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Kevin Nash, also known as Diesel, was once one of the most well-known names in wrestling. Nowadays he tends to fade in and out of the spotlight. Not a particularly technical performer, he was more known for his squash matches and later his backstage power. The Other Wiki has a more detailed account of his career, as usual.

Tropes associated with Kevin Nash:

Nash would tear a hamstring just picking up the phone.
Chris Jericho, WWE Raw, 25 June 2005
  • Heterosexual Life Partners: With Scott Hall, for something approaching eighteen years.
    • Say whatever you like about Hall and Nash as wrestlers, but as this blog post shows, they mean a hell of a lot to each other.
  • Justified Trope: He's tried to justify the Fingerpoke of Doom several times by saying that any match between the two of them would have been terrible. Since Hogan and Nash had two of the biggest egos in wrestling (and receive a hearty dose of the blame for the collapse of WCW), there's a chance he might be right.
  • New World Order: One of the founding members.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: See Small Name, Big Ego and Spotlight-Stealing Squad below. While there is a lot of blame to go around for The Death of WCW, Nash was one of the people who helped to create the kind of atmosphere where guys such as Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit felt frustrated at being held back so that people like Nash and Hulk Hogan could have more television time and championships. This finally led to those guys, and others, leaving WCW and heading for WWE. That was bad for WCW. It didn't end up too badly for Chris Jericho; he made a name for himself in WCW and ECW, but it was in WWE that he really became a star.
    • He's also gotten called out for it by CM Punk, among other people.
  • The Nicknamer: Nash once referred to Benoit, Guerrero, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko as the "Vanilla Midgets", due to their short size (by pro wrestling standards) and their lack of charisma.
  • Old Shame: His previous gimmicks from WCW, Vinnie Vegas, and Oz.
  • Put on a Bus: Following his loss to Triple H at TLC.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot / What Could Have Been: In a recent interview, Nash explains that the reason he and CM Punk never wrestled, and why the "Summer of Punk II" subsequently fell flat, is that WWE's wellness program did a in-depth medical history because of his father's death of a heart attack at age 36. Turns out Nash was taking cardiovascular medication, couldn't be cleared to compete due to the risk of being off it for an extended period, and Triple H had to be shunted into the feud in Nash's place, which Kevin admits didn't make a whole lot of sense. He also gave an idea of how the storyline should have gone, with a slight jab at the abrupt change in plans, i.e. Sending the text to himself:

  Nash: "It would have been Johnny [Laurinaitis]. It would have been Johnny trying to end around and me trying to say that Paul had changed because he was a blue blood now and he wasn't Clique. He was in the Mc Mahon threshold. We were going to get a Johnny Ace clique of guys to try to take over control of the company, that's when Vince would have gotten fired, and then we would have been after Paul and try to take control of the company. You know, good storyline."