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Lightning Warrior Raidy is a hentai game crossed over with an early 90's dungeon crawler RPG. Since it's an H-game, prepare to be distracted by hordes of sexy. Since it's an RPG (a fairly serious one gameplay-wise), prepare to remember why first person dungeon crawlers were so challenging.

It and its sequel Lightning Warrior Raidy II: Temple of Desire are both remakes of an older series (Thunder Warrior Raidy) for the PC-98, which didn't make it out of Japan.

A third game was announced in 2008, but news quickly dropped off the radar. Four years later it was released with little to no warning: Lightning Warrior Raidy III picks up almost immediately where II left off with Raidy still traveling, but now Fonfon, Tis, and Foless are tagging along, much to her dismay.

Tropes used in Lightning Warrior Raidy include:

  • Action Girl - Raidy
  • Adaptation Dye Job - Shura had purple hair in the PC-98 version, light green in the remake.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms - Happens ingame, and is mentioned by characters. You can make Raidy do it every time she stays at the inn in the second game if you wish.
  • All Men Are Perverts - The few that show up tend to be moreso than the women. Interpet this how you will.
  • Annoying Laugh - FonFon's. Even Raidy is annoyed by it.
  • Anything That Moves - The Succubus in the second game used to drain men of their energy, but changed to the point she started draining women, and her end goal is basically to drain the energy of everyone she can have sex of any variety with.
  • Armor Is Useless - In regards to non physical attacks, anyway
    • The second game has a magical bandanna in a later dungeon that cuts magic damage down to 66%.
      • Both games play this trope straight through the PP-stat. (parry points AKA evade) Your evade stat goes up slowly as you gain levels and is (generally) lowered by wearing armor. The heavier the armor, the less damage you take, but the less likely you are to evade enemy physicals. If your evade is high enough, it pays off wearing earlier/lighter armor to give your PP-stat an additional boost that makes you almost impossible to hit, resulting in less damage in the long run.
  • Armored Closet Gay: Raidy makes it very open every time she's somehow on the receiving end of a lesbian encounter (that she had the slightest bit of say over) she is NOT gay, and that she did not go out of her way to have it happen to her, even though she doesn't try to tear herself away from seeing any other lesbian encounter she might witness and appears to enjoy being the dominant one to every female boss she pays back for what they did to their victims. Further reinforced by her strong distaste for every heterosexual encounter she winds up in (including the very few ones where she had an option to walk away but needed to engage in it for one reason or another).
  • Bag of Spilling - Even though the first game had you powerlevel a great deal, you always start the second game at level 1 again. Raidy herself explains this away by stating she suspects her trek through the desert made her "a bit rusty".
    • Additionally, in the second game, after getting halfway into the second dungeon, you get captured and lose ALL your money, equipment and items... which you never get back. Annoying if you've been grinding and stocking prior to that point, although you quickly get better gear.
  • Brains and Bondage - One of the bosses of the second game is the leader of a bandit gang who is also a dominatrix. An NPC in the second game is the owner of her own item store and indulges in BDSM as well.
  • Big Bad - Cubust (first game), Gav in the second game.
  • Bigger Bad - Jami reveals after you beat her she was basically serving as a middleman for the real Big Bad.
    • - You thought that Knight Errant is the male who causes the whole mess in the first game. A giant tentacle monster named Cubust's behind it all.
  • Bi the Way: Raidy, though she's adamant (to herself) that she isn't. Its more obvious if you trigger the scene with Seita in the second game as she can't help but think of how good she was the following morning. --> Raidy: Still...she was pretty good. *Beat* No, no, no! I'm not that kind of girl!
  • Blind Idiot Translation - One enemy is called "Medusa" in the first game, when it's clearly a "Dullahan". Also one of the puzzles is translated poorly, leaving its meaning hard to decipher in English, especially because it was based on Japanese perceptions of color.
  • Boobs of Steel - Raidy. This also applies to Jami from the second game, who has the biggest bustline of the bandit gang she commands.
  • Break the Cutie - Both games have dozens of young, naked female prisoners who are "trained" by the various bosses in order to turn them into sex slaves. Likewise, whenever a boss fight occurs, the loser gets stripped, bound and subjected to the kink-of-the-moment while begging the victor to stop.
  • Break the Haughty - Whenever you encounter bosses, they usually greet you with bravado. When beaten, the resulting torture sessions quickly turn their attitudes around.
  • But Thou Must! - Very annoyingly played straight in both games with all of Raidy's male encounters. They are usually holding the key to where she need to go, and even if she does consider beating the crap out of them, she usually has to do something sexual for them anyway, and she is usually rather unhappy about it.
    • Choices can be also annoying, because most of them doesn't let you, for example, fight the boss to save a poor girl being tortured right away before you have "Look" and "Talk" at least twice for each of that.
  • Care Bear Stare - An erotic variant exists in the second game when you get the sword named Sexcalibur. It gives you the ability to use the "extacy slash" attack that bombards your opponent with sexual energy to do fairly good damage. How do you reload it afterwards? By masturbating with it.
  • Chick Magnet - Raidy. In the second game to Up to Eleven extremes.
  • Cute Monster Girl - Every enemy save for the final boss in the first game, almost all of the second game enemies that aren't explicitly identified as human.
  • Defeat by Modesty - EVERY random encounter in the game has her clothes partially/fully slashed away upon defeat.
  • Demonic Possession - All random encouters are a little ashamed after battle and their facial expressions range from annoyed to surprise to outright fear and pain. The cursed warrior? She shows relief instead.
  • Depraved Bisexual - Every boss could be assumed to be this, seeing as they don't profess a hatred for men, and their sexual torture of women is partially because its their job/they get to enjoy their favorite sexual kink with a partner that really can't resist.
    • Psycho Lesbian - Subverted somewhat in the second game. Almost all the bosses admit to having sexual attraction to women.
  • Distracted by the Sexy - Player induced. Not only is every enemy in the game reduced to some form of alluring nudity, you can even trigger non story relevant cutscenes that basically amount to this.
  • Downer Ending - Two of these. Played straight if you lose to the final boss, and one is actually unlockable as an alternate ending.
  • Dual-Wielding - It's possible to fight with two swords in the second game. Or two shields -- which actually is a viable tactic against many bosses.
  • Erotic Dream - You can get an item in the second game that induces these.
  • Evil Twin - Raidy gets one in the second game.
  • Expy - Raidy bears a striking resemblance to Claudette in powers, wardrobe choice, and moral code, except she's far less of a hardass
  • Fiery Redhead - Raidy. Also, this serves as a good way to tell her and her Evil Twin apart, as the evil twin's hair is more a magneta color.
  • Fetish Fuel Station Attendant - Lots of characters in the game are Fetish Fuel, but Raidy is a shining example. She's a Fiery Redhead with Shock and Awe powers who wears a Stripperific leotard that later becomes an even more Stripperific Breast Plate. She also has Boobs of Steel, has Les Yay with bloody near every woman she encounters, and if the second game is anything to go by, she's a canon lesbian, albeit semi-closeted.
    • She still gets turned on somewhat by some of her (Forced) encounters with men, so it's likely she's bisexual. Oh, and don't forget in the second she gets whipped. And enjoys that. To climax. Enough said.
    • Plus, she explores dungeons and fights monsters in open-toed boots. Not sandals - actual armored boots that cover everything from the knee down except her toes.
  • Forced Level Grinding - Lots of it in the first game. Not so much in the second, except at the very beginning.
  • Girls Love - Setia, the innkeeper from the second game, wants to engage in this with Raidy, who can accept.
    • In a larger context, the series is advertised as containing a lot of this, which is actually true.
  • Gorgeous Gorgon - One of the bosses in the second game.
    • Idiot Ball - She puts a Mirror Shield, the only object capable of rendering her powers useless, into an unoccupied room instead of destroying it.
  • Heel Face Turn - Fonfon, Tiss, and Foless confirmed to do this from the second game onward. Jami and her gang also reform later in the game.
    • And in the third game it turns out the sorceress from Cubust's tower, Erouge was never actually evil at all. In fact she's a sorceress with a considerable amount of renown who was originally fairly modest and nerdy-looking, but wasn't terribly fulfilled by her work. Then one day she was abducted by Cubust, fucked silly, and placed under mind control. By defeating her in the first game, Raidy freed her, but Erouge took to sex a little TOO well and now uses her powers to make magical sex toys. At the end of the day she's actually quite nice, enthusiastic and fulfilled by her newest line of work, and may even have a bit of a crush on Raidy.
  • H-Game POV Character - Raidy is a Type II bordering on Type I if it wasn't for her tendency to pay evil with evil (as in rape the rapists back).
  • Hoist by His Own Petard - You get to do this to the bosses if you win.
  • Honor Before Reason - Raidy, being a stickler to her Honor Before Reason code not to hurt human beings, sticks with said code that she won't hurt humans no matter what, even though the said human (from the first game) is a Berserker who's now raping her violently. Fortunately, she may ultra-shock him with her lightning if she's getting too pissed.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight - You have to go through one as part of the plot (of the second game) at least once.
  • Horny Devils - Tiss. The Succubus in the second game is another example played even more straight.
  • Hot Amazon - Shura and a few of the other bosses in the second game rather easily count as this, as Raidy even comments on.
  • Hot Chick with a Sword - Raidy. Foless also manages to look sexy holding a rapier. Camille, Replicant, Suida and Shura also pull this look off in the second game.
  • Iconic Item - Raidy's yellow headband.
  • Fundamentally Female Cast - The cast is overwhelmingly female.
  • It's Personal - Raidy is usually not all that personally pissed at her enemies, but in the second game, her Evil Twin making her look evil is apparently one Berserk Button you should never push.
  • It's a Wonderful Failure - Face a boss without learning its weak point first, and you'll get a scene where said boss has their way with Raidy, leading to a game over.
  • Jerkass Ted Baxter - Junk in the second game.
  • Karma Houdini - To some extent, both Raidy and the female bosses, especially considering that even if you win, you get to inflict torture/rape of them, and they get away with all of the torture/rape they did up to that point.
    • Three of the bosses (the dark elf, the werewolf and the succubus) return in the second game to run a hospital/weapon shop/apothecary in the middle of the dungeon. (And they still retain their old kinks, as you've just lost all your stuff and money and has to pay au natural...) In the third game, they apparently become your personal allies.
      • The Sorceress (the second boss in the first game) is also going to be in the third game, but as an NPC (and supposedly friendly). Averted in the second game, though; when you encounter the bosses in the second dungeon, their current victims are actually the bosses from the first dungeon you defeated earlier, presumably paying for their failure. In the good ending, they are seen cheering alongside the regular townsfolk.
  • Lady of War - Your heroine, Raidy.
  • Lesbian Vampire - Camille, played totally straight.
  • Load-Bearing Boss - Cubust. His death makes the tower collapse at the end of the first game
  • Magic Knight - Raidy
  • Meaningful Name - Raidy. Comes from Raijin, which mean Thunder, and the original Japanese title had the word Ikazuchi, which means Lightning in English, hence her appellation as Lightning Warrior Raidy
    • Also, Mariel, whose name ending in -iel is fitting for an angel, and comes from the japanese word "Mara"...
  • Meido - Setia, the owner of the inn in the second game
  • Moral Dissonance - For being the heroine, Raidy sure as hell doesn't mind sinking to some pretty depraved levels to really stick it to the bosses. Granted, they usually deserve it, but still, she's The Heroine!
    • Granted, compared to her PC-98 version, where she was outright sadistic and cruel in punishing the bosses if she won, her modern day counterpart is actually nicer.
  • Naive Newcomer - Raidy runs into Amura, an amateur treasure hunter who is way in over her head. when it comes to adventuring in the second game.
  • Naughty Tentacles
  • Nice Girl - Raidy, when she not in combat and in a peaceful situation.
  • Nintendo Hard - The first game, due in part to the Forced Level Grinding, having to find maps to the dungeon floors manually, and no way of healing yourself outside potions.
    • Guide Dang It (Figuring out the trick to getting through some of the floors is hair rippingly hard without a printed off map of the first game dungeon floors.
    • The second game also nerfed getting items from monsters due to the gold based economy, making long dungeon crawls VERY dangerous without stocking up in town first.
  • Optional Sexual Encounter - You are given the option to initiate a few scenes of your own free will in the second game.
  • Our Angels Are Different - One in the second game is a futanari
  • Our Elves Enjoy Enemas - Foless
  • Pirate Girl - One of the monsters in the second game.
  • Petting Zoo People - With obscene doses of Ms. Fanservice for good measure.
  • Puzzle Boss - All the bosses in the first games, save for the last, were impossible to defeat unless you knew their weak points.
    • In the second game, most bosses in the second dungeon also have a weakness you must discover before you can defeat them.
  • Really Gets Around - Lesti and Horn in the second game.
  • Save Scumming - The game openly admits that you're missing the point if you don't make sure that you both defeat and lose to every end boss (so that you can see all the sex scenes). Of course, the only way to do one once you've done the other is to have a saved game from before the fight. Add to that the fact that most end-boss fights are Unwinnable if you don't have the right item or knowledge when you enter the room where the boss is (with no option to back out) and experienced players will end up saving and reloading a lot.
  • Sequence Breaking - A weird example (apparently due to an error) in the second game: in one of the rooms in the cave, Raidy finds Amura being raped by some guys. After Raidy knocks them out, Amura tells her about the siren (the boss of that level) who enchanted them, and Raidy thinks about defeating her. The problem is, the door to that room is locked, the key is hidden on the next level, and you can only get to the next level after defeating the siren.
  • Set Swords to Stun - Raidy's sword (or anyone's weapons, for that matter) never inflicts any injuries on her enemies. Clothing Damage is pretty common though.
  • Shock and Awe - Raidy, though she's in pretty good control of her lightning powers, barring one fight.
  • Shout-Out - Possible example with Automatons, who look a lot like Shinku from Rozen Maiden.
  • Sick and Wrong - Raidy's reaction to Mariel being a futanari.
  • Spell My Name with an "S" - The first and second game can't agree whether the the dark elf's name is Foless or Folles.
  • Stripperiffic - Raidy in the second game (especially compared to her look in the first game), and nearly all monsters and bosses. Some of the NPCs in the second game actually avert this, but this is still mostly played straight.
    • Suida (one of the bosses of the second game) actually was conservatively dressed in the PC-98 version, reversed in the second remake, whereas Tiss didn't even wear anything up top in the PC-98 version.
  • The Call Knows Where You Live - Raidy was infused from birth with a lightning spirit that granted her her thunder powers, and she got it from the god of light himself to serve as his avatar. Strangely, while she acknowledges this as fact, she doesn't really care how she got outside of it being information, and refuses to worship said god just because she was given powers from said deity.
  • The Many Deaths of You - Well, the hentai equivalent, which keeps you alive but effectively a "game over". Even becomes a gameplay element, in that you have to trigger this at least one with every boss to unlock and alternate bad ending (and all the CG images).
  • Tin Tyrant - Knight Errant and the Dullahan (mistranslated as Medusa)
    • Also the boss of the 7th floor of the second dungeon in the second game.
  • Too Kinky to Torture - Averted pretty hard. The boss enemies can't take torture any better than Raidy can.
  • Underboobs - Shura in the remake.
  • Video Game Remake - Polished up modern version of the PC-98 Thunder Warrior Raidy.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human? - Raidy is reluctant to fight the berserker even though he's beating and anally raping her solely because he is human; she only uses force to knock him out once she realizes he's not going to stop. Conversely she has no qualms about using force against regular enemies, most of which just look like normal women in costumes. (And some are!)
  • Whip It Good - Fonfon, the first boss.
    • And Jammy, the third boss, in the second game. Completely justified because the goal of the enemies is always to capture Raidy and "play" with her... it is an H-game, after all...
    • Also, encounters with Fonfon in the second games suggests Raidy herself enjoys being on the receiving end of this.
  • White-Haired Pretty Girl - Jammy.