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File:Suzumura Kenichi 6631.png

Kenichi Suzumura! I am describing you! Right here! Right now!

Kenichi Suzumura is one of the upcoming seiyuus usually known for his young, brash voice, which makes him quite fit for voicing young boys with the most notable trait of either being a Jerkass, or just rowdy and rude. Unfortunately, the characters he voiced seems to have very bad luck. He gained noticeable fame when he voiced Shinn Asuka from Gundam Seed Destiny. Rumor has it that since the show was... rather not-well received by some of the hardcore fans despite having good sales, while he was out walking, he was approached by die hard SEED fans who probably didn't like Destiny much and who... spat in his face. Ouch, poor guy's just doing his job, now his characters' bad luck is rubbing off on him. For real Irony, Suzumura himself acknowledges the problems with Destiny, and has said he prefers the Super Robot Wars Z version of Shinn to the anime version.

He is best friends with Takahiro Sakurai (the two have formed a singing duo named R16) and has a good relationship with Soichiro Hoshi (how's that for irony, SEED fans?). Also, had a short semi-romantic relationship with Hitomi Nabatame. He also has romantic connections to Maaya Sakamoto's characters in a few series, then it became an official romance resulting in marriage with Maaya, finalized August 8, 2011. Congratulations to them both!

Notable roles by Kenichi Suzumura: