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File:Jessica alba II 7169.jpg

Jessica Marie Alba, born April 28, 1981, started out playing in a few independent films and a couple of seasons of Flipper. Then she grew up and starred in Dark Angel. And then she played a stripper in Sin City, and Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four, and wore a bikini in Into the Blue. She has a personal code about never appearing nude. At least not completely.

Over time it's come to light that she dislikes most of her CV. She thought Good Luck Chuck was borderline pornographic, The Killer Inside Me was gratuitously violent (she's stated she doesn't want her daughters to see it), and hated working on the Fantastic Four movies so much that she almost quit acting.

Although she appeals a bit too much to males to have any chick flicks in the foreseeable future, Valentines Day notwithstanding and she barely appears in this one (see also Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox[1]), she has almost certainly won some female fans by not hiding how difficult it was for her to get back in shape after having her daughters Honor and Haven. Has been married to their father Cash Warren since 2008.

She also tweets pretty often.

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Her Films Include:

  1. although they're in He's Just Not That Into You and Friends With Kids respectively, they're not so much the main characters as each film's Ms. Fanservice
  2. She's [ 13% Native American, 87% European.