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Film - Animated

  • A Bugs Life: Manny, a preying mantis, is married to a gypsy moth named Gypsy — a wise choice when you keep in mind what would happen if he hooked up with a female of his own species.
  • Though no interspecies couples appear in either Ice Age movie, Ellie is quicker to conclude that Manny is "part possum" than that she is not a possum at all. Manny is bemused and Crash and Eddy are dismissive ("You wish [you were part possum]"), but no real indication is made that such a thing is unheard of.
    • It's also interesting that when Eddy worries that they'll have to repopulate the Earth, Crash points out that if their group makes up the last of the living creatures, "everyone left is either a dude or [their] sister." No mention is made of the various species that make up the small group.
    • Also from the Ice Age films, Scrat and Scratte, although superficially similar, probably aren't of the same species: she's a flying squirrel and he's not (and is surprised to discover she is one). Possibly the writers Did Not Do the Research and didn't know that flying and non-flying squirrels are only distantly related. Or they did it for the lulz like they did with everything else in the movies.
    • Mama T. rex and Sid the Sloth. They each try to raise the babies in their own way, Mama brings Sid into the warm cave for the night, and later risks her life to rescue him from Rudy the albino Baryonyx.
  • Shrek starts out with Shrek and Fiona as ogre and human, and even after she becomes an ogre, too, we've still got a donkey/dragon romance, complete with mutant babies!
    • Not to mention that, as revealed in Shrek 2, Fiona's own father is the original Frog Prince, which might explain her dual physical nature.
    • And don't forget the crazy Donkey-Dragon hybrids.
  • In Bolt, thanks to a Relationship Writing Fumble, it can appear that Bolt and Mittens' relationship is this.
  • A rather painful aversion in Disney's The Sword in the Stone: Wart (Arthur) gets turned into a squirrel temporarily by Merlin's magic, and a big-eyed girl squirrel falls for him, instantly turning into a Stalker with a Crush. Though annoying, she is terribly upset when Wart turns back into a human, and he apologizes, "If you could only understand," while she, not comprehending a word, runs away and cries. The scene fades with the poor squirrel sobbing her little rodent heart out, which seems to be the (for kids!) movie's only commentary on romantic relationships.
  • Over the Hedge has Stella the skunk and Tiger the Persian cat, who conveniently has no sense of smell.
  • In The Secret of Kells, there are a few sparks between Brendan (human) and Aisling (a fairy whose alt form is a giant white wolf.)
  • Megamind: Roxanne and Megamind eventually end up in a relationship together. Although nobody really makes a big deal of it, he is an alien. She was also rumored to have an affair with Metro Man, a Human Alien; (he is actually "not her type).
  • Kung Fu Panda seems to be going this direction with Po and Tigress judging from the second film.
    • The TV series also had a duck and a pig.
      • There's also a female goat that flirts with Po all the time.
  • In The Adventures of Tintin, Captain Haddock tells Tintin that one of the people in the bunk (the one sleeping with a rat) was accused for animal husbandry.

Film - Live Action

  • Species pretty much opened and closed with this trope.
  • Bicentennial Man: Andrew (robot) and Portia (human).
    • Although by the end of the film they're on more-or-less equal ground: Him, a mostly-human-robot, her, a mostly-robotic-human.
  • Tron: Legacy has an interesting example of this trope. While there's no sex and barely any kissing, it's quite clear that Sam Flynn (human) and Quorra (ISO) fell in love with each other in the second half of the film. What woke up Kevin from his meditation on the Solar Sailer? A conversation between the two about sunrises and Quorra's beauty. Kevin smiles, because they found love in the least likely place.
    • Things could actually go pretty well, since Quorra became flesh and blood at the end, thus being a sub-trope of Robo Ship has been averted. It was actually quite refreshing to see that in spite of all this, they kept things so subtle that they avoided what could have easily gotten the characters Strangled by the Red String. Since it was pretty obvious what the audience would be thinking by that point, the writers knew better than to throw it in their faces.
  • Cool World: "'Noids do not have sex with Doodles." But Holli Would if Holli Could... and Holli Does.
    • An secondary example comes from the cop Frank (Noid) who's girlfriend is Lonette (Doodle) a Cool World waitress. Because of the law they can't consummate the relationship, which causes them both no small amount of torment.
  • A subversion from Earth Girls Are Easy: as the alien Mac calmly takes off his clothes, preparing to have the human Valerie, she keeps rambling on, trying half-heartedly to talk herself out of doing it. At one point she says "Maybe we're not even compatible..." (glances over...) "...OK, we're compatible.."
  • The hippo/crocodile romance in Fantasia.
  • In Fritz the Cat, Fritz's girlfriend, Winston, is a fox.
  • In Galaxy Quest, human Fred Kwan hooks up with tentacled alien Laliari and poor Guy Fleegman is there to witness it.

 Guy: Oh, that's not right!

  • Definitely present, albeit unconsummated and one-sided, in King Kong. Peter Jackson's remake made it more of a mutual platonic crush on both sides.
  • A certain amount of fanon speculates that, despite appearing to be the same species, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala weren't, and that Padme aged much more slowly than Anakin did. That's what happens when you swap the ten year old kid for a guy a year older than the actress and try to pass him off as being the same person.
    • That might be explainable with the Star Wars idea of "near-human" species, those whose genetic linage started from baseline humans but branched out due to conditions and cultural differences on the various worlds they settled. Echani, Zeltrons, and about a dozen other "near-human" species are accounted for.
  • Tank Girl — Human/Mutant-kangaroo-that-was-formerly-a-dog.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: Roger and Jessica, who is a Rabbit by marriage only. Also, it's pretty clear that Eddie Valiant wasn't expecting her to literally be playing patty-cake with Mr. Acme. Does human/toon romance count as this trope if the toon is human(oid)? There's also apparently at least one other instance which doesn't appear onscreen; Doom tells the weasels that they'll Die Laughing "just like your idiot hyena cousins".
  • In District 9, the government issues the false story that Wikus had sex with a Prawn as a way of explaining his Body Horror.
  • City of Angels has Seth (angel), and Maggie (human). It doesn't end well.
  • Men in Black II hinted at this between Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and an alien princess sometime in the past. Jay fell hard for a woman who also turned out to be a Human Alien, although she left Earth before it got very far.
    • Interestingly, it's implied the said Human Alien was Kay's daughter with the aforementioned alien princess (or at least that's how this troper always interpreted it)
  • The core plotline of James Cameron's Avatar, with a human falling for an alien woman while manipulating a half-human, half-alien body, the title avatar.
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask) had a romance between Gene Wilder and a sheep.
  • The remake of Planet of the Apes has Leo, a human, and Ari, an evolved/advanced Chimpanzee.
  • Cannibal! The Musical: "My pa was an elephant/But that's irrelevant/My ma was an Eskimo!"
  • The Underworld franchise has two interspecies romances as major plot points, the first (chronologiocally) being between lycan Lucian and vampire Sonja (which produced a lycan-vampire hybrid that unfortunately never got to be born), the second being between vampire soldier Selene and vampire-lycan hybrid Michael (although his hybrid nature was brought about by mingling virueses, not through sexual reproduction; he was born human). Selene's falling for Michael also makes her a Capulet Counterpart.
    • Interestingly enough, the Fantastic Racism in this franchise is fairly well explored and deconstructed, particularly considering that both vampires and lycans are essentially mutated humans (due to a inheritable blood disease). The fact that a hybrid between the two races results in a creature that has the power to annihilate them both if it so chooses becomes an - if not the - major revolving plot point for the series.
  • Howard the Duck features a romance between Howard (a male anthropomorphic duck from another dimension) and Beverly (a female human from what is supposed to be our world).
  • Played with in The Muppets Take Manhattan (apart from the traditional Kermit/Piggy Official Couple). Masterson Rat, waiting tables at a restaurant, asks Brooke Shields if she believes in Interspecies Dating. She doesn't make the situation any better with her reply of, "I've dated a few rats before, if that's what you mean."
  • The plot of What Planet Are You From? involves an advanced human-like alien played by Garry Shandling assigned to mate and impregnate a woman then bring the baby to his planet. His planet's people are emotionless, reproduce by cloning, and their erect penis makes a mechanical noise.
  • Prominent in the Pirates of the Caribbean series:
    • Davy Jones and the goddess Calypso in the second and the third movie.
    • Philip (human) and Syrena (mermaid) from On Stranger Tides.
  • Coneheads has the daughter Connie dating Chris Farley's character. The SNL cartoon also had her with a boyfriend.
  • Nagisa Oshima's Max, Mon Amour deals with a love triangle between a British diplomat, his French wife, and a chimpanzee.
  • In Michael, it is implied that John Travolta's eponymous archangel character has sex with human Anita.
  • In The Fearless Four, there's a bit of Ship Tease between Gwen (a cat) and Buster (a dog). The last song of the movie even starts as a duet between them.
  • "Hey! That's "Interspecies Erotica", fucko!"
  • In Star Trek half-human, half-Vulcan Spock is in a relationship with human Uhura. And of course there's his parents.
  • The Wild has Bridget, a giraffe and Benny, a squirrel.
  • The Jungledyret Hugo series of Danish animated films center around Rita (a fox), Hugo, (a koala-like animal of unknown species), and their blossoming love for each other.
  • In Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Megamax Gentarou Kisaragi, the aforementioned Fourze, falls in love with a alien substance known as SOLU that has taken up the form of high schooler Nadeshiko Misaki. And becomes a Kamen Rider, too, doubling as a Battle Couple!