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How-To Guide

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Feel like giving someone superhuman abilities? It's easy! Just:

  1. Make them wander into a lab and spill some chemicals on themselves.
  2. Subject them to otherwise deadly radiation.
  3. Have them struck by lightning.
  4. Test that new brand of Super Serum on them.
  5. ...but make sure to read the fine print, first.
  6. Give them something to compensate for a disability.
  7. ...for example, blindness.
  8. Reveal that they have been an alien all along.
  9. Or that one of their parents is.
  10. Hand them a cool super-suit.
  11. . . . or just give them enough attitude.
  12. Establish that they have a genetic affinity for superpowers.
  13. Or can use the dormant abilities we all have.
  14. . . . preferably because they're at a "higher level of evolution". ( I feel deja vu. something about an X. Or was it men?)
  15. Have them take the mantle of another superhero.
  16. Combining the previous two (three, four), why not inherit them?
  17. ...especially if the parent had them acquired, not genetically inherited, in the first place.
  18. Subject them to enough hard training to make them superhuman, or at least seem superhuman.
  19. Establish them as The Chosen One.
  20. ...preferably by an ancient and wise being just waiting for some clueless kid to entrust the fate of the world to.
  21. Let Vorlons touch them.
  22. Flash forward to their puberty.
  23. If they already have weaker powers, put them in a crossover.
  24. ...or just end the season and start a new one.
  25. Retcon them into The Real Remington Steele.
  26. Cast them in a kid-friendly Animated Adaptation. Extra points if it has the words "IN SPACE!" somewhere in the title.
  27. Put them in a life-threatening situation.
  28. Give them a sixteenth birthday.
  29. Give them a giant fighting robot...
  30. ...preferably one that can transform.
  31. Forget about giving them a robot, make them the robot.
  32. ...Or otherwise made in a lab.
  33. Let the government take care of it.
  34. Two words: Green Rocks.
  35. Teach them an empowering ritual.
  36. Teach them magic.
  37. ...preferably by having them find a guide to magic.
  38. Or a magic ring.
  39. (Be selective about which ring, though.)
  40. Reveal them to be a Reincarnation of a legendary hero.
  41. Push them to their breaking point and see what happens.
  42. And don't worry if they do break; you can always fix them.
  43. Expose them to some process that alters their very genetic makeup from the ground up.
  44. Inject them with Nanomachines.
  45. Have them hang around someone else with powers. Eventually Power Osmosis will get them to soak up some of that power. Don't expect it to stick though.
  46. Have them fight a boss and take their power
  47. Have someone else literally give them superpowers.
  48. It's a gift from (insert benevolent spirit here).
  49. Kill them.
  50. If all else fails, off their parents ensuring they inherit a large manor
  51. "Quick, make a contract with me!"

But really, if you just feel like it, why not just pull it out of your ass?

Be warned, not everyone reacts well to getting super powers.

If you want to boost these powers through the roof, consider using an Amplifier Artifact.

If you want to put a limit on them, give them a finite Power Source.

When it would take too long to think of a different one for every character, why not try a Mass Super-Empowering Event or Randomly-Gifted?