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File:Lenorecute 8694.jpg

She really loves animals.


 A Dirge for her, the doubly dead

In that she died so young.

Lenore, Edgar Allan Poe


A series of comic books by Roman Dirge. Lenore is a fictional character inspired by the poem Lenore, by Edgar Allan Poe.

The comic tells the dark, humorous adventures of the title character, a Strange Girl named Lenore, and her variety of friends. Common themes are the reinvention of children's songs, games, and nursery rhymes to something more macabre, and subverting all sorts of pop culture icons and cultural figures in to topics of dark comedy.

Lenore's actions often result in the death or injury to those around her, and in various forms of chaos, yet she is not a malicious character, and often thinks she is doing good. Lenore is not the sole focus of the comic, with many stories featuring one-time characters (One of these characters, Samurai Sloth, is set to star in his own series). Also featured are humorous, semi autobiographical accounts of events that happened to creator Roman Dirge, titled Things Involving Me.

Lenore was also featured in a set of 26 short flash movies for Sony's Screen Blast website.

This comic features examples of:

  • Ambiguous Innocence: Lenore
  • And Call Him George: This is pretty much guaranteed to happen whenever Lenore gets a pet.
  • Animated Actors: Not really actors, but Jesus still appeared for a few seconds, jumping and applauding a magician's show.
  • Animated Series
  • Anti-Hero: Ragamuffin, Pooty
  • Ax Crazy: Lenore, every time she wants to kill Mr.Gosh for stalking her.
  • Badass: Ragamuffin as a vampire.
    • Ragamuffin as a little doll, too. In volume 2 he drives a giant robot just to save Lenore from a guy who tries to finish embalming her.
  • Badass Decay: In-universe example. Ragamuffin often complains about this and remembers how awesome and amazing he was when he was a vampire.
  • Black Comedy
  • Bloody Hilarious
  • Body Horror: It's shown that the spell that caused Ragamuffin to turn into a doll made needles and threads burst out of his stomach and start ripping apart his skin, only to sew it back together again as cloth.
  • Butt Monkey: Mr.Gosh for Lenore.
  • Can't Get in Trouble For Nuthin': Lenore cuts a woman's nose off in the middle of the street and no one sees her. Lenore kills Mr. Gosh and no one wonders what happened to the guy. Lenore kills an entire group of kids at a birthday party and she hasn't been discovered by anyone. Except the birthday girl, who tries to give a call to the police, but she's killed by accident in the very last moment. Although she doesn't do these things on purpose (or perhaps she does), Lenore is an authentic Karma Houdini .
  • Can't grow up: Lenore.
  • Casanova: It's implied in Pooty's case, even though he's just a thing formed of two small buckets, that carries a trident.
  • Chaotic Stupid: Lenore.
  • Character Development: Lenore. In the first issues she doesn't really seem to know that she is doing evil things, but later she is quite aware of it and she actually likes it. This is heavily implied in issue #13 where she declares that her dream is to have her own personal army of small indian boys and to take over the world, while she's smiling mischievously.
  • Chew Toy: Almost everyone, except Lenore... She's of course the one doing the chewing.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Lenore. Well, she's still a kid after all...
  • The Cloud Cuckoolander Was Right: Many instances in which Lenore is indeed right, no matter how absurd they can be.
  • Complete Monster: In-universe, Ragamuffin, before he met Lenore.
    • He actually is after he met Lenore, too, it's just that his new form greatly reduces his capability of wreaking destruction and mayhem.
    • Not so much after he met Lenore, because if he was, he would have killed her (as he wanted to do in the first issue in which he appeared) or at least he would have left her when he was turned into a vampire again. Even more, he was so protective of her that he slaughtered a hundred zombies.
  • Covert Pervert: Although he's from Hell, you still wouldn't expect a 'thing' like Pooty to be this.

 Ragamuffin: Pooty, I...I never liked you, but what you did was so noble. Stay with us, buddy, stay with us.

Pooty: hurts so bad. Also, you're touching my left nipple which feels disturbingly nice.


 Lenore:I don't want to get naked with the bears! And stop trying to stick that in me!


 Ragamuffin: Look, man, I don't know what your problem is, but your reign of harassment ends now or I'll cut you, bitch. She's a ten year old girl anyway. You even realize how creepy you are?

Mr. Gosh: Yeah, but she's been 10 for a loooooong time now, man.


 Ragamuffin: Something's wrong. Your blood should have turned me to my own self. Unless something is wrong with your blood?

Lenore: I've been embalmed!

Ragamuffin: <Face Palm>


 Lenore: I don't do guilt.