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Jimmy Two-Shoes: Maybe those conservatives are on to something...

Jimmy and Beezy

  • Let's start with by noting Heloise and Beezy's constant fights for Jimmy's friendship. Considering that Heloise's stake in it is a Yandere-level crush, you got to wonder what Beezy sees in him to fight as hard.
  • Then there's how Jimmy and Beezy frequently end up carrying the other or doing the Security Cling if they get scared of something.
  • In Matchmaker Jimmy, when Lucius tells Beezy he needs a date for an upcoming event, Beezy turns to Jimmy and asks him how he looks in a dress. Jimmy responds with "What kind of a dress?"
  • In Meet the Gnomans, both Jimmy and Beezy make each other dress up as girls and walk around Miseryville, even forcing Beezy to hit on another guy! Interestingly, Beezy seems most angry about the fact that his dress didn't match his shoes.
  • My Best Friend is a Weavil is thick with it. In the beginning, Beezy actually says can't take his eyes off of Jimmy. Then, in order to get his dad off his back, he pretends to be best friends with a weavil Lucius has trapped on a Far Side Island, whose reaction is so intense Beezy has to reming him that they're just friends. Said weavil immediatly becomes a Yandere-ish Stalker with a Crush with No Sense of Personal Space. When Jimmy falls for the act, he begins behaving very much like a dumped girlfriend.
  • In Panda-Monium, directly after being insanely Oblivious to Love from Heloise again, Jimmy kisses Beezy, nearly on the lips. Intentionally.

Lucius and Samy

  • In Jimmy, Don't Be A Hero, Lucius and Samy actually ended up dressing up in harem outfits to appease Jimmy in an I Owe You My Life situation. As it turns out, it's what Samy wanted.
  • Heck, Samy could give Smithers a run for his money. In Happy Birthday Lucius he becomes insanely and violently jealous that Jimmy got picked to speak for Lucius after he lost his voice.
  • The Big Date has Lucius answering his phone, thinking it's Jez, and starting the Sickeningly Sweethearts which a very happy Samy replies "Gee, sir, I'm flattered, but now's really not the time for pillow talk."
  • And in Ghostsmackers, they actually share a bed...well, Samy sleeps at the foot like a dog, but still.
  • In the short Help Me Heloise, Samy flat out out states that Lucius is a big part of his life, but he "barely knows I'm alive." Heloise sympathizes with him, then suggest advice which is really what she's going to try on Jimmy.

Jimmy and Lucius

  • The very first piece of Ho Yay recorded for this show was that Jimmy was reluctant to kiss Heloise in There's Always a Hiccup, but in another, he has no problems kissing Lucius.
    • Would that be Happy Birthday, Lucius, where Jimmy picks him up and repeatedly smooches Lucy's nose? And y'know, I think that affectionate 'Lucy' nickname might be something in itself...
  • From Jimmy, Don't Be a Hero, Lucius waking up to find Jimmy watching him sleep.

"(in a loud whisper) Best friends watch each other sleep!"

    • And all throughout that episode, Lucius keeps having nightmares about having to dress up as a harem girl and dance for Jimmy's entertainment...kayyyyy....
    • And then it actually happens. Jimmy does not complain. (Though this might qualify for Jimmy/Samy, since it was Samy's idea to do the dancing in the first place, and he's dancing happily.)

Lucius (as they're dancing): Are you sure this is what he wanted..?
Samy: Oh, he wanted. I thought you asked what I wanted to do...

  • Doesn't anybody notice that Lucius constantly needs Jimmy to save him whenever he's in danger?
    • Yeah, he even calls for him specifically, despite what a screw-up Jimmy is. There must be SOME reason he'd want Jimmy instead of the competent people who actually work for him (Molotov, Samy, Heloise..?). Whatchya hidin' there, Lucy?
    • Also Jimmy constantly tries helping Lucius in some episodes even when it's not needed.
  • In Spring Broke, Jimmy kisses Lucius to thank him for letting everyone have a spring break, and once again completely ignores Heloise, who pours it on rather thick in this episode. Lucius also doesn't complain about being kissed this time.


  • In Bus Driving BFF Jimmy apologizes to bus driver Chuck for accidentally causing his bus to get covered in egg yolk and calls him "pal". Chuck responds by getting very close to Jimmy's face and asking excitedly if he meant they're friends. Jimmy reluctantly agrees and Beezy is actually shown looking angry/(jealous?) at how downright possessive Chuck acts over Jimmy, what with Chuck monopolizing all of Jimmy's time, practically stalking him, and completely disregarding his personal space.
  • "Happy Birthday, Lucius" happens to include Jimmy-as-Lucy's-voice ordering two henchmen to hug, which they do shyly, but just when they're starting to really enjoy it, Lucy butts in angrily, as it wasn't really one of his orders.
  • Samy/Grugly Beast in Jimmy, Don't be a Hero. Twice it gets heart eyes at him, once it kisses him, and after Jimmy scares it away, Samy yells after it "Call me! We'll do dinner! *sigh* He's never gonna call..."
  • In I Married a Weavil, Beezy is supposed the marry the princess, but marries the princess' brother Tom instead, whom he ends up being much happier with. Tom seems like he was rather willing to go with the switch, too.
  • Heloise tries to make Jimmy jealous with Peep, but the two boys hit it off reeeeeally well when they actually start talking, and both forget Heloise entirely for a moment. Heloise then throws Peep from the boat before they can exclude her completely. Jimmy yells after him, "Call me!"