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"A universal rule of anime: Not all hot chicks are mothers, but all mothers are hot chicks."
Unskippable, discussing Grandia III.

Don't worry, I had trouble figuring out who was older too.

Many series will have a mother who is meant to be seen as attractive. This may be referenced in the show by another character commenting on her "down-to-earth charm" or "earthy good looks". She is almost inevitably an Absurdly Youthful Mother and Hilarity Ensues as she is mistaken for her children's cute big sister.

This trope has popped up more and more in American television, thanks largely to the Ugly Guy, Hot Wife craze that took off somewhere in the mid-90s. A housewife with two or three kids tends to end up looking like a 30-something version of a Maxim covergirl.

For completion's sake, the generally accepted term in Great Britain for this phenomena is Yummy Mummy.

For the male equivalent of this trope, see Hot Dad. Compare Action Mom.

Examples of Hot Mom include:

Anime & Manga

  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Trisha, Ed and Al's mom, was rather pretty before the whole dying thing happened. And in the 2003 anime version, even after death Trisha isn't bad as the Homunculi Sloth either.
    • A flashback in Brotherhood shows that Pinako was a hot Wrench Wench in the past.
    • Winry's Missing Mom Sarah Rockbell was quite attractive; Winry takes after her, and Hohenheim mistakes Winry for her in the 2003 anime. Winry herself becomes a Hot Mom in the Grand Finale of the manga and Brotherhood, with Ed as a Hot Dad.
    • Izumi Curtis don't look too bad either.
    • Rose is this in the 2003 anime version. It helps that she can't be older then eighteen.
  • Shuffle:
    • Ama Shigure, Asa's absolutely adorable mommy. Before she's introduced, she's believed to be their age, and Itsuki hits on her.
    • Also in Tick! Tack!, one of the sequels/spin-offs to the original Shuffle Rin travels back in time and, with some stuffing around, can actually end up determining who Nerine's mother is, by affecting whether her father Forbesii marries his fiance Ai or his maid Sage, who is in love with him. They're both extremely hot (although admittedly neither of them are mothers at this point in the time). Coincidentally, you can also meet Forbesii's sister Cineraria, who goes on to become Lysianthus' mother; she is also very hot. Ironically, Nerine's "real" mother is actually Sage, despite the fact that Nerine looks virtually identical to Ai (and Sage is very flat chested, which Nerine most definitely is NOT).
  • Lucky Star:
    • Yukari Takara, Miyuki's mother is so cheerful, cute, sweet and adorable that she is more often than not taken for Miyuki's Big Sister rather than mother proper.
    • Miki Hiiragi, mother of four lovely girls (the youngest of whom are in high school!) and still looking fine.
    • Definitely Kanata, Konata's late mother. Kanata looked young enough to be considered a child (which had Lolicon implications for her husband), which she passed down to her near clone-like (at least in appearance) daughter. The irony in said implications is the fact that Kanata was the older one.
  • All the moms in Nagasarete Airantou fit this trope.
    • Maybe, the village chief ain't so hot anymore. Unless you go for that sort of thing.
  • Pokémon:
    • Delia Ketchum of Pokémon famously won a beauty contest.
    • Caroline (May's mom), Johanna (Dawn's mom), and Lola (Brock's mom); the latter is the strongest opponent, having given birth to eleven kids and still maintained her good looks. (All 11 of whom are much much shorter than the 10-year-old protagonist, requiring most of them to be multiple births for that to make -any- sense).
    • Madame Boss, Giovanni's mom, may also fit here, though she only appeared on the japanese drama-CD
  • Keroro Gunsou:
    • Aki Hinata particularly in the manga and earlier show episodes. Having a mother like Aki could cause several problems to a kid as he grows up. An annoyed Momoka even becomes suspicious Fuyuki's apparent insensibility for females comes from being around his shapely sister and mother.
    • Aki's not the only one - Momoka's mother, Oka is almost as much of a bombshell as Aki,
    • Aki is also a bit unique, since she has many traits of an Action Mom (the most obvious being her preference for a motorcycle for travelling), without actually being one.
  • Even if it is complete Fan Service, Queen's Blade has Cattleya, a tall and impossibly gorgeous and curvy Meganekko with a young son and a tendency to find herself in suggestive positions. There are *ahem* two other reasons many feel she belongs on this page, as well, reasons that are among the largest in all anime.
  • Weda in Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu. Seriously. Hare's mom has got it goin' on.
  • Macross:
    • To the amusement of fans everywhere, Miria Jenius becomes this in Macross 7, the first direct sequel to the Macross television show (with daughter Mylene being a main character). Fittingly, fair bits of Authority Equals Asskicking AND Action Mom were also added to the mix, making her in some eyes hotter than 95% of the fictional women on this list.
    • There's also Ranka's mom Ranshe Mei and Alto's (dead) mother Miyo Saotome from Macross Frontier, who are arguably as hot as Mylene's.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka: Julia Murai. Justified in that she gave birth to her son when she was 14, and she was only three or four years older than Onizuka himself. This becomes an important part of her son Kunio's, characterisation, as one of his defining traits is his protectiveness of his mother from strangers who hit on her.
    • Conversely, one of Kunio's friends has a mother who is very ugly, and one of his defining traits is trying to distance himself from her.
  • Nanako Minamoto, mother of the main character's rival in Capeta.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • Although she's not really his mother, Misato Katsuragi occupies that role for Shinji Ikari -- and arguably, despite her good intentions, muffs it badly (the mother part, not the hotness part. She succeeds there in spades).
    • Shinji's actual mother, Yui Ikari, was pretty good-looking - at least before she went into her Giant Purple Monstrosity phase. In the official spin-offs where she is alive (such as Angelic Days and Ikari Shinji Raising Project), she looks exactly the same as when she was 22.
    • Ritsuko Akagi's mother, Naoko, was also kinda hot
    • Hell, if Kyoko looked anything like Asuka, then she beats them both. That is, before she had most of her mind absorbed by U02, and then the nigh-mindless body hung itself. But the point stands.
  • Happy Lesson pushes this tropes beyond logical extremes with FIVE mothers to one single male character, who are also his TEACHERS when he is at school.
  • Ranma ½:
    • Nodoka Saotome, although this wasn't known until later. Interestingly, many of the families in the Takahashi-verse have a prominent lack of mothers. Nabiki, upon seeing female-Ranma and Nodoka sitting side-by-side, comments that they're identical --after volumes and volumes of manga asserting female-Ranma as the most attractive character in the cast.
    • In the rare occasions Nodoka lets her hair down, she doesn't look any older than Kasumi (and younger than the adult Miss Hinako, at that.) Even in her first appearance, everyone is so stunned by her beauty that Ranma himself can't believe Genma could ever marry someone like her.
    • The late Mrs. Tendo, judging by the latter's flashbacks and some photographs, was a bit of a mix between Akane and Kasumi.
  • Karin : Kenta Usui's mother Fumio was so hot she kept losing jobs due to employers, coworkers, and customers hitting on her.
    • Karin's mom Carrera isn't exactly hard on the eyes either. No Joke. Karin herself also counts in the Epilogue.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho was a slight subversion, as Yusuke's attractive mother Atsuko was (at first) an apathetic alcoholic like AIR's Haruko. Then again, she gave birth to Yuusuke when she was 14 as much...
  • Both Misato (Miyuki's birth mom) and Momoko (Miyuki's aunt/caretaker, as well as Kyoya's Good Stepmother and Nanoha's mother) in Triangle Heart 3 ~sweet songs forever~.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha:
    • Momoko appears here as well. However, a bigger example for this Spin-Off is Lindy Harlaown, who apparently didn't age despite the ten year Time Skip.
    • In StrikerS, this eventually spreads to Fate and Nanoha themselves. Fate displays a tendency to take in children and become a surrogate mother to them, and Arf downgrades into a younger form where she's more like Fate's daughter. As well, when Vivio comes along, Fate and Nanoha are both referred to as "mama". And that simple fact then technically makes Lindy a Hot Grandma.
    • Subaru and Ginga's mother Quint was pretty darn attractive, herself.
    • Even Precia Testarossa was hot when she wasn't crazy, as shown in Fate's Lotus Eater Machine dream.
    • Also Lutecia's mother, Megane.
  • Sayuri Daimon from Digimon Savers. Touma appears a bit smitten with her, and her son, Masaru, is not amused by this.
  • Ruki's mother Rumiko is... well, a supermodel. And for good reason. Ruki's mother is intentionally young, though, doing the math you realize she gave birth to Ruki at around age 17.
  • Kouji's mom in Frontier is also quite pretty.
  • Digimon Adventure: Taichi and Hikari's mom (Yuuko), Yamato and Takeru's mom (Natsuko), Sora's mom (Toshiko), Koushiro's mom (Yoshie), and Mimi's mom (Satoe) were also all very nice looking. Tentomon even comments about it, saying that Izzy's (Koushiro's) mom "isn't bad looking, for a human".
  • Mom-to-be Mika Seguchi in Gravitation. In the manga, Noriko is this too, as the mother of a Cheerful Child little girl.
  • Kodomo no Jikan gives us Aki, mother of Rin, who falls in love with (and vice versa) with her cousin. She dies of lung cancer before the series even starts.
  • Uso's Mom Mueller is a hot mom, a Hot Scientist (who helped build the V2 Gundam) and a Hot Amazon.
  • Gundam Wing manga:
    • Quatre Winner's late mother, Katherine. She looks quite young for having twenty nine genetically engineered children. A Justified Trope: Quatre's older sisters were all test tube babies, since Katherine was a very frail Ill Girl. And Quatre's birth killed her.
    • Relena's adoptive mother Maureen Darlian was very sweet-looking, and some speculate that Katherine would've looked quite similar to her if she had survived Quatre's birth
  • More active versions: Wrench Wench Linda Vashti and Action Mom Holly Smirnov from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The second is dead, tho.
  • Emily Amonde in the second generation of Gundam AGE, to the point that it looks like she has barely aged in 25 years, despite giving birth twice.
  • Speed Racer / Mach Go Go Go:
    • Speed/Go's mother, Mom Racer/Aya Mifune, was implausibly good-looking considering the ages of Rex and Speed. Hell, Rex looked older than her.
    • Casting Susan Sarandon in the movie didn't drift far from this trope.
  • Haruka from Mega Man Battle Network and NT Warrior, as well as her successor Hoshikawa Akane/Hope Stelar in Star Force.
  • Misaki's aunt and caretaker Shouko in Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer. Her mother Shuuko is hot, as well. Pity she's an Ill Girl in the anime.
  • Suzuka': Ayano, Yamato's aunt, takes this role, and eventualy, Suzuka herself.
  • Witchblade (anime):
    • Masane Amaha (a.k.a. Masa-Mune or Melony, for very obvious reasons), despite, she's not a mother at all!
    • She unofficially raised Hot Scientist Reina Sohou's child after they were seperated in the Great Quake incident for about six years, until Reina came back and decided she wanted her child back, mostly for the intellectual experience (Reina had a few issues, to be blunt), but she genuinely grew to love her own child, and as she lay dying following a Heroic Sacrifice, she ceded the right of motherhood to Masane, who officially was able to adopt her, courtesy of her father, Reiji Takayama, getting the go ahead from Reina as she lay dying.
    • Reina belongs to this Trope too.
  • Cecilie aka Cherie in Kyou Kara Maou is absurdly hot: she is fond of outfits that leave little to the imagination (in one occasion even going to the extent of wearing a dominatrix like cat suit with whip) and flirting with her son Wolfram's fiancé...who happens to be a guy.
  • Prince of Tennis:
    • Akutsu's mother, Yuuki. She's so beautiful that Kawamura's friends saw them talking and believed that she was the guy's older girlfriend.Well, she is just 33 years old, having given birth to Akutsu when she was 19.
    • Rinko, Ryoma's mother. We haven't seen her now, but the whole episode flashback showing how she and Nanjirou met proves she at very least was very hot when Ryoma was a toddler.
    • Tezuka's mother, Ayana, also counts: she's not that young, but still looks much more in her 30's than 40's despite being older than her husband.
    • Kaidoh's mother Hazumi is a cutie as well.
  • Seishirou's mother, former Sakurazukamori Setsuka, in CLAMP's manga X. Dude, Seishirou lampshades this by saying she looked like an eternal teenager, so much that even he had some degree of difficulty to believe that she gave birth to him.
  • Rosario to Vampire has at least two of these: Mizore's Yamato Nadeshiko mother (who also sports Yandere tendencies, like her daughter), and Kurumu's mother, who cranks up the "hot" aspect to 11. Yukari's mother is also seen, but other than wearing a witch's hat she appears to be normal. Not unexpected or unreasonable in Kurumu's mom's case as she, like Kurumu, is a succubus.
  • Hakufu's mother, Goei, in Ikki Tousen. Hakufu's male cousin Koukin wakes up next to her naked, sleeping body after a night of drinking, and when she wakes up and the covers slide off: BOI-YOING-YOING!! Now he knows where Hakufu gets "them" from, indeed...
  • Judy Tate from Beyblade is both this and a Hot Scientist.
  • Inverted and subverted in Soul Eater, the main lead Maka is female and thus we instead have an extremely perverted Bishonen dad, Spirit. The only mother actually shown is one of the Big Bads, Medusa. Still hot in a creepy Magnificent Bastard kind of way though.
  • Tenchi Muyo!:
    • Funaho, Yosho's mom! OAV's. Also Misaki, Ayeka and Sasami's mom. And Washu, if we count her as Ryoko's mom.
    • Given the OVA's Tangled Family Tree seen here this trope fits for most of the main cast's mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and great-great-grandmothers. Tenchi's great great grandmother, Amame barely looks out of her 30's and Washu is Mihoshi's great great grandmother (and looks anywhere from 12 to 30 years old depending on how she wants to look at the moment, despite being over 20,000 years years old (WAY over, it turns out; she's literally older than the universe).
    • Well, it's a Justified Trope. As most of Juraian nobility and their associates are essentially immortal (and do not age), it's rather inevitable. And to add insult to injury the main characters are freaking gods.
    • Don't forget Tenchi's Mom who looks exactly like Tenchi's sister...and peacefully died at the age of over 200. In her sleep. Unfortunately, she was also a SERIOUS prankster, and had her death scripted as something more dramatic...multiple times.
  • Kaoru's mother in Zettai Karen Children is still looking good well into her life, and at one point she and her daughter try to seduce Minamoto. The chief of BABEL is infatuated with her.
    • Also, the mother of Minamoto (himself ten years older than Kaoru!), who is, unlike Kaoru's mother, also a Yamato Nadeshiko type.
  • Code Geass:
    • Empress Marianne vi Britannia, who canonically has the second-largest bust in the entire cast, losing out only to Cool Big Sis Milly. Mrs. Kouzuki, Kallen's biological mother, also qualifies, and Mysterious Waif C.C. since she acted as Mao's surrogate mother/big sister for an unspecified period of time.
    • And eventually, Villetta becomes a Hot Mom herself, since she's carrying Kaname Ohgi's child.
  • Mai-HiME:
    • The late mothers of Mai Tokiha and Natsuki Kuga were shown in flashbacks as very gentle and just as good-looking as their daughters, proving that hotness ran in their respective families.
    • Natsuki's mother turns out to be still alive and still hot in the manga.
  • School Days: Youko Saionji, Sekai's mother. She barely looks much older than her teen daughter.
    • In the manga and then the spin-off games, Kotonoha's mother Manami is just as hot.
    • In the games, Setsuna's ending of sorts has her in her way to become one.
    • Also one ending with Kotonoha AND Sekai get pregnant by Makoto, reach a truce, and decide to "share" him..
  • Haruno Miyuki, the lead's romantic interest's mother in Bakuman。. At 42, she looks barely older than her daughter Miho.
  • Naruto: Kushina Uzumaki, the mother of Naruto and wife of the Fourth Hokage. In ch 498 She's so sexy even her OWN SON thinks shes a babe. Cue awkward silence from the audience.
    • Also from the same series is Mikoto, Sasuke's and Itachi's mom. Mikoto-san has got it going on... Well, she had it going on...
    • Shikamaru's mom, Yoshino, is pretty easy on the eyes too. Even if a little harsher than the standard.
    • And let's not even talk about Kurenai, with her being the mother of Asuma's kid and all...
    • The first hot mom in the series was Inari's mother Tsunami from the Wave Country arc.
    • The Sand Siblings' mother, Karura, was also quite pretty.
    • At the end of the story Hinata, Sakura, Temari, Ino and Karui have become mothers. And all of them are rather cute.
  • Kouchuu Kanshou in Koihime Musou. Being an Expy of Cool Old Guy Huang Zhong, this is what she becomes.
  • Mai-Otome: Lena Sayers was a Hot Action Mom.
    • Natsuki's mother appears later in the manga, and looks barely older than her daughter (who seems several years older than her teenage Mai-HiME incarnation.
  • Nomura Hitomi, Miu's mother from Piano, fits this trope just fine.
  • Yasuko, Ryuuji's mother in Toradora!. Unfortunately, she's also a Bottle Fairy, so he tends to be rather embarrassed by her behavior. And then it turns out that she also was an Absurdly Youthful Mother, who gave birth to Ryuuji when she was in her mid teens and ran away from home for that.
  • Parodied in Yakitate!! Japan; one such character seemingly shows up to cheer for a competitor in a baking contest... But it turns out her 'son' is actually twice as old as he looks and is her fianceè. The ensuing revelation (and the Tastes Like Diabetes nature of their relationship) causes Ryo Kuroyanagi to disqualify the man in disgust.
  • Dragonball Z:
    • Chi-Chi and, to a greater extent, Bulma. They both actually look their age, but still.
    • Even more-so with Android 18, who still looks 18. Justified in that her body has been modified by Dr Gero so much that aging has effectively stopped.
      • Not completely stopped, as she does look her age in Dragon Ball GT. Still extremely pretty, if not prettier than both Chichi and Bulma.
      • Actually, it HAS stopped. While 18 looks somewhat older in GT due to a change in hairstyle and wardrobe, if you look closely you'll see that her face hasn't aged one bit.
    • But the original Hot Mom of this series is Bulma's mom. She was first seen when she has a sixteen-year-old daughter and last see her when she has an eight-year-old grandson, and the woman has not aged a day. Lampshaded in Dragon Ball Abridged, when she insists that Goku call her MILF in episode 14. Good thing she has no clue what that means...
    • By the end of DBZ, Videl becomes one.
    • One shows up in Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball FighterZ: She was the partner of Dr. Gero and the mother of the guy who'd become the template of Android 16 -- and in the present, she became Android 21.
    • One of the newest movies reveals that Goku and Raditz's Saiyan mother, Gine, was very lovely-looking.
  • About all of the moms shown on Bakugan Battle Brawlers, from that of the main character to minor characters, are pretty damn hot. Except for Runo's mom who's pretty damn ugly.
  • Samataro's goddess mom in Kamisama Kazoku. She also manages to be the Ms. Fanservice and the Innocent Fanservice Girl of a series that has younger girls, as she delivers everything from Marshmallow Hell to Hadaka Apron. And her deep affection for her son (which she announces is the same as a lover's devotion) adds to the Oedipus Complex plot of the series.
  • Love Hina
    • The manga introduces Mutsumi's mother, Natsumi. Who looks (and acts) almost exactly like Mutsumi, just with slightly different hair.
    • Although she isn't technically a mom (although she's old enough to be one), Keitaro's Aunt Haruka also counts.
    • Sarah's mother too. Why else was Seta smitten with her?
  • In Code Breaker, Sakura's mom is so Moe and small (and, arguably, childish) she looks like her younger sister. It doesn't help that she cosplays as a waitress, a bunny and the like.
  • Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure has Jotaro's mother, Holly.
    • And Joseph's mother, Elizabeth aka Lisa Lisa.
    • And Josuke's mom Tomoko, which was pointed out by at least three people over the course of the arc.
    • Hayato's mother Shinobu was pretty cute.
    • Both Jonathan's mother Mary and Dio's unnamed mom were very, very lovely-looking.
  • Case Closed aka Detective Conan:
    • Yukiko Kudo, Shinichi/Conan's mother. In one episode, Conan wakes up to find himself pretty much tucked inside Yukiko's biker jacket and with his body pressed against her Boobs Of Steel. Many a fanboy were drooling at the scene. (Well, to be fair, she was just 20 when she married Yusaku...)
    • Eri Kisaki, Ran's mother, is also quite the beauty. She's in her late 30's/early 40's and is still able to fill in a tight bathing suit and wear short skirts very gracefully. Even Shinichi (and lots of men in the manga) think she is very beautiful. And the fact that she is disgusted by Kogoro's general idiocy, yet still fond of him for his few moments of sensitivity and intelligence, means that even though they have a teenaged daughter, they can still play Will They or Won't They?; to the delight of alternate Shipping fans.
    • Shizuka, Heiji's mother, is an extremely gorgeous and graceful Yamato Nadeshiko. So much that Kogoro has an crush on her before finding out she's actually in her 40's (meaning, she's older than him) and is the mother of Heiji. Even Conan and Ran think she's hot.
    • Masumi Sera's mother Mary has only been properly seen in flashbacks, but DAAAAAMN. Back in these days she's had already three kids (the young adult Shuichi, the older teen Shukichi, and Masumi who back then was no older than 5) and she was still able to rock a bikini on the beach. Ironically, now she's in the body of a pre-teen girl "thanks" to the Fountain of Youth
    • When one finally gets to see Ai/Shiho and Akemi's Missing Mom Elena Miyano (even if it's through flashbacks), it turns out she was a knockout.
  • Keima's mother, Mari, in The World Only God Knows. Especially when she lets down her hair. Unfortunately, it's often a sign you should be running far, far away.
  • D.N.Angel:
    • Daisuke's mother, Emiko. At one point in the series she tries on her old high school uniform for the heck of it and it still fits perfectly.
    • Emiko is drawn exactly the same in the flashback to her teenage years that occurs in that same chapter. Which means she has not aged a whit in the fifteen years (minimum) between the flashback and the present day. Talk about aging well!
  • Anna's Hot Scientist mother Kiriko Aoi in Shinkon Gattai Godannar.
  • Gundam Seed:
    • Kira Yamato's adoptive mother and maternal aunt Caridad Yamato. Voiced by Kikuko Inoue, heh.
    • Also, Yzak's mother Ezalia and Nicol's mother Romina.
    • Via Hibiki (Caridad's older sister AND Kira and Cagalli's biological mom) as well as Uzumi Nara Attha's unnamed wife looked a bit more homely, but still quite cute. Following the twins's inversion scheme, Via looks like her daughter with her son's color scheme! SERIOUSLY!!
  • Both of the heroes' mothers on GEAR Fighter Dendoh are quite attractive; Hokuto's mom perhaps less so until she puts on her Vega outfit, at which point she's as gorgeous as any other Kotono Mitsuishi character.
  • Kagero from Flame of Recca.
  • Please Teacher:
    • Mizuho's mom is...well...not to say Mizuho isn't hot or anything, but she's "lite" compared to HER mom.
    • And Kei's aunt isn't exactly an eyesore either.
  • Akatsuki's mother in Aria, as shown in a flashback episode.
  • Although not technically a mother, per say, China from Axis Powers Hetalia:
  • Chizuru's adoptive mom in Kanokon is quite attractive, having even bigger breasts than Chizuru. Of course, she IS the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox of Japanese mythology.
  • Ninin ga Shinobuden gives us Kaede's mom. When Sasuke takes over the show, he turns it into an Unwanted Harem, which includes Kaede's Mom in a Hadaka Apron.
  • Kaleido Star: Pamela, the Australian Cool Big Sis that Sora and Ken met.
    • Sora's aunt and adoptive mother Midori is a cute Glasses Girl who looks quite young for her age.
    • Sora's Missing Mom, Layla's own dead mom, and Rosetta's mom were very pretty too. The three were basically older versions of their daughters!
    • So was Marion's deceased mother Cynthia.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn:
  • Ashita no Nadja:
    • Nadja Applefield's Missing Mom, Colette Preminger. Her sister-in-law Hilda, Oscar's mother, also was very cute.
    • Rita's dead mother was adorable, and not to mention she was a lion tamer in the family circus.
  • Miko Mido's mom, Maria, fits this trope and more. But it's La Blue Girl and that's Hentai, anyway...
  • Konomi's mom, Haruka, in To Heart 2.
  • Urd's Hot as Hell mother Hild in Ah! My Goddess. Keiichi's and Megumi's mother Takano also qualifies.
  • Miyako, Kanon's mother in Umi Monogatari, looks young enough to be one of her daughter's friends--and mostly acts that way as well.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Sesshoumaru's Youkai Queen mom . Dayum.
    • Inuyasha's human mother, Princess Izayoi, wasn't hard on the eyes either.
    • Kagome's mother isn't anything to sneeze at, on the gripping hand.
    • Shiori's human mother, Shizu, was very pretty too.
    • At the end of the story, Sango is already one - reinforced by her giving birth to her and Miroku's youngest son Hisui borderline on screen/page.
    • The sequel, Hanyou no Yashahime, gives the viewers what everyone was betting on: Kagome and Rin eventually joined the "club" as the moms of Moroha (Kagome) and the twins Setsuna and Towa (Rin). As a bonus, the modern era cast includes another: the grown Souta's lovely wife Moe, who is both a bio mom (to their kid Mei) and a Parental Substitute kind (to Towa, and later to Setsuna and Moroha too). And last but not least, since Ayame was a Parental Substitute to Moroha alongside her husband Kouga, she counts as well.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima: According to the author notes in Volume 1 Shizuna-sensei was originally meant to be one, having a child at the same age as Negi. They eventually decided to discard that part of the character.
    • That said, Negi's mom Arika IS pretty.
    • In addition to having a seriously Hot Dad, Yuuna Akashi's dead mom, Yuuko, was pretty good-looking too.
    • At the very end of the manga, Fumika, Fuuka, Setsuna and Konoka qualify as this.
  • Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi:
    • Kenichi's Mom.
    • Miu's mom, too.
  • The aunts in Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Rosa, Kyrie, Natsuhi, Eva, and probably Bettler's dead mother Asumu) qualify, although Rosa, who is established as the youngest, has this particularly strongly. That said, though they're all very pretty, they subvert this trope because all of them have some serious issues.
  • RahXephon: Ayato's mother Maya Kamina, and his real mother Quon Kisaragi. Mind Screw moment as they're twin sisters.
  • Ponyo On a Cliff By The Sea: has Sosuke's mother Lisa.
    • Granmammare qualifies as well, although she cheats by not really being human.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna become a trio of Hot Adoptive Moms to Hotaru. Once Chibu-Usa is properly born, Usagi will become one as well.
    • Queen Serenity (Usagi's Silver Millenium mom), Ikuko Tsukino (Usagi's Earth Mom) and Dr. Saeko Mizuno (Ami's mother, seen in the manga) also fit this trope. Rei's Missing Mom Risa (also seen only in the manga) was one too, before she died of illness.
    • In an Alternate Universe mini-story from the manga, the Senshi also became hot moms. Their daughters are pretty much clones of them.
  • Ichigo Mashimaro: Ana's mother appears to be a very good-looking Meganekko--albeit a very strict one.
    • And judging by the very few panels in which she turns up, Chika and Nobue's mother seems to be rather pretty as well.
  • Shin Mazinger has Tsubasa, who also doubles as a Hot Scientist. On the other hand, she's much less of a kind, down-to-earth mother than a straight up Magnificent Bitch.
    • In the Mazinger Z: Infinity movie, Boss' cousin Misato has a daughter and she looks as cute as in the original series.
  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle:
    • It has shown in the last few chapters that Sakura grows up very well indeed. It must be in the genes, since her deceased mom Nadeshiko was so hot that she actually was a famous model. Add the fact that her dad Fujitaka is a Hot Dad and, well..
    • Syaoran's own mom Ielan was hot, too. And so was Tomoyo's mom Sonomi.
  • Black Butler:
    • Angelina "Madame Red" Durless. Just...Madame Red. She might be his aunt, but yeah. Actually a Justified Trope: Ciel is 12-13 years old and Madame Red was around his age when her older sister (Ciel's mom Rachel) and Lord Phantomhive got married, so she's as much in her late 20's/early 30's.
    • Rachel Phantomhive was also very pretty.
    • Frances Midford, Ciel's other aunt and Lizzy's mother.
  • Full Metal Panic: Sagara Sousuke's mom was revealed (in his backstory) to be darn beautiful. Oh, and she looks just like him, which explains a lot. Her gorgeousness is even Lampshaded by Kalinin, who, although already married, still couldn't help but gush about how "surreally beautiful" she was - especially the way she calmly and emotionlessly faced death. Guess this safely cements where we know Sousuke inherited his "surreal beauty" from.
  • In Gokinjo Monogatari Mikako and Miwako's mom, Ruriko.
  • Bleach: Ichigo's mom Masaki was quite pretty, even after having given birth to three children. Seen here.
    • Despite not having carried a child (that we know of), we may be able to count Captain Retsu Unohana as a Hot Mom since she's very, very motherly and fiercely protective towards her subordinates. Kon might agree, at the end of one episode there is pictures of several female characters shown and Kon comments on each one; when Captain Unohana is shown, he says "okasan" (mum).
    • Also Ichigo's boss, Ikumi Unagiya.
    • A flashback from the last arc finally shows the face of Uryuu Ishida's late mother. Her name was Kanae Katagiri and she was a lovely-looking Yamato Nadeshiko.
    • And the last chapter shows that BOTH Orihime and Rukia have become hot moms.
  • One Piece: Briefly we get to see Ace's Hot Mom, Portgas D. Rouge. Too bad she becomes victim of Death by Childbirth.
    • No love for Robin's mom, Nico Olvia?
    • And what about Nami and Nojiko's Action Mom, Bellemere?
    • Subverted with Ace and Luffy's Foster mother Curly Dadan.
    • Charlotte "Big Mom" Linlin is now a Gonk, but during her first days of motherhood she fitted through and through.
    • Sanji's late mother Sora was quite the beauty.
    • The Wano Country arc states that Momonosuke and Hiyori/Komurasaki's Missing Mom Toki was really beautiful. Komurasaki might fit in a Parental Substitute way, since she takes care of her much younger companion Toko as if she was her own daughter.
  • We have Yoh's mom Keiko, Ren's mom Ran, Lyserg's deceased mom, and later Anna Kyoyama herself in Shaman King.
  • Goro's moms in Major. Both of them.
  • In Crest of the Stars, Lafiel's mother Captain Lexshu, and paternal grandmother, Empress Ramaj, both appear very young for their likely age. It helps that the Abh age more slowly than humans and that most Abh children are born from artificial wombs, reducing strain on the mother.
  • Seeing as how the Sohmas of Fruits Basket are full of beautiful people, it's not surprising that many of them have good-looking mothers. Most notable are Kyouko Honda, Tohru's mom, and Ren Sohma, Akito's mom. Kyouko plays the trope straight, and Ren subverts by being the most beautiful mom and the most abusive. Honorable mentions go to the mothers of Kyou, Yuki, Hiro, Kisa, and Hanajima.
  • Da Capo II:
    • Sakura push it further to a cute mom, although appears to be only the mother-in-law, her status as a true mother was revealed at the near end of the story. Justified since she was cursed accidentally, that her growth was completely stopped, she looks even younger then the most of the cast if not the rest.
    • It caused even further complications as her status made her impossible to get pregnant. As one of the most powerful wizards in the series, her solution should be obvious.
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni:
    • Shion & Mion's mother, Akane. However, we never see anyone else's parents, so...
    • Except in the manga where Ooishi even comments on Keiichi's mother being beautiful. She is.
    • And then there's Rika's mom.
    • Likewise, Hanyuu.
    • The manga showed Satoshi and Satoko's mom face a few times. She fits this trope to a dime.
  • Touka Gettan Azumamori Yumiko.
  • From Kekkaishi, Yoshimori's mom, Sumimura Sumiko. When she finally shows up in Chapter 248.
  • Game X Rush has Memori's mother, Miyuki Asaka. The fact that she looks almost identical to Memori is almost beside the point.
  • The Wallflower: Sunako's mother, as shown in episode 21 of the anime.
  • Though she'll deny it, let's not forget Ur of Fairy Tail fame. Also Layla Heartphilia
  • Baki the Grappler's mother, Emi Akezawa.
  • Shukufuku no Campanella has Shelly Maycraft, mother of protagonist Leicester Maycraft. It doesn't help that she's so playful and clingy to her son. Often mistaken for being Leicester's older sister, or even girlfriend. Amazingly, Leicester mostly laughs off any public attention drawn and just gently chastises his mother about her antics.
  • Kimura-sensei's waifu, mother of at least one.

 Osaka: She's a real pretty lady...

  • Shakugan no Shana:
    • Yuuji's mother Chigusa. As of the end of the second season, expecting a second child.
    • Also, despite her not being Shana's mother as such, Wilhelmina is her guardian and mother-figure who practically raised her. And she's hot.
  • In the final battle of Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt, the titular characters' mother drop down from the heavens to seal Hellsmonkey back underneath Daten City. Judging by the only part of her the viewer actually sees, her legs, she could probably count.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The title character's mother, Junko, is quite attractive.
  • In the 2002 Novel of Baccano we see their granchildren, so, by Foregone Conclusion, Chane Laforet with Claire Stanfield/Felix Walken as her Hot Dad husband.
  • To Aru Majutsu no Index: Both Touma's mother Shiina and Misaka's mother Misuzu are rather good looking, the latter falling prey to that "Misaka's Big sister" misunderstanding and everyone thinking the former looks so much younger than her age.
  • Anzu Yamasaki from Gantz who has a 3 yers old son but is only 23 herself and is one of the sexiest woman in the manga in which any female of any importance is very easy on the eyes, bonus points for being a hentai drawing mangaka in her daytime job.
  • Fee Carmichael of Planetes was this and the Action Mom captain of the Toybox.
  • Kodomo no Omocha: played straight by Akito's late mother Koharu and Sana's real mother (characters even comment she looks young enough to be Sana's sister) Keiko, but subverted by Misako, as she adopted Sana. The second case is justified: Keiko was fourteen when she gave birth.
  • Ohana's mother Satsuki from Hanasaku Iroha
  • Mayu's mom, Yumi, from Morita-san wa Mukuchi
  • Kinjiro's mom, Yakemi from Mayo Chiki.
  • Akiho Nogizaka, the mother of Haruka Nogizaka.
  • Oniisama E: Both Nanako's unnamed mom and Mariko's mother Hisako are quite attractive women. It should be noticed that Hisako was prettied-up in the anime, since she was rather plain-looking in the manga.
    • At the end of the anime, Kaoru becomes one as well after her child is born, making her husband Takehiko a Hot Dad. Justified, as Kaoru is about 18 when she has her baby.
  • Casca from Berserk, even though her son was born as a freaky demon thing thanks to the corrupting influence of Femto (one of The Verse's numerous resident monsters) and he was later eaten by a giant egg-man. He may not be completely gone, however...
  • Makoto from Nicoichi is the perfect mother in many ways: kind, caring and attractive. Except that he is actually not a woman.
  • Lilo from Stitch!.
  • Eureka in Eureka Seven AO, who hasn't aged a day from the previous series. Like Android 18 above, she has the benefit of never physically aging.
  • In the Fatal Fury OVA's and movie, there are two. The first is Tony's Widow Woman mother, Elsa, from the second OVA. The other is Kim Kaphwan's wife, Kim Myeungsuk, who shows up in the Motion Picture -- and the first thing one sees of her are her long and lovely legs. (It's hilariously lampshaded when Joe almost hits on Myeungsuk, only for Mai to quickly and mischievously remind him that she's spoken for already.)
  • This trope turns out to be a huge plot point in GoLion. Prince Sincline got his gorgeous looks from his late mother, the most beautiful of King Daibazaal's concubines. She also happened to be from Altea, making him a half-Galra/half-Altean hybrid. And after she died in mysterious circumstances when Sincline was a child, he has developed massive issues...
    • If the Alteans from episode 6 and the deals of episode 10 are to be believed, then Princess Fala's Missing Mom (the late Queen of Altea) was this to quite the degree.
    • Hiroshi "Shorty" Suzuichi's mother appears in a flashback, and she looks more like Hiroshi's big sister than his mother.
  • Shiho's mother Sayuri Nagasawa in Private Actress is not only a famous actress, but smoking hot. Even when she gets a nasty scar on her face in an accident, she's still lovely-looking.
  • Kyojin no Hoshi: Akiko Hoshi is more of a "mother figure" to her brother Hyuuma, but she's as cute as a very old-fashioned drawing style allows. At the very end of the Shin anime, Akiko becomes a literal mother and still looks very cute. And fittingly, Mitsuru is her Hot Dad companion..
  • The Gibo OVA has Yusuke's VERY lovely-looking mother. Her husband Eizo barely paid any attention to her, so she felt insecure about her ability to retain his attention... but then she turned to a Silver Fox gentleman and asked him to teach her how to be a better lover... and then the two started cheating on Eizo for real. . . and Yusuke once happened to witness this. . .
  • The last scene of Tekken the Motion Picture has Jun Kazama (mentioned in the Videogames section berlow) as the mother of a little boy (who's obviously her and Kazuya Mishima's son from the games, Jin). She looks as pretty and fit as in the movie itself, the only actual change being her more conservative clothing.

Comic Books

  • Christina Custer (mother of Jesse Custer), also known as "Jodie", from Preacher (Comic Book) is pretty smokin' in her younger days, but is mind-blowingly hot in in her later years as well.
  • X-Men 2099 had the latino mutant Rosa.
  • Susan Richards has two children.
  • Enchantress, aka Amora. She becomes Thor's wife and mother of his son, Magni, in the alternative future of Thor: the Reigning.
  • The First:
    • Ingra. Justified by the usual means, but still.
    • Hot Amazon Tulity, by the same token. Ingra's not the only one Braag loves!
    • Really, any woman in The First, who have kids, would inevitably be Hot Moms - they're Goddesses. Even the "plain" ones are tear-inducing hot.
  • Hot Amazon Belit, from the spanish comic book series Fanhunter.
  • Jaime Reyes' mother, Bianca.
  • The second Spider Woman, Julia "Arachne" Carpenter.
  • Catwoman (Selina Kyle) became this trope after giving birth to her daughter.
  • Talia Al Ghul. She's the mother of Bruce Wayne's son, Damian, the current Robin.
  • Ultrabrite from Powers looked pretty good for a woman in her 40s (though, unlike many other examples in this section, she actually showed signs of aging).
  • The original Silk Spectre in Watchmen.
  • Queen Hippolyta, mother of Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman).
  • Jessica Jones, mother to Dani Cage.
  • Black Panther's mom is pretty hot.
  • Mystique, mother of anti-mutant activist Graydon Creed and X-Man Nightcrawler and stepmother to X-Man Rogue, over 80 years old, and Fetish Fuel incarnate.
  • As of the Firefly spin-off comic Float Out, Wash's very own Hot Amazon is very much headed this way.
  • Anna Feeple from Ninja High School received attention from various characters in the series. Especially Phrank. (In his defense, he was a teenage hormone-case.)
  • In an issue of John Byrne's original run on Superman Supes meets Jimmy Olsen's mom who, despite having silver hair is very young looking and hot, apparently having Jimmy when she was barely out of her teens. Jimmy even wondered if there was any chance of his mother and Superman getting together...
  • Lyra's mother Thundra.
  • Love and Rockets has many. There's Luba, skinny, raven-haired with G-cup breasts. She has seven kids, and one of her daughters has a child, making Luba a GILF. Then there's Petra, a Hispanic natural blond with soccer girl legs and hips, gargantuan breasts (later surgically reduced to just "big") and an insatiable sexual appetite. And Maria, their glamourous bombshell mother, and Luba's daughter Guadalupe. 'Lupe even gets hotter after giving birth, since it's only then that the "Maria curse" kicks in. Namely, huge tits -- it's genetics. Finally, there's Pipo, not a descendent of Maria but still hot as hell all the same. She has a bodacious rear that earns her countless slavering fans and a full-grown son. She's also a Lipstick Lesbian.
  • Archie's mother was, for a brief time, drawn in different style where she (rather disturbingly) looked more like she'd be Archie older sister than his mother.
  • Cheshire, mother of Roy Harper's daughter, Lian, in DC Comics.
  • Bruce Wayne's mother, Martha Wayne, is often drawn as a classic beauty-type woman, often with a hat, furs and, of course the infamous necklace. She's definitely meant to be more "classy" than "hot", but still.
  • Aquaman's wife (and mother of his child), Mera. Hot damn.
  • Batgirl Stephanie Brown. A fairly young example -- she got pregnant as a teen and gave up her child for adoption. It's not really brought up these days.
  • Lady Shiva, the mother of Cassandra Cain (the previous Batgirl before she passed the costume on to Stephanie), is hot in a dangerous Dragon Lady way.
  • Spider-Man:
    • Gwen Stacy became a Hot Mom after giving birth to Norman Osborn's twins.
    • Mary Jane Watson-Parker as-was would also kinda qualify, even though her daughter was murdered at birth in the main timeline. Her MC2 version, Spider Girl's mother (ca. 15 years older) qualifies, especially when she's drawn by Pat Olliffe. As does her good friend, Felicia Hardy (mother of Gene Thompson and Felicity Hardy).
  • Quite a few alternate-reality and alternate-future versions of superheroines are Hot Moms, e. g. Rogue of the Age of Apocalypse and X-Men: The End, the AoA Katherine Pryde and the Emma Frost of X-Men: The End.
  • Madelyne Pryor-Summers, especially when wearing her revealing Goblyn Queen suit.
  • Pepper Poptart, Cherry's mom in Cherry Comics.
  • Saturn Girl of the Legion of Superheroes is depicted as a mom in some versions of the team's continuity.
  • Dizzy Cordova from 100 Bullets, though her son is dead before the story begins. There's a lot of panels drawn to emphasize her shapely rear end.

Comic Strip


  1. Marion Ravenwood of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, who is very cute for a 49-year-old gal.
  2. Lorraine Bates McFly of Back to The Future
  3. Mary Proudfoot in Son of Rambow.
  4. Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
  5. James Kirk's mother in Star Trek is played by Dr Cameron, and Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson, is played by Winona Ryder.
  6. Star Wars:
    • The mother of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, Padmé Amidala.
    • Shmi Skywalker isn't that bad looking either.
  7. That woman from Billy Madison. She's ready to go, but she turns Billy off when she rubs herself with a tissue she rubbed her son's nose with.
  8. Bill and Ted:
    • Bill S. Preston's stepmom Missy. At one point she comes up to Bill's room with sandwiches for the two boys and bends over making her cleavage prominent. Even Bill can't help but ogle her until Ted snaps him out of it by saying "It's your Mom, dude!"
    • Bill's father dumped his biological mom for a girl who's only a couple of years older than him.
    • Specifically she was a Senior when they were Freshman. Ted had previously asked her to the prom.
    • And then she dumps him and marries Ted's dad in the sequel.
    • Jo and Liz in Face the Music. Almost Absurdly Youthful Mothers given that Billie and Thea are in their early 20s yet the princesses are wrinkle-free.
  9. Sarah Hawkins in Treasure Planet aged pretty well considering the stress of being a single mom to a rebellious teenager.
  10. Geum-ja, the protagonist of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. It's frequently remarked on in-story.
  1. Helen Parr/Elastigirl from The Incredibles. To elucidate: THIS is a middle-aged woman with three children, who actually became more buxom and curvavious after she hit forty. Granted she's a shapeshifter, so she may have just decided she wanted to turn into Jessica Rabbit after her second child.
  1. Evan's mother (played by Stacy Edwards) in Superbad. (His friend Seth said, "I am truly jealous you got to suck on those tits when you were a baby.")
  2. Morticia Addams in The Addams Family (both films and the television series, and possibly even the original comics in The New Yorker).
  3. Kate Mccallister in Home Alone, anyone? Catherine O'Hara was 36 at the time of production.
  4. Catherine also played Mother Deetz in Beetlejuice, which itself, predates the above movie.
  5. National Lampoon's Vacation:
    • Ellen Griswold in the movies.
    • The Corvette Blonde declares her mommyhood in Vegas Vacation, so she counts, too ('Course, it doesn't hurt that it's Christie Brinkley).
  6. Evey Carnahan in The Mummy Trilogy.
  7. The only major female character in Big Jake is a grandma. Fortunately, she is played by Maureen O'Hara.
  8. Toy Story 3: Andy's mom, who looks better than she did in the first 2 movies, even though in the 3rd one it's been like what, a decade??
    • A third Pixar mother resembling this would be this female patient seen in the dentist's waiting room (her son was reading an Incredibles comic during said patient's second and third appearances in the film) toward the end of Finding Nemo, especially in the fullscreen version of the film when she is seen for the first time (they actually show her legs even in her introductory scene).
  9. Jobeth Williams in Poltergeist.
  10. In Hellboy II: The Golden Army, it is revealed that Liz Sherman is pregnant, with twins!
  11. Claire Foster in Date Night.
  12. Leigh Ann in The Blind Side and doubles as a Mama Bear. The film even lampshades it with one particular scene where Leigh Ann was walking and Michael's football teammates (and coach)'s eyes follow her.
  13. Having four kids doesn't seem to have done Mary Bailey any harm.
  14. Dakota Block in Planet Terror, though obviously not a very good one. Actress Marley Shelton also qualifies.
  15. Queen Leah from Sleeping Beauty is actually this to Princess Aurora.
  16. Rapunzel's mother in Tangled. And Mother Gothel.
  17. The former Queen of Atlantis from Atlantis the Lost Empire is actually this to Kida. Too bad she was sacrificed, however.
  18. Nora Walker from Tommy not only wins a "Lovely Legs Contest" five years after having her son (the title character), but looks exactly the same around fifteen years later. Well, apart from her rather frightening getup during "Do You Think It's Alright?" but definitely in her slinky Rich Bitch outfit from "Champagne." She's played by Ann-Margret.
  19. Max and Dani's mom in Hocus Pocus, at least when she's in costume as Madonna.
  20. Sandy in The Rebound as played by Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  21. Jason's mom in Mystery Team.
  22. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Lucy Barker's beauty is the impetus for the entire plot. Once we get a good look at her face, she's still fairly pretty as the Beggar Woman, in her own way.
  23. Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame II.


  • Harry Potter's mum, Lily, was this.
    • Blaise Zabini's mother is described as "famously beautiful" in Half Blood Prince, more accurately fitting this trope.
    • And in the epilogue, we have Ginny and Hermione.
    • Narcissa Malfoy, the mother of Draco Malfoy.
  • Mary from Christopher Moore's Lamb the Gospel According To Biff. From the context, you can figure out exactly which Mary is meant...
  • Aeneas from The Aeneid had the mother of all Hot Moms in the form of Venus... but no one shall let Achilles' mother, Thetis, in The Iliad hear that.
  • Arguably, Jane Roland.
  • Twilight: Esme is the adopted mother of the Forks Coven: Edward, Alice, Rosealie, Jasper, and Emmett. The reader is frequently reminded about how Esme is both (literally) ungodly beautiful and more motherly than anyone below the age of 40 should be.
  • Grover's mom in the book When Grover Moved to Sesame Street. Seriously.

 "And by the way, I don't mean to be crude about this, but check out her can. Not in a disrespectful way, but take a look. In all of the Perm Years stories -- and they number in the many -- there wasn't a single picture that suggested that Grover's Mom had anything in the way of a back porch. Most of the time Perm Mom was sitting down, often in a rocking chair. But in this book, there's three different pictures that show off her butt, on three consecutive pages. Forget the long dresses and granny glasses. The girl is putting it out there. This is not your father's Grover's Mom."

  • Mara in Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones. She even gets to play at being the 'glamourous enchantress'.
  • Nanny Ogg of Discworld could have been this in her younger years (she is, of course, a mother and hotness could be implied by her male "friends" occasionaly mentioned). See also the Mona Ogg picture.
  • Sally Jackson in Percy Jackson and The Olympians. The Goddesses also count, especially Aphrodite.
  • Cersei Lannister in A Song of Ice and Fire is still hot enough after three kids to have guardsmen telling randy jokes about her...and for it to be a not-inconsiderable weapon in the game of thrones. Catelyn Stark might count too: A five-way civil war was probably started because a guy was jealous of her husband.
  • Sandy Calhoune, in Chris Crutcher's Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes. Eric, the protagonist, is her son; his buddies all have crushes on her to some degree. (Steve Ellerby openly flirts with her at one point.)
  • Funny Boy: As a young child, Arjie views his mother as the epitome of female beauty.
  • The 39 Clues: Isabel Kabra. But don't let that fool you.
  • Danielle from The Princess Series, but then she is Cinderella. Also Talia, even if the kids aren't with her, and the way she got them is squicktastic.
  • Disgaea novels: Jennifer becomes this when she and Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! have a daughter by name of Jane.
    • We get to see more of Laharl’s mother as well; her name is Gwen and is indeed hot.
    • Disgaea 2 also features Mom, and though it's All There in the Manual, Rozalin's mom was pretty hot, too.
  • Richard Gordon's Doctor in the House.... series follows the lives of a group of London medical students through university, graduation and first medical jobs. Set in the 1950's when Britain was still in the grip of rationing and post-war privation, Gordon subverts this trope by having the resident Casanova among the doctors being sent, as a student, to gain imdwifery experience working in the slums of London's East End. He comes back, shaken and in need of a stiff drink, from having to deal with mothers who are anything but "hot" or "yummy", and voices his appalled deduction that at some point maybe nine months ago, 'some man was able to sustain a sexual interest in that female for long enough to be able to... "oh God, just give me the whole bloody bottle..". (For the TV adaptation, it may interest readers to know that Graham Chapman, John Cleese and other Pythons collaborated in writing the scripts)
    • The hero of the books, Dr Simon Sparrow, is forced to resign from his first job in a GP practice when the elderly principal doctor's very much younger wife takes a shine to him. What she really wants from him are strong tranqs of the Nembutal sort, to detract from the sheer tedium of an elderly husband and child. This hot mom therefore attempts to seduce the young locum doctor with a key to the controlled drugs locker...

Live Action TV

  • Perhaps the earliest TV example would be Donna Reed, on her eponymous late '50s/early '60s sitcom.
  • Pretty much every sitcom created after 1996 or so qualifies (Everybody Loves Raymond, The King of Queens, The George Lopez Show, Grounded for Life, etc.) thanks to Hollywood casting of mom rules, and a large number of 30-40 something attractive actresses nowadays. Before this, the occasional Laura Petrie, Samantha Stephens, Carol Brady or Shirley Partridge was a rarity -- now, it's the rule.
    • Barry Williams, Greg on The Brady Bunch, has pointed out that perceptions of facial beauty have changed, so it might be lost on modern viewers, but back in the 1970s, Florence Henderson was considered smoking hot.
  • Meredith Baxter-Birney, of Family Ties, was one of the first sitcom hot moms of the '80s.
  • Many Disney Channel original series have a tendency to depict moms as some fine-looking women:
  • Claire Littleton and Sun-Hwa Kwon from Lost, to a certain extent Kate Austen as well.
  • Mahou Sentai Magiranger's Miyuki Ozu. She counts.
  • Julie Cooper and Kirsten Cohen in The OC.
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, in comparison to her cute-but-generically-so anime and manga counterpart, Ikuko-mama is not only cute but also honestly looks about the same age as the Senshi.
  • Gilmore Girls:
    • Lorelaiis mistaken for Rory's sister (even in the Pilot), and at times actually acts less mature than her. Rory has gotten annoyed at gawkers aimed at her mom before. Lorelai did give birth to Rory at age 16, possibly justifying it a bit.
    • Lane becomes one in the last season, especially since by then, they had stopped dressing her down.
    • Much like Lorelai, Anna Nardini (played by Sherilyn Fenn) is still very attractive for being the mother of a teenager.
  • Kamen Rider Den-O has the lead character and superhero Ryotaro taken care of by his older sister Airi, both orphans. Despite no actual proof she's old enough to be a Christmas Cake (not to mention she had a fiancé before he and their unborn daughter vanished into the timeline and she got amnesia in the process), she pretty much hits this trope perfectly.
  • Many Married... with Children fans viewed Peggy Bundy as one of these. Even years after the show ended in 1997, Katey Segal jokes that Peg "still gets lots of letters from guys in prison." She's still got it well over a decade later as Gemma (and a little bit in between with Cate).
  • Spin City introduced Raquel Welch as Paul Lassiter's Mother. And yes, Raquel still has it going on! Paul is completely unaware of how people see his mother till he was beaten over the head with some clues. Then he has a complete mind-plosion. 'Oh my god! My mom is a smoking hot kuchie mama.!' Some Brain Bleach may have been required.
  • Sarah Connor (again, even if she got The Other Darrin'd) from The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • One episode of Grounded for Life has Sean finding out that his wife Claudia is the Hot Mom of the neighborhood (apparently every neighborhood has at least one) and acting like it was an honor.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • Doctor Beverly Crusher definitely qualified, being described rather lasciviously in the series pitch, cast to fit, and maintaining her looks remarkably through the years...but then being passed up for Counselor Troi from about Season Three on. (Captain Picard still had the hots for her, though...)
    • By the end of the movies (about 15 years after the first episode), she is in her early 50s and verging on Grandma, What Massive Hotness You Have! territory.
  • An episode of What I Like About You sees Jeff successfully hit on & set a date with an attractive divorcee....shortly before learning that she's Gary's mother. Gary is not pleased.
  • Friends: The mothers of Chandler Bing (Morgan Fairchild) and Rachel Green (Marlo Thomas) certainly qualify. The others ... not so much.
    • Kathleen Turner also qualifies even though she played Chandler's... Father.
    • All three main female characters also count by the end of the series.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Buffy's mother Joyce Summers. Xander even dreams about her.
    • Xander dreams about the entire cast.
  • That 70s Show: Midge Pinciotti, played by Tanya Roberts, is Donna's lovely-looking mother. The boys openly say she's really damn hot.
    • Jackie's mom was played by Brooke Shields.
    • Some may consider Kitty Forman (Debra Jo Rupp) one as well.
  • News Radio: She's never seen on camera, but Dave's mom is apparently this - at least to Jimmy.

 Jimmy: Is she still married to that guy?

Dave: Dad? Yes.

Jimmy: Alright, but you'll let me know if anything happens, right?

  • ER:
    • It has Sally Field as Abby's mother.
    • We also have Samantha Taggert, giving birth to her son when she was about fifteen. One of her son's friends remarks that he has such a hot sister ...
    • Both Abby and Corday becomes this when they have their kids too.
  • Naomi's mother in 90210. Also Annie's and Dixon's mother. Though not her mother per se, Kelly Taylor is Erin Silver's guardian and has a son (who's not a main character though).
  • Desperate Housewives:
    • The entire main cast.
    • Of course, Gabrielle wasn't a mom until season 5, but did actually refer to herself as "Hot Mom" when doing a photo shoot in season 3. (After taking the frumpy mom costume they wanted her to wear and creatively re-working it to show off her assets.)
  • There are probably too many soap opera characters to mention them all, but Erica Kane would probably top the list. Hell, she's moved into hot grandma territory!
  • Though not all of the contestants are mothers, this is pretty much the premise of the reality show She's Got the Look, a modeling competition with a minimum age requirement of 35. There has even been a 72-year-old grandmother in the final six.
  • 30 Rock parodied this trope when Cerie got engaged. When asked why she's marrying so young, Cerie, who can't be over twenty-one, explains she's running out of time to be a "young, hot mom."
  • Nancy Botwin and, to an arguably lesser extent, Celia Hodes in Weeds.
  • Supernatural:
    • Though she didn't live long enough to be ogled by the neighborhood teens, Mary Winchester could still be considered an example. Even her own son (when he goes back in time and sees her as a young woman) notices. To his dismay:

 Dean: Sammy, wherever you are, Mom is a babe. (Beat) I'm going to Hell. Again.

    • Disturbingly lampshaded by the angel Zachariah in season 5's "Dark Side of the Moon": "She's quite the MILF."
  • V: The remake gives us Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin.
    • And Anna's mom (played by Jane Badler, aka Diana, Anna's counterpart in the original) is not half bad. Or a quarter bad. At all.
  • In Charmed, Piper Halliwell and eventually Phoebe and Paige, too.
  • Sarah Jane Smith from Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures definitely falls under this category. As Captain Jack put it "Might I say, looking good, ma'am."
  • As of series 6 of Doctor Who, Amy Pond
  • Eva Funck, who makes science programmes for children on Swedish TV.
    • Eva in action. She is the dark-haired lady who here explains how TV broadcasts work.
  • Modern Family:
    • Sofia Vergara plays Colombian mother, Gloria Pritchett, who married the rich-but-much-older patriarch of the family (see the picture above) and is actually younger than her daughter-in-law. Her unbelievable looks are the center of many plotlines. Vergara is a hot mom in real life as well; she has remarked that she occasionally gets mistaken for her son's girlfriend.
    • Also, Julia Bowen as Claire Dunphy. Especially in the Valentine's Day episode.
  • Swedish SF series Milky Way's End has Mira (played by Philomène Grandin) as a single mother and accidental adventurer.
  • Smallville: Martha Kent as played by Annette O'Toole, who was Lana Lang in the third Superman movie.
  • Any character play by Jean Smart, who is the queen of hot TV moms.
  • In Caprica, Amanda Graystone is both a mom and kinda hot. Sister Clarice Willow is hot, and her polygamous family has children, though we don't know if any are biologically hers (if that matters).
  • Glee: Quinn's mother, though she is more of a Stepford Smiler type of mom.
    • Also in the episode 'Funk' Finn tells Terri he thinks she's a MILF - even though she's not actually a mother.
  • Neighbours: Susan Kennedy.
    • For that matter, Libby Kennedy. And Stephanie Scully.
  • Tori & Trina's Mother, from Victorious.
  • Gibby's mom, Charlotte on ICarly. In the episode iFix A Popstar, she and Spencer dated. Lucky bastard.
  • All of the moms on the 2010 TV series Parenthood, but supersexy Erika Christensen most of all.
  • Kari Byron of Myth Busters now qualifies as a hot mom, having given birth to a daughter, Stella Ruby Ulrich.
  • Tammi Taylor (Connie Britton) on Friday Night Lights. (Britton also played one in the movie version.)
  • Will McKenzie's Mom, Polly (played by Belinda Stewart-Wilson), on E4's The Inbetweeners is consistently described as "fit" by his mates -- not to mention school bully, Mark Donovan -- and they freely tell Will how much they'd like to "shag" (et al.) her.

 Will: Please don't have a wank over my mum.

Neil: Can't promise that I'm afraid, Will.

  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger has Shiba Karou. Bonus points for having her son being older than her. Justified in that she adopts the son, as required for making him the next head of the Shiba clan.
  • Crossing over with "real life", Terri Irwin, the wife of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.
  • Julia Winston, as played by Elizabeth Berkeley, on CSI Miami.
  • Nigella Lawson.
  • One Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Dean of Medicine.
  • Jill Taylor in Home Improvement to the point where when her sons saw a picture of her as a young lady, they said she was a babe and asked dad who she was. When told it was mom, they felt sick and ruefully said, "I just called my mom a babe"
  • Diane Coupland in Bless This House.
  • Arrested Development:
    • You could call Lindsay Fünke one, despite not being very motherly.
    • Mrs. Veal, much to Michael Bluth's astonishment, since Ann is considered plain at her best.
  • One Tree Hill:
    • Deb, played by Barbara Alyn Woods. Woods also played one previously on the series of Honey I Shrunk the Kids.
    • Karen (Moira Kelly) definitely qualifies as well.
  • Boardwalk Empire:
    • Gillian Darmody (Gretchen Mol) counts as one, being the mother of Michael Pitt's Jimmy. Luciano sleeps with her thinking that she is Jimmy's wife. Also counts as a Hot Grandmother.
    • Angela Darmody (Aleksa Palladino) and Margaret Schroder (Kelly Mac Donald) also count
  • Judy Miller (Jami Gertz) on Still Standing.
  • Vicky Gold (Antia Barone) on The War at Home.
  • Two Words: Irina Derevko.
  • Shirley Partridge (Shirley Jones) on The Partridge Family
  • Amanda King in Scarecrow and Mrs. King.
  • Criminal Minds has Derek Morgan's mom, Fran, who is very pretty for a woman who must be at least in her late fifties. JJ becomes one in season four, as well.
  • Necessary Roughness has its lead Dr. Dani Santino.
  • Community: Mark's mom. Jeff bangs her. Twice.
  • Hope Shanowski (Faith Ford) on Hope And Faith.
  • Jessica Brody in Homeland, as played by Morena Baccarin and has been the show's primary deliverer of Fan Service.
  • True Life featured two Real Life teens whose moms were this trope. One girl's mom had huge breasts and constantly paraded them around for all to see. The other girl's mom was a party girl who loved pageants.
  • Catherine Willows, the ex-stripper Hot Scientist from CSI, though she does actually look her age. An even better example is Drop in Character Heather Kessler, who when we first meet her has has a college-age daughter while looking about 25 herself. And in a later episode, it's revealed her daughter has a daughter...
    • Hodges mom probably tops both of them...she's played by Jaclyn Smith, to give you an idea.
  • Jo on CSI: NY probably counts.
  • Elise Neal is one on ANT Farm. They never mention her character's age, but I'm sure she isn't 41. In fact, she also was a Hot Mom on a The Hughleys, which went off the air nearly ten years ago.
  • Atia of Rome is this and Ms. Fanservice to boot. She's introduced nude and moaning in sexual ecstasy, then shortly after shown emerging naked and dripping wet from the bath. Niobe's also lovely, though much less fanservice-y.
  • Both Angela and Brennan on Bones.
  • Ilene Graff as Marsha on Mr. Belvedere
  • Tasha and Kelly on The Game
  • Adrianna Tate-Duncan from 90210 is one despite still being in her teens and having given up her daughter for adoption, though she is now currently trying to get her back.
  • When Kensi reveals her mother is still alive on NCIS: Los Angeles, she's played by Laura Harring, who barely looks old enough to be Kensi's sister.
  • Emma, Regina, and Snow White/Mary Margaret on Once Upon a Time. Snow and Regina have been frozen in time for 28 years, though...


  • Fountains Of Wayne brings us the immortal song Stacy's Mom(she's got it goin' on) that names the above mentioned trope.
  • Then there's this song and video. You'll never see parent-teacher conferences in quite the same way again.
  • The narrator's wife in the classic comedy song "I'm My Own Grandpa," describes as "purdy as could be" despite being old enough to already have an adult daughter from a previous marriage. She apparently goes for younger men, and her daughter for older men, and these two facts taken together lead to, well...

Professional Wrestling

  • Stephanie McMahon. Married to one of the all-time greats in WWE, Triple H and mother to three daughters.
  • Maryse Ouellet is no slouch either. On top of being married to long-time boyfriend The Miz, the couple now have two daughters.
  • Beth Phoenix after she's revealed to have a daughter with Edge in 2013. They got married three years later after giving birth to their second daughter four months prior.

Video Games

  • Any of the Heavenly Brides that the hero can pick (Bianca Whittaker, Nera Briscoletti, or Nera's big sister Debora Briscoletti) in Dragon Quest V become this trope. Probably helps (likely not in their case) that they're Taken for Granite for about ten years just after they've given birth to their children.
  • Grandia III:
    • Miranda, who doubles as a Crutch Character.
    • As an added bonus, she's not revealed to be Yuki's mom until most of the way through the intro cinematic, Unskippable had a lot of fun with this.
    • And from the original Grandia, Justin's mother Lily.
    • Feena from the orginal Grandia eventually becomes one, giving birth to loads loads of mini Justin and Feena clones. As does Alpina from Grandia III.
  • The King of Fighters:
    • Shizuka Kusanagi, Kyo's mother. More specifically, the semi-canon KoF: KYO manga and games. Hottest Yamato Nadeshiko mama ever, indeed.
    • In the main series, we have Action Mom Vanessa, single mother and for-hire boxer/secret agent.
  • Disgaea 2 Cursed Memories:
    • Adell's mom (amusingly named just "Mom"...yes, really). Okay, so she has three eyes and a tail, but still hot.
    • Same with Rozalin's mom See here
    • Although her true form was never shown in the game, in the manga Serion, Adell's true mother would qualify. See for yourself. Though in all honesty, so far every Nippon Ichi mom are pretty much Hot Moms.
  • Based on the descriptions, the sexiest woman involved in an Optional Sexual Encounter in The Bastard of Kosigan happens to have a young daughter.
  • Haruka Yuzuhara from To Heart 2, to the point that the spin-off Another Days contains a route dedicated to her and begins with the main character dreaming of her.
  • Soul Series:
  • Both Yubiseiharukana and Tsugumi in Ever 17. Yubiseiharukana gave birth to her own clone, Yubiseiakikana when she was 16 and is still looking as good as ever 17 years later, while Tsugumi admittedly claims she stopped aging when she was physically 17 and still looks like a hot girl when she's over 40. If those spoiler blanks seem a bit excessive, they're covering some of the most shocking plot twists in the game.
  • In Samurai Warriors:
    • Even though her children has yet to be playable, Nene pretty much fits the bill of a Hot Mom, treating every of Hideyoshi's subordinates her 'children' (much to Mitsunari's dismay). She's also an Action Mom, considering her ninjutsu and the fact that she may be even more capable than Hideyoshi.
    • Though almost all of the female characters could fit this trope. They are based on historical figures and, historically, most of them married and had kids.
  • Cream's mother Vanilla from Sonic the Hedgehog is considered to be the furry version of this.
  • Yukiko Date in Super Robot Wars. She also could be considered a Retired Badass, since she was once the most powerful human Psychodriver.
  • Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon:
    • Lady Ann and Sabrina, the latter is easily mistaken for one of the eligible bachelorettes.
    • Rune Factory 2 gives us Natilie, a redhead Hospital Hottie in super cute glasses and Tanya, a Hot Amazon blacksmith who looks like Red Sonya's cousin.
    • Rune Factory Frontier has Ganesha, a flirty hot elven blacksmith who is mother to Marco, a hot tempered cute little boy.
  • Suikoden III:
    • Lucia, she was in the second game, but wasn't noticable. 15 years and a kid later....
    • Kisara from Suikoden V is this trope. It's made more noticeable if you get Oboro to research the Logg, Lun, Kisara family.
    • Arshtat is also the embodiment of this...when she's not being possessed by cosmic hubris and blowing up parts of her own country of course.
    • In the original game, it's subtly implied that Sonya Shulen may be the main character's biological mother. If this is true, then she definitely counts.
  • Gaia Online:
    • Even before the Art Shift, Ruby had a line reminding users that "My eyes are up here." Now, she wears a dress that would give us Absolute Cleavage if we had a front view of her, and her shop's name is a Double Entendre ("Ruby's Rack"). The only sign of her age is a small laugh line by the corner of her mouth.
    • An old photo also reveals the late Rosalie to have been pretty smokin' hot even after having three sons. Clearly this runs in the family, as all three sons have grown up to be Bishonen.
    • Old-school Ruby lives on as a doll for your avatar, with an equippable "My eyes are up here" pose. It's... blue eyes like hers.
  • Street Fighter IV:
    • Maya aka Crimson Viper has a powered battlesuit, pretty impossible hair, huge... glasses, and an adorable young daughter named Lauren.
    • Chun-Li is the Parental Substitute version, since ends up with several adopted children of her own. She goes Action Mom more than once to save one of them, the local Child Prodigy Li Feng, when she gets kidnapped.
    • Ken's wife Eliza and Guile's wife Jane. It helps thast they're sisters, too.
    • Hakan's wife Melike is a lovely-looking lady, and quite slender for having had seven young daughters.
  • In Rumble Roses, the main character is hot. Then we learn that one of the characters was actually her older sister, who's also hot and much darker. Then we find that the boss...which is a CYBORG, was made from their mother's DNA. She looks like a healthy and strong female body...with half of it covered in metal.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Joshua's mother Queen Ismaire, from Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones. Her great beauty was a plot point, as her Number Two, Carlyle, has a Face Heel Turn after going Yandere for her. Just look at her!
    • Several Sacred Stones girls are mentioned to become hot moms if the player gets them to reach A support with some pre-determined guys. The girls are: Amelia (Franz, Ross or Ewan), Lute (Kyle or Artur), Selene (Kyle), Vanessa, (Innes), Neimi (Colm) and Eirika (Saleh). It should be noticed that not every lady who gets married is specifically mentioned to become a mom, so... .
    • Eliwood's mother in Fire Emblem Blazing Blade, Lady Eleanora, is very pretty and young-looking, too.
    • Whoever marries Eliwood (Ninian, Fiora, Lyn) or Hector ( Florina, Farina, Lyn) will become the hot mom of either Roy or Lilina. If Lyn marries Rath, she'll become Sue's Hot Mom; Rebecca will be Wolt's, and Nino will be Lugh and Ray's.
    • And there's also Louise, Erk's adoptive mother and the future mother of Klein and Clarine.
    • Sonia Reed. Breasts that have to be upwards of a D-Cup, brain-melting legs, probably a fairly smokin' rear if the fact that, in her official art, her hips are wider than her shoulders is any indication... It's unknown how old she is, but it's old enough to believably have a 14-year-old daughter without anyone batting an eye. However she might be a subversion, as two later reveals cast doubt on her motherhood and how genuine her beauty really is. Specifically, she turns out to be only an adoptive mother, and it later comes out that she's a (possibly ageless) Artificial Human, as well.
    • The female half of the first generation in Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War also qualify. All of them: Edain, Brigid, Tailtiu, Lachesis, Ayra, Silvia, Erinys, Ethlyn and Deirdre. Deirdre was such a Hot Mom that she actually remains the same after having had three kids.
    • Juno from Fire Emblem Sealed Sword, too, who has just by the time she has to rejoin the army. (And for a bonus, she got a Promotion to Parent in the backstory, raising her little sisters Shanna and Thea after their parents perish in the earlier wars.) Also, Igrene the Sniper. Her daughter is dead, though.
    • In Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates, near all the playable girls from the first generations (including the Player Character) can become moms. And if they marry a Male Avatar, so can the second generation girls. And all of them are pretty.
    • In the Fire Emblem Gaiden remake, Echoes, a picture of Celica/Anthiese's Missing Mom is seen. She was beautiful.
    • In Fire Emblem: Heroes, Alfonse and Sharena's mom Queen Henriette is quite lovely-looking. Queen Hel aka Eir's mom would be hot if not for her very creepy glowing skeleton.
    • Fire Emblem: Warriors has Rowan and Lianna's mother, Queen Yelena. She's basically an older Lianna.
  • Ashley's mom in Trace Memory.
  • Hot as Hell Shinki from Touhou is obviously the "Hot" part, but her actual status as a "Mom" of Alice is not clear in Canon. If a mother, she also qualifies as Action Mom.
    • Suwako probably counts too, seeing as Sanae is her descendant and all. Though this is justified as she is, well, you know, a god.
    • The fanmade character, Hakurei Miko, who was meant to be Reimu's mother.
  • Queen Rosa Harvey (nee Farrell) in Final Fantasy IV the After Years. White Magician Girl, The Archer, and still got it at 36.
  • Chrono Trigger:
    • Crono's mom is quite easy on the eyes.
    • Queen Zeal seems to be handled as a rather psychotic hot mom among some CT fans, as well.
  • Rutee becomes one of those in the the sequel, Tales of Destiny 2. Even Loni, her son's best friend, seems to have the hots for her.
  • Team Fortress 2 - The BLU Scout's mother, so sexy the RED Spy had an affair with her and was caught in the act by the BLU Spy. (Surprisingly hot considering her character model is more or less the Scout with boobs and a wig.) And she has had at least EIGHT children and still kept her figure.
  • Edea Kramer of Final Fantasy VIII. She's not technically anybody's biological mother, but she is the surrogate mom of prety much the entire main cast, being the head of an orphanage where they all grew up - then completely forgot about in one of the game's weirder twists.
  • Princess Daphne in Dragon's Lair 2 . She still looks the same even after 13 kids.
  • Jessica's mom in "Dragon Quest VIII".
  • Borderlands DLC The Secret Armory of General Knoxx reveals that Mad Moxxi is Scooter's mom.
  • Hera in God of War.
  • Kasumi, Hayate, and Ayane's mother from the Dead or Alive series. Also Helena's mom, before she was murdered
  • Pokémon:
  • Warcraft:
    • Alexstrasza is the mother of all life on Azeroth. In her human form, her title is the Life-Binder. This is what she looks like in human form. She also doubles as a Statuesque Stunner because she's twelve foot tall.
      • She is not the mother of all life on Azeroth, as in she is not the creator god or anything. She does still count though if you consider her hot since he does have numerous dragon children.
      • As the Dragon Aspect of Life, her fire breath has the ability to generate new life (as seen at the Wrath Gate), making her a literal Hot Mom.
  • Tekken:
    • Yoshimitsu's ending in the first game lets the player catch a glimpse of Marshall Law's wife / Forest Law's mom. She fits in to a T.
    • There's also Nina Williams, who seems slightly younger looking than her son, Steve Fox.
    • And of course, there's Jun Kazama, one-time partner of Kazuya Mishima and Jin's Missing Mom.
    • Leo's Missing Mom Emma Kliessen was this and a Motherly Scientist. And she also was the aforementioned Steve's Parental Substitute
    • In 7, one finally gets to see Kazuya's late mother Kazumi... and damn she was gorgeous!
  • Tomb Raider: Legend introduced players to Lara Croft's mother, Lady Amelia Croft. Hot damn, now it's pretty obvious where Lara got her looks and...other attributes.
  • Mortal Kombat: Kitana's mother Queen Sindel, and Taven and Daegon's mother Delia.
  • And who could forget Jenna Angel from Digital Devil Saga, mother of Sera. She's actually revealed to be a fully-functioning Hermaphrodite who apparently impregnated herself, and thus could arguably be considered both a Hot Mom and a Hot Dad.
  • Samara in Mass Effect 2, even though she's centuries old and all her children are space vampires.
  • Lost Odyssey
    • Sarah. Who is Kaim's wife, Lirum's mother and Mack and Cooke's grandmother.
    • Lirum. Who is Mack and Cooke's mother.
    • Seth who is Sed's mother who looks more like his grandfather. But she (and Sarah) are immortal.
  • Rance likes having sex with hot women. The magical contraception he had isn't working in Rance Quest because of the events in Sengoku Rance. Do the math.
  • The Hades game has Nyx, biological mother of several Gods (like Thanatos and Hypnos) and Parental Substitute to others (like the protagonist Zagreus and the Fury sisters).

Visual Novels


 Meiko: I'm sorry. Forgive an old woman her amusements.
Hisao: Old woman? She sure doesn't look that old to me. Clearly Emi gets her youthful features from her mother.



  • Megatokyo:
    • Meimi Sonoda. Hot. Her Fan Nickname is "Yuki's Red Hot Mom."
    • Not only has she gotten even hotter since Fred started drawing Megatokyo on his computer (The art is a lot cleaner now), but she now gets bonus points for the fact that when she ties her hair into a ponytail she looks like an aged up version of Yuki.
  • Phobia, the Hot Amazon mother of Gastrophobia. She looks like a teenage older sister of her son.
  • Ash's mom from Misfile. Justified since she's a former lingerie model.
  • Roy's mom from Order of the Stick. When he meets up with her in the afterlife, Roy is a little stunned to see his mom back as the hot 19-year-old she was prior to meeting his father, who remains a Grumpy Old Man in the afterlife since he's always been nasty and ornery in life while Sara, well...wasn't.
  • Fox's mom Nefertiti from Friendly Hostility who's so hot that male homosexuals are the only people who wouldn't do her, though Fox gets creeped out whenever other characters bring this up as he has trouble viewing his mom in that light.
  • Kenta's mom from the extremely NSFW comic Sexy Losers combines this trope with Parental Incest.
  • Sheila Black from Better Days.
  • Succeeded by her daughter Lucy in Original Life, though she's mostly overshadowed in this role in the second comic by Elizabeth Wachsman/Black.
  • Frigg from Brat-halla, mother (or at least mother-figure) to many of the young Norse gods. Also something of a Bottle Fairy.
  • Taylor from Out at Home had her now teenage-daughter as a teenager, making her much younger than the father of her offspring's best friend, who she is... *ahem* familiar with. MILF indeed.
  • Heartcore has Lilium Lashiec. It's obvious where protagonist Amethyst gets her good looks.
  • Questionable Content:
    • Marten's mom doesn't appear often, but when she does, she's looking fine. In fact, she used to work as a fetish model, and awkwardly was Marten's now-girlfriend's first girl-crush while growing up (and it's even been implied that she was initially attracted to him because of his resemblance to his mother).
    • Marten's mother's hotness also provides ammo for what is probably the Worst Thing To Say When Meeting Your Daughter's Boyfriend, although very much Played for Laughs:

 Peter Bianchi:YOUR MOM is Veronica Vance? Holy shit kid, I musta wacked it to your mom's pictures a million friggin' times!


Web Original

  • Hera, Demeter, Mnemosyne, Calliope, and especially Aphrodite in Thalias Musings.
  • The title character from Spots the Space Marine is a 32-year reservist who is called up for active duty.
  • Lady Astarte of the Whateley Universe, who is now apparently a hot grandmother, being over seventy and looking like a thirty-ish movie starlet. Similarly, Phoenixfire is said to be pretty much a copy of her mom who is still superheroing as Magma (they have the same powers too).

Western Animation

  • Family Guy:
    • Lois Griffin. Though it's very much Depending on the Writer and the Rule of Funny. Sometimes she's drop-dead gorgeous, as in a viable candidate for supermodelling, and others not even a blind man would touch this mouldy piece of refuse.
      • Memorably though it was a key element of Brian's Armor-Piercing Question to Meg in "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven". If the Judeo-Christian God exists and loves all people so much, then why does she take after her fat dad instead of her "smoking hot" mom?
    • Also, Bonnie Swanson after finally having her baby after what, 7 seasons? And before, she had a teenage son who disappeared for a while before coming back a Shell-Shocked Veteran.
  • In the same vein, Francine Smith from American Dad!. Even Steve's friends admit that she's comfortably in MILF territory.
  • And Donna from The Cleveland Show. She's got this ass, you see.
  • Demona from Gargoyles, even if she's immortal, when she had her daughter Angela she was still hot, so this definitely qualifies. Angela also becomes one of these later in the comics. Fox would also be another example of this after she marries Xanatos and has her son Alex which also leads to her Heel Face Turn as well.
  • WITCH: All five mothers of the main characters. Most notably, Will's mother Susan, who is not only beautiful, but as bossy and overbearing as they come, having the propensity to ground her daughter every few episodes (which can be a bit of a turnoff...)
    • To put it in perspective, for reference, Susan is a tall, leggy, tan-skinned, buxom, raven-haired woman who looks all of twenty-five despite being about forty.
    • To further put it in perspective, THIS[2] is a middle-aged woman with two kids. We can only wonder what she looked like before she got old and let herself go.
    • In addition, she didn't ground Will much in the comic. She was more a concerned mother.
    • In the comic she looks even less like the mother of a teenage girl; occasionally the artists give her some eye lines to age her up, but even that doesn't work against her. And you can't forget Nerissa who is Caleb's mother.
  • Maddie Fenton from Danny Phantom who balances this with Action Mom.
    • Flashbacks to Maddie's college days reveal she actually got hotter after having her kids, as she got curvier and ditched the terminal case of Eighties Hair she had back then.
  • Kim Possible:
    • Mrs. Dr. Possible, seriously.

 Drakken: So, Kim Possible and her...sister?

Mrs. Dr. P.: Is he hitting on me?

Kim: It's a sidekick thing. They confuse him.

    • While she only appeared in one episode, Felix Renton's mom isn't exactly hard on the eyes, either.
    • Naturally Kim's mother is, she's voiced by Jean Smart.
  • Totally Spies:
  • Drew Saturday from The Secret Saturdays. Same description as Will's mom above: tall, slender, busty, youthful, the main difference is Drew is a Heroic Albino and as such has snow white hair. And all of it poured into a skintight catsuit... It certainly doesn't hurt to have Nicole Sullivan voicing her.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Princess Ursa, Zuko and Azula's Missing Mom.
    • Not to mention Sokka and Katara's mother, the aptly named Kya.
  • Gold Digger:
    • Fred Perry also does cheesecake and beefcake art, as well as situations based on and/or mocking his experiences in Final Fantasy Online. Then he animated a bit here about his character Misi and her rather outrageous (and outrageously MILF-tastic) mother. The scene is even paced to "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne, the song quoted from at the top of this page. ** Also counts in his normal comic. Julia Diggers is pretty good looking, except for the age-lines. Which are now gone, thanks to her "renewing breath" technique de-aging her about twenty years.
  • South Park:
    • Due to the art style, this one might be a bit of a stretch, but Carol McCormick (Kenny's mother, for those who don't know) anyone?
    • Well maybe, but in-universe, they seem to be convinced that it is in fact Sharon Marsh (Stan's mom) who is the MILF here.
    • Hell, it's implied her breasts are the same size as Cartman's butt!
    • Cartman's mom.
  • Susan Long, the mother of the title character in American Dragon Jake Long, is one fine looking woman.
  • Greta Barrymore, mother of male lead Zick Barrymore in Monster Allergy, has a sexy hippie look going for her.
  • Ben 10: Alien Force:
    • Ben's own parents being shown for the first time since Ben 10. His blonde mother is ridiculously attractive. The only thing that attempts to showcase she's older is one of her eyes has a sight line under it, but remove that and she's at least of the same stock as the younger females in the show.
    • Check out the "Goodbye and Good Riddance" episode from the original Ben 10 series for a younger version of Ben's mother. Insert wolf whistles here.
  • The Simpsons: We have a number of in-universe references to Marge being very attractive (particularly in the episode where she was accidentally given Gag Boobs -style implants). Maude Flanders also got a bit of this when she was still alive.
    • Marge has even appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine and Playboy. Not in the show; in real life.
    • Matt Groening himself confessed to finding Marge "pretty hot" on one of the early DVD commentaries.
    • Runs in the family apparently, as "Holidays of Future Passed" shows that Lisa and Maggie will become this.
    • Don't forget Manjula Nahaasapeemapetilon.
  • Timmy's mother and A.J.'s mother on The Fairly Odd Parents. Especially when the former took a job as the local weather lady and became "Mother Nature."
    • And of course, there's also Wanda.
  • The Replacements:
    • Karen Jane "K" Mildred Daring ("Agent K"). In the episode "Field Trippin'", every one of Todd's friends confesses to having a crush on her.
    • Shelton's mom as well.
  • Daria: Daria and Quinn's mom Helen Morgendorffer definitely qualifies with her curvy figure, light auburn mane, juicy lips, and long legs. Also Helen's rival and Sandi's mom, Linda Griffin. There is also Brittany's buxom mother Vivian and step-mother Ashley Amber. Jane's Hippie Mom, Amanda and older sister Summer also qualify. Daria and Quinn's Aunt Rita also falls under this trope. As do Kevin's large Absurdly Youthful Mother and Jodie's Mom, Michelle Landon.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: Nicole Watterson definitely counts as one. She's gained quite a fan following in the Furry community because of this.
  • Debbie Turnbull, Tommy's mother from Robotboy. Tommy must be glad that he's taking after her.
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe:
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Sperg's mom, who's extremely attractive. Sperg the bully takes deep offense when Billy (and... Lord Byron) make jokes at his mother's expense
    • Also, Billy and Mandy's respective mothers (although we usually see Billy's mom more often, of the two).
  • From The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Jimmy's mom. Jimmy's friend Carl has a "bit" of an obsession with her and fantasizes her being his mom. After the Valentine's Day special, anyway
  • Dexter's Mom in Dexter's Laboratory will forever occupy a special place in the hearts of men of a certain age, particularly thanks to her generously-proportioned rump (also see Hartman Hips).
  • The Boondocks: Sarah DuBois.
    • They have two settings for the females in Boondocks: ridiculously hot, and overblown, bloated and hideous. So if you're a mom on that show you have about an 80% chance of qualifying.
  • The Proud Family: Trudy Proud, mother of Penny and wife of Oscar. Makes one wonder what she saw in such an obnoxious jerk.
    • Ditto for Sunset Boulevardez.
  • The Flintstones: Way back when, both Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble were often talked of in this way. Their relative merits were most memorably debated by Dave Lister and The Cat in Red Dwarf. "Well, I'd go with Betty...but I'd be thinking of Wilma."
    • Since Pebbles has become a mother, and qualified, with neither mothers aging much, they may have moved up a step.
  • In a similar vein, Jane Jetson from The Jetsons.
  • The Little Mermaid 2:
  • Rebecca Cunningham from Tale Spin.
  • Peg from Goof Troop.
  • Sexy New Age Cloudcuckoolander Crystal Zilla in My Dad the Rock Star, who looks barely older than her teenage daughter.
  • X-Men: Evolution offers two looks for Mystique over four seasons, both of which were incredibly attractive. Of course, being a shapeshifter, she can look however she wants, but still...
  • Metalocalypse.:
    • Skwiisgaar's mother Murderface lampshades it during the Christmas Special.
    • Skwiisgaar himself has particular hots for these, as he wants to bang MILFs, GMILFs and Anything That Moves, really. But mostly GMILFs.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Linda Flynn-Fletcher.
    • Future Candace and Charlene Doofenshmirtz, also.
    • As well, Stacy's Mom, Irving's Mom and Isabella's Mom.
  • El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera:
    • Maria Rivera e(specially as Plata Peligrosa)
    • Voltura and Frida Suarez's mom, too.
  • Willow from A Kind of Magic of Xilam.
  • Ma Kent in the DCAU. For some reason the years hit Pa Kent a bit harder.
  • Mrs X. from The Xs who balances this with Action Mom.
  • 6teen: Yummy Mummy.
    • Don't forget Emma Masterson!
    • And Nikki's mom.
  • Duncan, Gwen and Heather's mothers from the Total Drama series
  • Stoked: Mrs. Ridgemount.
    • Let's give an example: look at this picture. One of these women is a middle-aged woman with three kids, the other is a girl in her late teens. Guess which is which.
  • Daphne's mother from Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.
  • Jessie's mother Estella Velasquez from Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures.
  • Arnold's Missing Mom Stella Shortman of Hey Arnold!.
  • In the French series La Famille Glady, the extremely cutesy and weird character design makes the mother of the family, Sonia Glady, look so cute and young that she looks more like her three children's Cool Big Sis than their mom. (Not helped by how she has Girlish Pigtails). Same goes to her Cute Dad husband Sim.
  • Peter Pan: Wendy Darling grew into one in the beginning of the Return to Neverland sequel. Her Little Miss Snarker daughter, Jane, takes her place as female lead.
    • Wendy, John and Michael's mother, Mrs. Darling, was a Hot Mom in the original. Heck, the adult Wendy is pretty much an older version of her mama!
  • Mrs. Anybody, from the US Mister Bogus show.
  • M.O.M from Martin Mystery. Skin-tight latex outfit, sexy voice, occasional slinky dress? Yes please!
  • Coraline's Other Mother. Her real mother is also attractive, but the Other Mother is also very charismatic and affable which makes her even more attractive, even though she's also creepy at the same time.
  • Alice Tompkins from The Critic.
  • Helen Goode from The Goode Family.
  • Queen Aleena from Sonic Underground.
  • Likewise, Lupe from the Sonic Sat AM show and the Archie Comics Continuation, as seen here.
  • Batman the Brave And The Bold: The Knights of Tomorrow has Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) as one, having married Bruce Wayne and given birth to their son, Damian.
  • King of the Hill:
    • Nancy Gribble and Minh Souphanousinphone.
    • In the last two seasons, Luanne after her and Lucky's daughter Gracie is born.
    • In an episode where Peggy Hill is given a makeover and a more flattering outfit, she definitely qualifies.
    • How about that episode where Tammy Duvall gives Peggy a hooker-style makeover? How about anytime Peggy shows off her figure?
  • Tarra (Dorno's mother) in The Herculoids.
  • Emma, the mother of the titular character in the French animated series Lou. Justified because she's apparently only 27 years old.
  • Labarbra Conrad from Futurama.
  • Tatyana, the Ex-Wife of Dr. Orpheus, and mom of Triana from The Venture Brothers. The Master uses her hotness to tease Orpheus when he comes to visit...and jumprope naked in front of a mirror.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender:
    • Some flashbacks show Allura's Missing Mom, Queen Melenor. Like in Golion, the Queen of Altea looked near exactly like her daughter the Princess.
    • In a more homely-cute way, there's Katie aka Pidge's mom Colleen. Again, she looks a lot like her daughter.
    • And then there's Keith's beautiful mother, Krolia from the Blade of Marmora.
    • Other flashbacks show Prince Lotor's own Missing Mom, Queen Honerva. In a subversion, she is now High Priestess Haggar, corrupted and poisoned by the Quintessence; she doesn't look hideous, but is clearly quite haggard-looking.
  • Ingrid Stahlbaum from The Nutcracker Prince looks barely older than her teenage older daughter Louise. Her other daughter Clara looks like a pre-teen and red-haired version of her.