have examples; your character and your henchman (if same-sex) in the Shadowlords arc definitely qualify, as can the player and Llomir in A Hunt Through the Dark (depending upon your interpretation). A Hunt Through the Dark also has the Amazon Brigade Company of the Catlash, which probably counts.
  • The player and Carth or Bastila in Knights of the Old Republic.
    • In the fanfic, it's also rather common for Canderous and Carth to come to this - despite the fact they probably did face each other from across a battlefield or two.
  • In the origin stories in Dragon Age, the Mage, Dwarven Commoner, and Dalish Elf each have Heterosexual Life Partners (well...however you take it, depending on the PC's gender) who also serve as their partners during the beginning of the game. However, they're pretty quickly forced to leave them behind when they're the only one recruited into the Grey Wardens. Depending on how the player plays their cards, they can always find another one later on in a party member, especially noticeable with a male Warden and Alistair or a female Warden and platonic!Leliana.
    • A female warden can also form this kind of bond with Morrigan (she at one point refers to you as not just a friend, but a sister), but it comes with a large side of Vitriolic Best Buds. This is especially obvious if you tend to be more good-aligned or are romancing Alistair.
  • The countries Canada and USA in E Republik have a treaty that says they will "never give up on each other, never let each other down, and never run around or desert one another."
  • Ralf and Clark in The King of Fighters (and their series of origin, Ikari Warriors).
  • Dragon Age 2 has many possiblities, especially prominent with Male!Hawke and Varric. The fact that Varric is the only squad member who isn't your sibling who you can't at least flirt with helps.
  • Male Commander Shepard in Mass Effect and quite a few of the male squadmates. Mostly in Garrus as he's a recurring member, but also in Wrex, Jacob and Thane and Kaidan, and Tali with a female Commander Shepard.
  • Yui and Mako in Lux-Pain. It makes Mako's death really **** Yui.
  • Live Powerful Pro Baseball's every success modes from the forth game including MLB Power Pros' have you work with a funny guy with large glasses (usually Yamada or Marvin) who is likely to be your best friend, roommate, and your personal Chew Toy.
  • It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia to be this. Flynn sent out dozens of ships to look for Yuri after he fell from Zaude and Yuri would trust Flynn with his own life. This usually falls straight into, well, you know...
  • Golden Sun Dark Dawn shows this to be Isaac and Garet's relationship. They live in a cabin away from any settlements, their wives are nowhere in sight, they raised their sons together, and they spend the entire opening sequence acting Like an Old Married Couple.
  • Sonny and Veradux of the flash game series Sonny are definitely this, at least by game 2, where during the opening cutscene Vera shows genuine concern when Sonny has a flashback to the events that started the first game (part of which is a tutorial if you choose to play it when starting a new game in 2), and is quickly on his feet with his weapon at the ready when Felicity decides to use Sonny as a parking space for her motorcycle, but he gets a knife thrown into his face before he can fire a shot. In the first game, this trope gets lampshaded in dialogue the pair share at the beginning of the final zone of the main story:

 Sonny: So how long do you plan on travelling with me?

Veradux: 'Till death do us part?

Sonny: You're hilarious.

  • Gomar & Shioh from F-Zero. We swear they're getting married to Women soon. They're not gay at all.
  • ATLAS and P-body from Portal 2 can be considered an asexual example of this trope (although some fanartists depict them as being male and female).
  • In The Reconstruction, Dehl and Qualstio have shades of this. Justified, since when Dehl came from the mainland, he had just witnessed his entire family being killed, and had only an infirm Moke for companionship. Qualstio helped him and gave him shelter at the first opportunity, and so he's practically the only family substitute Dehl's had for a decade.
  • Mario and Luigi are brothers. This trope still applies, however, with the two's interactions.
    • Indeed, as either of them spring into action when Peach is kidnapped, they show large amounts of concern and anxiousness and act even faster when one something happens to one of them.
    • And from the same universe yet different game series, Donkey and Diddy Kong. When Donkey's banana horde is stolen, Diddy jumps at the call to help him. When K.Rool captured Donkey, Diddy got his own entire game just to help Donkey (granted, he had help from his girlfriend.) It got so bad that K. Rool had to capture them BOTH by the 3rd game.
  • In "The Legend of Dragoon" Dart and Lavitz. While the amount of time they know each other is limited due to Lavitz being killed by Lloyd with a Dragon Buster Sword, the level of their friendship is obvious. There are several scenes throughout the game, including the closing scene, that highlights this.
  1. Possibly justified in that the last time Sora saw Riku was probably a year and a half prior, and he had been trapped in the Realm of Darkness. Riku could've been dead for all he knew, and they've known each other for their whole lives. Kairi on the other hand, was just kidnapped, and since she was only in the castle to give Sora a little extra motivation for killing Heartless, he knew she'd be safe.