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Intertwined Fingers is a particular way of Holding Hands that indicates a more than close relationship between two people. This is commonly done by lovers, or whenever a creator wants to indicate a pair are more than friends without going out and saying it.

This is in particular, a staple of lesbian related works and scenes. Intertwined fingers can often indicate lesbian relationships without getting explicit (e.g. by kissing). In fact, see the Girls Love and Schoolgirl Lesbians articles for two other good illustrations of this trope.

Boys Love comics and other forms of Yaoi will also occasionally use this trope, often as a subtle Ho Yay or Discretion Shot to turn their relationship up a notch.

Has absolutely nothing to do with Clasp Your Hands If You Deceive or Fingore--probably.

Examples of Intertwined Fingers include:

Anime and Manga

Fan Works


  • Corky and Violet's final scene together in Bound — an especially nice touch considering what other things happened to fingers in that movie.
  • Mathesar sees Laliari and Fred doing this towards the end of Galaxy Quest, and realizes she intends to return to Earth with the humans.
  • In High School Musical, this can be interpreted as the moment of the Relationship Upgrade between Troy and Gabriella.
  • Used in the scene where Eli crawls into Oskar's bed in Let the Right One In. It's probably for the best that that's where the focus is, as Eli's naked and bloody, Oskar sleeps in his underwear, and both are 12 years old. Nevertheless, the scene is painfully sweet.
  • The first part of Hou Hsiao-hsien's art-house movie Three Times ends on a close-up of the boy and the girl holding hands that way. It's a very heartwarming moment.
  • In the trailer for Satan's Alley, it showed Kirk and Tobey Maguire's characters standing there with their fingers intertwine showing their commitment towards each others.
  • In En kärlekshistoria (A Swedish Love Story), young teenage lovers Per and Annika walk through the woods holding hands with their fingers interlinked, swinging their hands between them. It's very natural and touching, like the rest of their love scenes.


  • Anne and Diana do this when making their vow of friendship in Anne of Green Gables.
  • In #8 of the Animorphs series, Ax makes a point of noting Cassie and Jake doing this in his observations of human culture.
  • Tavi and Kitai do this on occasion in Codex Alera.

Live Action TV

  • This is a well-used trope in most Korean Drama, as a showing of romantic feelings.
  • Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer hold hands this way as part of Les Yay Subtext before their Relationship Reveal.
    • Brutally subverted in "Tough Love". Tara has had a fight with Willow and is sitting alone on a bench when a women entwines fingers with hers. Tara turns with a big smile...only to find herself facing Glory who proceeds to torture her for information by crushing Tara's fingers until they bleed.
    • Buffy and Spike do this in Chosen, right before the Hellmouth collapses and Spike is killed.
  • Ditto for Brittany and Santana, though they prefer linking pinkies. Though, they do intertwine fingers in "Hold On To Sixteen".
  • In Doctor Who, the Doctor and Rose do this all. the. time.
  • A heartbreaking one in an episode of Farscape, where John and Aeryn do this across one of Moya's grates as they're about to be separated from each other.
  • Heroes: Claire recently told Gretchen she wants to hold her hand.
  • The L Word uses this all the time, even focusing directly on it during lovemaking scenes. Of course, one would speculate that hands are of larger significance in lesbian sex, given that women tend to be much more tactile than men and have slightly fewer useful appendages. Plus, it gives the camera something to look at that might get past the radar.
  • Torchwood has Captain Jack Harkness and the real Captain Jack Harkness intertwine fingers in "Captain Jack Harkness".
  • A very sweet one in Voyager, when Janeway and Chakotay realise that they have no choice but to spend the rest of their lives together. Chakotay gets there quicker than Janeway, and tells her an "ancient legend" about an angry warrior who only ever finds peace after being forced to work with a wise and beautiful female warrior. Janeway finally gets it, and the resulting hand grasp is just about the most heartwarming thing ever.

 Janeway: Is that really an ancient legend?

Chakotay: No...but that made it easier to say.




  • This is an important moment in We Will Rock You when Scaramouche and Galileo end up holding hands like this during 'Who Wants To Live Forever' and they realise that actually they've been falling in love since they first met.

Video Game

  • Used as part of the Yukari and Yuyuko's fairly Les Yay combination save in Touhou Soccer. Similarly used with the guys Rinnosuke and Ehrlich with their combination attack which is made even more homoerotic.
  • In Super Robot Wars, Princess Shine and Latooni also do this as the finale to the Royal Heart Breaker, in the same way as the above.
  • Used in Xenosaga between Shion and KOS-MOS before they are forced to separate by the plot, most likely for thousands of years.
  • Fang and Vanille do this at the end of the game, when both of them are in crystal stasis.

Visual Novels


 Takako: Wawawah, o-our fingers...our fingers are intertwined!

Runa: This is how lovers are supposed to hold hands.

  • Used in Shizune's route in Katawa Shoujo to help show the relationship between three characters. In one picture Hisao holds hands with both Shizune and Misha. He's very close to both, but the difference between the relationships is made apparent by how his fingers are intertwined with the former, but not with the latter.
    • Shizune is deafmute, and she speaks through either sign language (tyranslated by Misha) or written notes. Hands and touch are quite a them for her romance route in general.

Western Animation

  • Mentioned in the As Told by Ginger episode "Stealing First", as the popular girls ask Ginger how far she has gone with a boy. She held hands once, but since it was "hands cupped" rather than "fingers interlocked", it counts for less.
  • WALL-E, as a plot point, no less.

Web Comics

  • Happens between Jordi and Jeremy in this page of Cuanta Vida, right before Jeremy confesses to Jordi that he's in love with him.

Web Original

  • Seems to be a regular occurrence in Under the Van Gogh, at least in the early acts.
  • Mille and Iriana in Ilivais X do this all the time. They have a joined scar/ Red String of Fate on their pinkies, so they keep those joined while all the rest intertwine. It's notable that this particular hold is a symbol for their relationship as a whole- it wants to fit, and it should fit, but it's definitely strained and it takes a bit of awkward fidgeting to get it right. Go on. Try it.