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Need a Badass with an authentic French accent? Call for Jean Reno!

Appearing as that French tough guy in a number of American films (e.g Godzilla, Ronin, Mission Impossible) he also appears in many European films (Leon, La Femme Nikita et Les Visiteurs), as well as Onimusha 3: Demon Siege as Jacques Blanc.

He's in the French dub of The Lion King as Mufasa, and of Atlantis: The Lost Empire as Enzo. He's also the French voice of the titular character in Porco Rosso.

Also, he is Doraemon!!! No, seriously.

Oh, he was actually born in Morocco, before its independence from Spain, and only moved to France when he was seventeen. YMMV but the fact that his name is Juan (in french, Jean) Moreno (cut the first syllable and you have his artistic name) Herrera-Jimenez can make him a Badass Spaniard. (Of course, he can also play other nationalities in a pinch.)

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