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A character actor who has attracted distinct fandoms for his work in three separate franchises.

He starred in Re-Animator and its sequels as H.P. Lovecraft's Mad Scientist Anti-Hero Herbert West. Combs also appeared in Re-Animator's companion piece, From Beyond, and in many lesser Lovecraftian projects of varying quality. He's also known for portraying Edgar Allan Poe in Television films such as The Black Cat.

He's had numerous roles in Star Trek, most notably Weyoun (several times over) in DS9 and Shran in Enterprise. He also plays the Ferengi Brunt in DS9 as well as several one-shot roles throughout the series.

He lends his voice to The Question in the DCAU, prortayed as a nervous-brilliant Conspiracy Theorist in Justice League Unlimited. Combs also voiced the new and improved Scarecrow.

He's currently voicing Ratchet on Transformers Prime and The Leader in Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes.

Combs is particularly recognised for his distinctively creepy voice, which has led him to an increasing amount of work in animation over the last decade. The ironic thing? That's not his real voice. Watch any interview with Combs and you'll hear that his natural speaking voice sounds nothing like the idiosyncratic intonation and slimy tone of his "acting voice" that he uses in every single role, regardless of whether he's playing an intentionally creepy character or even a heroic badass. That's right, Jeffrey Combs has been vocally typecast.