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A website created in 1999 featuring satirical music videos animated using cut-outs of photographs. The site attained fame in 2004 when its video "This Land", which featured then-president George W. Bush and John Kerry, became a huge viral hit. Since then, they have released at least one current-events parody a year in the same style.

Their cartoons can be viewed here.

This site contains examples of


 We finally took out bin Laden.

Japan had one hell of a year. (A year!)

There were riots in Britain: "All rotten!"

Harold Camping: The Rapture!

2012 "Seers": Not yet, but it's near. (Next year!)


 The S&P blew up our rating.

The jobs market stayed in a slump. (A slump!)

The debt ceiling had us debating,

While Weiner just tweeted his junk.

    • Another verse:

 There were Occupy Wall Street protesters,

And folks who will surely be missed.

    • And here's one more verse:

 Quakes! Crimes! New signs!


 Santa: I'm running out of dough,

The bills ain't getting paid.

[camera cuts to Santa in bed with Ma Claus] I can't remember when,

The last time I got... [[[Beat]], camera cuts back to Santa grabbing dollar bills] paid!


 Baby Year 2008: Barrack [sic] defeated Johnny

So long to the far-right.

Now McCain has many houses,

But none of them are...

White men got passed over,

From Wasilla she was plucked;

When the maverick tapped a hockey mom

The press said, "What the..."

Truck bombs in Islamabad;

Bill Gates up and quit.

Putin stuck his chest out,

Told the Georgians to eat...

Ships were seized by pirates,

Ike and Gustav hit,

Johnny's honey had a baby,

But he said it wasn't...

HIIIIISSS-tory's now littered

With more famines, floods and wars.

If there's one thing I am grateful for,

It's that this job's now YOOOOUUUURS!