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A webcomic done with LEGO figures and roleplaying miniatures, by David Morgan-Mar, an Australian physicist, who also perpetrates Darths and Droids. Yes, he's One of Us. No need to run.

Full of deliberately bad puns and surprisingly erudite references; one can learn a great deal just by reading the annotations. Despite the name it was updated daily. As of strip #3198 on October 29th 2011 the comic is now finished, although weekly annotations will continue. It is also re-running its entire archive, adding a re-run annotation to each strip.

Covers a number of ongoing motifs and topics, including:

  • Fantasy: A group of roleplayers guide their party through a quest that tips the hat to Tolkien... before laughing at him.
  • Space: A Space Opera gone bad. Very, very bad. Like Fantasy, also intended to be chronicling the events of an RPG, rather than directly telling a story. With one of the same players, no less. They transpose rather neatly.
  • Myth Busters: Adam and Jamie test somewhat more unusual myths than normal (this one crosses over with the Death one, below, a LOT).
  • Steve and Terry: The adventures of a crocodile hunter (no, not THAT one), his long-suffering wife Terry, Dame Jane Goodall, and Cthulhu.
  • Nigerian Finance Minister: The source of all those spam e-mails and his quest to raise money. Funnier than it sounds.
  • William Shakespeare: Shakespeare is a Fanfic-writing office worker.
  • Cliffhangers: an Indiana Jones spoof. In a few early strips, this is also an RPG campaign.
  • Espionage: a spoof of James Bond, this time directly following the plot of the movies and with very few crossovers with other themes. Currently on From Russia with Love.
  • Imperial Rome: Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Scientific Revolution: An excuse for DMM to write heartfelt annotations about Newton, Halley, Pascal, Pasteur, Linnaeus and their contemporaries.
  • Martians: The attempts of a group of Martians to take over the world, and their encounters with an Ordinary College Student and overly zealous government agent.
  • Pirates: Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Supers: A hand-drawn theme featuring the adventures of some superhero RPG characters. Hasn't been done in a while as DMM doesn't draw those strips himself and the artist who did could only draw them in his spare time.
  • Me: the ongoing adventures of the comic's author. Who was dead for a long time. Specifically, murdered by himself from the future. He then went on the run from death, but now is on a mission to kill his past self....
  • Star Wars and Harry Potter parodies. The former isn't done much anymore, likely to leave some jokes for Darths and Droids, while the latter is often part of Shakespeare's fanfics.

The themes Crossover very, very often in combinations you would not expect.

Death is common in all the themes and has its own theme as well. There is not just one Death, but Deaths for different causes, who get moved around depending on job performance. One, Death Of Being Wrestled To Death By Steve, got wrestled to death by Steve. Twice. The favorite death is Insanely Overpowered Fireballs, who has been demoted and re-promoted several times.

Can be found here

There is an accompanying podcast (Irregular Podcast!), which does original material. Number #13 is particularly funny for tropers.

Irregular Webcomic! provides examples of:


 Head Death: Alright, who destroyed the universe?

  1. Using strip count as a metric. He notes his strip-a-day schedule means his count increases more than twice as fast as the popular Monday-Wednesday-Friday pattern.