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Sense and Sensibility

  • Since Edward Ferrars has essentially become a Runaway Fiance, his mother simply plans for his intended, Miss Morton, to possibly marry his brother Robert instead. The CMoF comes from John Dashwood's incredulous reaction to Elinor wondering if Miss Morton gets a say in this.
  • Robert Ferrars and his toothpick case!
  • Who is taller — Harry Dashwood or William Middleton? The world must know!

Pride and Prejudice

  • The scene at Netherfield where Mr. Darcy is trying to write a letter to his sister and his Clingy Jealous Girl Caroline Bingley constantly interrupts him to compliment his handwriting, the evenness of his lines, observe how fast he writes, or add her own message to his sister... while remaining completely oblivious to her target's determination to ignore her as best as he can!
  • There's also the scene where Mr. Collins proposes and accepts Elizabeth's answers without her responding. She tries to turn him down gently, but he's not worried. He's heard that some women turn down proposals they plan on accepting. Sometimes even three times. It takes quite a while for her to convince him she's not going to marry him.
  • This is followed by a scene where Mrs. Bennet insists her husband demand Elizabeth accept Mr. Collins' suit, because if she doesn't Mrs. Bennet will never speak to her again. Mr. Bennet summons Lizzy, and sets forth this predicament: "Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr. Collins, and I will never see you again if you do."
  • While we're on the subject of Pride and Prejudice, there is a parody called Pride and Prejudice And Zombies...

Mansfield Park

  • Tom Bertram's means of escape from playing cards with his aunt and mother.


  • Emma feels the Coles have been getting too confident lately, considering themselves on equal footing with the first families in town. She finally feels they've crossed the line when she hears of their plans to host a party, and she cannot stand the thought of being insulted with the expectation she would attend, so she plans to put them in their place by refusing their invitation. Well, the invitations go out... and she doesn't get one. [1]

Northanger Abbey

  • Catherine Morland's encounter with the cabinet. Explaining the sequence really wouldn't do it justice, as Austen's Affectionate Parody of breathlessly intense Gothic novel narration is essential to the humor.
  • The scenes where John Thorpe and James Morland brag about their cars horses and carriages.
  • It's actually hard to pick a Crowning Moment from the Conversational Troping-style narration.
  1. Yes, she eventually gets one later, but that does not detract from the preceding comedy over her initial reaction.