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"[...] have you ever seen a DVD, you know, how they do director's commentary and stuff? Well, imagine if some jackass who was not involved with the creation of the movie at all decided to just comment on what he thought watching the movie would be like. Well, that's kinda like what we are here now."
Slowbeef, explaining what a Let's Play is.

We play games so you don't have to.

Let's Play is a relatively recent revival of an old concept, which became mainstream (for a certain value of mainstream) due to the Something Awful forums, and has since branched out to independent players on YouTube as well as other forums. Essentially, it's a screenshot or video Walkthrough with entertaining commentary; The goal generally isn't to Speed Run through it, but to show off how the player plays the game normally. Mistakes and multiple deaths are often left intact, for sake of humor, but better LPers will edit around un-funny screwups. The Let's Play Curse leads to a large number of mistakes, often of the hilarious variety because of the stupidity of the mistakes.

The tone and style will vary greatly with the nature of the game and those playing them. Some use screenshots and captions, whilst others use videos, or a mix of both. Some of those videos have voice commentary, and some use subtitles. And depending on the quality and style of the game, the LP may be in-character Fanfic of sort, or closer to a MST, the latter especially common if there's multiple commentators involved. And often they have some degree of fan input; the viewers may submit their own side material, vote on a certain course of action to take, or offer suggestions.

Emulation and heavy use of save-states is often involved (though the latter is commonly discouraged), as most of the consoles and games able to be emulated currently don't have a save or password feature. For the most part, cheating is discouraged, though doing boring parts (like grinding for levels in RPGs) "off-camera" is encouraged. On the other hand, some LPs embrace cheats and hacks as their gimmick to mix things up.

Computers love to attempt suicide by any means possible partway though. Sturgeon's Law is in effect, and many Let's Plays on forums won't last long if they're not gripping. (With some, of course, being Too Good to Last)

In July/August 2011, Nintendo of Europe became what may be the first company to use the Let's Play phenomenon as a way of actually promoting their games. For the release of Xenoblade Chronicles, in addition to the usual trailers and such, a 7-part mini-Let's Play showcasing portions of the game was released. Later, they even held a "Make Your Own Let's Play" contest for the same game. From niche Internet hobby to promotional tool—if nothing else, it shows how far this hobby's come.

Please try to keep the entries in alphabetical order by game in each section.

Recommendations from the LP Archive


  "Why yes, yes I did just summon a Pit Fiend, cast Protection from Evil on anyone not Anomen, and then make up something completely ridiculous."

    • Though it's hard for those not in the know to tell which lines are original and which ones are an in-game result of having Minsc, Jan, and Haer'Dalis in the party.
    • Also features multiple appearances of Tyr the Maimed God, who hates all his Chosen (or at least Saerileth and Edorim) and likes to see them suffer. And is apparently played by Samuel L Jackson.
  • Cheeseball IV's role in his LP of Black & White is to either make you very glad he is not a real god, or to wish he would do more Let's Plays.
  • Zoolooman's abandoned LP of Civilization IV takes the series's penchant for revisionist history to its logical extremes, chronicling the rise of a Russian World State through such trials as the assimilation of Indian and Chinese cultures, a brief holy war with Spain, and Archimedes blowing Lenin's hand off with a prototype hand cannon. Further 4X forays can be found in the multi-user LP of the original Civilization (spearheaded by Deceased Crab) and Fangz's take on Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.
  • Jamesman's LP of Chu Lip. It just might be the most insane, poopie-filled, violently Japanese game of all time.
  • Quovak's Let's Play of the Chzo Mythos, wherein he points out all the game's flaws, even after Yahtzee shows up and joins in the discussion. Funny and insightful, as Yahtzee talks about the things he'd change if he could.
  • Envisioned's Let's Play of the original Crash Bandicoot series is among the best this troper has seen. They're a great resource if you ever wanted to know some of the bigger guide dang its in the games, and LPer himself keeps up a nice running commentary of tips and trivia.
  • LawrenceFriday's LP of Dante's Inferno is a quite funny MSTing of what the author describes as "unashamedly a rip-off of God of War". Laugh as LF and his cohorts John Murdoch and tehwarsmith squirm at the game's Squickier moments and mercilessly mock the derivativeness of the gameplay, the large amounts of filler, the bad game design decisions, Virgil's bizarre metaphors and the nonsensical plot, with special regards to the ending which is enough to cause the crew to rant for the entire ending credits.
  • Daikatana is one of those MST style Let's Plays. Proteus4994 and Suspicious, along with several hapless guests, are made John Romero's collective bitch as they delve, Dante's Inferno-esque, into this infamously terrible first-person shooter. Terrible weapons that hurt the player more often than the target, map design ranging from bland to outright malevolent and broken, an atrocious anime fanfic of a story, and gameplay that would (and did) make a grown man cry are all punctuated by glitch after hysterical glitch. Bring popcorn.
  • Slowbeef and Diabetus Lets Play of Dead to Rights. Lets put it this way:you will have started laughing by the time they start doing their Jack Slate impressions. Otherwise, you have no soul, is the idea here.
    • The later move onto the Reboot, Dead to Rights: Retribution and continue their antics from there.
  • Slowbeef takes on Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Diabetus takes on MetroidFusion. Hilarity Ensues It's hilarious because of how comical, and comically bad at the games, Slowbeef is.
  • Slowbeef's version of Snatcher slowly decays from a straight, rather dull play-by-play into an insane roleplay, with other posters signing up as characters from the game and commenting on the action, and a final culmination into Slowbeef being killed and replaced by the Snatchers, then resurrected by a character account from a previous LP - a bizarre Let's Play version of Wiki Magic.
  • Back before Slowbeef did Snatcher, he did another game filled with unrivalled Hideo Kojima insanity - Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Since this was before he knew what a Let's Play was, he called it a "Metal Gear 2 Strategy Guide: The Game Solid Snake Never Intended For You To Play" and put it on his personal webspace instead of Something Awful.
  • Schildkrote had an iconic LP of Desert Bus. Truly a milestone in Let's Play history.
  • AccountingNightmare's LP of the Devil May Cry series. Informative commentary and skilled playthrough, usually on the highest difficulty and with highest completion. She will awe you with her in-depth knowledge of every enemy attack, every weapon combo, and every hidden secret. She cheerfully shares all this, in a calming, pleasant voice, while painting the walls with demon blood. Using the Stinga!
  • b00n has completed a number of First Person Shooter LP's: Doom 3 and its expansion, Half-Life 2 and the current Episodes, and FEAR. In each one he takes it slow and careful, showing off every secret he can, though the FEAR LP included an alternative playthrough by site, who cheated himself the big guns from the start and kept count of the number of Replicas killed throughout the game.
  • There is an ongoing LP of Dungeons and Dragons on the SA forums. It has a lighthearted feel to it, along with endearing characters and good DMs.
  • The group effort/succession game Let's Play of Dwarf Fortress tells the tale of Boatmurdered from the point of view of its succession of overseers, their crusades against bloodthirsty and vengeful elephants, and the use of levers as doomsday devices. Must be read to be believed.
    • Many have tried, but it seems the only LP that has risen to the task of being a worthy successor to Boatmurdered is the epic saga of death, madness and fire (lots of fire) that is Headshoots.
    • Syrupleaf is notable for being the first SA DF LP to use mods, and for its degree of audience participation - the fortress crosses the line at times from Let's Play to collaborative fanfiction, and the thread got very, very long.
    • Bravemule is an epic illustrated DF LP with strange and funny writing that sounds straight from the game itself. Some of the more dramatic updates include illustrated videos (with original music!) and gorgeously drawn comics.
  • Travis343's LP of Earthbound for its narration of the game story from Ness's perspective, as well as characterizing Captain Strong as a more serious character, even going as far as to have him run Ness out of Onett.
  • Phiggle's LP of Earthworm Jim 2 is wonderfully bizarre, from frequent Lampshade Hanging, to a history of Major Mucus, to editing the cows that appear at the end of every stage to congratulate Jim.
  • Fallout 1, played by BOrangeFury; presented as the diary of the Vault Dweller, and chronicles his evolution from wide-eyes idealist to world-weary savior in name only.
  • Leovinus' Let's Play of Final Fantasy VIII is quite hilarious to read. Among his acts are turning Zell into The Scrappy (insulting and berating him at every possible opportunity, and NEVER letting him level), making a Draco in Leather Pants out of Kiros (who verbally bitchslaps anyone he lays eyes on, mostly via over-the-top accusations of Ho Yay), and giving dirty names to anything he can (this DOES result in a rather humorous moment with Worf's dog Angelo and one of its attacks).
    • Currently, he's doing an LP of Final Fantasy IX. Even if all the characters except Zidane are keeping their original names. Also, a large amount of ass jokes and a few about Viewer Gender Confusion about Zidane. (Warning: There is a possible-troll in the comments, as well as lots of infighting about whether IX or VIII is the better Final Fantasy. But some of the latter is actually hilarious in its own right)
  • Kuvo, Bandunk, and TopiKal's (now working under the name Tipping Forties) recently completed Let's Play of Final Fantasy X. A playthrough of a game none of the Let's Players actually enjoyed or were any good at, which for the most part resulted in them relentlessly MST-ing game which in turn resulted in a very amusing and entertaining Let's Play.
  • Flashback, played by Yahtzee, the man behind Zero Punctuation.
  • God Hand by Kung-Fu Jesus is generally funny, though a tad busy from the commentary by Kung-Fu Jesus and his various guests.
  • Jerusalem's Let's Play of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gives us In-Depth Carl Johnson and justifications for all the crazy stuff he can get despite his gangsta status.
  • Cybershell's Half-Life 2 LP, which is totally not the original Half Life, honest, in which, amongst other things, Cybershell keeps on updating through a power outage by drawing pictures of the game from Gordon's perspective and taping them to his monitor.
  • Cooked Auto is notable for let's playing Halo pretty decently.
  • CapitanGarlic's absolutely hilarious Let's Play of Icewind Dale II, featuring a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits Five-Man Band (and Marty) consisting of a Ted Baxter sorcerer with an ego the size of Jupiter, a monk whose specialty is the Groin Attack, the Only Sane Man half-orc wizard, the Ditzy elven bard, a druid in a constant state of Mushroom Samba (who has a tendency to break the fourth wall), and a Heroic Sociopath barbarian of manliness + 5 whose every sentence is pure gold:

 Urggzob: Urggzob is like a small country whose primary exports are PAIN and CRUSHING!

Urggzob: Urggzob should get teeth for his eyes. That way he could bite his foes by blinking at them.

    • And it still pulls off one hell of a Tear Jerker ending.
  • supergreatfriend's Illbleed LP has been compared to Research Indicates' Trespasser LP (see above) in terms of quality. Though it's not as slick as Tresspasser, it's still a good and informative series on a truly bizarre survival horror game.
    • A highlight being supergreatfriend trying to make sense of some of the more bizarre suspect options for the fifth stage murder mystery killer, Killerman (said suspects being 'Killerman' and 'You' as in, YOU THE PLAYER are somehow Killerman)
    • He's also completed LPs of both D and D2, bizarre indie horror titles from the 90s, although bizarre in completely different ways from the previously mentioned Illbleed.
  • Jagged Alliance as played by Karach takes a somewhat cynical look into the liberation of Arulco (examples include Ira being a Tyke Bomb) and the ending is gets rather cynical for everyone in the squad. Oh, and it's lead by Dagny Taggart, the main character of Atlas Shrugged, and the squad is comprised of all the worst characters in the game.
  • Kaizo Mario World, played by Psychedelic Eyeball, Proton Jon, & Wugga; an example of sadistically Nintendo Hard ROM hacks.
    • They really put together the perfect team for it, too. Minimal loss of sanity (probably considering Eyeball didn't have much to lose), and one of the forumers gave them a tool-assisted speedrun that has to be seen to be believed.
  • Frankomatic has done LPs for the King's Quest series.
  • The Kirby 64 Let's Play, by Medibot, is a surprisingly soothing Let's Play, in which Medibot speaks in a soft-toned, conversational voice (what he calls his "children's show host voice" in a bonus reel) that works very well with the moderately lax style of gameplay provided by Kirby 64.
    • Although he adopts a demonic tone and starts rambling on about murder and destroying things whever he picks up an Invincible Candy. It's fairly Narm-ish, though. Lead to the memorable line of "Kirby, your mission is clear: You must destroy everything." before picking it up in one case.
    • There's also the point where he picks up a crab and... goes a bit mad with power. "This crab will take me as far as I need to go!"
    • The one of Kirby's Dream Land 3 isn't bad either, with Kaz as the second player bringing the Bash Brothers action. And that wasn't the end of it; the pair also worked together to defeat Kirby Super Star and Kirby's Epic Yarn.
  • Knights of the Old Republic II by Scorchy. It's not meant to be particularly hilarious, but the commentary is often very insightful, and it shows the tons of content that was cut from the game.
  • Anything by Deceased Crab, really, especially his epic, sanity-straining LP of La-Mulana. Also recommended is his LP of Cave Story, with special bonus "Balrog Story". Notable for being one of two LPers who brought Let's Play to YouTube. Huzzah!
    • Let us not forget his LP of Cocoron, featuring Singing Ninja Tank!
      • Deceased Crab would also co-star with Madam Luna in some of her playthroughs as well.
      • Speaking of Madamluna, there's her blind run of Shadowgate, with Deceased Crab acting as her navigator. Meaning he gets to trick her into falling into many of the traps in the game.
    • Especially gut-wrenchingly hilarious is a Let's Play he does of a Barbie game... whilst on pain killers... because he's just had his wisdom teeth out... whilst Man'O'War plays in the background. Especially interesting because, as he notes, the gameplay of the game isn't THAT bad.
    • His LP of Mappy Land, a pleasant-looking but also very shoddy and insane game, is a treasure trove of delirium.
  • Feinne made an utterly awesome LP of La Pucelle Tactics, where Prier tells our favorite overlord and company about her time with La Pucelle with help from Lujei.
  • A particularly funny LP came out of Guide Dang It romhack The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds, in which Woobie-esque Zomodok attempts to trek through the entire game; all the whilst taking crap from both Deadpan Snarker Diabetus and Insufferable Genius Oyster. Made all the better in its' Lost Forever-inducing second quest when Zomodok actually gives up and hands the reins to his Jerkass predecessors.
  • Oyster's LP of the original Mega Man, with the suggestions of maniacal contributor Diabetus, goes from providing fun facts about the series to reciting Slash Fic during a level playthrough to turning Elec Man into Nightmare Fuel.
    • Oyster has also contributed as a player in several Let's All Plays of various Mega Man games. Expect loads of Carpet F-Bombing whenever he dies due to user-imposed challenges, though.
  • In this Let's Play collaboration, Seiferguy, Diabetus, Krakhan, Kefkafloyd, Maxwell Adams, Kung-Fu Jesus, Taxidermistpasta and Oyster take on Mega Man X 3. During the final stage run, Diabetus "transforms" into mock voices of the other LPers as he takes on the eight robot masters again.
  • Mr. Swoon's Let's Play Monster Rancher 1 shows us the results of a monster being raised by a drug addicted alcoholic. Let's Play Monster Rancher 2 main character is less cruel (but not by a big margin).
  • Ghost Car's Nanashi no Game Let's Play manages to be humourous at times while still preserving the game's creepy atmosphere. Ghost Car also translates the game, making this a must-see for anyone frustrated by the No Export for You.
  • Lt. Danger's Neverwinter Nights 2 is very insightful, providing commentary on various themes and characters throughout the game, as well as extra content that was cut from the final version. It also helps that it's downright hilarious in many parts.
    • Lt. Danger also recently finished LPing one of the expansions, Mask of the Betrayer. It's even better than the first, and the "Evil" ending simply must be seen to be believed.
    • Dohash's take on the other expansion pack, Storms of Zehir is also worth reading. Like the Icewind Dale 2 LP, it takes a relatively bland, straightforward game and manages to craft an engaging story built around the reader-generated characters.
    • lucidfox, disappointed about the fact Lt.Danger chose the evil route in Neverwinter Nights 2 decided to make an LP of a Neutral Good character (crossposted on SA and, which is just as informative as Lt.Danger's LP, that said however Good Is Not Nice with the character.
  • Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus' LP of No More Heroes provides hilarious jokes, Ear Worm catchphrases ("PIPES!"), a mock "ranked assassin" complete with fake introduction (actually just Chip's dad wandering in and rambling about Star Trek), and of course, plenty of commentary on the age old question of whether flaws on Suda 51 games are actual flaws or post modern Mind Screws.
    • The same authors have also made an LP of the even crazier Killer 7. Highlights include futile attempts to make sense of it all, Chip's burning hatred of Iwazaru, Ironicus' impressions of "Ghost Kid"/Kess BloodySunday's voice and finally the final revelation that the entire LP may or may not have been a hallucination by Chip, completely in line with the game's Mind Screw nature.
      • They've moved on to Metal Gear Solid 3 now, featuring Chip Cheezum on a mission to "place every animal (found in the game) in his mouth", thus completing the spiral of life. The thread title, originally a quote from MGS2, sums it up best: "Cruelty to animals is a sign of serious behavioral problems".
      • * sniff* Mission J. Frog :(
      • Let's not forget Chip Cheezum's insistence on replaying maps several times with different play styles, an epic wrestling match between Ocelot and a king cobra, Snake attempting to teabag a helicopter, Cheezum's Flanderization of Big Boss as a wild jungle man with No Social Skills (complete with Hulk Speak), Major Zero trying to convince Snake to shoot a porn movie with EVA, and General Ironicus' tendency to burst into punch-drunk laughter whenever a new gameplay mechanic is introduced. And that's just a fraction of the awesomeness that is this LP.
    • The next one is another big Genre Shift to 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand, which as you may guess is as much MST as LP of a game that's far more unintentionally ridiculous (probably) than the Refuge in Audacity before.
      • Of note are General Ironicus's sociology notes, which he pulls out and recites at two points in the LP. Try to imagine a serious discourse on racial sociology being spoken over 50 Cent mowing down faceless Middle Eastern goons and swearing at the drop of a hat. Now imagine the Top Gun soundtrack in the background. Yeah.
    • Their LP of Beyond Good and Evil was also pretty good, what with insights on how certain things in the game work, such as the likelihood of Double H being issued with the children's edition of Carlson & Peeters and increasingly absurd suggestions on what to include in Beyond Good & Evil 2.
      • Their Let'sPlays are specially notable due to Cheezum's habit of showing off everything. Every Easter Egg, glitch, alternate path, and extra feature of the games are found, shown, and skillfully edited.
    • Chip has also done a solo LP of Rez HD, a beautiful rail shooter with absolutely kick-ass visuals and sound. No commentary on this one, put Chip does quip in, in text form, to let you know about the game. Everyone should agree that's how it should be LPed.
    • Getting back to MGS, there's their Let's Play of Substance, which features a serial killer named after a fruit, loving descriptions of Raiden's thighs and Stillman, who as you might be aware, killed his soooouuul!!
    • Visit their website and be lost to the outside world for hours. Their LP of The You Testament has to be seen to believed. They've also finished LPs of Lego Star Wars, Zone of the Enders, and MGS 1(with special guest voidburger).
  • Chewbot has conducted a recently archived LP of Oregon Trail, which ratchets the characterization of a pioneer family up from "Bare-Bones" to "Filling". It includes such madness as a wife with a history of sleeping around, a subplot involving disgruntled British spies, and a hideously malformed baby who happens to be the patriarch's only biological child, out of three—including "Waffles," who got his name from a childhood incident that's never fully explained.
  • Tasian's LPs of both Osu Tatakae Ouendan games are pretty enjoyable. They're more or less Gag Subs giving the names of goons to various characters, though during the tapping sections Tasian will explain bits of culture or stuff about the band which made the song.
    • They might have gotten you to download songs that your family calls "psychopathic", but it was worth it for moments like Tasian throwing his stylus at the screen, the things the Ouendan shout after each success ("Monster! Relationship! Stable!"), and that time he was so inspired that he used two styluses. Love and Government!
    • It a must watch if only for the insane amount of skill Tasian has. Anyone who has played EBA or Ouendan has not lived until they've watch the finale of the second game. Phenomenal.
    • Now has its own section on the Ouendan page. Good luck to you!
  • Faceguy and Wogturt's LP of Paper Mario is hilarious the whole way through, and also has quite a number of guest commentators. Check it out, especially if you like pokecapn and his gang's various LPs; it's in quite a similar playfully mocking style, minus the frustration.
  • Mr Swoon pulls off a fairly straightforward Parasite Eve... save for his penchant for replacing Daniel's face with those of Eddie Murphy, Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Glover, and other famous black film cops in every screenshot that presents the opportunity. And be sure to pay attention to Science Time with Talking Polygon Character Heads!
  • My Life Is a Goddamn Mess of Persona 3 shows the game as the records of the Livejournal pages of the main character (with occasional uses of comments and/or blog pages of other characters), adding large amounts of Character Development to the Heroic Mime, who is portrayed as a Deadpan Snarker Emo Teen (particularly in music taste) both frustrated and bemused by the characters and events of his life, making jokes about the Level Up At Intimacy 5 system and the people around him, it gets much more dramatic as it goes on, as the main character gets closer to The End of the World as We Know It and his eventual Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Any and all Pokémon Let's Plays by Red Chocobo. Utterly hilarious commentary from a character POV, supported by little sidestories and excellent artwork, not to mention the most effective use of smilies ever. Has now begun a Platinum Let's Play.
    • Note: According to Red Chocobo, the Platinum Let's Play is finished. It can be found here.
    • Relatedly, there's the Let's Play of a So Bad It's Good Game Mod known as Pokemon Quartz, complete with input from Red Chocobo himself and an interview with the creator after the LP ended.
      • Zorak's LP Quartz is apparently all a dream caused by Misty's (of LP Emerald) Ludicolo (Sanchez) with a Dream Eater TM stuck in his head fucking with Roxy's (of LP Crystal) cousin Foxy (the main character of LP Quartz).
    • New to the pantheon is FredMSloniker's LP of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, chronicling Jake the Meowth's quest to hug 'em all. The normally hum-drum missions are spiced up by fellow Goons using the Wonder Mail Generator to hand out awesome post-game TMs and items as rewards.
    • And, of course, the entirely and easily-forgotten chronicles of Lorak's Let's Play of Pokemon Colosseum, a rather narratively bland Let's Play of an often-overlooked Gamecube game that is technically part of the third-generation of Pokemon games. It was made with executive permission from slowbeef during the time of the strict Pokemon LP ban, and was rather low activity, but became what was one of the most informative Pokemon ones to come out of the LP subforum, other than...
    • A goon named Metroixer managed to get around the SA LP forum's semi-ban on Pokémon LPs by making his playthrough of Blue version center around a specific gimmick: showing off as many of the game's unintentional, hilarious, reality-destroying glitches as humanly possible. It's comparatively short and yet lives up to its foreboding original thread title "Let's horribly break Pokémon Blue", and there were plenty of fascinating conversations and supporting posts (including a Tool-Assisted Speedrun, "Let's literally break/fix Pokémon games", and insightful conversations about programming) from the thread that are included in the archive. It's a great look into one of the greatest games from several generations ago that managed to be fun despite many programming quirks.
  • Princess Maker 2, played by SynthOrange as he raises an innocent little girl according to the whims of SA's forum. Having been produced by Gainax, the obvious choice for the father is Gendo Ikari. He ends up a much better father then you'd expect, though only really gets his act in gear when his daughter is killed by the God of War and then walks home from hell. Shame that the gods kinda frown upon Gendo's ward committing regicide, then proceeding to marry and usurp the Devil, though.
    • Also, Gendo, with breasts
      • Also also, Gendo trying his hand at Shinji Ikari Raising Project whilst Lizzie is dead and epically failing to get a non-Kaworu ending.
  • Sethur's LP of Psychonauts is well worth a look. It was very considerate typical videogame desire, which is to hear every line and read every description. Extremely considerate; there probably wasn't a single opportunity to see someone's reaction to a button or being caught on fire that was missed. Sethur knows when to stop talking and doesn't make a lot of bitter sarcastic comments, and he goes through and collects every single figment, no matter how painfully placed, to earn the bonus video. He also has a pleasant voice and doesn't swear much - and when he does swear, it's actually deserved.
  • Bobbin Threadbare's LP of Realms of Arkania: Shadows over Riva, depicted as a tabletop RPG campaign not unlike the style of Darths and Droids. Also includes the story of The Greatest Dick Move of All.
  • Olive Branch completed a well written Let's Play of Republic the Revolution, the tale of a revolutionary who started off as a The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized to becoming a pragmatic leader of a coalition that in spite of his force roots have managed to force the dictator to resign.
  • The Dark Id has established himself as a popular Accentuate the Negative Let's Player with a Mystery Science Theater 3000- esque way of presenting games. He spends about 50% of them sarcastically tearing apart Plot Holes, various Solve the Soup Cans puzzles, and the remaining 50% photoshopping in new and hilarious scenery, bit pieces, and writing new and hilarious lines for the characters. And it is hilarious. Oh, and at some points he also plays the games. In order of LP creation:
    • Resident Evil 4: Guns N' Roses Ganados, a hilarious deconstruction of what had to be going through Leon's mind when he killed the first Ganado, Chief Bitores Mendez running around in a Packers cheese hat, and depicting the cabin siege as a horrific Civil War battle... And that's before they even get to the castle.
      • Not to mention two of the monsters in that game being born from an incompetent Ganado scientist, when he was supposed to be making the Regenerators.
    • Resident Evil: Code Veronica X: Puts makeup on Alfred Ashford. Gives Wesker multiple silly sunglasses, hates Steve with all his guts.
    • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is turned into a Pimp, the T-800 and a Super Saiyan.
    • Resident Evil 2: Mr X becomes Señor X. Leon is a racially insensitive dick. Sherry Birkin is traumatised. Claire gets trapped in the Jersey turnpike.
    • Resident Evil: Dead Aim: Has a priceless reaction to Tyrant Morpheus.
    • Resident Evil 0: Turns Billy (FUCKING) Coen into an evil bastard. Abuses Rebecca at every oppotunity. The T-001 is a drunkard. Billy is killed in the end.
    • Resident Evil 1 (Remake): Chris goes through multiple hallucinations. Billy Coen's ghost haunts Rebecca, and causes Richard's death.
    • Dirge of Cerberus: Vincent is equal time angsty and resigned over the stupid plot in his own Day in The Limelight. Lucrecia spends most of the game trying to get a restraining order. Yuffie ends up dead by own clumsiness, which is immediately Ret Conned. Twice. The author ends up entering Cluster F-Bomb territory over all the belts, zippers, and bad plot twists.
    • Onimusha: Nobunaga has a bitchin' mustache. The ninja sidekick is useless. Albert Wesker and Dr. Wily do expert commentary on the Shakespeare references and lack of giant robots.
    • Clock Tower 3: Before he went through it, he considered Resident Evil: Dead Aim to be the worst game ever. Not anymore.
    • Drakengard: He's a mute Heroic Sociopath who loves murder and... Um... More murder. And talking about murder. She's a Deadpan Snarker misanthrope red dragon. They Fight Crime! DRAKENGARD! becomes a Catch Phrase for explaining everything that's wrong with this game.
    • Limbo of the Lost: Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs defiles numerous corpses and becomes a sex offender. Meanwhile a great battle betwen the two opposing forces known as FATE and DESTINY (apparently Fate and Destiny are opposites, who knew?) is brewing and only Captain Briggs can- What's that? Nevermind. That plot point about Fate and Destiny is immediatly forgotten and Benjamin spends the entire time wandering aimlessly through a sick, twisted, copy-right violating purgatory assaulted by terrible voice acting and broken animations. He also becomes the worlds greatest brain-damaged detective and solves a murder investigation in a way that must be seen to be believed.
    • Wirehead: A quick play through of a FMV SEGA CD game that involves jumping out of airplanes, fighting bears, high-speed wagon chases and a terrifying journey to THE SOUTH!
    • Chrono Cross: Serge becomes the Only Sane Man. Kid is repeatedly abandoned. The El Nido islands consists of nothing but anorexics. ZOAH BECOMES AN Ensemble Darkhorse.
    • Nie R: Has practically no Alternative Character Interpretation whatsoever due to the game being actually liked, and a pretty detailed look at the backstory and how the world is connected to the Drakengard universe is provided. That doesn't stop TDI from getting Trolled by Cavia with every other sidequest and Tyrann from narrating the New Game+. About a third of the thread readers decide to buy the game after seeing the LP. The Boars turn out to have a drift function.
    • Drakengard 2: Back to bad with the other sequel to Drakengard. Nowe is an idiot... And yeah, that's about it.
  • Didja Redo's take on Riviera: The Promised Land manages to maintain the basic plot of the game while turning it into a laugh riot via a ton of Flanderization of every single character; plenty of lampshading (to the point of using actual terminology from This Very Wiki) and other "creative liberties".
  • Sim City 2000, played by Moon Slayer and Deryl; presented as a deconstruction of the otherwise Acceptable Breaks From Reality in the game, and making "City Name" (the name chosen by consensus for the new city) look like Silent Hill.
  • The Deadly Hume's SimCity 3000 LP features an entertaining plot and a very well built city. His Sim City 4 LP can be found on Something Awful, which, while lacking a story, shows off Hume's incredible ability to build great, realistic cities and gives a good number of interesting pointers.
  • Egomaniac's video LPs of Siren and Siren 2 are subtitled and extremely detailed, organized into both chronological and play order, and provide details and translations of the Archives and speech in Siren 2.
    • Just want to emphasize that Egomaniac went above-and-beyond the normal call of duty here. Not only did he collect every Archive item and solve the puzzles, you can tell from the commentary that not only does he know the winning moves, but can anticipate the viewer's questions and ideas and explain why they would or wouldn't work.
    • Not to mention that Siren 2 wasn't released in America, meaning he translated nearly every line of text and dialogue his own damn self.
  • Cybershell has also done Let's Plays of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Sonic 3 and Knuckles (available here), including his opinion of the latter's infamous Guide Dang It: He thinks you're mentally retarded if you took more than a minute to figure it out.
  • The Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Lets Play LP by pokecapn, medibot, Kung-Fu Jesus, and IlluminatusVespucci takes on one of the franchise's worst games in a single cooperative session, clocking in in about 20 hours. Two of which were spent staring at loading screens.
    • And they did it again for Sonic Unleashed (the X Box 360 version). Which is at least a better game, but has plenty of humor despite it, such as the sole piece of combat music, a jazz tune, being used OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER...
      • Not to mention medibot giving a description to EVERY SINGLE PICKUP ITEM without repeating himself once.
      • Extra points for the occasional embittered reference back to Sonic '06: "Remember when running into walls like this would kill you?" "NO."
      • The LP also manages to be unintentionally hilarious (in a ironic way) because of their conclusion that the Werehog sections would be better if it had better controls, especially for grabbing things. They never realized that they could hold B to auto-grab objects.
    • Sir pokecapn's band also did a LP of Sonic and the Black Knight soon after.
    • More recently, they moved onto doing one of Sonic Colors. They enjoy it much more than the previous games, to say the least.
    • And in a direction that is entirely different from Sonic games, the crew have recently started an LP saga of playing through each of the Friendship-Destroying Mario Party games. A comment in one of the first videos sums it up nicely:

 pokecapn: Well that's five controller's thrown now, and all of them by me.

  • Feinne has also done an LP of Soul Nomad and The World Eaters, done as the journal entries of the (female) main character (with Gig making his own little additions). The Demon Path ends with the implication that Revya will become Baal...
  • The in progress let's play of Dr.Snofield's Startopia, as the (Only) human in the station he is forced to contend with a more than human AI and a variety of moments...namely this moment where he realizes the Sirens are Cross Gender, namely the male sirens sound like women, the female sirens sound like men. With this followup.

 VAL: “It’s actually quite interesting,” said VAL, hovering in front of my dumbstruck face. “Sirens and humans look so very similar, but the major difference – other than the wings – is that Siren males look just like human females! And visa versa, of course.”

Snofield: “Buh... but...”

VAL:“Hold on... you didn’t think... oh you silly organic.” If drones could smile, VAL would have been grinning ear to ear, if he also had ears. “If only you could see your face! Actually, as it happens, I have a camera, so I can show you back at the command centre!”

Snofield: “Err...” I got out, once again moving to the door. “You go on ahead... I’m going to go use the Lavotron... set to cold.”

  • Super Mario RPG by loquacious, accompanied by his cousin Organ Donor who's coming to the game almost blind, plus the occasional guest star. Lots of laid back fun is had at the game's ridiculousness, and there's also plenty of great information and tips on how to play.
  • Khad just finished his version of SWAT 4, and unlike Spoony, he also finished the expansion. Some of the frustration Spoony faced was eased due to the Sheriff Special Forces Mod.
  • Neb777's Let's Play of TIE Fighter /Star Destroyer.
  • Jerusalem's Let's Play of 'Medieval 2: Total War: A Scotsman in Egypt weaves a tale of two disillusioned Scottish princes who conquer Egypt in a fit of drunken ambition and proceed to craft a Scottish Empire that retakes Jerusalem in the Crusades with a degree of permanence, unites the British Isles under Scottish rule halfway by accident, and routs the Mongol Hordes with horrifying results. And we haven't even gotten into the second half and its magnificent forgery of a Downer Ending. (NOTE: Not to be confused with its considerably shorter prequel, Rome Total Realism: An Egyptian In Scotland by Porkness.)
  • Khad's Let's Play of Treasure Master would be a fairly standard Let's Play of a Nintendo Hard game... were it not for the guest commentators, particularly taxidermistpasta, who takes every chance to annoy Khad in increasingly ridiculous ways (from playing The Entertainer to reciting a walkthrough... for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).
    • Don't forget Lowtax and his squeaky robot noises and spontaneous echoing.
  • Research_Indicates's LP of Trespasser is arguably the best video LP ever conducted, with a laconic Southern-ness that eases the pain of lampooning one of the quirkiest of Jurassic Park games.
  • From the same guy responsible for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Special Edition: His later Let's Play of a pair of obscure SegaSaturn games (called Tryrush Deppy and Super Tempo) is one of the most soothing and poetic LPs ever.
    • At least the Deppy Side. The Tempo side is just as (if not more) bizarre as Sonic 2: Special Edition.
  • What Nakar has done to the majority of the Ultima series is nothing short of madness. Our female protagonist Steve conducts herself in a very un-Avatarlike manner, what with killing Lord British a couple times, killing Iolo in Ultima V so he can be rebuilt as a robot and fitted with the Cheat Menu for Ultima VI, conducting mass murder in U6 with the help of "Death Cannon," and wrecking the economy of Serpent Isle with a few (dozen, maybe hundred) well-placed castings of False Coin.
    • Of course, we should mention that Steve is apparently channeling Hunter S. Thompson
    • And let's not forget Martian Dreams, where she takes every opportunity to insult Iolo, Shamino, and Dupre's Expys whilst kicking ass and taking names accompanied by such Victorian figures as Nellie Bly and Sigmund Freud. Not to mention a Martian fembot. And the Beefeater-looking chap with the hots for said Martian fembot.
    • Skara Brae, twice. It deserves all the accolades we can give the expeditions, because it involves killing all the inhabitants. Twice. The second time around, they're all ghosts and Steve still manages to pull it off. And completely wipe the island off the face of the map with a few hundred thousand pounds of explosives.

  Steve: There, now we can NEVER go back to Skara Brae. Nobody can go back to Skara Brae. Ever Again.

    • "Yes. I demand that you have sex with this talking mouse. I am a paying customer and you are being incredibly disrespectful."
  • The Let's Play of Uplink turns an unconventional strategy game about Hollywood Hacking into asklh%$#h; endl; [ ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERR
  • Pesmerga's roleplayed LP of Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines.
  • Nigel Necksmasher's conquest of Azeroth in Warcraft, accompanied by the lovable brute Vilefeast and the irritating-yet-still-lovable Bloodgut. Also DEATH WAGONS!
  • Zutaten's MSTing of Xenosaga: Episode I.
  • X-COM: Apocalypse, a true epic played by GuavaMoment. He manages to turn an essentially plotless strategy game into a riveting tale of intergalactic war. Of course, there's a lighter side, explored when one of the soldiers suffers a psionic attack and spends his last days hallucinating an LP of X-COM: Interceptor. But be warned...
    • Even more so (in both the epic and light-hearted senses) with his LP of the first game of the series, X-COM: UFO Defense, with such weirdness as an Ax Crazy scientist outfitting her cat with Powered Armor, a janitor being assigned to three parts of X-COM at once (and falling into said scientist's good graces in the process), a squad leader Expying Kamina eight years before Gurren Lagann was made, and President Andrew Jackson fighting aliens.
    • And the saga continues with Jade Star's LP of UFO: Aftermath, the first in a trilogy of Spiritual Successors to the X-COM series. Notable antics in this After the End romp include the janitorial woes of off-screen character seaborgium, the slightly off-kilter Snake Squad's first encounter with Car Crabs, research into Reticulan Burgers, and the death of Canuck and his subsequent return as Robo-Canuck. Jade and Guava actually have a pact running to LP the remaining X-COM and UFO games.
  • Tehzim, a New Zealand goon risks breaking the law completed a playthrough of Postal 2, pointing out the negative flaws of the game and making a light joke about bits of the game.

 "Oh nononononono, only one dead black celebrity per LP. We Already got Gary Coleman, so no Michael Jackson say goodnight.

  • PoptartsNinja has done a Let's Play of Star Trek Online featuring a Cardassian as the player character. He then proceeds to expand upon the basic plot of the game with such things as greater character development, a Tribble Borg collective, a few romantic subplots, Undine spies that you won't see coming, a Pakled councillor and a few appearances by some familair faces who otherwise wouldn't appear in the game. Really it's worth looking into even if you just skip the videos and follow along with the updates that move the storyline foward.
  • After Schildkrote went on hiatus on his Persona 4 LP, Feinne picked it up, continuing his streak of high quality first-person narrative LPs.
  • Let's Play Assassin's Creed, by Geop. Not only is he thorough in researching the historical context and locations of the game, but near the end, he gives viewers some fairly digestible history lessons.
  • Jade Star and Guava Moment are back! And they are heading to Pandora for some awesome guns and loot!
  • baldurk, Blister, cKnoor and EthanSteele play Left 4 Dead on Expert and Versus, along with several custom campaigns. It's hilarious every step of the way.

Some recommendations from the non SA-affiliated Let's Play Forum

Other examples

  • tayman2037. He recently went on an 11 month or so hiatus due to college, but now he's back to commentating. He loves Rare games, and has a full walkthrough of Banjo-Kazooie done in just over five hours. Right now he is working on Donkey Kong Country 2.
  • SleepyGamers. While relatively new, it's a supposed organization of LPers, but at the moment there's only one of them: Brovania. After going on a year haitus, he decided to make it up to his fans and subscribers by doing one lp for each month he did nothing. And boy does karma strike big time for the poor guy, especially in his Return to Castle Wolfenstein LP.
  • L0rdVega, who colloquially addresses his fanbase as "viewer!" and has gained fame for Let's Playing Silent Hill games completely blind. Retsupurae have admitted to liking him.
    • You will never see or play Silent Hill again without hearing his "HEALTH DRINK!" every time said item is picked up.
    • And he has recently announced he is going on an indefinite hiatus.
  • OmegaZultan is a humorous Let's Player; in particular, Felix The Cat and Power Rangers are worth watching.* Ambisagrus, though not a stellar Let's P'ser himself, has contributed much to the LP Community™ with his thread of streams (later closed by Slowbeef so ambi would stop streaming) and his co-op megathread (where fans urge his partner, A Wooden Palisade, to drop that zero and get with a hero like HRT taker 187 or Joint Pre-Ops)
  • The Freelance Astronauts hail from Something Awful, but are branching out with their very own site. The Astronauts consist of four commentators by the names of Maxwell Adams, Ferr, Evek and Pipes! each with their own unique opinion and voice on the various games played. Each week, at the Maxwell residence, most or all of the guys get together in person or via voice chat to play games whilst streaming to the Internet as well. The games range from classics like Lemmings, to newer hits like Resident Evil 4, and even horrible homebrew games such as the infamous Ballion. With true wit, occasional guest commentary and Maxwell's strange encyclopedic knowledge of old game trivia, nearly every video has entertainment value, even if the game is poor.
  • Cooked Auto, an anime loving goon, plays HAWX and puts it comparison to Ace Combat (Which he views as not as great since all of the things that made Ace Combat worthwhilst was used up during the Brazillian Campaign). And unlike most players, he never touched the ERS except for one mission. Which he deemed as his Scrappy Level.
    • He also had a Crowning Moment of Awesome, as during the only mission where you don't play with your teammates, he defends Japan and the US Naval Battlegroup to Sheryl Nome, Plastik, Nagasawa Shoko and Romantic Mode. Even more awesome, he goes assistance off to the first and final song
      • And another one during Operation Backhand, where he chooses to fly the MiG-23 Flogger, usually an enemy mook plane. Why? Because then the mission's opening cutscene shows a fleet of MiG-23s descending on Norfolk Naval Base, over which Cooked Auto plays the Hymn of the Soviet Union.

 "Yes! The Russian Airforce has come to save the US!"

    • And now he is doing it again with HAWX 2! Now with a catchy theme song!
  • Schildkrote did a live, streaming Let's Play of La-Mulana that was quite fun whilst it lasted.
  • Kethryveris' playthrough of Animamundi: Dark Alchemist, whilst relatively straight (the usual player commentary and snarking aside) is nevertheless extremily well-done and thorough in its approach, showcasing the game as a deep gothic Faustian romp that goes well beyond its premise of Yaoi in Ye Olde High Fantasy. The LP hasn't bee added to the LP Archives, however, so SA forum membership and archives access is required to view it.
  • The Taxman's Oregon Trail 2 LP is a hilarious showing of how badly Goons would do if they were allowed to direct a wagon party, notable for the strange persistance of Fording things despite Violation of Common Sense, and classic lines such as "We Lost Bacon You dicks!"
    • Indeed, the "fording" joke seems to recur in almost every Oregon Trail LP since.
    • Not to mention they've actually managed to go east.
  • Fintilgin's LP of Paradox games follows the history of the Kingdom of Jerusalem from 1187 to 1940. In real life, this Crusader kingdom fell in 1291 after spending the last 100 years of its history as a minor city-state that didn't even control Jerusalem. In this LP, the KoJ ended up conquering everything from India to Asia Minor, most of Africa, as well as significant colonial holdings and virtually exterminating Islam and Protestantism.
    • Another Something Awful Paradox Let's Play worth checking out is Wiz's Hohenzollern campaign, which follows the Hohenzollern dynasty from 1066 to 1968, with a greater emphasis on roleplaying than the Jerusalem LP. The amount of work that went into crafting its story (extensive modding, top-notch historical writeups, regular fan participation, etc) must be seen to be believed.
  • Raocow. His constant stream of commentary can be an entertaining way to pass the time, or will make you wonder how a case study into a variety of psychological disorders got access to the Internet. For some, it branches into both. For added fun, watch any of these other LP's with a raocow video playing in the background.
    • Apart from a few videos where he does get quite irritated for some reason or another, he is just always very nice and happy to listen to, and tries to give constructive criticism as he goes through various romhacks.
    • cta planet vaCat Planet cat planet ct planet cat plnet cat plksanet cata pl,anet cat plkanet cat [planrt cat planet
      • "Oh no! It does say 'cat planet'! Oh man! It will never leave me alone! Cat freakin' freakin' planet!".
  • Kem Rixen is known for his hilarious Tycoon/Economic Managment games such as Zoo Tycoon and Rollercoaster Tycoon. Business with a side of hilarity to it.
  • RaidouFrost did a solid playthrough of Shin Megami Tensei 1 and 2.
  • Fimbultyvr is doing a pretty decent job in his playthrough of Infinite Undiscovery. Unfortunately it is not in the archive and you have to find it on youtube.
  • Originating in the "Short Game Theater" posts, the 3-part "Time Truckin' Saga, by ChipCheezum and General Ironicus, sees the two unlucky LPers whisked through time, space, and the opening of House on the whims of a warp-drive-equipped big rig. It yanks them through a succession of increasingly bad games, finally ending up in the dreaded Superman 64 before taking mercy on them and dropping them in a Spider-Man game. It's surreal, it's funny as hell, and it's only three parts long: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
  • Demons Souls is getting the LP treatment by Squint, who speaks in the calmest voice possible for such a difficult game. In the same thread another player is going through the game, using no weapons...yeah.
    • Extra points to Squint for...
      • ...showing off a huge number of features in the game, as many as can be reasonably shown in a single run through, including a demonstration of a variety of combat styles, almost all of the unique or mundane weapons, almost all the NPC dialogue, etc...
      • ...taking on all the bosses headlong without using boring cheesing tactics...
      • ...having a good sense of humor (the Screamer in video 28, his Filthy Woman/Filthy Man theory, video 21)...
      • ...and having the good taste to not reference the game's innuendo any more than strictly necessary. ("Sticky White Stuff! For all your joke making needs.")
  • Feinne's LP of the original Play Station 2 release of Disgaea Hour of Darkness isn't anything special, but its entry on fighting Prier serves as a lead in for other completed LPs listed above.
  • helloitsdan did an LP of Mercenaries 2: World In Flames, featuring manly vikings kicking Venezulan ass and Lithuanian Dad (yes, he's actually Lithuanian) as a guest commentator. As they go through the game, the two find creative and awesome ways to get the job done.
  • has several game guides in a Let's Play-style. However, these guides are based more around beating the game in the strangest ways possible, often by exploiting glitches and killing off friendly NPCs.
  • An entertaining Let's Play shows a player simply known as "315" play through every map more than twice as he shows off various parts of Battlefield 1942. He gets Gold in all but ONE match which he said he was trying to do anyways. He is so good that several people on the server say he is cheating.
  • Found on YouTube as simply "Mario Frustration" features a playthrough of a Super Mario Bros. (NES) romhack with a hilarious dubbed voice-over, who calls out the absurdity of the level and slings several insults.
  • A user on the Game FAQs message boards, TheSwordEmperor, has attracted a following by posting "logs" of his plays through various games, usually RPGs. After getting Hundred-Percent Completion, he lets the readers choose what game he will play next.
  • Let's play the infamous Limbo of the Lost at!
    • From the same message board comes a Let's Play of another not-so-good game, Quest 64, which takes an otherwise limp story and grows it into a great narrative rivaling Tolkien in its world-building. Definitely a must-read.
  • The LJ community Screencap Adventures, which focuses more on illustrating progress through various (mostly classic) games using screenshots.
  • The Forum Let's Play Already, not related with the SA one.
  • Psychedelic Snake is another Youtuber recommended for his adorable British accent and hilarious screams in playing all three available Fatal Frame games (that are definitely the best of his stuff, especially the second game), Resident Evil and Silent Hill 2. He is currently taking on IWBTG, with little success in the form of pure fury.
  • The ClubFloyd archive is a collection of blind LPs of various Interactive Fiction.
  • Gavaroc is an Australian youtuber who succeeds at Let's Playing RPGs and fails at roughly everything else. Regardless of progress made, the audience is kept entertained with a constant supply of hilarious sarcasm and occasional singing along to the game's music, often with improvised lyrics. He is currently playing Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy IV Advance.
  • Let's Play Banjo-Tooie, by Cypheron 48. Notable for the occasional appearance of sudden clips and pictures that loosely relate to the situation. A clip of the Cluster F-Bomb scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is even reprised at the very end of the same video it was featured in.
  • Phantasmagoria 2 by Noah Antwiler of The Spoony Experiment. His first attempt at a full LP after several hilarious video game reviews, and he gets lots of great material from the game's lame acting, incredibly non-intuitive puzzles, impenetrable story, and the myriad psychological issues and inexplicable omnisexual charms of the main character. Plus, the absolute greatest ending to a Let's Play ever.
    • And now there's SWAT 4, whose highlights include an insane grandma who gets maced repeatedly, and flash bang grenades thrown by his teammates blowing up in his face (among other terrible decisions by the AI - "You're in my way, sir.", getting stuck on a door, and so forth).
    • Spoony now has a third complete Let's Play under his belt with his Ripper playthrough.
    • Spoony started an LP of the infamous Deadly Premonition though it apparently went into indefinite hiatus.
  • Youtube "Superstar" xCloud8745x with his hilarious collection of gaming walk throughs, which include such games as Fatal Frame, the Silent Hill series, Condemned, the obscure Gregory Horror Show, freeware game Cave Story, Shadow of Colossus, and many more. In particular, his I Wanna Be the Guy walkthrough is highly reccomended.
  • Another popular LPer is also SonikDude101, most noted for his casual style and good balance between playing games where he can breeze through and have fun, and games that are just TOO EVIL. He is (albeit rarely mentioned) the inspiration for Chuggaaconroy and has Let's Plays for almost all mainstream non-PlayStation 3 and Xbox exclusive Sonic Games, including the original Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, and CD. He has also done Let's Plays for games like Spyro 1 and 2 and Paper Mario.
  • Though many Let's Plays exist in the Giant in the Playground Boards, a particularly notable example would be Let's Play with Hotblooded Anime! (Super Robot Wars J) (the title being a reference to Martian Successor Nadesico) with board member and troper Nerd-o-Rama playing through a game of Super Robot Wars J, making his own interpretations of the story. Notable among which being the adamant replacement of all Gundam SEED names and terms with their nearest Universal Century equivalents.
    • Yogurt Sauce Man is amused by the most recent turn of events, and hopes Nerd-o-Rama follows through with his "move the LP to LiveJournal to avoid problems with GitP's overstressed forum servers" plan.
      • Has this LP been abandoned or moved or something? Because the last post was 4 months ago, and there's no mention of an actual move to livejournal or someplace.
  • As mentioned above, there are many Let's Plays at the Giant in the Playground forums. So many so, that users have asked for a Let's Play sub-forum. Twice. Luckily, one user is putting together an index. The only problem is that the index keeper only lists people that submit their own Let's Plays, so the older LPs by the members who have left the boards, and those who fail to notice the thread don't have their Let's Plays listed. Still, it's a fairly good list.
  • crocodi1e's [2] Let's Plays of Fallout3 [3] and Fallout: New Vegas [4] due to his care for Let's Playing just to have fun and to complete the games his Fallout 3 let's play is over 280 videos long. They're also filled with hilarious moments like The Old Man sniper in Minefield, The adventure in the Nuka Cola factory, the random run ins with the Brotherhood Outcasts and his Boone voice.
  • Creepy's Let's Play of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night whilst doing the Naked Alucard challenge is the stuff of LEGEND on the Middle Ground forums, containing as it does one hundred thirty five utterances of the word 'naked' (by Creepy alone!) and an epic losing battle against a dart frog.
    • For that matter, the rest of the Middle Ground Forums has recently gotten into making a good amount of Let's Plays, supplied by many multiple members in the Gaming Section.
      • So many Let's ____ topics have been made that it was decided to put them in their own sub-forum.
  • Half deranged fanfic and half Let's Play, Radiation's "Let's Play Some Game No One Cares About" is nothing short of hilarious. Features Ness being renamed to "Toast," copious amounts of Character Development, and such immortal lines as "CATCH WITH YOUR HANDS, NOT WITH YOUR FACE!" When it gets serious, though, the results are breathtaking; in particular, the take on the final boss is spectacular.
    • He started on an LP of Mother 3 as well—Lucas and Claus became Guise and Estragon, they gave each other brofists, and Hinawa (err, Sarah) generated bread out of her... bread... hole. Unfortunately, it fell inactive and was locked.
  • RPGnet's Albert gives us Final Fantasy VIII: The Altimate Rewrite, a combination LP and Fix Fic for several common complaints about the game's plot and writing, such as more convincing explanations for SeeD's Mildly Military attitude and Squall's brick wall personality. It also changes Squalls' name to Thay. This has made some people come to like the game, others simply to like the re-write, leave still others wondering what sort of a name "Thay" is supposed to be, and make one guy crash the original revision by trying to drum up a They Changed It, Now It Sucks shitstorm.

  Albert says: As it happens, 'Thay' and 'Thayus' are the names I tend to name the characters I play, if I don't have something else in mind. The game was originally intended as a private munchkin romp, and by the time I thought about doing a Let's Play, I was a good 5 hours into exploiting Triple Triad, and I'd spent another 5 powerlevelling Seifer. So 'Thay' remained.

  • SirRonLionHeart is perhaps the ultimate Let's Player out there right now. He started out normally, but by the time he went 15 episodes into his Super Mario 64 LP he created a crazy accent and some cheesy but awesome catchphrases for himself and hasn't looked back since. He's only been around since February 2009 and has already gathered ridiculous love (and small but vocal hate) among the Something Awful community. It depends, but either way this guy will leave an impression on you that you'll never forget.
  • Slim Kirby has done a bunch of LP's, but the Board Walkthroughs for the various Mario Party games are quite interesting. He's done every console game up to 7 so far. Hilarity usually ensues, especially whenever he gets completely screwed over by something such as Chance Time. You can watch them all over on his Youtube channel.
  • Nobody doesn't love BillyMC. He tries so hard!
    • After Billy MC was retsupuraed, Slowbeef mentioned on multiple occasions that BillyMC was his favorite Let's Player out of all the people Retsupurae has featured. The mascot of the Let's Play world.
      • Whilst we're on that topic, Slowbeef mentioned that his other two favorite LPers are Electrical Beast and musclebomber2021. The former has a comically extreme British accent, transformed his LP into a fan fiction about ninja classes, evil tests and time gods (Not anymore, since it was uploaded on Christmas of 2010), and refers to editing effects as "tellypoh'" (the "t" at the end is silent due to aforementioned accent). The latter of the two talks like a jock and, despite his username and obsession with Bomberman, cannot pronounce the word "bomber" (bummer). But that hasn't stopped him from "foing his bums at those (amies/triple-fudge packers)." Out of those two, people seem to like ElectricalBeast, whilst musclebomber2021 is more divisive.
  • Boltage McGammar likes to remind the viewers that he fails horribly at the games he plays. Hooray!
    • And almost every time he says that, he immediately succeeds beautifully at whatever minigame/boss/puzzle he was tackling. He also does some creepily good voices for the characters; you cannot think of Veran as anything but a Southern Belle after his LP of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.
    • Bolt's LPs of Golden Sun and TLA are particularly notable, but his break from JRPGs to play platformers like PacMan2 and Kirby Super Star Ultra are quite enjoyable as well. Plus, he's a troper (as you can see above). Support him!
    • Beware the sheer numbers, as he's done nearly 1500 videos spread over a number of games. Including more than one which were uploaded in a single day.
  • FPI, the same hacker behind The Second Reality Project Reloaded, did an LP of his own for Alfred Chicken for the Super Nintendo, with text added to enhance the story and the characters. You should definitely check out the videos, especially part 5...
  • The Persona 4 Endurance Run of Giant Bomb has Jeff Gerstmann and Vinny Caravella seeing how long they can last playing the game, while making digs at the adventures of Charlie Tunoku in their quest to save the town, often making jokes on characters (NPC "Funky Student" and the Fox are particular Ensemble Darkhorses, while Kanji and Nanako become their Butt Monkeys) and the dialog, as well as developing a total infatuation with Chie. Despite making a few botches through the game, they do surprisingly well for playing the game blind, even managing to get the True Ending.
    • The site's Quick Looks are basically micro LPs, the longest ones lasting maybe 90 minutes, but on average run for 25 minutes. They've also done an extended look of Star Trek Onlinem and the final days of The Matrix MMO.
    • There's also the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run. This time, their coworkers join in too!
  • For those with a Nico Nico account, There's ??????'s[1] Let's Play of Persona 4. Obviously in Japanese, listening to a Japanese girl read through all the unvoiced dialogue in the game, together with great editing for running through fights, make this a fun one to watch.
  • jasonsgroovemachine is a nice, thoughtful guy who did a great LP of Earthbound.
  • This LP of X-COM: UFO Defense, described by the author as "Defending Earth By Blowing The Shit Out Of It." X-COM itself is depicted as a psychopathic organization with a cadre of drunken, violent, mentally unstable agents, many of whom are sub-standard Replica clones and end up being recycled as cyborgs. Also, all construction is handled by a horde of drunken Russian engineers based in a facility known as "Vodkaville," alien interrogations are handled by a former KGB agent who uses methods even X-COM considers extreme, and the whole operation is commanded by Gendo Ikari. Explosives, fire, and more explosives are used liberally.
  • A complete and very exhaustive LP of Betrayal at Krondor, notable for how it goes out of its way to explore every available bit of content.
    • Another excellent but unfinished one here, which has something of a fanfic format.
  • Another X-Com let's play, (recently completed) at the Giant in the Playground forums covers similar ground. Of course, psychopathy is the norm in X-Com. Private detectives, haunted medkits, and kidnappings of famous actors, a tad less so.
  • The trend of classic mid nineties Fi-Sci games continued with an LP of Bungie's classic Marathon. It starts with a scuffle in the docking bay. It ends in violent revolution. In the middle, one security officer learns to hate spaceship architects, AI programmers, and most of all, a nasty bunch of ones and zeros named Durandal.
  • Brian Sulpher's snarky commentary combined with his ready willingness to laugh at his own mistakes make his videos a must-see.
  • Moltov Mario World. It's pretty damn hilarious because whenever he sees a 3 up moon in Super Mario World he literally freaks out, to the point of falling out his chair and tries to get said moon by any means possible. Not to mention this is the person who made a good quarter of the extremely hard Mario hacks on the Platform Hell page (Pit of Despair and Pit of Death for example), and so it's kind of ironic when he does mess up in a Mario game.
    • Youtube user postcardmy actually made a Platform Hell hack called Moon of Doom which has literally hundreds of 3-up moons. I'm pretty sure it was done specifically to Lampshade this.
  • Helloween4545 is an excellent LPer who specializes in survival horror games which he often plays completely blind leading to hilarious moments of freaking out and when hes not freaking out making generally amusing remarks on the game world-when he isn't interacting with it in random ways (Ex. "May I have this dance Mr. Satan?")- he also has a tendency to name any enemy he comes across something random and fun to say.
    • Special mention goes to his LP of First Encounter Assault Recon, which started many of the running gags of his LPs. Between his hatred of NINJAS!!! (the stealth Replicas), his hunting of computer monitors (the ones in-game wrecked his framerate, causing him to shoot them on sight), and his beserker tactics when fighting the Replica forces (which created some action sequences so awesome they must be seen to be believed), it's possibly his best Let's Play.
      • Don't forget Mister Shottie!
  • durden77 for his epic and hilarious struggle with Slowdown, the mooching loser who tried to ruin his LP's of Diddy Kong Racing and Rayman 2.
  • Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force by Linkara of Atop the Fourth Wall, featuring his thoughts on Voyager itself, brutal mocking of the game's puzzles, and the occasional Shout-Out to frequent collaborator The Spoony One.
  • RoBurky plays The Sims 3 with a homeless, dysfunctional family. You will cry.
  • Necroscope86 plays various Playstation-era games, ranging from Final Fantasy to Resident Evil, as well as PC adventure and RPGs. His calming Yorkshire accent makes his videos incredibly relaxing. He's working on Fallout 3 at the time of this writing.
  • Kikoskia is another english LP'er and Necroscope's partner in crime for about half a dozen cooperative Let's Plays. One of the top LP'ers on youtube. His quirky personality and inspired voice acting largely make up for his occasional lack of preparation . Also, he uploads new videos daily. Favorites are his Let's Plays of Doom 3, Albion and Lands Of Lore 2.
    • He also does a fair few collaborations with Gavaroc and Resulka
    • And his LP's of X-COM and Terror From The Deep are legendary.
    • Furthermore, his LPs of Action 52 (done twice, for the NES and the Sega Megadrive) are absolutely hilarious.
  • King's Quest V by Paw of That Guy With The Glasses. This early PC game features lots of fun fantasy cliches and horrific overuse of the developers' new toy of voice work, all of which he mocks with gusto (a particular subject of his ire is Cedric the Owl, who manages to remain utterly useless throughout the game). The ending is also something to behold.
    • MalusCalibur also has a damned good IWBTG run (the third video is especially fabulous). Further, he was masochistic/insane enough to attempt Bubsy, and he actually managed to complete the damned thing.
    • Speaking of Bubsy, ssskinner is a notable Let's Player who did the game as her very first Let's Play.. without the use of savestates, I might add.
  • Speaking of Paw Dugan, he and his friend and fellow TGTWG contributor Pushing Up Roses have several pages Let's Plays in their individual TGWTG archives. Often, most of the LPs are a collaboration between the two of them, occasionally joined by a special guest such as Lord Kat or Todd in the Shadows.
  • SilentPhil2, a morbid little Brit on YouTube with a penchant for playing violent, Kill'Em All video games, or games with a Karma Meter that he can shove all the way to the extreme side of "evil as sin."
  • The Chzo Mythos by rmlohner, featuring tons of movie and TV Shout Outs, gratuitous leering at the female characters, occasional sidetracking into his thoughts on various movies, TV shows, and books, and best of all an ever-increasing tendency to sink into an emotional breakdown as frustration over the puzzles builds up. The first few videos have some technical issues as he struggles to balance video quality with audio sync, but from then on it's fine.
  • sam+ s1+ p1 Serious Sam - The First Encounter by Overthegun played half-blind. Apparently, normal difficulty isn't challenging enough. But hard is...well...hard.
    • Hell most of Overthegun's stuff is pretty awesome. His sweet british accent makes it all the better. He calls them "How To Successfully Fail" or HTSF and that pretty much speaks for itself (amusing blind-runs). Unfortunately enough, most of his playthroughs have some sort of recording issue and, since they're all completely blind runs, having completed the game yourself WILL cause you to scream at the video when he inevitably gets stuck. Of course, this is part of the fun.
  • Whilst not using the "Let's Play" term officially, Youtube user Omegaevolution has video playthroughs of several popular games from a wide variety of genres; his preferred genre appears to be Eastern RPGs, but he also does fighting games and action-adventures such as Resident Evil and MadWorld. He has recently begun using audio commentary with certain games as well, starting with Punch Out and God Hand.
  • Vash12349 has earned quite a following in the Youtube LP scene for his distinctive voice and attitude towards the games he plays, earning at least one funny moment with each playthrough he does.
    • Highly recommended: his recently finished LP of In Famous, where he kicks the Karma Meter all the way over to "Evil As Sin" by microwaving everyone that pisses Cole off. Which is everybody.
    • His Dead Space playthrough is also worth watching, if only for the fights with Brutes (who he nicknames "Randolph"), and him screaming like a little girl when he gets jumped by Necromorphs out of nowhere.
    • "Navy SEALS! FLIP!"
  • ClementJ642 (a.k.a. "The Great Clement") has taken up the task to play through most of the Mega Man games, with great humor and scintillating commentary. He frequently voices over the cutscenes (and his Dr. Wily voice is magnificent.) Also, his hatred for X6 is legendary. He's finally done LP's of the Play Station 2 Mega Man X titles, with the help of his friend BJ, and is currently on the modern Sonic series.
  • There's the Galactic Civilizations II War Report and Diary, both by Tom Francis of PC Gamer UK; they're both pretty funny, and include some impressive CMOAs. Every side manages to be a Magnificent Bastard at some point, which considering the other sides are non-cheating A Is (and the player is... well, you should probably see for yourself) is pretty of impressive.
  • Nakateleeli has taken it upon himself to play the entire .hack series of games, both the original four and G.U.. He also has done LP's of Bunny Must Die and other obscure, Widget Series games. He also has a fairly good sense of humor and generally makes everything entertaining along the way. Currently, he's playing We Love Katamari and has just finished .hack//G.U. Volume 2: Reminisce (he was doing those two games concurrently.
    • Everyone should check out his New Super Mario Brothers Wii videos with co-hosts Cyllaenoi and Elementalogre, for it is a series full of hijinks and Elementalogre deliberately trying to throw his fellow players into enemies, into bosses,into lava pits, poison pits, into normal pits, and into each other so they knock themselves in to the aforementioned hazards; and Cyllaenoi having little sense of self-preservation to begin with. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Daily POS features "Imagefests" and "Videofests", which are essentially lawyer-friendly Let's Plays (although occasionally they'll Imagefest things other than videogames, such as packages of random shit they've sent one another).
  • The ironically-named cheetamen92 goes through all of both versions of Action 52 just so you can witness for yourself why it's so hated.
  • Hellfire Commentaries on Youtube, founded by N Tom 64 and The Helldragon, whilst not using the term 'Let's Play' officially, has quite a number of playthroughs under their belts, such as various Sonic-related titles (usually co-starring Fastest Thing Alive from Find The Computer Room), puzzle games like Portal (usually featuring Greatzombieron), just to name a few.
  • BikdipOnABus (a.k.a. Joshua "Jish" Adams) is known for his dry sense of humor, (or lack of one as he states) that makes him so popular. He is one of the few LPers Retsupuraed to maintain a large wealth of subscribers and videos, while actually having talent.
  • Another Let's Player, brynnagiadrosich is a good one to start with. She likes doing blind runs and also performing sequence breaking and/or glitching on the game to make the LP somewhat interesting and different than other playthroughs of the games, most notably Zelda: Twilight Princess, where she performs a glitch to downgrade her sword to it's basic level.
    • Here's the video explaining one of the hardest glitches in the game that she performed.
    • Funny enough, Joshua—the LPer directly above—and Brynna are going out. Joshua said that he found her on this very page and checked out her LP of Master Quest, became friends, and started dating (albeit online). Brynna revealed in Joshua's latest video of Majora's Mask that she moved in with him a week ago. It's amazing how TV Tropes can bring people together.
  • The Civilization Fanatic forum has made a couple of interesting contributions, one by Kan' Sharuminar is a playthrough of Hearts of Iron II as the British and now for something completely different, Captain2 has recently started a fallout 3 game Anything goes
  • The German Let's Player Klyka mentions in his Velvet Assassin Let's Play that by purely through the amount of WWII games he has played, he has depopulated his home country twice. All of his other LP's are very much worth checking out and he has also made a few guest appearances on Helloween 4545's LP's, and visa versa.
    • His LP of Infernal is quite something to see, as he marvels at a story that's filled with WTF as well as Satan being a Scary Black Man with a great voice. He's currently having quite the blast with Overlord II, reveling in the whole Evil Overlord schtick.
    • Funny, competent, great accent - he makes some otherwise tedious games (let's not name names) highly entertaining.
  • Coming in mean from the eastern european LP scene, give it up for lithuanian dad. Just... lithuanian dad. Check out that wild style! Keep an eye on this crazy guy *points with thumbs* and ladies, hold on to your mams. (Warning: Some rude'n'crude language).
  • Speaking of co-op let's plays, there's one out for LostVikings and Lost Vikings 2. Although they're done by different groups of people, both are amusing.
  • Nico Nico Douga user "???"'s LP of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines is worth a look. Though it is probably much more enjoyable if you know Japanese. (Epsecially since, like the Siren 2 LP listed above, he went through the trouble of translating all of the English voiceovers himself.)
  • They aren't titled as such, but this is the best way to sum up Camwyn Stinks At Video Games. (Which is entirely text-based, for the record.) It features Half-Life and Half-Life 2 with a rather panicky Gordon Freeman, the first segment of Fallout 3 (this one never got completed), and an in-progress playthrough of Wolfenstein (the newer one).
  • Adus, a member of the Penny Arcade forums, undertook the insane task of doing a screenshot LP of Final Fantasy VII. Highlights of the LP include naming Cait Sith Not A Spy, giving Vincent the best obvious Dracula joke name ever, the ridiculous plot point of Hojo trying to breed Mary Sue and Firedog, and the epic quest to stop Shinra from... saving the world?
    • Adus himself, however, has stated that he dislikes this LP and is sick of seeing Final Fantasy VII screens due to having to check the thread occasionally to see if the images are all still intact. He has since moved onto VLPs and is currently working on Grand Theft Auto IV, with several guests; Klyka and Henroid are the recurring guests, however, Henroid had to drop out due to real life problems and a third guest is sometimes present. Currently the only two to have appeared have been EvilBadman and Helloween, but several others have apparantly recorded some commentary also.
  • A very funny LPer is Tatsudoshi, who comes off as very funny when he gets into the right game. He's done Super Mario World Rom Hacks, amongst others with his girlfriend Spazzy and his friend Corn (Don't ask) Check them out: VERY worth it.
  • Pale Voyager did an LP of Dynamite Headdy starting here. Great game, generally played well with good commentary. And there's always a laugh when you encounter Mr. Pooks (who has since graduated medical school and is now Dr. Pooks).
  • 10kUpComms have joined the fray with some pretty humorous moments, such as the mannequin scene in Condemned (skip to 6:07) or the psychology tests in Silent Hill Shattered Memories (skip to 7:00). And since Fallout 3 is too long and boring in one take, they've gone Profound Moments in Left 4 Dead 2 on it and the results are hilarious.
  • For those who like classic computer RPGs, RPGenie nails the Might and Magic series. Although not called as such, they are LPs in everything but name (and some of the very best out there).
  • One member of Ryumaru's home forum, The Middle Ground, has an LP thread reaching over 300 pages, and covering 14 different games. And that's not even his first thread. The others are findable if you do a little digging.
  • On ProtonJon's personal site he has an LP forum, which currently only has one ongoing LP; a screenshot LP of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories' second story. The thread is nearly done and there is a minor amount of debate over which Organization member is the best.
  • JosefVStalin. His best work is his LP of Realms Of The Haunting.
  • Enirya's youtube Let's Play of Ultima VI illuminates some of the voice acting from the game, as well as Enirya's own commentary on the game. Of particular value are the hilarious stereotypes in the voices... or the So-called singing.
  • Spazzcakes, is the farthest thing from a textbook example of an L Per. L Ping everything from Portal (in which she goes insane in first person), to Madeline games, to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, she hardly ever exhibits anything known as skill. She does, however, exhibit pure adorable and unbridled rage, usually in streams of words including 'fricknuggets' and 'tacosauce'.
  • AzureBlade49's LP of a hilariously bad ROM hack named Super Bobido World. Notable in that his comments at the end of the game influenced the development of the upcoming sequel.
  • YouTube user Kilplix isn't officially LPing during his videos, just showing off his skills, giving viewers his opinion on custom maps, and sharing some moments from his Left 4 Dead sessions with his friends. But he earns an impressive following from how gut-bustingly hilarious these sessions are, especially when things start to go wrong. Usually Once an Episode you can expect Kilplix to squeal in terror, Jed to do something hapless, and Con to set Kilplix on fire. Con's antics in particular have elevated him to Memetic Badass status, earning him his own video.
  • Again in the Valve realm with Left 4 Dead 2, Youtube user djy1991 allegedly attempts his first playthrough of the game with three friends. Hilarity ensues. You can even check out the trope page for it if you'd like.
  • SoldierHawke is doing a very amusing blind Let's Play of the original Half Life. Includes lots of commentary, wild speculation as to what's really going on, and a disturbing fascination with the Tentacle Monster.
    • Now continuing into Half-Life 2, with Portal 2 planned, two years after starting the first game.
  • A somewhat new LPer is myself (New troper, Shade Vortex), [5], and I have done Let's Plays on games such as Bomberman 64, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, and even Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing with Banjo-Kazooie. I'd say I'm dedicated and I've been trying to improve the quality of my Let's Plays as I go on, and I've strived for making each and every Let's Play video available in HD past my first three LPs. I'm not sure if I should self-insert myself, but I never said I was good or funny, just dedicated.
  • A new gang of Let's Players uniting under the moniker of The Talkies Crew recently uploaded a series on Silent Hill Shattered Memories to Youtube. The Let's Play consists of the three hosts (Mike, Nick, and Cody) cracking jokes, cursing at the screen, bursting into song, and generally just talking... a lot. Don't expect a serious playthrough from them, but do expect to laugh. Though YMMV as it's kind of a Love It or Hate It program. Link to their Youtube channel: [6]
  • Spoiler Warning, a group of Let's Players made up of contributors and forum regulars at The Escapist with video play-throughs posted at the website of Shamus Young, one of the participants. The playthroughs are presented Mystery Science Theater 3000-style (with the user-added comments on the videos only reinforcing this) and even comes with its own official Drinking Game: Take one drink whenever (1) the player character dies, (2) anyone makes a comparison with or alludes to the series predecessor or its Spiritual Predecessor of the game being played, (3) whenever all the commentators chime in at once, or (4) the game crashes. This drinking game should not be, under any circumstances, actually played. So far, their played games consists of:
    • Mass Effect, attempting to play Shepard as Stupid Evil whilst lampshading some issues with the plot. Highlights include their pointing out that Garrus and Tali didn't leave the room during the sex scene with Sha'ira, repeated commentary on vertical transport devices, and a complete inability to find the moon (merely Luna).
    • They also quickly decided who gets to die at Virmire after Kaidan suffered a case of Artificial Stupidity and somehow managed to successfully romance Ashley despite barely talking to her.
    • They followed it with a let's play of Fallout 3, again playing a Stupid Evil jackass named Reginald Cuftbert (who, given the Idiot Plot, ends up looking justified in his insane all-killing mania), going through the entire game with a Nice Bonnet. He is not a mercenary. The game said so.
    • Following that came one of Bioshock, adding Mumbles to the group. Notable for starting several of the episodes with Reginald Cuftbert the Third attempting to dig his way out of Rapture with his wrench, and proving that Even Evil Has Standards (or, at least, Pragmatic Villainy) by going for the good ending.
    • Their next play was of Mass Effect 2. For all of one minute before The Spy sapped the Normandy and initiated a Hostile Show Takeover.
    • This was followed by the actual Let's Play. The group are not happy about the blatant railroading of the game, especially Regina Shepard being forced to work for Cerberus (whom they portray as the galaxy's most incompetent terrorists) and The Illusive Man (a Card Carrying Smug Snake). They also despise Miranda and Jacob, and succeed in killing off both in the endgame, even despite Miranda being Plot Armored for various events. And There Was Much Rejoicing.
    • Shamus also does a text based Let's Play for various MMOs called Shamus Plays
  • On the forum The Daily POS, they are known as fests and mainly come in two flavours, Imagefests and Videofests. Fests are not limited to only games either, things such as a new apartment and making dinner also get fested.
  • KakeyoSilverton's Let's Play of Heavy Rain ranges from endearing to downright hilarious and cruel.
  • Katrinonus has a freaking gigantic library of Let's Plays to choose from, all of them great. Katrinonus ranges from very helpful and enjoyable to amazingly hilarious. Eternal Darkness and R Emake are recommended.
  • The Nuklear Power forums (of 8-Bit Theater fame) have done various Let's Plays in their games section. Notable completed ones include I Wanna be the Guy and Final Fantasy 6. Also, there seems to be a revitalized interest in Pokemon these days, as there are currently three Let's Plays of Pokemon currently active and running simultaneously... AGAIN!

 "This time I'm definitely sure we're never going to return to Pallet town again. FOREVER."

  • DaveTheUsher is doing one of Final Fantasy XIII. Whilst he proves to be an experienced RPG player who has the courtesy to take care of grindy parts offscreen, his absolutely Hot-Blooded commentary makes it all the more entertaining.
  • To be honest with you, viewers, anything from HCBailly is recommendable. Just a guy who really loves Final Fantasy and other RPGs, and has a lot of fun playing them with great info along the way. The highlight so far would probably be Final Fantasy IV, and his increasingly incredulous reactions to things the characters are able to survive.
  • Roukanken's LP of Magical Moerin is shaping up to be utterly hilarious, replacing what little story the original Visual Novel had with his own irreverent view on what's happening.
  • JesuOtaku of the Desu Des Brigade has a fairly serious overview of the themes of the Kafei and Anju sidequest in Majora's Mask... and on the flip side followed up with a less serious ramblefest which could be called 'Let's muck about in Star Fox 64...and fail miserably', which is somehow an even more fascinating watch just for half an hour of sanity slippage and lagging emulators. Did I mention that this was post-commentary too?
  • Shady Paradox is currently creating thorough LPs of the Myst series. He has already completed realMYST and is currently working on Myst III: Exile. (He has currently skipped Riven because another LPer completed it for him. Maybe if we kindly requested Shady long enough...)
  • Daniel's System Shock 2 Commentary isn't an LP, per se, but it's well-made, although sometimes his choice in texture substitutions for the sake of cheap laughs can undermine the quality of the videos, it's still entertaining to watch, and he does a surprisingly good job of alternating between snarky smart-ass witty remarks and genuinely insightful observations and reflections upon the title.
  • Lotus Prince's Let's Plays of shooter and survival horror games, especially his LPs of American McGee's Alice, Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2, available in the Blog List section of the That Guy With The Glasses site. Enthusiastic, funny, thorough and analytical, he's highly entertaining and well worth following.
  • EPLetsPlay is a group of various members from an emulation forum that decided to get together and LP random games that other members ask them to play. This, of course has slowly driven them insane. Of particular note is one members' LP of Battletoads, which leads to him snapping and taking up a Creepy Monotone for about 2 videos.
  • Let's Play Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes by Lancun. Great games made better by a fun commentary (watch out for language, though). He also has on-going runs of Metroid Prime 3, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Metroid: Other M which can be found here.
  • Let's Destroy Peace Walker, a fanfic that promises to be an LP of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. It's still early to tell if it's a 'proper' LP - with only one main mission completed - but it's obviously trying to style itself after Guava Moment's legendary LP of X-COM.
  • Jefflarz is a relatively new LPer, but has a very calming manner of play that just makes his videos enjoyable and relaxing to watch. Jefflarz himself often talks about how relaxing the videos are to make, too.
  • Retro Game Master (also known as Game Center CX) is essentially a Japanese TV show version of Let's Play (although the gameplay footage is heavily edited for time, of course).
  • Triggerhappy938's Terranigma Let's play is the result of a man who has obviously spent too many evenings rotting his brain watching Naka Teleeli and Deceased Crab Lets Plays.
  • HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE LET'S PLAYS OF:PHANTOM SAVAGE! Along with his associate KZX and their other channel TheBasterdBrothers.
  • mikelat is one the few Youtube LPers who understand the very concept of Let's Play: Show off the game, and bring justice to it. He currently has about 20 Let's Plays under his belt, mainly consisting of RTS's and FPS's.
    • Not anymore as he's suffered a breakdown of sorts and has removed all of his videos.
      • Which was more of a Ten-Minute Retirement. He started a new Youtube account under a new account (TacticalLP) since he didn't want his website associated with the LPs. Some of the issues were not wanting to become Bored On Board and the subscribers kept badgering him to play games he didn't want to.
  • Mangaminx is an LPer that does horror games who decided to go blind for Amnesia: The Dark Descent which of course ends up causing her to actually breakdown at points. What's so fun is that she often gets this way when the character's Sanity Meter has been depleted as well.
  • SSoHPKC, despite having the hardest to remember name of all time, is a youtube Let's Player with a unique Accentuate the Negative approach to games, where he complains about every little thing and then wraps up the LP by talking about how much he liked it. It might aggravate some, but he's worth checking out.
    • While he does mostly LP recently released games blind (leading to plenty of moments where he becomes stuck due to his admitted lack of ability with puzzles), he at least balances it with a mix of Mario hacks/older games. He occasionally can come off as quite callous and somewhat of a jerkass (mostly referring to nearly every female character in games as a bitch without any hint of irony). However he does have some funny Catch Phrases and can be decently snarky.
    • He is also one of the most dedicated L Pers, having almost 6,000 videos up in less than 3 years.
  • Board 8 has archived some of their playthrough topics on their wiki. No screenshots, though, due to the nature of GameFAQs' forums not allowing them in the original topics.
  • Among the most popular Pokémon Let's Players are GiancarloParimango11, SuperSkarmory, Cat333Pokemon, and AuroraVirus.
    • GCPM11 is the only one out of these 4 to be only focused on Pokemon. In fact he is the first Pokemon-only LPer to get partnered. He's got quite a following, and mini-memes from his videos can be found in comments of Pokemon-related videos.
    • SuperSkarmory is one of Chuggaaconroy's closest Youtube friends. One of the first Youtube LPers.
    • Cat333Pokemon is more known for his music remixes, but his Pokemon Let's Plays are still excellent.
    • AuroraVirus is known for taking the time to actually talk to his fans. Has expanded to doing PlayStation 3 walkthroughs in addition to his Pokemon stuff.
  • For surreal humor and drunken military command, we have Gary Busey And Friends, a modded Hearts of Iron 3 LP where Gary Busey is elected President of the United States in 1936, and appoints ministers that include Egon Spengler, General Zod, Tony Stark, and Grand Admiral Thrawn, who arm up the United States military with Star Destroyers, X-Wing fighters, legions of ninja, and Space Marines, and proceed to rampage around the Carribean as Gary Busey goes off into one hilariously insane and paranoid invasion after another while riding a unicorn with a giant trident. Best summed up by this exchange:

 General Kimsley: We have some time. He’s just concluded a sizeable operation. It will take time regroup, reorganize, and rearm his forces before he can begin another offensive.

Tony Stark: Right. Look, I don’t want to ruin your day, but regroup and reorganize what? He’s on a mythical creature with a band of ninjas following him around. It’s not like he needs to rearm and reinforce the local tank regiment, or wait for more ammo for standard issue rifles.

  • Agent JR does many Let’s Plays, but I’m here to recommend his finished Let’s Plays of Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, and Silent Hill 4. Silent Hill itself might be scary, but this gamer's commentary makes it a very funny place. His incomplete Let’s Play of Iji is good also.
  • hercrabbiness does Let's Plays of earlier Sierra games and other adventure games of that era, including King's Quest. Her friend Lateblt provides a nice counterpoint. They also tend to voice the characters, because the games are from the era when text boxes were all there was.
  • Transmission Awesome have been known for doing many great Lets Plays, the lengthiest is Conquests of the Longbow: The Whole Shebang Edition. A group MSTing, with at least one Running Gag (NOM NOM NOM) and many a Crowning Moment of Funny; for example, the guys using every funny voice in their repetoire to get through a Cutscene that, whilst being necessary to plot and all is too damn long, and their completely mature reaction to the Sheriff's wife. Throw in some Refuge in Audacity, more Ho Yay than your brain can handle and the gradual Flanderization of Alan-A-Dale from Camp Gay to Depraved Homosexual, and you have one damn good Let's Play. Part One is here.
    • Also, fuck Adam Bell.
  • And last but not least, we've got Zeta Plays, doing every single NES, SNES, and Genesis game ever made. He uses a Wheel of Crap to randomly determine which games he will play, and notably doesn't force himself to play through every game, often giving particularly bad games less than a full video, and compiling these awful "shorts" into "Let's NOT Play Fun Packs". These are some of his finest moments. Also recently started doing some Minecraft videos.
  • covers various games from many platforms, especially Amiga. If you can't afford downloading Gigabyte sized videos, you can watch them on their youtube channel.
  • Shinkosai has been doing a good Let's Play of Star Wars: Dark Forces (it was on hiatus for over a year due to technical problems but it has now resumed at a regular schedule). It's pretty entertaining, with lot's of jokes and running gags related to Team Fortress 2, fighting games, anime and *beep* SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!
  • ChazDragoon is a LPer who really puts a great deal into his work in terms of pleasing his fans and finding the humor whereever he can, despite what others have said about him. His recent work-Chronicles of Minecraft and Dead Rising 2 feature a great deal of his appeal; funny voices for characters, honest and awesome reactions to what happens on-screen, and a real sense of connection with the game...including the more infuriating moments of those games.
  • ShadowDraygon, AKA the creator of Blazen is doing one of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Unsurprisingly, it contains the same amount of Comedic Sociopathy found in the comic since the Player Character is an Ax Crazy Kleptomaniacal Argonian named Lennox who wreaks constant havok in the land of Cyrondil.
  • Tobuscus, famous for his Literal Trailers, has created a new channel for his LPs of popular video games, such as Dead Space 2, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Halo: Reach, etc.
  • For those who want to see another good screenshot-based Persona 4 LP, there's Dr. Blaze Rises Again's LP. It starts off as a mostly third person MST, but gradually evolves into a first person in-character narrative, though the LPer continues to insert his own out-of-character asides and quips from time to time. For the most part, protagonist Seta Souji is interpreted as being a perceptive but otherwise normal teenager who's as good-hearted as he is snarky (and oh boy is he, especially towards Yosuke), with his often bemused and/or frustrated narration doing an excellent job of both giving our silent protagonist a lot of personality (the amount of commentary he gives probably equals the amount of dialogue in the game itself) and at bolstering all the comedic and dramatic moments in the game.
    • Some highlights include: Dr. Blaze complaining about how Seta stalks Yumi during Rank 3 of her S-link, a Big Lipped Alligator Moment where Seta hallucinates about being in Persona 3 after his first bite of Mystery Food X, and Seta accidently confessing his feelings towards Naoto after having rejected all the other girls' advances in order to stay loyal to Yukiko.
  • Toegoff, a rising Lets player on youtube has THE best voice. EVER. He is most known for doing a Dragon Age Origin Lets play. And if you don't like to only hear one voice, DON"T WORRY! Toegoff has a group of Lpers at hand.
  • Youtuber ChocolatierRob who denies that he is an LPer based on the fact that he cuts out most of the gameplay and won't alter his videos to include commentaries either vocal or subtitled. He simply edits the games in order to present them as videogame movies (cut-scenes with enough gameplay to gel them together). That said he is an LPer based on the fact that he usually adds a commentary in the video description, he tries to demonstrate all the more interesting aspects of the gameplay, and is essentially 'playing the game so you don't have to". Has covered Vagrant Story, the Prince of Persia SoT trilogy, Valkyrie Profile Silmeria, and the Legacy of Kain series (the latter of which is currently being replaced/improved).
    • Most noteably he likes to include as much All There in the Manual information as possible in the video descriptions along with references to this very wiki and obscure references to other media. Also likes to confuse people familiar with his games by sometimes, subtly swapping audio and video around into different positions or including voice cameos from other games, Oh, and has also been writing this article in the third person.
  • LP duo collectively known as DeliciousCinnamon's Let's Play of Vietnamese Pokémon Crystal takes a fun look at a bad Vietnamese-to-English bootleg translation of the game, providing us with such timeless phrases as "A ADEPT ARRANGING FOR MOTHER VOLCANO BAKEMEAT," and "EGGIE!DRUG BAG FUCK". Coupled with the weird names given to the Pokémon (first by the translators, and then the nicknames given by the LPers), and DeliciousCinnamon's own commentary, this can be a very entertaining LP.
    • Monaters!
  • This unsettling LP of Guitar Hero III. Didn't think you could do a Let's Play of a rhythm game? Well, this doesn't exactly prove you wrong, but it's very entertaining or terrifying either way.
  • Bobbin Threadbare also started a couple of Parliament LPs, finishing a Tropico 3 LP and working a Galactic Civilizations LP featuring the colorful cast of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, none of the Alien Crossfire ones except the pirate of course.
  • Team Four Star did their own Let's Play of Left4Dead 2, and are now doing Halo: Reach.
  • Lanipator has also done his own Let's Play of Amnesia the Dark Descent
  • Similar to Kingdom Come, FlyingMacguffin is working on a Paradox mega-LP that starts with the Duchy of Brittany/Crusader Kingdom of Egypt in Crusader Kings. It's currently in Victoria II, and the goal is to end with Hearts of Iron in 1964. Despite being radically different from our timeline [2] the way it unfolds is no less insane than what actually happened. Very much worth a peek for anyone who likes history, but with over 60 hours of video thus far, beware the Archive Panic.
  • Focusing on games of strategy and humorous obscurity, Seph1212 is a funny man who reacts just as awesomely when he succeeds as much as he fails. He makes strategy games entertaining and his guest commentary are as engaged as he is.
  • From YouTube, Frankomatic's Obscure Game Theater played the... obscure Sega CD "game" Panic! in one sitting on an emulator. Enjoy the resulting Sanity Slippage as he struggles to get through the game in seven parts, starting here.
  • From Penny Arcade's forum, Blackjack's Let's Play of Persona 2 (currently doing Innocent Sin, unfinished) is a good LP, because it has both the regular game script, and added bits in italics. Another thing is because he links to music from the game during the LP, and shows lots of dialogue from the game. Oh, he also did a Let's Play of Revelations: Persona.
  • FinalGamerJames' take on Mario is Missing doing three Let's Plays for each version of the game on NES, SNES and PC. The hilarity reaches up to 11 everytime something is inconsistent, cheaply made or remains uncorrected throughout all the different versions of the game. So yes, a lot of moments where the hilarity reaches 11.
  • On YouTube is a very comedic LP for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (recently completed), found here (though there is a separate playlist for the Adult Link segments). The comedy lies mainly in the commentary (albeit not for a few episodes), where the commentators consist of an Epic Failer who loves the game (and does all the playing and editing), a Deadpan Snarker who hates the game, and a Cloudcuckoolander who knows very little about the game (the latter two being guest commentators, with the very last one only appearing rarely).
  • Youtuber notBowen does the now-4-years-long series How Not To Play Hitman. The series started on Game Spot and migrated to youtube. Currently 17 episodes are available, here's the first.
  • GrimithR does multiple strategy games and the odd RPG or indie game, such as Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Sim Ant, Galactic Civilizations, Liberal Crime Squad, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Each playthrough is accompanied by his Large Ham tendencies and a borderline god complex. He generally presents himself as an Evil Overlord Anti-Villain who, despite occasional Pet the Dog moments, is always bent on domination and crushing all who stand in his way (and often succeeding at that, followed by Evil Gloating).
  • While not identified as Let's Plays, Youtube user MarphitimusBlackimus has an "Obscure First Person Shooters" series, in which he plays, well, obscure first-person shooters. Frequently features horrible budget titles and him allowing himself to be killed in the end.
  • The Auzzie Gamer did a great LP of Hitman: Blood Money, showing both the Silent Assassin route and the "blow them SKY FUCKING HIGH!" way to do it. He's currently working his way through Perfect Dark and Splinter Cell: Conviction, with several Running Gags carried over from Hitman.
  • GetDaved often does LPs of turn based strategy games (Master of Orion II, Galactic Civilizations II, Civ IV), old school RPGs (Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana Final Fantasy: Tactics), and side scrolling platformers (Super Mario World, Mega Man III, Mega Man X), and many other games in those genres. In several of these games he is a master while others he is very unskilled, his Super Mario World LP featured well over one hundred deaths, and occasionally makes funny mistakes, like accidentally attacking the starbase of the wrong player. Has a funny way of having viewers play along by awarding points to them for various things including paying attention ("Give yourself five points if you noticed that I built the wrong ship"), getting cultural references ("Give yourself ten points if you know what play that quote is from."), and other odd things ("Give yourself five points if you replied to that question."). Also known for clean language hardly ever using any curse words, you could count the total used in all his videos on one hand. Currently has over seven hundred videos and is still uploading.
  • TinaVonRotterGames, a Swiss LPer who usually does Tomb Raider games and has a strange tendency to get attacked by flies.
  • Yuoaman on the PokeCommunity is doing a Quartz Let's Play much like Zorak on SA, which is blessed - and frequently commented on - by the creator, Baro. The Let's Play has moved from its original home in the Emulation section to the newly made Let`s Plays section of the board, located within the Video Game section. It is also hosted at the Let's Play Repository created by him and Daedalus, a friend of his.

Pages for specific Let's Players

  1. Nikiro-chan
  2. France got balkanized hard around 1500, most of the Near East (including Mecca) is thoroughly Breton/British and Catholic, Spain and Italy are (mostly) Protestant, Portugal is an ethnically English Archbishopric, Persia belongs to the Russian Khanate of Polotsk, Bohemia-Moravia's a great power, the Papacy colonized Brazil (from Algeria), a displaced Turkish Caliphate rules over much of Central and East Asia, and the Roman Empire has been reborn under the Byzantines. Really needs to be seen to be believed.