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File:House of frankenstein 20 63.jpg


 THE DEVIL'S BROOD! All the screen's Titans of Terror - together in the greatest of all SCREEN SENSATIONS!


House of Frankenstein is a Universal Horror movie from the year 1944 and its plot continues from the Monster Mash Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. It has a sequel of its own called House of Dracula.

Few years have passed after the brawl between the Frankenstein's Monster and the Wolf Man and both are now trapped under the ice. The film opens with Mad Scientist Dr. Niemann (Boris Karloff) escaping the prison with the hunchbacked Daniel. After taking over a carnival "Chamber of Horrors", Niemann sets out to do the first thing on his mind: Revenge upon those who sent him to the prison.

He finds that the main event of his newly acquitted "Chamber of Horrors", Dracula's (John Carradine) staked corpse, is pretty much real and uses him to take out his first victim. Dracula is quickly done in and Niemann sets out to village of Vasaria Frankenstein and finds the frozen bodies of Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney jr.) and the Monster (Glenn Strange) under the remains of Ludwig Frankenstein's sanoratorium. He decides to revive the Monster and promises help to Larry to get his assistance. Then they set out to Niemann's old place to begin the experimenting...

In 1997, NBC created mini-series remake of the movie with the backing of Universal. See House of Frankenstein 1997 for more information.

Upon entering the House of Frankenstein, you'll find: