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One of the key elements of the Kleptomaniac Hero is that he will search though people's drawers. Some games will lampshade what you are doing by rewarding you with ... well, people's drawers.

Examples of Kleptomaniac Hero, Found Underwear include:

  • In Golden Sun, checking the closet in the room of Lord McCoy's wife will result in "Isaac peeked into the wardrobe... There's a silk negligee... Isaac! Put that back!" Yes, Isaac tried to steal the underwear.
  • In Shining Force II, Bowie can search the princess's closet and find "A small piece of silk" that results in the text "Bowie is flustered".
  • In Mega Man Star Force 2, the Hertz in the computer in Luna's drawers will mention protecting a lady's secrets and tell you to get out. In 3, when you're examining Luna's drawers ("It's a young girl's secret... wh-what's this...!? ... I can't look at this! Argh...!") Mega notes "So stop staring at it!". You can also check Zack's drawers ("It's a young boy's secret!!"). You can also look at the clothes hanging on the rack in the room on the right at the TV studio (Sonia's dressing room) and Omega-Xis will ask Geo about trying them on, Geo will then tell him no.
    • In Mega Man Battle Network, examining Mayl's closet in every game (except 6, where you can't go into her house) will have Lan note he shouldn't, and that even close personal friends have limits.
    • In the first Battle Network, you can walk right up to her as she's changing, right before one of the boss fights, sometime between IceMan.EXE and MagicMan.EXE. It fits into the trope because you can't tell until you actually talk to her.
  • In Cloud's flashback in Final Fantasy VII you find "orthopedic underwear" in Tifa's bedroom, which he puts in his pocket. Since Cloud is actually telling the story to everyone, Tifa is not amused by this tidbit.
    • This was changed to 'Stretch Boxers' as one of crafting items for Tifa's ultimate weapon in Dissidia 012 Duodecim.
    • In the Spanish translation it's an "orthopedic bra". Makes sense. Tifa needs as much support as she can get.
  • In Phantasy Star IV, Chaz will actually refuse to check the drawers in other houses. The only exceptions are Alys', which he is too scared to do, and his own, which of course only contains underwear.
  • In Cave Story, you can search though Curly's room and find her panties.
    • Though they're hidden at the end of a totally darkened passageway which you'll most likely be unable to find without checking the map or knowing where it is in advance, so this is for only the most dedicated of kleptomaniacs.
    • Also, in Grasstown, if you take a rest in Chaco's bed, you wake up with her asleep next to you and her lipstick in your inventory, inexplicably.
      • You have to do it at a certain time, though, so like Curly's panties, unless you're deliberately looking for it, you probably won't find it.
  • In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Mario can case Princess Toadstool's room to find her "???" — and a retainer will immediately run up and swap it for an item. If you wait until she's a party member, you'll be treated to a freak-out on her part. The Japanese release calls it her "XXX", but the XXX here stands for a blank, giving the same meaning. (See also: XxxHolic.)
  • Inverted in Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door — Jolene has a trouble board issue that she needs handled with discretion. She's hired someone in Rogueport who's been known to make things...disappear, and it's your job to pick up everything in a supply closet that needs to...disappear and haul it to him, without telling anyone else about it. Turns out what she needs eliminated are about 20 pairs of dirty wrestling battle trunks.
  • In Mario Golf: Advance Tour, if you are male and look in your female partner's closet, it will note that her (default:Ella) clothes are inside and she will get mad at you.
    • Bizarrely, if you play as the female character, looking in your own closet produces the exact same "Hey, these are (name)'s clothes!" response (sans angry reaction), making her sound like a Third Person Person.
  • Happens briefly in Blue Dragon looking through Kluke's house.
  • In Jet Force Gemini, an NPC on Tawfret asks you to retrieve his stolen underwear (which Mizar's troops threw up a tree). Once returned, he'll give you the necessary item needed to continue the game.
  • In Apollo Justice — you will find two pairs of panties, and they're vital evidence! Though only one of them has ever been worn. The other is a prop for a magic act.
    • Naturally, everyone will be either poking fun at Apollo or questioning why he is carrying panties belonging to a teenage girl and a middle-aged woman.
  • As part of the trading subquest of Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, you have to give a mermaid her bikini top back that she lost and has ended up in a fishing pond (previous to this, she doesn't jump up onto the rock that she's supposed to sit on and diving near her causes her to scream and swim away, think about that).
    • In the North American versions of the game, this bikini top becomes a Necklace. She still flees when you dive near her though. In most European versions, it remains a bikini top in the Game Boy version. In the DX version, it becomes a necklace too.
  • In Dragon Quest VIII, Jessica can equip the underwear you find in some drawers. Including the garter in Princess Medea's room.
  • The near-future chapter of Live a Live features a Chain of Deals that, if kept at for a ridiculously long time, will result in "TaekoPants." After Taeko finds out that you've been paying someone to steal her clothing, you'll also receive a "TaekoPunch." You can also receive "Watanabe Boxers" and "Director Boxers".
    • In Sundown's chapter, you can swipe Annie's nightie if you send her off to set a trap (otherwise she busts into the room and freaks out).
  • In Dragon Quest III it's fairly common to find underwear, trousers, kilts, and other sorts of clothing when searching dressers.
  • Fallout 3 does this frequently. Search any given wardrobe in the Capital Wasteland and you're apt to find lots of pre-war clothing, including the aptly named Sexy Sleepwear and its quest-related counterpart, Naughty Nightwear.
  • Bahamut Lagoon has the protagonist, Byuu, finding quite a number of "drawer things" — things from a drawer in the wink and nudge sense.
    • You can also find "Princess' ???", usually in the suspicious location of Yoyo's bed. However, you can also find Gunso's ??? by talking to him at pretty much any time...
  • Chrono Trigger: You can find an item called the Naga-ette "bromide" in a chest of drawers/cabinet. Later a Dirty Old Man will trade you a valuable power-tab for it. In Japan, it was actually a Naga-ette's bra; Nintendo of America wouldn't allow it and forced a retranslation.
  • It's been mentioned a few times in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob that it's impossible to find anything hidden in Bob's seemingly bottomless sock drawer. He once hid a world-destroying bomb in there for safe keeping.
  • In Rhapsody a Musical Adventure, searching barrels in a certain location will get you something along the lines of "Eeeek, you found a mouse! ...That's not helpful to the story, though."
  • In Breath of Fire 2, just before the Inevitable Tournament, you can search the room of your (soon to be party member, after a boss fight with her at least) opponent Katt. If you try and open the treasure chest in there she'll burst in and chew you out for wanting to "rummage through a girl's things".
  • Many crates and barrels in The Elder Scrolls games can have just stuff like folded cloth, casual clothing, fruits and vegetables, and other things.
  • Similar to Chrono Trigger, you can dig a bromide of Jessica out of Kyle's bed in Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (the window to do this is very tight). Jessica is not thrilled.
    • The Lunar series is famous for these sorts of things, as practically everything can be poked through. And several characters possess these pictures of scantily clad women, which every woman is absolutely furious to find out about and snatches away at once... Before handing them to the main character for safekeeping.
  • A side quest in Fable III involves finding a pair of Reaver's underwear for his biggest fan. The other nightstands in the mansion contain condoms and... Summon Creature Potions. Disturbing, yet so in character for Reaver.
  • In Dragon Quest IX, the hero/heroine can find the "Dangerous Top" a girl lost in a bathhouse (she lets him keep it if he/she brings it back anyway) and buy the "Dangerous Midriff" in a secret shop.Any female character can wear them, though they only give 1 Defense each.
  • if you did this in Baldurs Gate, Baldurs Gate II, or the Throne of Bhaal expansion, there was an easter-egg enchantment recipe for an impressive suit of armor.
  • Possibly lampshaded and subverted in Tales of Vesperia. Upon first meeting Rita, Yuri (still convinced she's the blastia thief) can search her drawers. Estelle will interrupt and say it's not proper for a man to search a woman's belongings. All the player knows is that whatever she found, she won't tell.
  • You can find female underwear in Tales of the Drunken Paladin: Big Trouble in Little China, Maine. It can be equipped as a piece of armour, and it protects its user from "sleep" special condition by "making wearer strangely aware". Granted, this game is a parody.
  • The "Leliana's Song" DLC for Dragon Age includes an NPC whose kinky, fetishy underwear you can loot from his unconscious body. You can either plant the naughty undies on another unconscious NPC (which is part of completing a quest) or nail them to a bulletin board outside a church (which doesn't get you any game benefit, but is funnier).
  • In Baten Kaitos, you can search a locker in the School of Magic and find girl's clothes. The game scolds you for messing with it. Amusingly, you get the same message when playing as Xelha.
    • Interestingly, if you search Xelha's bed in the Ice Palace, you get the message 'It's not proper to search a young lady's bed', even when you're playing as Xelha. You can't even search your own bed.
  • If you search Vanille's bed in Solatorobo, Red will find some underwear and his sister will scold him for staring.
  • Fortune Summoners like any other rpg allows you to loot the homes of random town people. You will find a lot of underwear if you do.

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