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Wild guesses from the minds of Jimmy Two-Shoes fans.

Jimmy is an (unwitting) agent of Heaven.

Jimmy's just a very upbeat young man from Heaven. He's been sent to a section of Purgatory (Miseryville) where the souls have stopped trying to be good to get into Heaven. His antics have since caused countless negative consequences for the evil actions of Lucius, whereas Beezy has been rewarded with friendship because he's nowhere near as evil as he could be. When Heloise does her job as Misery Inc. she is briefly amused by her work, but when she undermines Lucious to help Jimmy out she is rewarded with attention and affection from the man she loves. Jimmy probably doesn't realize that he's been sent on this rather dark mission because he's still having the time of his life.

  • If this is true, then that must mean that the Season 2 opening is actually a Flash Forward to the series finale, when Jimmy will realize who he is and will decide to his angelic powers to use.

Jimmy is an Archangel.

Alternatively, Jimmy is an Archangel or similarily powerful being who has been sent to Miseryville to keep everything in check. He's the only one that can annoy Lucius to unreasonable levels without getting tossed into a furnace and, more than once, Lucius has shown to be somewhat afraid of Jimmy (See Lucius screaming like a girl when Jimmy appears at his bedside). He's shown to be indestructible or couldn't care less about physical harm, as shown by him and Beezy firing thmselves out of cannons for sport. Finally, there's also the fact he seems to be able to convince the entire town (including General Molotov) to play an enomous prank on Lucius, yet not one denizen was harmed in Lucius's inevitable subsequnt rage. His golden hair is actually some sort of halo/crown, as it has the curious shape of blond circle (look closely) with tufts at the front. Hair color which no other denizen has.

Heloise is actually Esther.

She's not some little girl in hell, she's actually a 33-year-old dwarf. They both have homicidal tendencies and they're pint-sized. Something happened that inspired her to change her name to Heloise when she finally got to hell.

    • The "33-year-old dwarf" bit is jossed. Word of God explained that she's just a short 14-year-old.

Heloise is barefoot.

She's not wearing any shoes at all, she likes her foot on hot concrete or icy cold floor. She enjoys wiggling her toes on the grass, dirt, sand, snow, etc.

    • Isn't that... nice.
    • I offer a pat on the back to the Troper who made this for being so open about themselves. Now excuse me while I wash my hand.
    • Alternate interpretation: notice how she seems to slither at times? She's actually a naga--with a snake tail, that is. Since she seems to have lived in Miseryville her whole life, would it be surprising?
      • Jossed: There's been at least three seperate occasions that showed she has two appendages under there.
      • Two snake tails, perhaps?
      • Please. This is a girl who is shown to have sufficient muscle control to grow and manipulate a mustache on demand. If she's a naga, she's certainly capable of manipulating her snake-tail sidewinder-style to improve her speed, avoid touching certain patches of ground, or simply to give the appearance of being bipedal.
      • In a recent episode, Jimmy told Heloise that she could bet her "non-existant feet." Heloise didn't correct him, or even react to the phrase, so perhaps her footlessness is common knowledge in Miseryville.
      • Now, they've based an entire episode around whether or not she has feet. (And now, it seems her feet can shapeshift, just as Word of God said!!! I'm so confused...)

Heloise has several Jimmy-shrines in her home.

We've seen at least three different methods of entry to a room-fulla-Jimmy, and each time the contents are slightly different. Either she has several ways to access the shrine (doubtful, given the zeal with which she defends her secret) AND changes the content of the shrine frequently, or she has Jimmy-rooms hidden in several different places around the house. That way, whenever she feels the need to sneak off and cuddle one of her homemade Jimmy-dolls, she doesn't have to walk across the building to do so.

Miseryville is a suburb of Hell.

Seriously, how is this not here yet? It's practically canon. And further, Jimmy knows. He's such a Pollyanna that he doesn't care. (And it helps that Hell's actually not so bad...)

    • A subversion of this theory: Miseryville is in Limbo, which according to Dante, is pretty much the same as Hell's suburbia.
      • Lucius must be trying to get in Lucifer/Satan/The Devil's good (or bad) grace. He wants to be a terrifying ruler of his domain as the other rulers of other Hells.
    • It's pretty darned obvious this is hell. "Lucius" is Lucifer, "Beezy" is Beelzebub, etc...
      • Lucius the First must be the fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar himself who tried to rebel against Heaven.
  • Miseryville is in HFIL.

Jimmy is Cute and Psycho

If Jimmy's such a nice guy, why is he in Miseryville, a place that, as stated above, is practically Hell? An administrative error? I don't buy it. The truth is, Jimmy was a boy with parents who physically abused him. This continued until one day he snapped and murdered his parents and several other people before finally being caught and secured in a mental institution. He made an escape attempt, in which he died, sending him to Miseryville. It's quite possible he's supressed all memories of his previous life.

    • According to the pilot, Jimmy and Heloise were hit by the same car and Jimmy got sent to hell along with her. Of course, this isn't necessarily canon any more.

Jimmy is an angel with amnesia.

Jimmy actually DID come from Heaven - he's an angel who was sent on a mission to Miseryville (Hell). There, something causes him to lose his memories, and now thinks he's just a human living there. The reason other angels didn't come looking for him because he was already a really huge screw-up at his job, so he wasn't much of a loss.

This show takes placed in the same universe as Coraline, and the other world's hell

Before Coraline showed up, he was the second final guess of The other mother. She gave him a better life, like all her guests, epically in the fact that his parents weren't that nice to him. So, once she forced the button on his eyes, he ran the hell out of there, and ended up in Miseryville. The events were so terrifying, he dare not mentioned them again.

Jimmy is secretly evil and that's why he was sent to Hell

Jimmy fakes the "goody two-shoes" part and is really evil just like Heloise. He just won't show it openly and shows it by causing mayhem towards Lucy.

    • He probably got hit hard on the head while being sent to Hell, losing his memory. His subconscious is indirectly trying to harm Lucy.
    • Alternate theory: Heaven finds him annoying and his "goody two-shoes" causes a lot of mayhem. So they sent him to Hell/Limbo.
    • Alternatively, there's always the Evangelist explanation: Jimmy couldn't get into Heaven because he wasn't Christian.
      • So is he Catholic, Jewish or atheist?
        • Why does it have to be one of those three? Why not Hindu, Shinto, Baha'i, Buddhist, or any of the thousands of other religions out there?

Jimmy is a Stepford Smiler who is Obfuscating Stupidity

Jimmy was once just a sweet kid who was badly abused by either his family or bullies or gangs. He tried to stay optimistic but eventually couldn't take it anymore and snapped, killing them. However afterward he realizes what he did, and just couldn't live with the guilt. Now in Hell, he constantly keeps himself overly happy, cheerful, and ignorant, almost in a state of denial, in order to block out the horrible memories and feelings of what happened to him, and what he did, in life.

Beezy is a family name

Why did Lucius break the family tradition and name his son Beezy instead of Lucius VIII? He didn't. All Henious, when they are first born, are named Beezy. The name Lucius is considered an honorable title, one that has to be earned by doing something very evil as a rite of passage. For the current Lucius, this was no problem, and he earned the title at a young age. For Beezy, Inadequate Inheritor he is, has failed to earn it to this day.

    • If you really think about it though, this was Jossed way back in the first episode. Even back when Lucius was a little kid, he had the name Lucius Heinous VII. Later we find out Lucius never got along with his father, so he couldn't have possibly earned the title so young. Which leaves two possible explanations for Beezy's name: 1) Lucius didn't name his son Lucius VIII because every next Lucius has overthrown their father, and he didn't want to end up frozen like the rest of his family, or 2) Lucius didn't name him...
    • Now hold on, the theory says Lucy got it young, plus it could be something that his father just says was "good enough", out of tradition more than approval.
    • But think about how much the Heinous fathers hate their sons, and vice versa. They really seem to be Inadequate Inheritors to one another, at least in the eyes of the parents, so having to earn the name just wouldn't make sense.

Alternatively to the above, Beezy has a missing brother.

The actual Lucius Heinous VIII is Beezy's brother. He might be with their Missing Mom, wherever she is.

Jimmy knows where he really is...

...And has thus gained Sanity Slippage. Just look at the first few episodes. Yeah, he's a little hyper, but he actually had some good ideas. Now look at the later ones. Completely insane, off the walls, and nothing he comes up with is remotely intelligent. He's losing his grip, having realized where he is. Whether said slippage is because he's there when he's not supposed to be, or because he deserves it and KNOWS it, is yet to be seen.

  • Given that Jimmy and Beezy on the Run had Jimmy worrying that Miseryville was turning him evil, this is quite possible.

The show actually takes place After the End

Miseryville, amazingly, actually isn't Hell; it's Earth after Lucius I came FROM Hell with his Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and conquered the world. Now it's thousands of years later, majority of the population is demons and monsters, and Jimmy and Heloise are possibly the last true humans alive.

Lucuis agreed to marry off Beezy because he wanted to get rid of Saffi

Having decided that Cloudcuckoolander Saffi would make an embarrassing daughter-in-law, and fearful that the grandchildren might take after her, Lucius was in a hurry to marry his son off to someone else. When Saffi said “I don’t mind” to this arrangement, it was because Lucius and Samy had convinced her it was just a business merger. She had no idea that she was being tricked into approving her boyfriend’s marriage to the weavil princess. Then, to convince Beezy that she really didn't care, they drugged her and gave her a front row seat at the wedding.

Jimmy works for Heloise

Jimmy lives in Miseryville and somehow manages to have a house and plenty to eat without a job. So how does this work? Answer: He works for Heloise. Notice how he's always hanging around Misery Inc and its various, likely off-limits to civilains locations? He's allowed there because he's Heloise's assistent/gofer/human guenia pig, along with Dorkus. Note Heloise's Wish List where he's testing the robots, or Air Force None where she orders him to bring blueprints. He doesn't officially work for the company, which is why Lucius had to hire him to fire him, but he is being paid under the table.

The 5 people that Jimmy jumped on in the theme song (see here at 0:20 to 0:22)

Are caricatures of 5 guys who work on the show.

Heloise is a Bastard Understudy

In Wish You Weren't Here, she competes with Samy (who Word of God says is a starscream) over who gets to run Misery Inc. in Lucius' abscence. In Way Below Par Samy asks her if she's trying to drive Lucius crazy, to which she responds with an evil smile, and only stops when she realizes Jimmy would be hurt. In short, she's planning to overthrow Lucius, and is merely biding her time until she can come up with a way to peremanently dispose of him. She'll succeed in the Grand Finale, becoming queen of Miseryville and taking Jimmy as her king.

Devils are self fertilizing hermaphrodites

It could explain why you don't see any female members of the Henious family

    • So why's Lucius dating Jez then? He's obviously attracted to her. Also, thanks for that mental image.
    • Everybody needs love, even self fertilizing hermaphrodites.
    • It's probably more likely the Heinouses were just such huge Jerkasses that they eventually drove off all their wives.

Each member of the Henious family is an Inadequate Inheritor to the former

Every member fears Lucius I, suggesting that they all have a severe drop in power from the previous generation.

  • I think Pop-cicles pretty much established this as canon.

Heloise's crush on Jimmy will be more obvious to the viewer

Compare the first season opening to the second and you'll see she shows it more, but Jimmy will still be oblivious to this.

    • Confirmed!

Lucius knows about Heloise's crush on Jimmy

This is something more recently established as of the first episode of season 2, in which Lucius pays Heloise for her invention with a pile of Jimmy plushies. He knows, but just doesn't care - it doesn't stop Heloise from inventing things he wants for his company, and he's probably rather certain it won't even make a difference since Jimmy is too much of an airhead to realize Heloise's feelings.

    • Confirmed! See Misery Hearts.

Lucius Heinous I will be defrosted in a future episode

Creator Edward Kay mentioned the possibility of this on his blog. Would make for a damn good movie or special.

Jimmy is just Obfuscating Stupidity.

Jimmy is actually much more intelligent than he seems. He knows that he's in Hell, and as such acts like an idiot so Lucius will remain convinced that he's harmless and Too Kinky to Torture. He's also delibritly causing havoc for Lucy, knowing that his connections to Beezy and Heloise will keep him relatively safe.

Jimmy will find out about Heloise's crush on him.

An episode called "She Loves Me" premiered in Canada on the 9th of December 2010 (according to The Other Wiki) which could be about Jimmy finding out about Heloise's crush on him, but because Status Quo Is God, Jimmy forgets about this in someway or another (maybe due to an amnesia ray)

    • Jossed in the sense that it'll happen in that episode, "She Loves Me" is about something completely different. Probably not Jossed in general, however, since there was a Shrug of God whether or not they would get together eventually. Wouldn't rule it out for a series finale.

The world of Jimmy Two-Shoes is yet another result of Instrumentality.

Alright, let's see here...Jimmy is Shinji, Heloise is Asuka, Lucius is Gendo, Cerbee is Pen-Pen, and Miseryville is a representation of Shinji's life, which, as we all know, was a living Hell. Figure out any of the other details yourselves.

    • This WMG made me laugh.

Heloise and her aunt aren't blood related.

Makes more sense if you think about it, especially when you notice Aunt Pomegranate was modeled after a Mary Poppins/Supernanny-type character. When Heloise first arrived in Miseryville, she had nowhere to go or stay, and ended up living in an orphanage run by "Auntie" Pomegranate for a while. After she got enough money from working for Lucius at Misery Inc., she moved out and go her own place, since the orphanage was absolutely crapsaccharine in order to keep all the unbelievably cruel and obnoxious demon orphans in line (No wonder Aunt Pomegranate had a repressed evil side).

Love will redeem Heloise

Her crush on Jimmy is her most redeeming quality, and it often leads to her doing the right thing, albiet reluctantly. The second season really supports this interpretation: she begins showing tears of joy in Bird Brained (although reluctantly) and, in general, seems to have lost a bit of her aggression (but not too much).

Lucius doesn't have a Multiple Choice Past

So far, we've had three episodes where they reference the incident where Lucius VI get frozen, and each of them seem different. However, they are actually the same incident. He made the bet with his father about getting a strike ans won, thus getting a chance to freeze his father (Night at the Heinous Museum). However, Lucius VI attempted to worm his way out of the bet, thus leasing to a heated argument (Pop-sicles). This leads to Lucius VI saying that he'll never be overthrown because his son can't make any decisions, which leads to him mockingly giving his son Lovie, which immediately backfired (Bird Brained).

Peep's mother is Aunt Pomegranate.

She's both British and mostly humanlike just like Peep and Rudolpho. Her and Rudolpho might have had Peep out of wedlock. Pommy and Peep also have very similar complexions.

  • Kinda squicky when you realize this would make Peep and Heloise cousins.
    • That's the whole point!

The second season opening is actually a slow process that's happening even now.

Take a look at season two, most specifically The Mysterious Mr. Ten and Freaky Face-Off. In the first, Jimmy manages to cheer just about everybody up, and even though he had a tough time with Mr. Ten, he eventually got Heloise to remove the "curse", something she never would have done without him. In the latter, it's noted that without Jimmy's optamistic attitude misery was way up, and once it was back everyone was happy, despite Lucius' efforts. Also on that note, Heloise is showing her softer side a lot more, especially to Jimmy, but in other situations (Lovie returning home, playing in the box, etc.) In short, Jimmy's making everybody happy, and Lucius can't stop him.

Jimmy will be the key to Beezy overthrowing his father.

Though not really through any real cunning plan (at least on Beezy's part). Basically, Jimmy will continuously gnaw away at the misery in Miseryville until the point where it becomes a permanently pleasant place to live. Unable to deal with this failure and affront to his prid, Lucius will freeze himself in order to escape, leaving Beezy in control by default.

Jimmy is aware of Heloise's crush on him.

Jimmy's not actually Oblivious to Love, he simply avoids addressing it because he doesn't return the feelings (it may be because he only sees her as a friend or because he thinks she's scary) and hopes that she'll eventually get over him.

We've seen Jimmy reject Heloise's advances before, he seems increasingly less surprised by her hiding places in his home as the show goes on and at the end of "Better Sweater" we find out that Jimmy actually does remember what happened while he was under the sweater's influence, but when Beezy tries to talk about it Jimmy shushes him nervously and then acts clueless around Heloise. On a darker note, he appears to use the crush for his own benefit in "Jimmy's Life Goal", where he convinces Heloise to help him by promising that they could spend time together alone, and then literally pops Heloise Thought Bubble of them dancing together.

Lucious is a henchman of the Devil.

And such a Starscream that even Starscream himself finds him disgusting.

The series is set in the distant past

Hence why there are so few dead humans.