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A freeware platformer game by Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren, creator of similar freeware platformers such as Within a Deep Forest and the original Knytt. Though it only comes with one full level and a tutorial, the game has an integrated level editor and new levels are very easy to install. Several additional official levels have been released (see below), and the game has a very active fan-made level community. Dozens can be found on Nifflas' forums and on

Knytt Stories has been billed as an "environmental platformer". Though enemies and obstacles exist which can kill your character, a tiny humanoid named Juni (whose backstory tends to change even between the official levels), the ambient/playground levels tend to be the most popular, thanks to the gorgeous music and sprite packs — both the originals and those added by the level community.

Official levels (made by Nifflas) include:

  • The Machine: a puzzle platformer based around finding upgrades and exploring the world. Has a bonus ending if you find all four keys.
  • A Strange Dream: a huge, gorgeous Wide Open Sandbox that can be finished in about half a dozen different ways. Contains some bonus material if you know where to look, and a secret Mythology Gag ending.
  • An Underwater Adventure: survival horror platforming (no, really). Has two parts — once you finish the first run, go through it again for the second half. Also features multiple endings and some very nice puzzles.
  • Sky Flower: climb upwards, float downwards.
  • Gustav's Daughter: a relatively short level with more experimental graphics, mostly built around jumping/climbing skills.
  • This Level Is Unfinished: Exactly What It Says on the Tin, hilariously so.

Available here.

This game has examples of:

In addition to the game itself, some levels have examples of: