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File:Justicemachine 7382.jpg

From Georwell to Earth. (Clockwise from top-right: Demon, Diviner, Talisman, Blazer, Challenger and Titan.)

Justice Machine was a comic created in 1981 by Mike Gustovich. After five or six issues (and one annual) from the short-lived Noble Comics, it was restarted at Comico first as a four-issue series (with a team-up by a group called The Elementals) before graduating to a regular series.

The group itself was a team of super powered operatives serving the goverment of a planet called Georwell.As it turned out,Georwell was a Big Brother-styled Police State. In their pursuit of Maxinor, a rebel who was opposed to the Georwellian goverment,they came to Earth where they began to realize the truth about Georwell. Especially after being set up by their superior, Chief Prosecutor Zarren.

The Justice Machine is:

  • Challenger (Jaiime Conrad): The Leader.A brilliant marksman and strategist. He's starting to feel his age.
  • Diviner (Tessei Molleng A-Conrad): Challenger's (ex) wife. Depends on her bodysuit for any of her senses.Soon becomes able to use them at paranormal levels.
  • Blazer (Mitrian Fynn): A young woman gifted with thermal (a.k.a. firey) powers. She couldn't control her powers without control disks in her costume, which were later grafted under her skin. It was revealed during the Comico era that she was Challenger's daughter from a relationship before he married Diviner.
  • Titan (Jemin Osk): He can grow up to thirty feet.
  • Talisman (true name unknown): A mutant with the power of karma: good things happen to him (as well as his teammates), bad things happen to his foes. A gambler and a con-man.
  • Demon (Gabel Nevin): Highly skilled and acrobatic martial artist. He has a big ego and was addicted to a drug he believed enhanced his abilities.

Later, Maxinor's son, Youthquake becomes a member of the team. He has the power to control earth but is unable to speak.

Joining their ranks is an earth woman named Krista Clay who has taken the codename Chain.

A new Justice Machine series will be released later in 2011 from Moonstone.

Justice Machine provides examples of: