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British Crime and Punishment Series starring Martin Shaw.

Based on the 1960s novels by Alan Hunter, but moving the setting from Norfolk to Northumberland and County Durham, this crime series set in The Sixties involves two detectives, Detective Chief Inspector George Gently and his trusty sidekick Detective Sergeant John Bacchus.

The 2007 pilot and 2008 first season (just called George Gently) were rather dark affairs. The second season is somewhat lighter in tone- the stories are still fairly dark, but there are new "Sixties-style" opening titles and more comedy.

Not too bad, but 90-minute stories with no ad-breaks do have an inherent dragging tendency.

This show contains examples of:

  • Bribe Backfire: In the episode "Bomber's Moon", a German businessman tries to bribe Sgt. Bachus. Bachus accepts the bribe so he will have the evidence to arrest him.
  • British Laws: One plot involves a woman having an abortion - illegal in 1964 - after being raped and mentions that only married women could be prescribed the pill then.
  • Buddy Cop Show
  • Fan Service with a Smile: One episode features a club called "Rakes", with "Fox Girls".
  • Gay Bar Reveal: In the episode "Peace & Love", Gently and Bacchus call in at a bar recently visited by the murder victim whose movements they're tracing. Bacchus is increasingly discomfited as the nature of the place dawns on him, and then indignant when he finds out that Gently had suspected it before they went in and hadn't bothered to say anything.
  • Going by the Matchbook: In the episode "Peace & Love", the murder victim has a matchbook from a particular bar in his pocket. Played with slightly, in that the barman remembers him even though he only went there once because he swiped all the matchbooks.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Martin Shaw is known for his role in the now-cancelled Judge John Deed, but far better remembered for being Doyle in The Professionals.
  • Location Doubling: The show is filmed in Ireland, partly for tax reasons, partly for lack of suitable architecture.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Gently's accent wanders considerably.
  • Porn Names: This is both used and subverted when Gently and Bacchus are investigating a casino with "Fox Girls". The murder victim's real name was Audrey Chadwick. However, she was using the name "Blaise" for working purposes. Not Modesty Blaise, as "she doesn't have any modesty". However, Fawn Granger, her best friend, was using her real name.
  • Scooter Riding Mod: The rivalry between Mods and Rockers featured prominently in one episode.
  • Shotgun Wedding: How Bacchus ended up marrying his wife.
  • The Sixties: 1964 to be exact.