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A dialog trope where Bob calls Alice a god, but metaphorically. As in Bob doesn't actually think Alice is a god (nor is Alice actually a god), just that she did something, or several things, that Bob thinks is really awesome. What Alice does can vary. It could be getting everyone in her office a raise with a stingy boss, to her being a rock star.

Often phrased as "You're my god" or "He/She is a god to me".

When the character deems him/herself a god, and is in fact serious about this, see A God Am I.

Compare The Knights Who Say Squee and Hero Worshipper.

Contrast Moral Event Horizon.

Not to be confused with God Guise. And if someone has actually done a miracle, that's another trope.

Examples of Like a God to Me include:

Anime and Manga

  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Tim Marcoh is largely responsible for the near extermination of the Ishvalan race, and feels horrible about it. Marcoh ends up saying this to Scar, one of the surviving Ishvalans, as a sign of his own humility, but it only serves to piss Scar off.
  • In Gravitation, Shuichi has said numerous times that Ryuichi is a god to him.
  • Griffith has this effect on people due to his great charisma and leadership skills, and following his return as a member of the demonic Godhand, he has the power to back up this image.
  • Teru Mikami of Death Note practically worships Light and carries out the will of Kira with truly insane relish.

Fan Fiction

  • Discussed in Poke Wars: The Defervescence, when Ho-oh and Uxie meet a giant Alakazam that quickly pledges his services to Uxie:

 Ho-oh: "Might I ask what you told the Alakazam to inspire such reverence for you?"

Uxie: "Alakazam are creatures of intellect, more so than other psychics. Knowledge valued as much as air. Meeting creator of their lively hood akin to humans meeting their god. Am in uncomfortable position of being revered as much as Arceus."

Ho-oh: "Many would kill for that kind of loyalty."

Uxie: "Unnecessary reverence. Did not bestow knowledge, only gave tools with which to reach current status. Sculptor praised for creating art from block of marble, not manufacturer of chisel and hammer. Illogical to believe otherwise. Saddening to see one of such wisdom and intellect blinded by unnecessary worship. Another example of emotions becoming obstacle in clarity. Preferable to no longer have them. Allows for better work ethic."



  • Said by Roy in the movie Wolf, when Will tells him of a ballsy business stunt he is going to pull.
  • When Neo gives a hacking disk to a client in The Matrix, the client says "You're my savior, my own personal Jesus Christ". This is a Downplayed Trope variation, as he seems to be just being nice instead of thinking Neo was amazing.


  • A non-humorous example occurs in Tai-Pan, when one character tells Dirk Struan that he is God to her. He doesn't actually like hearing this, as he is a devout Christian, has been trying to have a mentor-relationship with the woman in question, and probably recognises such a declaration as the result of her slavish admiration and unhealthy obsession with him.

Live Action TV


 Joey: Heh. Let me get this straight. He got you to beg to sleep with him. He got you to say he never has to call you again. And he got you thinking this is a great idea?

Phoebe: (weakly) Uh-huh.

Joey: This man is my God!



  • Inverted in the Keith Urban song "You're Not My God" about getting over drugs.

Video Games

  • In Knights of the Old Republic, Juhani describes the renegade Jedi who fought on Taris as this. She cites it as the reason why she felt the call to go to Dantooine and pursue the Jedi path herself, even though her inspiration turned out to be Revan!

Web Original

Western Animation

  • When Peter meets the members of Kiss in Family Guy, he can just stammer "You... are... GODS!"