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 Marty: Welcome aboard, Captain Smith, I'm Lieutenant Jasper, I'll be your XO.

Bob: Um... is there any particular reason you're... well... naked?


Legostar Galactica is a science-fiction LEGO Photo Comic launched in August 2002 by Dusan M. Jeftinija, Ph.D., about the struggles of Captain Bob Smith, who had recently been transferred to the notorious starship Muffin due to an embarrassment to the military on his part. Initially dealing with his zany crew, Captain Bob has to go to great lengths to keep the ship together, but then it goes to hell when the Sith start targeting the Muffin because of his second-in-command Jasper's ties and those of the ship doctor, Reines to the Jedi council.

As the name may imply, the comic parodies science fiction movies, TV shows and novels, especially Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica and Heroes. Its level of parody shifts between Affectionate Parody and pure satire (the "Legoes" arc comes to mind).

Legostar Galactica is part of the Brick Comic Network.

Legostar Galactica provides examples of the following tropes: