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  • In the Whateley Universe, Golden Girl fits this trope. She's another student at the Super-Hero School Whateley Academy. She is strikingly lovely, and when she uses her powers (golden energy blasts, golden force fields, super-strength, flight), she's covered in a golden glow. She actively hates Phase (one of the main characters and good guys) and tries to hurt her every time they spar in aikido.
  • In the League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions Sailor Good had light-based powers, but was evil... it was just her last name that was Good.
  • Doctor Horribles Sing Along Blog
    • The main character's turn towards genuine evil is marked by the song "Brand New Day":

 "It's a brand new day

And the sun is high

All the birds are singing

That you're gonna die!"

    • Dr. Horrible, the supervillain, wears white (at least at first), and Captain Hammer, the Designated Hero, wears black.
  • In The Salvation War, the angels OF Heaven are portrayed as the masters of light. This being The Salvation War, the angels are very much not on the side of good.
    • And just to put the cap on it, the archangel Uriel is eventually killed by a laser beam. In other words, by pure light.
  • The famous Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies YouTube pop saga by Jittery Dragon somewhat invokes this trope at its fifth alternative ending, with Pterano, by touching the coldfire stone, becoming an angel; cue the ominous orange light surrounding him, actually a mixture of edited footage from Land Before Time X with footage from Neon Genesis Evangelion. This became a running gag within the series, having him reappearing in the second part of The land before everyone froze to death, stating that he is the cause of the climate change as he came on the Great Valley.
  • There's a group called White Enterprises. It's not white at all.
  • Morning Star, Mammon in We Are Our Avatars
  • In this short, light begins as good, but soon enough gets berserk.
  • Most of the villains in Red vs. Blue have much lighter armor than the "heroes"--Meta and Wyoming both have white armor, and Omega and Wash (when he was a sort-of villain, anyway) were gray, not black. Wash has a bit of yellow, which is arguably the happiest color of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • The plot for Off Switch has the hero fighting to save his world (which is composed of shadows) from the invading light demons.