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"Wake up the masses! Assume the crash position. Hold on tight, take a deep breath for a new kind of cartoon show. It's KaBlam! Where cartoons and comics collide."
—the show's Opening Monologue


Chris: We crammed more cartoons into a half hour than anyone else.

Will: That was our promise, right?
Chris Viscardi and Will McRobb, show co-creators, on Ka Blam!, from Not Just Cartoons: Nicktoons

Ka Blam! (Kablam! Theater in pre-production) was an animated anthology show designed to show off more animated shows, and the first spin-off of All That. Running only a half-hour, it crammed in four two-to-five minute programs per episode as well as various miscellaneous animated short series that would come and go. It spawned two spinoffs, Action League NOW (which was the centerpiece of KaBlam! throughout its run) and Angela Anaconda. It was masterminded by Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, the creators of The Adventures of Pete and Pete (McRobb also wrote for Nick's original Doug and Ren and Stimpy), as well as Robert Mittenthal, who co-created Nickelodeon's incarnation of Double Dare. It aired on Nickelodeon from 1996-2000, with many episodes left unaired. It's more less-remembered than any other Nicktoon save Oh Yeah Cartoons, but there's somewhat of a reason there.

It was hosted by Henry and June, who resided inside a comic book (which was more notable earlier on; season four toned down most of the comic book refrences except for "turning the page") in which they frequently broke the fourth wall, mocked tropes, and got into their own adventures.

Common shorts on the show included:

  • Sniz and Fondue, the story of two geeky Funny Animal brothers of indeterminate species. Filmed in traditional animation.
  • Action League NOW, which followed the misadventures of a band of incompetent action figure superheroes. Filmed in a mix of stop-motion and live-action described as "Chuck-imation".
  • Life with Loopy, the adventures of Loopy, a spunky girl who gets into bizarre situations, as related by her older brother. Filmed in a mix of stop-motion and puppetry.
  • Prometheus and Bob, the dialogue-free chronicles of an alien (Prometheus) and his attempts to educate a caveman (Bob), made hilariously unsuccessful by Promethesus's arrogance, a meddling chimpanzee, and Bob's overwhelming stupidity. Filmed in stop-motion.

These appeared in almost every episode, with the exception of Life with Loopy which suffered frequent Schedule Slippage in season one, and Sniz and Fondue when their production company went under mid-season three.

Other recurring shorts were:

  • Surprising Shorts, which had no recurring characters or plot or art style but seemed to be the overarching title given for a series of one-off cartoons. It appeared occasionally during the first two seasons.
    • There were some one-off cartoons that did not fall under the Surprising Shorts title, but were presented as their own entities.
  • The Offbeats, a traditionally-animated series created by Mo Willems of Sheep in The Big City, about a group of unpopular kids. Occasionally replaced Life with Loopy during the first two seasons. Although it was considered one of Ka Blam!!'s best shorts, it was the first of the regulars to end because of Willem's creating Sheep In The Big City for Cartoon Network.
  • Race Rabbit, which was a live-action show about a rabbit who races.
  • JetCat, about a girl with a cat-themed superhero alter ego. It, along with Race Rabbit, replaced Sniz and Fondue when it left and stayed for the rest of the series.

Despite the show's lack of commercial success (no VHS/DVD releases; all tie-in merchandise was released silently) and low ratings (though critics liked it), it has a strong cult following among fans of '90s Nickelodeon, and is fondly remembered for its clever comedy, likable and endearing characters, lots of crap snuck past the radar, and at least one freaky scene an episode.

The show is currently being considered for Teen Nick's The 90s Are All That block. (Hopefully...)

Note: Action League NOW and Angela Anaconda have their own pages. Any related tropes should be listed there.

This show features examples of:

  • Abuse Is Okay When It Is Female On Male: Would Henry beating up and picking on June be as funny?
  • Accidental Hug
  • Accordion Man: Henry and June once presented the guy who "invented" this.
  • Adobe Flash: Henry and June were animated this way.
  • Adorkable: Larry, Loopy's brother.
    • Sniz and Fondue, too. Both of them are obsessed with comic books and sci-fi, but I mean, come on, they're ferret/cat/things!
  • Aerith and Bob: Prometheus and... yeah.
  • All Cloth Unravels: Happens to June's sweater.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: In the Henry and June shorts, some crowd scenes show people with purple, green, or blue skin, as well as the usual flesh tones.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Henry is... tan...ish, and has green hair
  • Animated Actors: Henry and June occasionally appear to be this, especially in the later episodes.
  • Animated Adaptation: The Jetcat shorts were based on the comic book of the same name.
  • Animated Anthology
  • Anime Hair: Henry
  • Ancient Astronauts: Promethus of Prometheus and Bob
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Averted, as Loopy isn't really annoying. Except her whole little, "Viking cheerleader from Venus" game.
  • Anvil on Head: Used a few times in H&J, but not often.
  • Art Evolution: Compare the picture of Henry and June above with this image from the first season's opening.
    • The animation for Sniz & Fondue also was cleaned up in season two, but that was because they got a new overseas animation department.
    • Life with Loopy also improved after the pilot, "Goldfish Heaven". In the episode, Loopy's hair beads were 2-dimensional (like her head) rather than 3-dimensional, everyone had more square-er shoulders, and Larry had a longer neck. Not to mention the backrounds were more basic, and the stop-motion was a bit more rough.
  • Badass Adorable: June on most occasions. Loopy might also qualify.
  • Badass Adorable Longcoat: June's noticeably long jacket/coat/overshirt. It's hard to tell exactly what it is, due to the simplistic character design, but it certainly looks cool.
  • Balloon Belly: Henry and June in one episode.
  • Berserk Button: NEVER call Henry a loser (or tease him non-stop). June learned this the hard way when he quit (he came back, though).
    • And NEVER, under any circumstances NEVER do something bad to Loopy (Life with Loopy) with Larry close by.



 June: "You know Henroid, I wish we could've found him another job..."

Henry: "Yeah right, June. What kind of job requires no work whatsoever and encourages long frequent naps?"

The two walk in on Mr. Stockdale napping and doing nothing and grin. Next scene, Mr. Foot: Network Executive.

  • Black Bead Eyes: Henry's mom, Sniz and Fondue (and most of the others in the short), and everyone in The Off-Beats
  • Blind Without'Em: Betty-Ann of The Off-Beats without her glasses.
  • Blooper: In the very first episodes, June's ponytail is missing in some shots. This may be why a lot of people thought she was a dude at first.
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Prometheus and Bob, big time.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: If we could list how many times Henry and June did this, it would take up this entire page.
    • It is their job, after all.
  • Break the Cutie: June after Henry quit in Won't Stick to Most dental Work!.
  • Breast Expansion: A season two episode when June and Henry got adult superhero bodies to make the show more action-packed to boost ratings. And it looked like June was kinda admiring herself...
  • Bullet Seed: Henry and June do this with watermelon seeds in the pilot episode.
  • Butt Monkey: Henry.
  • Camera Abuse: Some notable examples:
    • In The Best of Both Worlds, June attempts to get into the real world by running right at the screen. She ends up smashing against it.
    • Later in the same episode, Henry and June get into a catapult to launch themselves into the real world. They just end up smashing against the screen — and actually crack the glass.
    • In Won't Stick To Most Dental Work!, June's attempt to make the show more "intimate" involves singing a song while swinging from a series of horizontal bars. She doesn't get very far before smashing into the screen.
    • Several Prometheus and Bob episodes end this way, such as Prometheus' ship crashing into the screen, and a mammoth blowing its trunk so loud in cracks the glass.
  • Can't Stand Them Can't Live Without Them: Henry and June are always neck and neck with eachother....however it's more than implied they like each other (moreso from June's side), and they can't stand to be apart.
  • Captain Ersatz: Henry and June's personalities were awfully similar to the personalities of Buster and Babs Bunny in season one, however this ended in season two.
  • Cartoon Creature: It's never been confirmed what Sniz & Fondue are.
  • Channel Hop: In the Netherlands, the show was syndicated for the dubbed version, and was moved to Nicktoons for the subbed version.
  • Characterization Marches On: June, in season one she's incredibly ditzy, and in the rest of the show she's a deadpan snarker with a good heart. Unlike some shows with this trope, fans preferred the season two-onwards version.
  • Cheerful Child: Loopy.
  • Chew Toy: Henry (unless you view him as The Woobie)
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Snuppa and Bianca, roomies of Sniz and Fondue, were removed from the main cast of the short after "Hello Dolly".
    • Ironically, Snuppa and Bianca were the stars of the original Sniz and Fondue Pilot, "Psyched For Snuppa"
  • Comedic Sociopathy: The Henry & June shorts.
  • Content Warnings: Being one of the first Nick shows (along with Are You Afraid of the Dark? and reruns of The Ren and Stimpy Show) to be given a TV-Y7 rating when the ratings were introduced in 1997 (the rest were TV-Y and TV-G, or not rated like game shows and Kids Choice Awards), a parent warning was shown at the begining to remind parents of very young children to watch something else. It was dropped in 1998.

Chris Phillips: Sometimes on Ka Blam!!, things go "kablam!", and that's why it's rated Y7 (cue to Henry struggling to hold up a very heavy TV-Y7 rating logo).

  • Cool Shades: The end title card for the episode "Harold's Glow In The Dark Brand Butter" features June looking very cool in shades while shilling the titular butter.
  • Constantly Curious: Loopy.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Mr. Stockdale, the network executive in charge of Ka Blam! in-universe. Though he's not malicious as much as he is senile and incompetent.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: The main kids in The Offbeats segments were voiced by young children, most notably Mischa Barton as Betty-Anne Bongo. The later episodes had several of the kids' voices sounding a bit lower, including the females (who were voiced by girls). The only adult voice actor was series creator Mo Willems, who voiced September the dog, and Grubby Groo. Not to mention that Henry and June were done by kids, along with Loopy and Larry.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Pretty much every character on Life with Loopy or the Henry and June shorts.
  • Cute Bruiser: June.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: June and Loopy (though not to a huge extent).
  • Dancing Theme: And a different dance for each season.
  • Dawson Casting: Parodied. An episode had a scene with the main kids advertising for the (non-existent) Kablam! The Musical, which had Henry and June played by actors...that were in their mid-20's.
    • Averted for (most of) the main cast, the kid characters (except for Sniz & Fondue) were done by actual kids, ranging from late elementary school aged to their early teens when it premiered in 1996.
  • Deadpan Snarker: June (mainly in season two onwards).
  • Deranged Animation: A good amount of the shorts
  • Did Not Do the Research: Nick advertised the show as, "the first animated sketch comedy". Uh.....what about Animaniacs, which proceded the show by three years? And don't forget te older The Banana Splits, everyone.
  • Disintegrator Ray: In the episode Tastes Like Paper, Superhero!Henry and Superhero!June got zapped by one of these when a giant UFO attacked. They got better.
  • Dueling Shows: With Oh Yeah Cartoons.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Sheep made his first appearence in the Off-Beats short "Statistics". Sheep's girlfriend Swanky the poodle also made her first appearence in "Paddleball Record".
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Oh god, season one.
  • Embarrassing Old Photo: Henry's mom and June's dad showed some old pre-school photos of the duo once.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: A season 4 episode has a scene involving a group of female fans of June's that are so obsessed with her, that they dress like her, have their hair like hers, and yes, are as hot-tempered as she is.
  • Hair Decorations: Loopy has two purple beads in her hair to keep her pigtails up.
  • Everything's Better with Bob: Bob of Prometheus and...uh, yeah...
  • Everythings Better With Bunnies: Race Rabbit.
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: The monkey in Prometheus and Bob.
  • Everything's Worse with Bears: In The KaBlair! Witch Project.
  • Executive Meddling: The then-president of Nickelodeon didn't like Patch-Head, and his shorts were removed. Since the character got a lot of hate anyway, the fans were happy.
  • Eyecatch: One of the few Nick shows to use one.
  • Eye Scream: June does this to herself in "Won't Crack or Peel" by taking her eyeballs out and sticking them to the screen. She's completely unharmed by it, but it's still unsettling as hell.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: The outcome of many of Prometheus' attempts to educate Bob.
  • Family-Unfriendly Violence: Used a bit with Henry and June.
  • Fan Service: Any episode where June is wearing a dress.
  • Feud Episode: Henry and June in "Won't Stick to Most Dental Work!"
  • First Kiss: The main duo had their first kiss with each other.
  • Five Episode Pilot: Three, actually. Two were televised, one wasn't (it was just to show Nickelodeon what the idea of the show is like)
  • Flanderization: Henry started off the series relatively normal. It was only until after the first season that he became the unfunny Butt Monkey.
    • Some episodes made June a victim of this, as she usually is just a bit of a prankster with an attitude problem, but in some episodes, she's a bossy brat. Depends on the writer, probably. It starts to end in the final season.
  • Forgotten Birthday: In More Happiness Than Allowed By Law. Henry and June are celebrating their birthdays, and June got Henry a really cool remote-controlled car. Guess what Henry got her? Nothing? Yep. She spends the rest of the episode making his life hell until the end, where he makes up for it by giving her a mood ring, and when she puts it on, the color goes from blue for "Sad" to green for "Happy". Until he makes a remark about how expensive it was, and it changes to orange for "annoyed", and then goes to red... Luckily for his sake, June admits to being self-centered and forgives him, and they wish each other a happy birthday.
  • Framing Device: The Henry and June segments--a particularly odd choice, seeing as there's no reason for them to be watching animated shorts while living in a comic book. It makes sense when you find out McRobb and Viscardi's original pitch was for a live-action comic book.
  • Free-Range Children: Both Loopy and Larry. Same with Sniz and Fondue.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Some of the wider shots in the Henry and June segments (particularly coming out of a short or the opening) show upcoming 'panels' that reveal the next short or an upcoming exchange.
  • Friday Night Death Slot: Well, at first, the show had four time slots (during the original run): Friday at 8:00 PM for new episodes, SNICK (Saturday night) for reruns at 9:00 PM (and 9:30 PM on occasions), 12:00 PM for reruns on weekends, and during some morning or early afternoon hours for reruns before and after Nick Jr, and while the target audience is at school. After SNICK was re-vamped, the only way to catch new episodes was in the Friday night slot.
  • Genki Girl: Repunzil of The Off-Beats.
    • And the earlier version of June.
  • Genre Busting
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Has its own page.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Loopy.
    • In the episode The Best of Both Worlds, June's "real" form has pigtails, despite her "cartoon" form having a ponytail.
  • Goofy Print Underwear: Whenever Henry announced the "Surprising Shorts", June would promptly run over and pull down his pants, revealing embarrassing boxer shorts before announcing "Surprising!"
  • Gross-Out Show: Life with Loopy on a few occasions.
    • And some Henry and June shorts.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Loopy was played by Danielle Judovits.
    • And June's been in a lot of Mad episodes. (Doubles as Production Posse a bit)
    • One-shot character Fuzzball is Maggie! (as well as Roxxi, and Gwen.)
    • "Endless" Mike Helstrom is Sniz (also an example of Production Posse)
    • "Weird Ryan" is Peanut Otter!
    • I swear I heard Henry in a 1997 ad for Nickelodeon Magazine.
    • In many of the shorts (usually the one-shots), you're likely to hear a few Doug voices in there, namely Judy (and Connie), Boomer (and Roger in the Disney series), and Chalky
  • Homicide Machines: Loopy made one (unknowing it was evil) to be her "friend".
  • Horrible Camping Trip: In The KaBlair! Witch Project, Henry, June, Mr. Stockdale, Mr. Foot, Henry's mom and Jimmy McGee go on a company camping trip. Almost immediately, Mr. Foot freaks out after they hear a roaring bear and escapes in the camper, leaving everyone else stranded. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Hotter and Sexier: June tried to make the show like this in the episode Won't Stick to Most Dental Work.
  • I See London: Sniz and Fondue, whenever their shirts are lifted, their tighty whities are shown, seeing as they don't often wear pants.
  • I'm Melting: June melted herself and Henry in a season one episode (this was back when she was an overexcited ditz).
  • Informed Attractiveness: If June isn't considered cute according to Henry, then what makes Dawn, who pretty much has the same body structure as June, so beautiful?
  • Ink Suit Actor: Dawn looks very much like her voice actress, Julia Mcilvaine (who also voices June).
    • Played with a bit with Henry, as Noah Segan, his voice actor, dyed his hair green for a little while after Kablam! premiered.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Larry from Life with Loopy, as he constantly teases Loopy, however he has a big heart and would never let anything happen to her.
    • And Henry. He can be pretty self-occupied at times, but inside, he cares about June.
    • And June, from Season 2 on anyway. She's incredibly snarky, has a fiery temper, and can get pretty violent when someone makes her mad, but she's got a good heart.
  • Karma Houdini: June gets away with everything.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: THE ABSOLUTE WORST EXAMPLE. This show never got any VHS or DVD releases, and doesn't look like it ever will for the time being.
    • The only official VHS releases of any episodes were shorts from The Off-Beats, put in between episodes on a 1996 Rugrats video. These shorts aired on Nickelodeon by themselves, and were put on the video to promote the premier of Kablam!.
    • As if that wasn't enough, about half the episodes were never shown on the Nicktoons Network's rerun rotation.
    • Amazon announced a DVD release for the 2009 Holiday season, but apparently changed their minds.
    • It may or may not happen, but this could change with the Shout! Factory releases of classic Nick shows...
  • Lampshade Hanging: Henry and June LOVE doing this.
  • Lethal Chef: June was actually kicked out of her "Firelog Girls" troop because she's such a terrible cook.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Henry and June, according to Word of God.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Every single character on the show. Larry of "Life with Loopy" actually had two regular outfits.
  • Literal Minded: Loopy.
  • Loony Fan: One episode had to do with a fan visiting the set of the show, and constantly annoying Henry and June due to his huge obsession with them. He wears Henry's outfit, June's sweatshirt, and even has his hair blue dyed to match June's hair (either that or it's natural). June constantly refers to him as "Weird Ryan from school", meaning the duo already knew him. The obsessed June fans covered in Even the Girls Want Her could also apply.
  • Magic Skirt: Loopy (most likely due to the animation style).
    • And June in Won't Stick to Most Dental Work. Specifically, she swings on girders... and her dress clings perfectly to her body the whole time.
  • Meadow Run: Happened with Henry and June.
  • Meaningful Name: Prometheus is an alien attempting to educate a primitive human, and is named after the Greek Titan who gave fire to mankind.
  • Medium Awareness: Henry and June know very well that they are cartoon characters.
  • Medium Blending: Life with Loopy, with two recurring characters being paper-bag puppets and live-action footage occasionally being used.
    • Also in the episode when Henry and June become live-action. And when they became popsicle-stick puppets.
  • Meganekko: Betty-Ann Bongo of The Off-Beats.
  • Milestone Celebration: Parodied.
  • Missing Episode: Half of the series wasn't aired on Nicktoons. Episode 29 is the biggest example, because it was aired once in 1998. The episode "I Just Don't Get it!" from 1997 was probably pulled for a reason though, as the Action Leahue Now! segment had many terrorist refrences, and it was never seen in the US again after 9/11.
  • Multiple Demographic Appeal
  • Music Video: Occasionally ones from They Might Be Giants, amongst others, using a mixture of live-action and animation.
  • My Name Is Not Durwood: A few episodes had some other characters (especially Mr. Stockdale) refer to June as "Jane". Surprisingly, she didn't get mad. In fact, some fans call her "Jen".
  • Network Red Headed Stepchild
  • Never Say "Die": Averted when June has to fall and let Henry catch her in one episode:

  June: You drop me... you die.

  • Nice Hat: Fondue's chef hat.
  • The Nudifier: The clothes-eating moths in The Little Freaks, a one-shot short, and when Henry accidentaly used vanishing ink to do his and June's laundry.
  • Odd Friendship: Henry and June oh so very much.
  • Opera Gloves: June wears them in her musical number in the episode "Won't Stick to Most Dental Work".
  • Overused Running Gag: Henry gets hurt in every episode...and is not afraid to lampshade it.
  • Out of Order: An extreme case of it. While Now With More Flava! may seem like a Downer Ending (it was the final episode aired and ended with Henry and June as security guards), the final episode made was Going The Extra Mile.
  • Panty Shot: In the Sniz and Fondue short, "Stunt Bike Sniz" from "It's Flavorific!", Bianca's white panties are shown when she does a front flip.
  • Parental Bonus: The two leads being named Henry and June, June's "'Scuse me while I kiss the sky!", and more (what did you expect, it's from Nickelodeon).
  • Playful Otter: Averted with Ed the Educational Otter.
  • Potty Dance: Loopy does this in due to Larry being in the bathroom too long... he's recently gotten muscular, and is admiring himself.
  • Potty Emergency: June gets one in Won't Crack or Peel!, and Henry gets one in Timeless!.
  • Potty Failure: Henry and June are astronauts in spacesuits in one episode. Henry commented that he needed to use the bathroom and June asks why he doesn't just do what she did: use her spacesuit like a real astronaut. June runs off embarrassed when Henry informs her that they aren't wearing real spacesuits, merely cheap Halloween costumes.

 Henry: I think June just went where no cartoon character has gone before. In her pants!

  • Production Posse: Played with, or averted, or something. As each segment did its own casting, Rick Gomez (aka Endless Mike Helstrom) was slated to play Sniz before he found out that McRobb and Viscardi ran this show, and they didn't find out he was involved until after production started.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: "2-Tone Army" by The Toasters. The tune for "Skaternity" by the same band was for the ending, with another song of theirs, "Everything You Said has been a Lie" in season two onwards.
  • Real World Episode: Henry and June once entered a door leading to the "Real World", and went live-action for a short time (played by real (and uncredited) kids, but lip-syncing so the voice actors could do their lines, to avoid veiwer confusion), until they relized "real world pain".
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The KaBlam hosts, Henry and June, fit this.
  • Robot Girl / Robot Me: One early episode featured a mechanical double of June. While it looked just like the real thing, it didn't have any emotion, avoiding being a Ridiculously Human Robot.
  • Samus Is a Girl: Fuzzball, a one-shot character, often dressed and acted like a boy. June is like this in a few episodes also.

 Fuzzball: And by the way, flapjack, I'm not a boy! It's a FASHION STATEMENT!

    • Quite a few fans who watched this show growing, myself included, have had this reaction to finding out June was a girl.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Straight Man Henry and ditzy June in season one.
  • Say My Name: In Harold's Glow-In-The-Dark Brand Butter, the last H&J segment features June shilling the titular butter. Henry is less than pleased, and when he sees her wearing a Harold's Butter uniform, he snaps and lets out a hilariously angry-sounding cry of "JUUUUUUUUUUNE!!!".
    • He also does in the episode where he gets a bad haircut, June "fixes" it, and he discovers her handiwork.
  • Scare Chord: Happens a lot in Life with Loopy, even in the short's theme. But then again, this IS Life with Loopy...
  • Scout Out: June is a former Girl Scou- uh, Logfire Girl.
  • Screwed by the Network: Nickelodeon just leaves this show in the cold.
  • Series Fauxnale: Episode 29. It's also the hardest to find on the internet.
  • Series Mascot: Henry and June, which is fitting as they're the hosts. They were even the mascots of Nickelodeon at one point.
  • Shallow Love Interest: Dawn's about as deep as a kiddie pool. Her episode ends with her admirer Henry realizing this, and deciding that she's not worth it.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: June.
  • Ship Tease: June did not seem to like it when Henry fell for Dawn. Neither did the Henry and June shippers.
  • Shorttank: June. She will wear a dress for formal occasions, although it's stated that she doesn't enjoy it.
  • Shout-Out: June, despite her age, seems to be a fan of Beavis and Butthead, according to a season two episode.
    • And in a Season 1 episode, she appears to be a Jimi Hendrix fan. Before being launched skyward in a chair (it doesn't work out very well), she says "'Scuse me while I kiss the sky!" while Hendrix-style music plays and her eyes light up in psychedelic colors.
    • June's trademark outfit slightly resembles one of the many outfits worn by Stormer, not to mention sharing the same eye and hair color.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: With Loopy and Larry. Loopy is crazy and adventurous, while Larry is shy and intelligent.
  • Ska: The main BGM in the Henry and June shorts.
    • All of the Ska in the series was provided by early 3rd wave ska band, The Toasters, who were billed in the credits as "Moon Ska stompers."
      • The episode "Kablam, James Kablam" features an intern character who dresses in an outfit appropriate for a ska concert, including a t-shirt that says "ska" on it.
  • Slap Slap Kiss: June with Henry.
  • Spin-Off: Action League Now!, Angela Anaconda, the Off-beats holiday specials, The Life With Loopy special and the very short lived The Henry and June Show.
    • The show itself is a spin-off of All That.
    • A one-shot short, Stewie the Dog Boy WAS going to become a Nicktoon, but it was shelved when Disney's Teachers Pet premiered.
      • This one could still be considered a spinoff, as the creator of the short, Dennis Messner met "Teachers Pet" creator Gary Bassemen on Kablam, where Basseman had his own one-off short, "Louie and Louie."
      • Speaking of spin offs, did you know that Sniz & Fondue was a spin off of the short cartoon "Psyched For Snuppa". So for S&F, its actually the other way around.
  • Stock Footage: The season one episodes sometimes re-used old clips from the Henry and June shorts, but re-doing the lip syncing so it could match the episode's lines.
  • Stop Motion: Action League Now!, Prometheus and Bob, and Life with Loopy.
  • Stylistic Suck: Henry and June depending on who you ask.
  • Squeaky Eyes: Henry, June, Sniz, Fondue, and the Off-Beats.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: When it's not Nightmare Fuel.
  • Take That: Weird Ryan is probably one to over obsessive fans (which weren't well known when the show was on)
    • Mr. Stockdale seems to be one of Nickelodeon themselves!
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Loopy (and her mom) are the only major characters with eyelashes.
    • In some episodes, June would usually make a cute face showing her eyelashes (which aren't usually seen, as this is only shown during her "cute act"). Usually her eyelashes are never shown (either due to the art style, or just to show her tomboyish nature), but she's cute enough without them.
  • The Ditz: Bob, the Action League, and June in season one.
    • Don't forget Repunzel of The Off-Beats.
  • The Musical: Henry and June once advertised for Ka Blam!! The Musical in season doesn't exist.
  • The Renaissance Age of Animation
  • The Smurfette Principle: Henry, Mr. Stockdale, Mr. Foot.......poor, poor June.
    • Action League NOW! had seven (or eight depending on Justice (the dog)'s gender that episode) main male characters: The Flesh, Stinky Diver, Meltman, The Chief, The Mayor, and Bill The Lab Guy. Girls? Thundergirl. There was also the lab guy's daughter, but she was annoying and was taken out.
    • Life With Loopy was the most gender neutral short (Although it had a female protagonist). It had 2 main females (Loopy and her mom) and 2 main males (Larry and his dad). The other characters were minor/one shot characters.
    • Even worse in Sniz and Fondue; the only main female was Bianca!
    • Averted in The Off-Beats, however, where Betty Ann Bongo is the leader of the Off-Beats and Tina is the leader of The Populars.
    • The Nostalgia Chick's review of this trope mentioned that the only Nicktoons with female protagonists were The Wild Thornberrys, As Told by Ginger, and My Life as a Teenage Robot, except for Kablam!, which had three and a half (June, Loopy, Thundergirl, the "half" could either be Bianca because she doesn't appear in every S&F short, or Jetcat, because she's not in every episode).
  • They Might Be Giants: Did two music videos; "Why Does the Sun Shine?" and "Doctor Worm".
  • The Complainer Is Always Wrong: Billy from "The Off-Beats", The running gag in the series usually involved Billy saying something that would get Tina mad, and then the Populars would literally throw him out of the group, causing Billy to crash into something.
  • Thick Line Animation: Henry and June, Depending on the Artist.
  • This Trope Is Bleep: One episode had Henry being bleeped randomly as a practical joke.
  • Tsundere: June
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Girly one-shot Dawn and tough-talking tomboyish main character June.
  • Took a Level In Jerkass: Dear god, June. In Season 3, she becomes a lot more snarky, indifferent and, while nowhere near villainous, borderline sociopathic. However, she becomes a much nicer person in Season 4.
  • Two Episode Wonder: The Henry and June Show.
  • Unintentional Period Piece. The references to popular culture and figures of the time — from Saved by the Bell to Rosie O' Donnell to Moesha to rapper Busta Rhymes — make it pretty obvious that this is a product of the mid-to-late 1990s.
  • Unmoving Plaid: Tommy from "The Off-Beats" was the inspiration for starting the trope page in the first place. The cartoon did that with several other materials, too. September disguises himself as "the President," complete with wig with unmoving hair texture.
  • Victoria's Secret Compartment: Slightly averted, as in the "Kablammy Awards" episode, June pulls the envelope (it says who won) out of the top part of her dress. However, since she's ten (and flat, unlike some ten-year-olds), it didn't get anything past the radar (unlike SOME stuff).
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Henry and June.
  • Vocal Evolution: All the kids in The Off-Beats had lower voices in season two. This also happened with Loopy and Larry of Life with Loopy and more recognizably, Henry and June. Unlike most shows with kid voice actors, they were (thankfully) never replaced.
  • What Could Have Been: Sniz and Fondue's Pilot, "Psyched for Snuppa", was one of of the two contenders for the fourth Nicktoon in 1992. The show it lost to? Rocko's Modern Life.
  • What Do You Mean It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Life with Loopy, depending on who you ask.
    • Lava, full stop.
    • The early versions of the Henry and June shorts
  • Wheel-O-Feet: Henry & June demonstrate this as "the bongo run".
  • Who Names Their Kid Loopy?
    • Like Fondue is any better off. Or Sniz.
  • With Friends Like These...: Henry and June define this trope.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: Mr. Foot never hurts June. Henry, however, is fair game.
  • You Gotta Have Blue (Or Green) hair: Henry, June, Sniz, and Loopy.
  • Your Costume Needs Work: The episode In It To Win It has June meeting with a group of fans of hers who are dressed up like her, right down to the hair. But when she tries to interview them, they naturally don't believe she's the real June, mock her for her "lousy" costume and imitation, and get rather angry when she keeps insisting that she is the real June.
  • You're Just Jealous: Henry says this to June when he thought Dawn liked him.

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