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File:Kosokusentai turboranger 8254.jpg

Kōsoku Sentai Turboranger (High-Speed Squadron Turboranger) is the thirteenth entry of Super Sentai series, airing from 1989 to 1990. Before the retroactive recognition of Himitsu Sentai Goranger and JAKQ Dengekitai into the franchise, this is the series that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Sentai franchise.

Because of nature being destroyed, the fairies can no longer maintain the seal on the Hundred Boma Tribes, who have now revived in an attempt to Take Over the World. The fairy, Chiron, under the command of Saint Beast Rakiya, calls out to five warriors who can hear her voice, five high school students (who apparently stumbled upon the fairies lair and witnessed them). And they fight the Boma, using the combined power of mysticism from Chiron, and science (mainly cars) from their guiding professor as the Turborangers!

The Turborangers:

The Leaders of the Hundred Bōma Tribes:

The Nagare Bōma Tribe:

  • Yamimaru: Half-Boma Half-Human, thus able to take form of a human schoolboy Delinquent under the name Hikaru Nagareboshi. The Rival to Riki. As Hikaru, he's sort of The Ace with mad piano skills.
  • Kilika: Another Half-Boma Half-Human, born with the name Sayoko Tsukikage, and was Shunsuke's childhood friend and has a crush on Riki, but was horribly bullied ever since she was a kid (and Riki didn't even notice). A chance encounter with Yamimaru/Hikaru eventually sets her off to hate her human heritage and joins him as Kilika.

Recurring Super Sentai tropes:

Tropes Specific To Kousoku Sentai Turboranger

  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Rakiya at the beginning. Chiron followed suit at the end.
  • Brought to You by The Letter "S": The letter on each Turboranger's belt buckle represents his or her designated Turbo Machine: GT (for Gran Tourer), J(eep), T(ruck), B(uggy) and W(agon).
  • The Chew Toy — Yohei just can't seem to take a break. Aside of being the teacher's most prominent target of scolding (aside of Riki, that is), he gets poisoned and nearly dying in place of Haruna (and then she accidentally hit him on the head using volleyball); then a Boma swapped his face with a Nerd who proceeds to show cowardice using his face; while Yohei had to do heroics with the Nerd's face, and when the face returns to default, the girls who used to swoon over him now abandon him for the Nerd thanks to the heroics Yohei did using the Nerd's face and the Nerd's cowardice using Yohei's face.
  • Clip Show: The series actually starts with one. The first episode has the appearance of the past 10 Sentai, with most of it being an overview of each of them lasting a few minutes each and showing various clips.
  • Dawson Casting — Only Jun-ichi Katagiri (Shunsuke) was 18 (the average age of a high school senior) when the series was filmed. The rest were barely in their early 20s.
  • Deal with the Devil — One Monster of the Week heals a girl's finger so she can play flute in a concert, but whenever she plays her flute in front of children, it steals their energy and makes them sick.
  • Dirty Coward — Zulten works for whoever is in charge of Boma Castle at the time. He has no loyalty to anyone.
  • Do-It-Yourself Theme Tune — The opening and endings are sung by Kenta Sato, who plays Red Turbo.
    • He even puts on his old costume when he does them in concert.
  • The Dulcinea Effect — One episode has Youhei meet a girl with the same name as a girl he was friends with as a kid who lives in the same house, which is said to be cursed, which caused his old friend to leave. Turns out the curse was because of a Monster of the Week sealed in the house's basement.
  • Dynamic Entry — The Turbo Robo always open up the fight with this (using fist, though), since it roller-skates to the opponent upon formation.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones — Yamimaru and Kilika. To the surprise, the resident bitch Jarmin is actually showing some genuine feelings with the resident love-hater Zimba, and he reciprocates by taking her place first when Ragorn sentenced her to death, and when he died, she felt rather crushed.
  • Everything's Better with Princesses — Inverted. It's so much worse in the Bouma since said Princess is Jarmin. Thankfully she didn't last very long.
  • Evil Clown — The Wular Soldiers (Mooks.)
  • Fake Defector — Haruna makes up a plan to fake amnesia to recover an antidote on the fly after taking a hit to the head during battle. Despite being unplanned it works flawlessly.
  • Flung Clothing — During a Big Damn Heroes moment when the Turborangers dress up like samurai in order to save Daichi and a kid from a Monster of the Week that transforms people into samurai who think they're in ancient Japan, the disguised Turboranger do this after destroying the monster's hat that it uses for the transformation.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus — comes into play as early as the first episode, where Jarmin's snake face flashes for a bit on the screen. Brrr.
  • Green Aesop — See Space Whale Aesop below.
  • Half-Human Hybrid — Yamimaru and Kilika
  • Hey, It's That Guy! — This show has two ladies that would become main core of Sentai heroines as guest stars. There's Keiko Hayase (Remi Hoshikawa) and Sayuri Uchida (Ako Hayasaka).
    • Masako Morishita (Kilika) later had a recurring role in Gosei Sentai Dairanger as the vengeful warrior Kujaku.
  • I Will Punish Your Friend for Your Failure — A severely cruel one is pulled by Jarmin, holding the whole Bell Chime tribe as a hostage for Bell Chime Boma to fight the Turborangers, and when she eventually was thwarted, Jarmin personally destroyed the whole tribe in front of her. This is one move that cements her to be Turboranger's biggest bitch.
  • Love Hurts — Zimba's origin. What makes him a Tragic Monster was that his love WAS genuine, but the princess he was wooing rejected him in the time he needed mostly and stated how much she disliked him... like a bitch. No wonder Zimba got pissed.
  • Meaningful Name — The Turborangers are named after the elements and/or parts of the Earth..
    • Riki Honoo (Red Turbo)
      • Riki = Power
      • Honoo = Flame
    • Daichi Yamagata (Black Turbo)
      • Daichi = Earth
      • Yama = Mountain (also, Yamagata is a prefecture.)
    • Youhei Hama (Blue Turbo)
      • Hei = Plains
      • Hama = Beach
    • Shunsuke Hino (Yellow Turbo)
      • Hi = The sun
    • Haruna Morikawa (Pink Turbo)
      • Haru = Spring (the season)
      • Mori = Forest
      • Kawa = River
    • Hikaru Nagareboshi (villain)
      • Hikaru = Comes from light (hikari)
      • Nagareboshi = Shooting star
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: the V Turbo Bazooka (might not count since they had no cannon before it) for the weapons, and the Turbo Rugger for mecha. They also get a new base that can transform into a mecha as well. Also they get new weapons early on but its not close to midway then.
  • Milestone Celebration: The first episode was a Clip Show which summarizes all of the previous Sentai shows since Battle Fever J. All 48 Sentai warriors from said shows appear in the special to lent their support to the five Turborangers.
  • Mix and Match- Unlike all other Sentai which has a general theme for everything Turboranger has its various parts pulled seemingly at random. High School students use car themed powers and weapons, powered by fairies to fight demons? It somehow works but it comes off as really weird at times.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You — Nagareboshi/Yamimaru goes so far as to tell Riki the weakness of one Monster of the Week so that he won't be killed by the Hundred Boma Tribes.
  • Recruit Teenagers with Attitude — Preceded even the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in this situation. Granted, Chiron has the justifications that they saw her kin in the past, but there are other kids who saw her that way, but... maybe they lack attitude so they do not get chosen.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni — The two henchmen of Onibōma in Episode 9 were literally a Red Oni and a Blue Oni. Episode 18 uses the more subtle one with the Gōkaku Bōma brothers.
  • Red String of Fate — Yamimaru and Kilika, he even uses it literally to save her from falling to her death.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can — The Hundred Boma Tribes.
  • Space Whale Aesop — Take care of nature, or else the fairies won't be able to protect Earth from the Hundred Bōma Tribes.
  • What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome? — Nagareboshi's piano playing, complete with behind the back and doing a handstand on the piano while playing.
  • Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World — Early on, the Turborangers (mainly Riki) are always getting yelled out by their teacher for shirking class. Lessened later on as the teacher becomes less cartoony and is shown to genuinely care about her students.
  • Whip It Good — Jarmin's weapon of choice.
  1. Daichi and Haruna the top students.
  2. He's the foil to Riki's Book Dumb status. He's also the go-guy for second-in-command
  3. Gun and Sword modes.
  4. Can combine with the Turbolaser's Sword Mode
  5. When combined with the Turbolaser's Gun