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Kain is deified. The Clans tell tales of Him. Few know the truth. He was mortal once, as were we all. However, His contempt for humanity drove him to create me, and my brethren. I am Raziel, first-born of his lieutenants. I stood with Kain and my brethren at the dawn of the empire. I have served him a millennium. Over time, we became less human and more, divine. Kain would enter the state of change and emerge with a new gift. Some years after the master, our evolution would follow. Until I had the honor of surpassing my Lord. For my transgression, I earned a new kind of reward... agony. There was only one possible outcome - my eternal damnation. I, Raziel, was to suffer the fate of traitors and weaklings - to burn forever in the bowels of the Lake of the Dead.
"Raziel giving the prelude to the story."

Settle your dispute with Kain. Destroy Him and your brethren. Free their souls and let the wheel of fate churn again. Use your hatred to reave their souls, I can make it possible. Become my Soul Reaver, my Angel of Death.
"Elder God"

I am the last Pillar. The only survivor of the Circle of Nine. At my whim, the world will be healed...or damned. At my whim.
Kain, faced with the decision that would shape his whole existence.

Nopraptor with his blind act of vengence threatened to destroy all of Nosgoth. Each circle member was bonded to the pillar he served, each pillar reflected the mental state of thier servant and as the mind of each member was sent further into dementia, the pillars crumbled. To restore them each member of the circle had to die and the artifact that served as thier link to pillar had to be returned. Only when all the pillars were restored did Ariel claim my curse would end. And so my hunt began.
Kain explaining what was happening to Nosgoth.

Given the choice, whether to rule the corrupt and failing empire, or to challenge fates for another throw, a better throw against one's destiny - what was a king to do? And does one truly have a choice? One can only match, move by move, the machinations of fate and thus defy the tyrannous stars.


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