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A massive flying creature made of energy, commonly a predatory bird made of fire, is a common visual metaphor for Limit Breaks, fast transportation and other special abilities. Or just making you look that much more Badass. Dragons, moths and other winged creature shapes may also be used, up to Winged Humanoid. The origin of this trope seems to come from The Phoenix.

In symbolism as applied to the wings this, just like other fire-based powers, usually given to Hot-Blooded and/or very powerful beings, whether "demonic" (Balrog), "angelic" (Archangel Gabriel) or otherwise.

Do Not Confuse With the food hot wings. Or, for that matter, with a hot character who just happens to have wings.

Examples of Hot Wings include:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • 'X-Men: Jean Grey, commonly known as Phoenix often sheaths herself in a fiery bird-shaped aura when she flies, or just really cuts loose. Rachel Summers, her daughter from an alternate future (it's even more complicated than it sounds) does the same.
  • Peter David's Supergirl gained flame wings when she became an Earth-born angel.


Tabletop Games

  • In the Oriental Adventures supplement for Dungeons and Dragons, there is a spell that turns the user's arms into flaming wings, allowing them to fly.
    • The 4th Edition sorcerer Arcane Wellspring Paragon Path can give a character these.
  • In Magic: The Gathering, a lot of dragons and phoenixes have these, naturally, and Leap of Flame gives you them.

Video Games

  • In Kirby's Epic Yarn (a punny game in the first place), the phoenix boss of Hot Land is actually named Hot Wings (yet it's not the Trope Namer).
  • F-Zero: Most of Captain Falcon's special attacks in the Super Smash Bros series invoke a flaming falcon. Especially the infamous "Falcon... PUNCH!"
  • The Sky Attack move is portrayed this way in Pokémon Stadium. It helps a lot that the Pokemon doing the attack usually is a bird, or at least can fly.
    • Don't forget that whole Ho-Oh thing mentioned above, either.
    • Or Moltres, at least in one appearance.
    • The move Brave Bird is also portrayed this way in the anime.
  • In Touhou, the Hourai Elixir-powered Fujiwara no Mokou often uses Phoenix-shaped Danmaku, and is surrounded by a phoenix-shaped Battle Aura whenever she resurrects or uses a spellcard. She's often portrayed in fanworks with the ability to cause huge Hot Wings to blaze into existance behind her.
  • The Cybuster of the Super Robot Wars series has an attack called the Akashic Buster, where it launches a bird of fire at the enemy, transforms into its own avian form and merges with the firebird, slamming into the target at high speeds.
    • Likewise, its Evil Counterpart Shurouga has Ley Buster, although it doesn't create a bird-like fire, it changes into something like a bird (like Cybuster's Cybird), covered with dark power and rams the opponent and... produces several interesting revelations...
    • The Angelg has a variant, called the Phantom Phoenix, which launches an energy arrow that turns into a fire bird.
    • This is actually preceded by Elbulls from Super Robot Wars 64, in which it's a bird-shaped mecha, and rams the enemy, Akashic Buster style.
    • And the Valhawk's Heat Edge Exploder in Super Robot Wars W.
    • Also Dairaioh's Jinrai from Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, which is a hybrid of this and a Rider Kick.
  • A common swordsman's or fighter's tech in the Tales (series) ("Hououtenku" in Japanese, translated to English variously with the word "Phoenix" somewhere in it) allows the combatant to jump in the air, then dive diagonally towards the enemy wreathed in a fiery, bird-shaped aura.
  • Runes of Magic gives a spell to mages named Phoenix that allows them to summon a flaming bird to attack all enemies in a straight line.
  • Lilith sprouts a set when her aptly-named Phoenix ability triggers in Borderlands.
  • Jin's Force Max in Shining Force Feather.
  • Deathwing in Cataclysm.
  • In most Final Fantasy games where The Phoenix appears as a Summoned Monster, it usually just rises from the flames but has otherwise non-flaming wings. But in Final Fantasy V, where it made its first appearance, its entire body is enveloped in fire.

Web Animation

  • Kiki from Fairy Foxes has a tendency to set her wings ablaze when she is angry, euphoric, or using her fire powers.

Web Comics