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Immersion is a Web Original series created by the guys who brought you Red vs. Blue and the Rooster Teeth Shorts. In it, Burnie Burns determines that many things that are taken for granted in Video Games - gaming's own tropes, if you will - simply don't work in real life.

Or do they? With the help of his set- and costume-designer friend Griffon Ramsey, he decides to go and test scientifically if some of the things in video games are in fact possible, like a gamer's MythBusters.

They have five seasons with 59 episodes as of Summer 2017. The first nine are:

  • Video Game Car: In games like Grand Theft Auto, you drive a car in third-person, with the camera about 10 feet behind. Could that possibly work in real life?
  • Online Gaming Distractions: In Call of Duty and other online shooters, some of the more rude players can be quite distracting. But would a real combat specialist be distracted by random sexual and ethnic slurs?
  • Fighting Girl Clothes: In a lot of Japanese fighting games like Soul Calibur, the women's clothing can be pretty scanty. Just how practical would it be to fight in that kind of clothing?
  • Side Scrolling: It's strange how people can seem to orient themselves so well in side-scrolling games like Super Mario Brothers. It must be easy to do it in real life then, right?
  • Video Game Inventory Systems: In Doom, your character carries a shotgun, rocket launcher, BFG and many other guns - all at once. How would a real person cope with this?
  • Video Game Food: In games, whenever your character is hurt the only thing that makes them feel better is food. Would that work in real life?
  • Zombie Headshots: In comparison to zombie games like Left 4 Dead, would it really be that easy for an average person in real life to just pick up a firearm and be able to shoot zombies in the head?
  • Food Special: A special episode shown at PAX East 2011, which has no video game tie-in. We all know that artificial flavoring doesn't taste like real fruit, but if you put purple flavor into a grape, would anyone notice?
  • Horde Mode RTX Special: Geoff and Gus have already shown their relative ability to face off with Zombies. It gets moved to practical application when they are on the receiving end of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Often features Griffon's husband Geoff Ramsey and his friend Gus Sorola, also both longtime members of Rooster Teeth Productions and cast of Red vs. Blue, usually getting themselves hurt somehow.

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Tropes used in Immersion include: