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The following shows, movies, and other media, are currently redlinks. They are worthy of an article here in at least one troper's opinion; but that troper may not be familiar enough with the show in question, or may not be a good writer, or, in some cases, knows the show is notable, hates it, but doesn't want to engage in Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch or Complaining About Shows You Don't Like.

If you write an article about one of these, or it turns into a it turns into a bluelink or greenlink on its own, please remove it from this list, unless it's a redirect. If that is the case, point that out.

Sometimes a work has versions in more than one medium (for example, The Tick has comic book, animation, and live-action versions). If your example is like this, please list it under all the appropriate media, with the media type in brackets after the name (for example, [[The Tick (comic)]], [[The Tick (animation)]], and [[The Tick (television)]]), and create a disambiguation page with the name of the work (for example, The Tick).

Chinese Animation

  • Music Up (2001), AKA "Crazy for the Song"
  • My Life as McDull (2001, Hong Kong)
  • Legend of the Sacred Stone (2000, Taiwan)
  • DragonBlade: The Legend of Lang (2005, Hong Kong)
  • The Dreaming Girl (2005)
  • Thru the Moebius Strip (2005)
  • The Warrior (2006, Hong Kong)
  • Wanderings of Sanmao (2006, Based on the Manhua character Sanmao)
  • The Legend of Qin (2007, with a 2014 film)
  • The Dragon Knight (2011) (Made in cooperation with Vietnam)

Malaysian Animation

  • Upin & Ipin

Thai Animation [1]

Thai Animated Films

  • Khan Kluay (ก้านกล้วย)
  • Yak: The Giant King (ยักษ์)
  • Nak (นาค)
  • Echo Planet (เอคโค่ จิ๋วก้องโลก)
  • The Life of Buddha (พระพุทธเจ้า)
  • The Adventure of Sudsakorn (สุดสาคร)

Thai Animated Series

  • PangPond (ปังปอนด์) (2002)
  • Shelldon (เชลล์ดอน)(2008)
  • Max Adventures (2007)

Vietnamese Animation

  • Lu and Bun (2009)