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Cactus Donathan, Instant Classic


Phineas: Candace, we don't do this to compete; we do it for fun.

Ferb: And for the ladies. Rrrowr!

The juvenile serial dater. He hasn't even graduated from high school (possibly even middle school) yet, and he's already gone through as many girls as The Casanova, possibly more, high school dating being what it is. The only thing that differentiates him from The Casanova is that, because of his age and his show's target demographics, it's highly unlikely that he and his dates are having sex. At least, it'll be a cold day in hell before the Media Watchdogs let anybody even think about it.

Compare Chick Magnet. His Distaff Counterpart is the Fille Fatale. If he's young enough, this may result in Toy Ships. NOT a child-friendly version of a statistical analysis technique.

Examples of Kidanova include:

Anime and Manga

  • Shippo of Inuyasha has won the hearts of many young girls, human and demon. Though some would argue that Shippou, being a demon and hence not subject to ordinary aging processes, is much older than he looks hence, only a Casanova of the regular variety.
    • This is relative, actually. He may be old in human years, but for all purposes he has the looks and the mentality of a young boy. He's still a child by Youkai standards, just like Inuyasha is several decades old but is considered a teenager.
  • Kaito Kuroba aka Kaito Kid was seen practicing his skills to become a smooth Lady Killer he'll eventually be in this flashback; it backfired but taught him a lesson when flirting.
  • Erio Mondial fits this trope unofficially, in doujins universe, almost every girl in Nanoha universe has had less then legal relations with him (compared to his fall guys and butt monkies Chrono and Yuuno, that is a major achievement). In the official universe, he has a hinted romantic relationship with his non-blood-sister Caro Ru Lushe and Suzuka and Alisa found him quite cute in the sound drama. The boy has done much to compensate for the other men's failures.
    • It probably doesn't help that in said sound drama that Fate wanted him to join her on the lady's side of the bath, and none of the other girls rejected the idea. And when he finally does go over there, he gets a full view of Tiana's fully naked body, and just after she mentioned that it would do him some good to see women naked. Thank you, Subaru.
  • Yuichi Aizawa of Kanon had a full-blown harem of girls at age ten.
  • Gon from Hunter X Hunter, much to Killua's horror.
  • What about Garrod Ran from After War Gundam X? At age 15 he's got a Shrinking Violet and an Action Girl after him, and some would also include a Shorttank who appears later... He chooses the Shrinking Violet. What can we say, First Girl Wins!
  • Taro from Serial Experiments Lain.
  • Negi of Mahou Sensei Negima does this without even trying, or, indeed, even being aware of it. To paraphrase Chisame, it might be best to kill him before he hits puberty and starts noticing the attention he gathers with his every mannerism. He doesn't toss any of the girls away, of course, since he doesn't even realize he's seduced them (and most realize he doesn't, and thus don't end up too heartbroken) – and at least one is more open to the "harem" scenario than she'd like to admit.
    • He actually has a Heroic BSOD every time someone pulls him aside and tells him he's accidentally seduced several[1] of his students.[2] The very next thing he does accidentally seduces the girl who had told him that.

Chisame: Here he comes! His natural gigolo talk! (Again?!)
Chamo: That's my aniki!

  • As per Pokémon's Ash Ketchum's inability to age, he has been shown to have garnered a rather respectable number of young women's affections at the canon age of ten (which has been pushed for the past two decades). However, he's still dense as a rock. As of the most recent series, this canonical list includes Misty, Melody, Macey, Bianca/Latias, Anabel and Angie.
    • Gary Oak. He has his own cheerleadering squad, and Dawn was a fangirl of his.
  • Durarara!!'s Masaomi Kida, whose surname even begs for a punnerific joke involving this trope, hits on girls left, right, and center, though it's later revealed this behavior is almost entirely a front. His heart belongs to one girl and one girl alone.
  • Momochi from Level E. When it's revealed that the password to unlock the bracelets is the name of the girl they like, most of the kids say a name or just "nobody in particular." Momochi lists off the names of about twenty different girls, only to be told that his answer is invalid because he left some out. He lists off five more, and is told that there's still one left... Who turns out to be a girl he met in passing, and thus doesn't know her name. Then there's the time they helped out the twin-tailed mermaid. At the end of the episode, most of the kids offer their condolences. Momochi offers his phone number.
  • Mizuiro from Bleach is known to be able to get women much older than him fawning over him with pretty much the snap of a finger. How many guys can you name that while in their teen years, can go with their girlfriend, who is an older woman, and nine of her friends, to Hawaii for the entire Summer vacation? James Bond, eat your heart out.
  • In Tenchi Muyo!, Tenchi has several adult women flirting with him, including two who seriously want his love (who is how serious about having him, though, is one of many things that changes from version to version). One is even a distant relative of his (that's just how Juraians roll, as she explained.) He's about fifteen. Of course, that's just going on the ages they look. A lot of the cast can measure their ages in three or four digits — which actually may explain it. What's 15 vs 18 mean to you when your kid sister is the Trope Namer for Really Seven Hundred Years Old? Tenchi Muyo! GXP is the same with its protagonist, Seina, who appears even younger than Tenchi.
    • The age differences are less extreme in Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar, with most of the girls pursuing Tenchi's little brother Kenshi genuinely within a few years of his age (he seems to be 14 or so, and most of the girls are under 18). But one is definitely in her twenties, and Kenshi even attracts the attention of one girl's mother.
  • A young Romano in Axis Powers Hetalia is only willing to learn enough Spanish to demand kisses from Belgium and the Queen of Spain. Once Belgium takes him up on it, however, he finds himself at a total loss.

Comic Books

  • Superboy: His list of girlfriends is long, especially when you consider that he's, at most, two years old.
    • And is a teenager at that. The fact that he hasn't been impregnating women faster than a speeding bullet is a testament to his will power, considering his sum total of life experiences.

Films — Live Action


  • Olver from Wheel of Time
  • Arguably, Peter Pan, since all the girls in Neverland (particularly Tinkerbell) are interested on him, and the novel clearly states he will keep going back for the females of every generation of Wendy's family and they will all have a certain crush on him. In fact, this is lampshaded in the sequel to the Disney version (see the quote page).
    • Sadly for the girls, Peter only wants a woman who can be his mother.
  • Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey, a.k.a. Buster Casey. Racked up a list of most of the females in his school before he left home. Notice the use of the word "females", not just the female students.
  • Otto in Someone Elses War is very kind and polite, but always the first to appreciate a girl's beauty, quite vocally at that. (He's twelve.)

Live Action TV

  • Drake of Drake and Josh. Very much so. An official count numbers the girls he's shown dating in the series to be over 60. You will never see him dating a girl you saw him date in a previous episode. Add that to the fact that he is shown dating a girl nearly every episode and you have yourself a lot of dumped girls.
    • In one episode, we see him with three girls: a girlfriend from a previous episode, his current girlfriend that was introduced in another episode, and a previously unknown girlfriend.
  • The Spiritual Successor to Drake and Josh, iCarly has Spencer fitting a Kidanova more than a Casanova despite being in his late 20's, because of the shows' Kid Com genre, Spencer never doing more than kissing the girl (on camera at least), and because he's not a jerk. The closest the actual Power Trio has is Carly, who picks up a love interest a few times a season.
  • Skeeter of Cousin Skeeter
  • Shawn of Boy Meets World. One would assume he's the regular kind of Casanova, however he reveals while displaying his knowledge of Death by Sex that he is still, technically, a virgin.
    • Eric too in the early seasons.
  • Subverted in How I Met Your Mother with Matthew Panning, "the Stud of Port Richland Middle School", who claimed to have had sex with a hundred girls by the time he was 12. It's obvious to everyone that he's lying, except for Barney, who makes it the goal of his adult life to sleep with 200 girls just to show Panning up.
  • Every single live-action show on Disney Channel seems to have at least one.
  • During season 2 of Degrassi, when JT who's 13 at the time instantly starts making plans on dating the most popular older high school girls he can catch.


  • Older Than Radio: Mozart's opera The Marriage of Figaro has a boy, Cherubino, who is old enough to get shipped off to the army but young enough to be a Cross Dressing Voice role, and spends the show charming every woman he can get his hands on. He ends up in a Beta Couple (with Barbarina, the local ingenue) by the end of the night. Lampshaded by his song "Voi chi sapete", in which he explains that he loves being in love with all the ladies around and it's a natural thing to him.
    • Actually, in the original plays by Beaumarchais it goes further: the sequel The Guilty Mother says he's the father of Countess Rosina's child.


  • Stacy's Mom by Fountains Of Wayne is sung from the point of view of a kid who believes himself to be this.

Video Games

  • Zidane from Final Fantasy IX is 16 years old, and even though his love interest Garnet shares his age, he hits on much older women as well. In Dissidia Final Fantasy he hits on Shantotto, who, while tiny, is somewhere in her 30s.
  • Nils Lutefisk from Psychonauts is one of these. He claims it's because his parents let him watch R-rated movies.
  • Roy from Fire Emblem 6 is just fifteen years old, but he can have up to six possible love interests: his gorgeous ex-teacher, his childhood friend, a cheery Lethal Chef, a silent female nomad, a cute mercenary girl and a shy half-human, half-dragon shaman girl.
    • From Fire Emblem 8, we have Ewan. This redheaded, cheery magic student can't be older than 15, but he can date and eventually marry Amelia, a sweet girl who's at least two or three years older than he is.
      • More importantly, in his support conversation with Ross he claims to have "a lot" of girlfriends, though we have to take his word on it.
    • 15-year-old Erk the Mage has three possible girlfriends (Serra, Priscilla and Nino). Though, he is very anti-social and even laments his inability to talk to girls at one point.
    • Dew from Fire Emblem 4 may have them all beat: he can marry and have kids with most of the women in the player's army (and not in the future tense, either). His exact age is unclear, but definitely early-to-mid teens. (A manga adaption gave his age as 14!) And several of the girls are older than he is! (15-year-old Lachesis and 14-year-old Sylvia are around his age, but Bridget and Adean are at least in their mid-to-late teens.)
  • Poo from EarthBound is implied to be this. He has fangirls in his hometown, anyway.
  • Ryoji Mochizuki of Persona 3 earned an Instant Fanclub the moment he transferred over to Gekkoukan High, mostly for his mysterious air and boyish looks. This makes the Chivalrous Pervert extremely happy, since he already hits on any and all women in range—sometimes risking life and limb, such as when he propositions Mitsuru during her Heroic BSOD and then, immediately after being rebuked, asks Yukari out on a date at the red-light district.) He even hits on Aigis, whose response is... unexpected. In Persona 3 Portable, though, he becomes a Ladykiller in Love with the Female Protagonist.
  • Palom from Final Fantasy IV must be some sort of record; he's five years old.

Web Comics

Web Original

  • The web novel Seeking a Sweet Bewitching Kiss as part of the Girls Love series Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo contains a female and lesbian version of this trope. Elementary schoolgirl lesbian Runa, has all the girls in her class as well as her teacher (a woman in her early twenties) enamored with her. Recently, she has gotten her own visual novel released, in which she kind of subverts the trope by having sex with her teacher.
  • The Nostalgia Critic has reminded people that he was an early bloomer when it came to sex. Judging by his Dark and Troubled Past, it may have not been a good thing.

Western Animation

  • Odd Della Robbia of Code Lyoko. He even managed to get somewhere with his friends' love interests, if only at a stretch (a platonic dance date and a Fake-Out Make-Out for Yumi and Aelita, respectively). The only girl he hasn't (willingly!) dated is the Alpha Bitch, and even then there's enough UST between them to rival Ulrich and Yumi.
    • Amusingly, it comes back to bite him later when his reputation has gotten around and he suddenly can't get a date to save his life.
    • William too: got expelled by his previous school for his dating spree.
  • It seems Ferb of Phineas and Ferb is one of these.
    • Ferb doesn't have nearly as much success as Butt Monkey, Baljeet. So far, he has gone on a romantic cruise with his childhood friend Mishti, actually kissed a female friend named Wendy (who seemed to like it), and managed to unwittingly become the crush of Fireside Girl Ginger.
  • Jonesy in 6teen is one of these, but he fails to get the girls just as much as he fails to get a stable job.
    • He got Nikki, didn't he?
  • James Bond Jr. seems to have learned more than just fighting skills from his uncle.
  • In the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Prom-ise Her Anything" Dizzy is this combined with Mars Needs Women and manages to snag a grown human woman as a date.
  • Johnny Test. So far, this 11 year-old has managed to charm the class tomboy, the school's queen bee, an alien Rebellious Princess five years older than him, and a cute Daddy's Little Villain (literally, since it turned out she was the villain, not her dad). And possibly Gil.
  • In The Fairly OddParents, Timmy apparently once had relations with a grown woman named Carly at some party he doesn't remember due to Laser-Guided Amnesia. She seemed perfectly fine with it.
  • The title character of Camp Lazlo is wrongfully accused of being one of these by Commander Hoohah at least once.

Real Life

  1. more
  2. this has happened at least twice