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 "The universe considers me its personal cat toy. Do you have ANY idea what it's like to go through life covered in cosmic cat spit?" — JMS in IRC, 1/22/97


Go-to man for awesome, funny, epic stories. Give him something stupid and he'll somehow turn it into something special.

Aaaand then he somehow got to do something entirely of his own creation... this little show called Babylon 5. You may have heard of it.

Afterward, he attempted to continue spreading the joy with high-concept shows like Crusade and Jeremiah - but the networks had by then decided that he was an enemy, and have since taken special care to screw with him.

He then started writing for comic books, and has had somewhat more success, most notably Bullet Points, his run on Spider-Man (which included the famous 9/11 issue and One More Day), Midnight Nation, Rising Stars, Silver Surfer: Requiem, and Supreme Power. More recently, he wrote the screenplay for the Clint Eastwood-directed, Angelina Jolie-starring Changeling, and his current projects include writing a script for a Lensman movie, the remake of Forbidden Planet, and at least one pass at a World War Z treatment. Recently got handed the writing reins of a revival of one of Marvel's primary series, The Mighty Thor, as a lead-in to the next Crisis Crossover. He even got to write for the Thor movie, even managing a cameo (he's the first guy to find Mjolnir and try to lift it). Truly an Ascended Fanboy. He also wrote Underworld: Awakening, the fourth installment of that series.

His first name is Joseph and friends call him Joe, but he has stated that "Joe Straczynski" is a name that would "frighten cats." Professionally, he goes by J. Michael so as to allow people to work up to the "Straczynski." First word: one letter, easy; second word: Michael, two syllables but familiar enough; then...the leap. Fans generally know and refer to him just by his initials, which is how he signs his emails and Usenet posts.

He had been working working for DC Comics, having written The Brave and the Bold, Superman and Wonder Woman, although he recently left the last two titles to write more Earth-1 graphic novels. He was also among the writers working on DC's Watchmen prequels, Before Watchmen.

In 2021, JMS announced that a reboot of Babylon 5 had been greenlit, to be shown on The CW. The goal of the new series is to create the series as if it was brand new, using what he's learned over the years and making use of the technology that's been developed since the original series.

Shares a birthday with David Hasselhoff and Phyllis Diller.