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File:Hobgoblins 1655.jpg

Slightly dorky Everyman Kevin gets a job as a security guard at an abandoned film studio mostly to impress his cold and domineering girlfriend Amy. One night, he chases a burglar into an old film vault which his boss, McCreedy, warned him not to enter. By doing so he releases the titular hobgoblins, little furry aliens who have the power to make any person's deepest fantasies come true and then use those fantasies to kill said person. Kevin, along with the help of Well, Excuse Me, Princess! Amy, the slutty Daphne, Daphne's obnoxious Army boyfriend Nick and phone sex obsessed dork Kyle, sets out to capture the hobgoblins before it is too late.

Hobgoblins is a movie that has to be seen to be believed. The haircuts, fashions and generic music showcase most of what was wrong with the '80s. The plot is completely uninspired, the monsters are blatantly ripped off from Gremlins, the "special effects" are completely atrocious and the soundtrack contains one of the most incomprehensible songs ever "sung" (which, despite this, the movie actually grinds to a hard stop to show the band performing said song in its entirety).

This movie is probably best known for being featured on a particularly memorable episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Rick Sloane, the movie's director, actually requested that the film be featured on the show. Despite this, Sloane and his film suffered some of the harshest riffing that the show ever dished out. Series writer Paul Chaplin commented that the film "[shot] right to the top of the list of the worst movies [they had] ever done". Nonetheless, the choice of this film lead to the creation of an episode that many fans of the show consider to be one of the best.

For more information on that episode see here.

And twenty years later, Rick Sloane made a sequel. Yes, really.

Hobgoblins contains examples of:


  Slightly Effeminate Man: I'm sorry. The Donkey Mud Wrestlers are supposed to use the rear entrance.