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Professional Purveyor the Award Bait Song. Wrote the score for numerous films, working alongside James Cameron for three of his most successful films. He composed the scores for many family and Animated Films before his breakthrough moment scoring Titanic

Most of his work tends to incorporate the use of the Ethereal Choir and Celtic instruments, as well as synth sounds.

Known somewhat less fondly for reusing his music from previous films. Also along these lines, he has a habit of directly quoting themes and motives from 20th century Russian masters.

Some of his scores include (reverse chronological order)

Works for television include

  • Amazing Stories ("Alamo Jobe")
  • Fish Police - yes, believe it or not he composed one of his few TV themes for this short-lived cartoon (he also scored the pilot).
  • CBS Evening News With Katie Couric (yep, that was him)