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When your Mum hears slight giggling across the room...

A couple is about to have sex, or are in the midst of the act, but another person interrupts somehow. They have to stop to deal with the interruption. This trope can be played for comedy, drama or both. Can often lead to a Relationship Reveal. If they choose to keep going, it is Coitus Uninterruptus. If they try and keep things secret (if there is a knock on the door), it could lead to a Closet Shuffle. A subtrope of Moment Killer.

Compare to Caught with Your Pants Down for the solo version of the trope. A supertrope of Primal Scene and Parents Walk in At the Worst Time. Sister Trope to Sorry to Interrupt.

Examples of Interrupted Intimacy include:

Anime and Manga

  • This happens to Lupin and Fujiko, in The Secret of Twilight Gemini. Just as they're getting started, Sadachiyo and his men bursts into their hotel room to assassinate Lupin, forcing him to bail in his underwear; which leaves Fujiko stark naked with nothing but a bedsheet to defend herself!
    • Averted the second time 'round, which takes place in a Morrocan police station! Lupin scores.
  • Happens near the beginning of Vitamin. The protagonists boyfriend forces himself onto her while they're in school, and a classmate sees them.
  • Ranma One Half: It comes off like this when Akane finds Ryoga on top of a female Ranma in bed, right after Ryoga forced open Ranma's shirt. Ranma himself assumed this was the case. Because while Ryoga was only checking to see if Ranma had a weird mark, our lovesick hero was merely waiting for the love-making to begin.
  • Yuugen Kaisha has a scene like this, in incident file 03. Detective Karino drops by Nagasuki's office to question him, not knowing things were heating up between Nagasuki and his secretary! So when he opens the door, he gets an eyefull, though the audience doesn't get to see anything.
  • In Cross Ange, Riza Randog serving as Julio_Asuka_Misurugi's confidant but as a weird Parental Substitute for his mother. However that stops little from having a tryst with him and drugging him to obey her. While in the middle of having sex with her thrall, Julio's sister sees them, forcing Riza to drug her to keep her silent.
  • Dances with the Dragons has this with Gayus and his girlfriend Jivunya, it seems like every time they get to spend some time in each other's arms they are interrupted by something that calls Gayus back to work.
  • Kyochuu Rettou, has Kamijo Atsushi and Suzuki Kayo are doing in amidst a forest infested with giant insects. However the smoke around their love nest wards them away, however they get distracted when they don't feed the fire and end up getting impregnated by gadflies.
  • Hore Shou no Half-san has an example of this when the protagonist and lover are having relations by a hot spring, they get an unexpected visit when someone comes along. It turns out to be the protagonist's colleague, who the former thought to always be a male but turns out to be female in a weird Gender Reveal.
  • Hazure Skill "Kage ga Usui" o Motsu Guild Shokuin ga, Jitsuha Densetsu no Ansatsusha, Roland a legendary assassin and his pet Demon King get interrupted in their business when their young charge, a slave girl interrupts them. 



  • Running Joke in Shakespeare in Love.
  • In Cemetery Man, Francesco Dellamorte and his mystery woman make it on top of her husband's grave, at her request ("He would have liked to know.") Unfortunately, in this particular cemetery the dead are prone to rise seven days after burial - her husband digs his way out, catches them mid-act and promptly takes a bite out of his wife's arm, whereupon Francesco impales him with a cross.
  • In Hot Tub Time Machine Adam, Nick and Jacob walk in on Lou having sex with Adam's sister, meaning Jacob witnesses his own conception... sort of. When he tries to attack Lou, he disappears. Coitus Uninterruptus has to ensue to ensure Jacob lives.
  • Running Joke in in Going the Distance too — from Dan DJ'ing Erin and Garrett's first hook-up, to her sister walking in on them having sex on her dinner table... and her husband eating a midnight snack to them walking in on her sister and her husband dry-humping.
  • In the Japanese movie The Eel, the protagonist finds his wife having intercourse with another man and kills him right then. He spends eight years in prison; his life right after release is the actual story.
  • Happens in the British film Sir Henry At Rawlinson End when in a flashback Seth Onetooth finds his wife Rosie carrying on with Henry's brother Humbert in the bushes. This leads to Humbert "accidentally" getting shot by Henry, and explains why his ghost cannot rest until it has found trousers.
  • In The Secret of My Success, Brantley (Michael J. Fox) ends up having an affair with his boss's wife who turns out to be his aunt!, Vera. When she comes to his office, looking for seconds, they get busted when her husband shows up unexpectedly, to talk to him.
  • In Schindler's List, Schindler is having sex with his mistress, when he's informed that his accountant, Stern, has been mistakenly put on the train that takes Jews to the death camps. Schindler manages to save him just in time.
  • In Make the Yuletide Gay, Gunn and Nathan are in Gunn's room stripping down to have some fun time, when Gunn's mom comes in to make sure the boys have enough sheets for their beds.
  • Friends With Benefits has Jamie's mom walking in on Dylan and Jamie in the middle of the act.
  • In D.E.B.S., Amy and Lucy's relationship is exposed when the other members of D.E.B.S. burst in on them in bed together.
  • Animal Attraction: Carnal Desires (1999), Mick a masseuse in order to get more money has sex with his clients. One took many times Mick is interrupted by a knock at the door by his boss or co-worker. Mick later finally admits his feels to his roommate Kate, and the two make love in a room at work and fall briefly asleep bent over, only with a knock at the door to alert them like scared deer. Mick then gets in trouble when he has sex with a old flame, Katherine only for her lover and Mick's potential investor finding her straddled on him.
  • Hollywood's Hidden Lives (2001), one of the protagonists coming back from shopping catches her boyfriend having an affair with another woman.
  • The Sex Substitute 2, Nick house-sitting for a client is caught by the owner in the middle of having a second round with a woman. After being kicked out he goes to crash at his friend's place. There he runs into a situation of interrupting Drake having sex for money with a client.
  • Model Solution has a owner of a struggling modeling agency having sex with his photographer only to be interrupted by his father.


  • Captain Armand Pahner walks in on two of his sergeants (Eva and Julian) in the Prince Roger series.
    • Additionally Julian deliberately arranges for this to happen to Roger and Despreaux on multiple occasions. By monitoring the biometrics in her combat suit (specifically pulse and blood pressure) he can tell when they are arguing and when they... aren't.
  • A large portion of the drama in A Song of Ice and Fire is sparked by Bran seeing Cersei and Jamie Lannister having sex.
  • There is a moment in Pierre Boulle's Planet of the Apes, where Ulysse and Nova are alone in bed with one another, but before they could go any further gorilla beaters create a din shocking them from their intimacy as they focus on running from being hunted.
  • Alan in The Silk and the Song by Charles Louis Fontenay, experience this when he was caught with a girl by the stream by his Hussir masters.

Live Action TV

  • Abby has to hide under Brody's bed when her drunk brother Richie turns up for a midnight visit in Against the Wall.
  • Lip Service, in the fourth episode when the interruptor turns out to be the husband of one of the women who is hoping to watch the two of them have sex.
  • Running gag in Six Feet Under. Nate and Brenda get interrupted twice, first by Brenda's brother, then Nate's mom.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • The last scene of episode one. With horrific and long-reaching consequences.
    • Played for Laughs when Jamie Lannister walks in on his brother at brothel in Winterfell and tells him to hurry up, then proceeds to send in more prostitutes in order to hurry him up.
  • Played for Laughs in a The Big Bang Theory episode. Leonard was sleeping with a girl named Joyce Kim and was having sex with her when Sheldon decided to interrupt by knocking on the door. Leonard was thinking of ignoring him, but Sheldon knew he was being ignored. Sheldon then came in to remind Leonard of their Roommate Agreement. Due to its terms, Joyce decided to leave.
    • This was actually a good thing for Leonard. She was a North Korean agent trying to get information about a project he was working for. He even admits Sheldon probably saved him from going to federal prison. Again, Played for Laughs, but still.
  • Friends has Monica forced to hide under the sheets and Chandler pretending to have A Date with Rosie Palms when Joey walks in on the two of them in London.
  • An episode of Veronica Mars has an (adult) hacker's relationship with a student (minor) at the school being exposed by Veronica and her camera. She even says "It's satisfying to be the interruptus in somebody else's coitus."
  • Combat Hospital has Graham interrupting Simon and Rebecca at the undressing-and-foreplay stage with some pretty serious news for Simon. Rebecca hides, then slips out the back.
  • Boy Meets World had a comically extreme example: Cory and Topanga are about to consumate their marriage when the police burst to the hotel suite in and arrest them (because they inadvertently stole someone else's wedding thanks to Eric).
  • Chuck has Chuck and Sarah on the run in order to find Chuck's father, and finally look like they will resolve all that sexual tension after sharing a bed at a motel, only to have Casey track them down and arrest them as they are in the midst of some serious heavy petting.
  • Rookie Blue has Sam and Andy being interrupted by Sam's boss. Since he is undercover and working for a very nasty drug dealer, this is quite serious and is Played for Drama.
  • Two Broke Girls: How Max finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her in the pilot.
  • South of Nowhere: How Spencer's family learned that Spencer was gay.
  • In Torchwood, Gwen walks in on Jack and Ianto right in the middle of a make-out session in the office.
  • In the Babylon 5 Grand Finale, Emperor Vir Cotto is interrupted while in bed with two women. This is initially played for laughs, but quickly shifts to drama as he realizes that the visiting Ranger is delivering the news that Sheridan is about to die.
  • Modern Family's "Caught in the Act" episode during the second season. All three Dunphy children walk in on their parents.
  • Las Vegas when Danny meets Delinda and has sex with her until her father comes with a scowl on his face.
  • Wrecked: Todd Hinkle apparently had an affair with a woman in a gated community. However her husband came home, Todd in bed with the woman had to make a break for it out the window.



 Swingin' so hard

We forgot to lock the door!

In walks her daddy

Standin' six foot four!

He said "you ain't gonna swing

With my daughter no more"!

  • Tone Loc's Wild Thing has the same thing happen (in this case the girl's mother interrupts them), but with more benign results:

 I didn't know what to say; I was hanging by a string

She said "Hey, you two, I was once like you and I like(d?) to do the Wild Thing."



  • In Ménage à 3, this is a Running Gag. Nearly every time Matt has sex, no matter with whom, someone walks in and interrupts him.
  • In Misfile Ash and Emily end up walking in on Kate and Harry having sex. Oddly enough Kate is only mildly embarrassed and glad that it was at least someone she knew. Ash on the other hand looks like she could use a jug of Brain Bleach.

Western Animation

  • On Archer Lana dumps Cyril after walking in on him having sex with Framboise from ODIN.
  • Happens to Homer and Marge frequently on The Simpsons, resulting in a few Primal Scenes.