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 The story of a boy yearning for true love and a girl hating chocolate.


Or, in English, Love, Election, & Chocolate. An adult Visual Novel released in 2010 by the relatively new company Sprite. It features artwork by Akinashi Yuu, music by I've Sound, and an all-star voice cast. An all-ages PSP version of the game, as well as an anime adaptation, is planned for 2012.

Ohjima Yuuki is a second-year student at the extremely prestigious private high school called Takafuji Gakuen. This school has a student body of about six thousand, and most of its students are on the fast track to good careers. Perhaps because of that, the Absurdly Powerful Student Council takes a strong role in maintaining and governing the students; kiddy politics though they may be compared to the real world, the student government is also practice for aspiring politicians, and is Serious Business.

Of late, the budget for school clubs has become stretched thin. It's almost time for the third-year Student Council President, Mouri Yakumo, to step down--and because of this, the club budget is an important issue in this year's election. Frontrunner candidate Shinonome Satsuki openly intends to deal with the issue by abolishing all clubs with "no merit". This includes the Food Research Club that Yuuki is in, where he and a handful of his friends do nothing but hang out and eat sweets.

When Yuuki and the club go to Mouri for help, he suggests that Yuuki should enter the election himself in order to protect his daily life. And so Yuuki does, quickly getting swept up into the school's political situation.

The romanceable heroines of the game are:

  • Sumiyoshi Chisato, Yuuki's Patient Childhood Love Interest and the president of the Food Research Club. A second-year student just like Yuuki. A Genki Girl. Because of a mysterious incident in her past, she refuses to eat chocolate. She is the main heroine, and the player must complete her route in order to unlock the four others. Voiced by Nakamura Eriko.
  • Kiba Mifuyu, a good friend of Chisato's. She's a year older than Chisato and Yuuki, but is an Ill Girl and has been held back to be in the same year as them due to her frequent sicknesses. She is from Hokkaido and knows a lot about its foods. Voiced by Mizuhashi Kaori.
  • Aomi Isara, a first-year student. She is very poor and goes to school almost entirely on scholarships, causing her to be the target of bullying, but she is a hardworking Pollyanna who is never discouraged. Has a special talent for finding four-leaf clovers and a Signature Laugh. Voiced by Kadowaki Mai.
  • Shinonome Satsuki, a second-year student and Yuuki's political rival. She is wise and strong-willed, but because her family runs a wagashi[1] shop, she has a weakness for the Western sweets she's rarely able to eat. Boobs of Steel. Has a distinctive red-bobbled hair tie. Voiced by Asakawa Yuu.
  • Morishita Michiru, a first-year student in Isara's class. The Quiet One. She wandered into the Food Research Club on a whim. Fickle, but apparently likes Yuuki. She's usually seen eating her Trademark Favorite Food, the Yaoi-bou[2], and playing her PSP. Considered to be catlike. Voiced by Imai Asami.

There are currently two manga adaptations running, one simply titled Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate that focuses on Chisato's storyline and one with the subtitle Stray Little Cat that focuses on (you guessed it) Michiru.

This Visual Novel employs the following tropes:

  1. Japanese confection
  2. Umai-bou