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Canadian Writer/Penciller/Inker. Has worked for Marvel, DC, and many other comic book companies. One of the best known and influential comics creators (and at one point, among the best paid as well.) He's also fairly controversial, due to his attitudes both with comics fans and pros. There's a reason his last TV Tropes page was entirely nuked.

  • On Marvel, together with Chris Claremont, was responsible for what many consider the formative run on Marvel's Uncanny X-men book, with their storylines still reverberating through the Marvel Universe (specially the Dark Phoenix Saga.) He helped expand Wolverine's past into a full Super Team, Alpha Flight, which he then wrote and drew in their own series for many years. His work on Fantastic Four redefined many of its characters and helped him earn his gig on Superman (see below.) Other Marvel series he worked for include Spider-Man, She Hulk (to which he gave an unusual fourth-wall-breaking humorous twist- this was before Deadpool), Sub-Mariner, and others.
  • On DC, he reinvented Superman for the 80's after the company-wide Retcon of Crisis on Infinite Earths. He recycled some of his ideas for the character Gladiator (a Superman Captain Ersatz he drew in X-Men and Fantastic Four) for this series. He also worked on Wonder Woman briefly.
  • He also created some original series of his own, such as the Next Men, for other companies.

Works by John Byrne with their own trope pages include: