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File:Jennifer hale.jpg

"I was chasing my horse one time, we were playing, this sounds crazy, but we were playing tag in this arena and I'm chasing him around and it was a really deep, sandy arena, and I tripped, and I just did a full-on faceplant, and was like "PLUAAEH", you know, one of those things? And as I go down, and I get the wind knocked out of me, I'm thinking "oh, I gotta remember that sound...""


Samus is actually female, and her name is Jennifer Hale. Also known as "Queen of Hey, It's That Voice!".

Hale is a prolific Canadian-born American actress and singer best known for her voice over work in video games and appearances in numerous animated series. With 129 apperances, she was recently given the title of Most Prolific Voice Actor in Video Games by Guinness World Records. No one was surprised. See the list below for details.

Among her 'lesser' works include the Quest for Glory IV as Katrina and Felicity Hardy/The Black Cat from Spider-Man.

Notable roles from Jennifer Hale:

Anime and Manga

  • One of the bad guys in Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel.

Video Games

Western Animation

Live Action TV

Tropes relating to Jennifer Hale

There's certainly a pattern to find here. With some characters, you even get surprised to not hear Jennifer Hale when they speak for the first time--


OW! It wasn't supposed to be a bad thing, really!