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File:Journey Quest Image 4459.jpg

The Party and the Riddle Pillar


"Well, it started out as a journey and then it just kinda became this whole different 'quest'. Journey... Quest... JourneyQuest."


"Ugh, that's terrible"
—Wren naming her epic

A group of adventurers is sent to claim the Sword of Fighting from the Temple of All Dooms so they can defeat The Wicked Kings. Along the way they manage to slay many orcs and pick up a few followers, even if the party isn't aware they have them. A live action Web Series available here:

The main party includes:

  • Glorion: A human knight with a love for fighting.
  • Perf (or Sir Perfluous to give him his full name): A human wizard, though not a very good one, as even he admits.
  • Carrow: The party's cleric, and source of Deadpan Snarking
  • Nara: The Elf Chick and also the party's ranger.

This disjointed bunch is secretly followed around by a young bard named Wren, who chronicles their misadventures.

Tropes used in Journey Quest include:

 Perf: It's a riddle pillar.

Glorion: And what in valor's name is that?

Perf: A pillar, with a riddle on it. Hence the term "riddle pillar".