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She's 17 years old. Really, we swear!


 Good morning, Troper-san. Please describe a 17 years old seiyuu named Kikuko Inoue, if you would, please?


Oi, oi... Anyway, Kikuko Inoue is a voice actress best known for her motherly, dignified, angelic voice, which lends well for her to get picked to play Yamato Nadeshiko, Team Mom, Hot Mom or Onee-Sama roles. Recently she also specialized in playing mega-bitches like I-No from Guilty Gear, Grace, Lust, Louise's big sister Eleonore and even a Tokusatsu example (Insarn). She is also married and has a young daughter, Houko. She's a member of the Goddess Family Club singing club, and like Megumi Hayashibara, she is also part of the singing club DoCo.

If you think mega-bitches are her only "other" role, how about a Badass Action Mom, to the tune of The Boss in Metal Gear Solid?

Some of her notable roles:

She always refers to herself as "17 years old" even though she was born in 1964 (used as a Shout-Out in Mai-HiME in regards to Midori Sugiura's dubious age; and by Maria in Hayate the Combat Butler who actually is 17 but is constantly mistaken for someone older; and by Virgilia, who is obviously not 17-year-old but actually voiced by Kikuko Inoue, in a Umineko no Naku Koro ni preview). Some seiyuus like Yukari Tamura (who is Midori's seiyuu) have picked up this habit.

It's also worth noting that despite being THE archetypical Yamato Nadeshiko seiyuu, she's also often landed with Lethal Chef roles, where said Yamato Nadeshiko isn't so complete due to her lack of quality in producing good, edible food. Examples include Cecile Croomy, Tytti Noorbuck, Sanae Furukawa and Rosemary.

Apparently, after she voice-acted Belldandy, Kosuke Fujishima (mangaka of Ah! My Goddess) became so impressed that subsequent chapters use Kikuko's characterization of Belldandy as the character's base personality, including quirks such as liking sunfish and touching fake food.

Despite her names, she has no relations, aside of fellow seiyuus, with other Inoue seiyuus.

Tropes associated with Kikuko Inoue:

For her American equivalent (who's more subtle about her age), see Bridget Hoffman.

Inoue-san in GPS form